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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Silhouette - The Blood Moon Child (Rebirth version)

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Silhouette - The Blood Moon Child (Rebirth version)

Post by Kelsea on Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:14 pm

Name: Silhouette
Other aliases: Blood moon child; Blood moon girl
Age: 19
Eyes: Red
Hair: Silvery white
Weight: 104lbs
Height: 5"2
Nationality: Presumed Japanesse

Alignment: "feared" heel - Silhouette has no problems with using illegal moves (one of her signature moves "The bloody mist" is illegal in itself), also her finisher will often be left on even after the bell is ringing. Referee's are often intimidated by her, the crowd don't cheer her... but usually refrain from booing her

Tactics and style: Kawaii street fighter (grappler), Silhouette tends to favour strikes and grapples, mixing in a few pro wrestling moves. But first a foremost she will attack her opponents head with mind games.. Usually the air of eeriness about her is enough to have a put a girl off their game. Strangely enough on occasion, Silhouette may take a hit without any attempts to defend it. It's unknown if this is meant to put her opponent off, or part of an insanity within her.

Favoured moves: Sleeper hold, dragon sleeper, finger jab to the throat, double handed choke slam (only on kawaii's her size)

Signature move/s: "Bloody mist" Silhouette spits a red liquid in mist form into the face of her opponent. Usually rendering them blind for a few moments

Finishing move/s: "Vamperic kiss" Silhouette hooks her opponent up into a standard sleeper hold, but tilts their head to one side and moves her arm slightly so that she has access to their neck. She then proceeds to bite and suckle on their neck firmly, like a love bite but hard enough to be fair uncomfortable at times. She often holds them in this until they pass out and the move usually leaves a red mark on the victims neck afterwards.

Entry music: "Enjoy the Silence" by Lacuna Coil


Silhouette as she appeared in her first clip addressing Haruka Amami

Personality: Silhouette carries herself with a constant sombreness that becomes quite eerie and bone chilling. Before she made the change to the blood moon girl she is now, she was always quiet and looked sad.. But now there is a certain something in her eyes and her voice that can easily unnerve the fragile minded. When Silhouette chooses to talk to people, she often does so with the use of riddles and imagery. This just seems to be her way of communicating rather then some gimmick or tact to freak her opponent out… There has been several hints to this change in Silhouette being vamperic, either way she certainly doesn't always seem all there mentally.

Past: At the time that Cassandra Sellers started to consider putting together the AFW federation, she identified the need for to have a personal assistant. She interviewed a few people but soon realized they wouldn't be able to offer her what she wanted.. Again like such projects as she was running currently with Layne at the time, Cassandra Sellers wanted nothing less then to have complete control over her assistant. She travelled away, reportedly to a mansion she owned in Japan where she illegally did business trading slave labour and other services.. When she returned, she did so with a very young girl with faded blue hair. The girl's real name was never revealed, but always answered to the name Silhouette.

Nothing was known about Silhouette up until the time she became Cassandra's servant right before the birth of AFW. It isn't known if Cassandra had her as a slave before, or whether she was traded just before AFW's creation.. Either way, even as a little girl, Silhouette seemed to be suffering from some kind of mental disorder with deep depression. No one knew why.

Silhouette's main job was to be Cassandra voice, reading announcements, taking care of paperwork and the wrestlers that wanted to speak with Cassandra would have to do so through Silhouette. But Cassandra wanted to use Silhouette in matches.. As it turned out, Silhouette had no wrestling experience and it was a disaster. Silhouette suffered back to back defeats, each lost earning herself punishment from Cassandra that included but was not limited to a hell of a spanking (In later matches, this proved to be a weakness of hers, against such moves as atomic drops).

Finally Cassandra set her up against Haruka partly as a punishment (that she was being put up against someone so cute and weak) and also as a final chance to prove herself. Silhouette was desperate for the win so came out strong but soon was overcome even by Haruka and it ended in almost an easy win for Haruka as she pretty much only used one hold on her, a sleeper. To make matters worse, Silhouette ended up getting aroused and it clearly showed on her panties as she got knocked out by the harmless kawaii so badly that she was all but put into a coma before the ref and Haruka's supports came to stop Haruka and save the completely defenceless Silhouette.

After such an embarrassing public defeat, Silhouette was sure to get punished severely, she was not seen again for some time and there was many speculations as to what happened to her (she was fired... she was receiving a months worth a spankings..). When she returned in what she likes to term "Rebirth", there were many changes to her personality and physical appearance, this is where the eerie persona she now has came in

Attire: As in pic. A gray short sleeve shirt with a blue tie, Black arm warmers trousers. She wears a black and blue bow in her hair

Special note: Silhouette seems to be able to looking into the wrestler's souls... Or it might be that because she was Cassandra's personal assistant, she has access to all the wrestler's personal records and bio's... Either way, she does favour using this personal knowledge to get a psychologically edge on others

Noteable relationship:
Haruka Amami - Haruka was Silhouette's 4th and last opponent in her "old" form, at the time they were both bottom of the rankings seems Haruka was a rookie and hadn't won yet. Silhouette she should be able to win but Haruka put her out with a sleeper quite embarrassingly, hanging onto the sleeper while Silhouette's body spasmed unconsciously from prolonged use of the hold. Silhouette ended up in a pretty bad way, really deeply unconscious seems no one could get Haruka off of her and the sleeper remained on far longer then it should have. Now that Silhouette has become the blood moon child, Haruka seems to be the subject of quite a bit of Silhouette's focus.

Cerbera -As the blood moon child, Silhouette approached Cerbera first to speak with her and had appeared at a couple of Cerbera's matches. It isn't known why seems they had no interaction before Silhouette's change. After seeing Silhouette in her come back debut match, Cerbera identified her as a threat and sought to crush her in a match. However Silhouette defeated and kidnapped Cerbera away from the ring, while holding Cerbera hostage Silhouette's actions tended to suggest that she was not lying when she said that Cerbera was "dear to her", also the two of them held some interesting historical similarities.

Zera - Silhouette approached Zera second, at first seeming to mistake her for Cerbera, although it isn't certain whether this was just  some of her riddles. Silhouette seemed to know a lot about Zera and spoke of her as being "A puppet with a lonely string" and also continued to mention Zera's "feather" although Zera spoke against what Silhouette was saying. Later, when Silhouette kidnapped Cerbera, Sindel gave Zera an order to take the blood moon child so that they could get to Cerbera. Zera felt reluctant to harm Silhouette having been one of the only girls she's talked to in AFW, but Silhouette refused to be taken peacefully. Given the choice Zera attacked Silhouette, the choice pleased Silhouette because it was what she predicted Zera to do, even though it meant they both had to hurt each other reluctantly. Silhouette managed to escape but the attack by Zera had given Cerbera some time to escape Silhouette


[size=150]Silhouette's Blog[/size]

Real name: Unknown

How Hentai are you: ♥♥ Silhouette doesn’t really go in for hentai matches, and is not easily distracted by hentai manoeuvres in normal matches. She does have a few provocative moves in her arsenal, but they tend to be only suggestive rather then directly sexual (eg. Vamperic kiss).

Brackets is pre "Rebirth" to Blood moon child
Wins: 2(0)
Losses: 1(4)
Draws: 1(0)

Silhouette wins against Cheryl Harris
Silhouette wins against Cerbera
Silhouette defeated by Cerbera
Silhouette draws with Cerbera

Before the turn to blood moon
Silhouette defeated by Stacie Nyugen
Silhouette defeated by The Star Spangled Kid
Silhouette defeated by Lisa Sellers
Silhouette defeated by Haruka Amami

**If there are any matches I have left out or corrections on these, please inform me

Championship belt history:





Pic model: yowane haku

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Original Silhouette

Post by Kelsea on Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:27 pm

Name: Silhouette
Age: 18
Eyes: black
Hair: greyish blue
Weight: 104lbs
Height: 5"2
Nationality: Unknown.. Most likely Japanesse
Entry music: 'Ode to Oren Ishii' by The RZA (from Kill Bill sound track) (ignore the first piece of music on this clip, track starts 25 second into it)


Personality: Silhouette is quiet and reserved but at least speaks more then Layne, Cassandra's other servent... However theres often something quite weird about the way she speaks when not reading announcements writen by Cassandra. Silhouette is a complete tool of Cassanadra Sellers' and seems to have almost no spirit. Sometimes she certainly doesn't seem all there, as if she had witness something horrorfic at a young age and nothing now effects her (but of course thats just speculation, nothing is known about her past). She might sometimes wrestle, but she is not a trained wrestler... More like a brawler
Past: Nothing is known about Silhouette up until the time she became Cassandra's servent
Attire: either a dull white and grey uniform (as seen in pic) or something black

This post provide chronlogical links for the "Blood Moon Child Saga"... Please note the summaries may give away spoilers... Also each link will take you to the first post with Silhouette's appearance in that thread (so in some cases you might have to go back a few posts to understand whats going on)

**Still undergoing major construction**

The Deep sleep (Silhouette and Haruka) - Silhouette takes on Haruka in a match which is vital for her not to lose having been embarassed too many times before... Haruka gets the better of her and keeps her locked in her finisher sleeper way too long, putting Silhouette deeply unconscious in an embarassing way.

Salt in the wounds (Andrew Bennit and Haruka) - After defeating Silhouette, Haruka attends a panel interview in which the title match with Lil Luci is announced and also an interview by the name of Andrew Bennit speaking in a way that is embarassing to Haruka and shows Silhouette up more (although she is not in attendance, and is suggested to have dissappeared from AFW)

The Clip (Andrew Bennit, Haruka, Cerbera and the mysterious Blood moon child) - While Andrew Bennit is doing an AFW news and round up section on AFW live, a burst stream video clip cut into his broadcast from an unknown source... The shadow of a mysterious kawaii girl is seen with a red moon in the background and a voice clearly speaks Haruka Amami's name. Andrew Bennit is then haunted by this kawaii (whose identity is not known, but is then refered to as the "blood moon child" due to the way she appears in her first clip) as he tries to figure out her identity, meanwhile over a period of time she kidnaps his whole crew and continuously leaves him messages in black envelops (a ploy which the old Silhouette and Ms. Cassandra Sellers use to do... When blackmailing wrestlers to do their bidding, messages would be left by them in black envelopes). Additional hints to her identity is left, such as Silhouette old entrance track playing when the last of Andrew's crew is kidnapped...

Watched from afar (Lethe, Cerbera and the blood moon child) - At the end of a match between Cerbera and Lethe, the Blood Moon Child is seen watching in the audience detatched from everyone and her features covered in a shroud... She speaking only one sentence that seems to have no obvious meaning "Birds of a feather..."

Moonlit night (Cerbera and the blood moon child) - The Blood Moon Child chooses to appear before Cerbera first out of all the other girls in AFW, although her features remain mostly hidden in the darkness of a car lot. She has a weird way of talking, like in riddles and sentences that makes no sense. She speak fondly of Cerbera "I watch you Cerbera-san, you have become dear to me yet we have not met." and with a weird fondness to Haruka "You... do... have intentions for my Haruka-chan?"... She also expresses weird hopes from Cerbera "Will you see me..?"

Still asleep (Lil Luci, Haruka and the blood moon child) - After the first blood moon child clip is aired, Haruka takes on Lil Luci Lollipop for the kawaii title. The blood moon child is apparently under the bed during the whole match and comes out the match is nearing its conclusion, but then the cameras cut out

Eclipsed Moon (Zera and the blood moon child) - Zera comes face to face with the Blood Moon Child on her walk home past an abandoned playground, at first the blood moon child seems to mistaken her for Cerbera... Despite this weird confusion she knows exactly who Zera is and knows far more about then girl then she should. She speaks in riddle to Zera, refering to her as "a lonely puppet with a lonely string"  and continuously insists that Zera has a feather even though Zera doesn't like the suggestion "Fly or not... You still have a feather.. It is ebony with a gray shimmer, like that of a crow or devil bird..."

Unveiling (Andrew Bennit, Haruka and the blood moon child) - After Haruka's match with Luci, Andrew Bennit interviews her in the ring.. By now he has lost all of his crew and is terrorfied by the blood moon child, however he is also determined to find out who she is... Andrew is certain that Haruka knows more then she's letting on about the Blood Moon Child and as he questions her deeper, the lights go out and when they come back on, Andrew has been replace by the Blood Moon Child. The Blood Moon Child asks Haruka if she recognises her, eventually Haruka comes to the shock revealation that who it has been all along. She also gives Haruka a ticket to watch her debut match.

Haruka vs. Cerbera (Haruka, Cerbera, Ort and Silhouette) - During a match between Haruka and Cerbera, the blood moon child (now officially known to be Silhouette) appears at the top of the ramp half way through... Her presence unnerves/surprise both Haruka and Cerbera slightly (who have both had dealing with her), but Cerbera copes a lot better then Haruka with her presence. Silhouette does not get involved with the match and just watches the two of them... However Cerbera's younger sister, Ort does get involved and attack Cerbera, causing Cerbera to lose the match while Silhouette did not intervene... Further more Ort steals a kiss from Haruka before going up the ramp and facing off with Silhouette. Ort offers a friendly introduction to the blood moon girl, but was met by Silhouette sad red eyes studying her for a moment and then walking away without saying a word

Sacrificial lamb (Cheryl and Silhouette) - Haruka is advised by her friends not to go to Silhouette's debut return match and when Silhouette first comes out she seems totally engulfed in Haruka's lack of presence at the seat she intended her to sit in... Never the less, she finally focuses on her opponent, Cheryl who Silhouette claims to "bare a shadow resemblance to her..." . Silhouette remains dominate all through out the match and puts Cheryl away rather quickly with her finisher "The vamperic kiss", a sleeper hold with neck love bite combination... Silhouette refuses to break the sleeper even when Cheryl's gone unconscious, something like what Haruka had done to Silhouette (although in Haruka's case she was driven by fear not to release the hold). At the end of the match Silhouette appears to have fangs in her mouth and looks to the camera as if looking right into it and into Haruka's soul before speaking "You should have come..."

Black and White - Cerbera vs Silhouette (Silhouette and Cerbera) - Cerbera is confused by Silhouette response towards Haruka and perhaps the fact that she did not intervene when Ort attacked Cerbera in her match with Haruka... She comes to the conclusion that Haruka and Silhouette are allies and so calls Silhouette out to the ring, intending to destroy her then and there. Silhouette comes to the ring but seems slightly dissappointed at Cerbera's actions: "Why do you call on me..? I wanted you to see me... but you are not. You continue to keep your eyes closed...". Further more she mentions the words that she spoke while watching Cerbera fight Lethe and in her first meeting with Cerbera "Birds of a feather... Cerbera-san... If we must destroy each other... Then let it last for eternity." ...The match is hard fought and takes its toll on both kawaii... But by the end, Silhouette takes Cerbera down with her vamperic kiss finishing hold (which she it seems she will not release, like with her match against Cheryl). Silhouette then shows a strange fondness again to the unconscious Cerbera, she then lifts Cerbera up against her body... The lights in the audience turn off and when they come back on, both Silhouette and Cerbera are gone from the ring

In the shadow of the moon (Silhouette and Cerbera) - Silhouette takes Cerbera back to her hideout after knocking her out in the ring, she binds her hands so that after Cerbera wakes they can talk. In Silhouette riddles and meaningless sentences, it is at least clear that she is concerned Cerbera has forgotten who she is with all of the changes she has been going through recently. Also Silhouette seems to indicate a connection or similarity between Cerbera and herself, and again expresses her wish to be seen "In the light of the shadow, can you see me Cerbera-san?". The two express some level of intimacy with each other, but it seems that Cerbera has been possessed by something dangerous and evil, for that reason it is neccessary for Silhouette to put Cerbera into another sleeper hold to keep them both safe. Before she gets KOed again, Cerbera indicates her sorrow at the fact that everyone wishes to hurt her...

The puppet with two strings (Silhouette, Zera, Cerbera and Sindel) - Silhouette claims she will hurt those who would hurt Cerbera and herself and leaves the unconscious Cerbera to check a few things in AFW. Meanwhile Sindel has seen Silhouette kidnap Cerbera after their match and dispatches Zera to capture Silhouette so that they can get Cerbera from the blood moon child. Zera finds and confronts Silhouette, ordering her to come peacefully or be taken by force... Silhouette claims that Zera would do such a thing despite their acquaintance because of her feather "It is the feather, it is the way you are...". The fact that Zera chooses to see through her orders even thought she doesn't want to pleases Silhouette, after they fight for some time, Silhouette uses her "bloody mist" finishing move to temporarily blind Zera so that she can escape. Meanwhile, Cerbera wakes up in Silhouette's room alone, finding the walls to have been written on with nonsensical ravings "Hello darkness my old friend... I've come to talk with you again" and "Feelings are intense, words are trivial" just an example of some of what was written. In addition, Cerbera found a set of novalty AFW doll wrestlers arranged in a specific manner... among many others, Cerbera found a doll of herself and Silhouette sitting side by side with two other dolls on one shelf. Cerbera deduced from it all that Silhouette was completely alone, but still felt she needed to escape and so left, leaving only ruffled bed covers as a token of her previous presence when Silhouette returned

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