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Apologies for delays for a lot of my threads

Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:44 pm by Vcom7418

Dunno why I haven't posted this earlier.

Finals week is fully underway for me, and as such, I had to prioritise my threads depending on how soon they have to be finished (ie - Avalance build threads)

I will be back to full capacity on Friday/Saturday. My apologies for the delays.

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Friction debut match.

Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:28 pm by no^capitals-

I'm looking for a match to get my first heels career in AFW started. Will be happy to discuss finer details with anybody that is interested. Get in contact however you see fit. :3

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Samantha Fox's Open challenge

Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:54 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for someone to accept Samantha's open challenge, but the catch is its more of a call out. Basically Samantha will dig up some dirt on whoever and threaten to tell the world later that night or next show.

Overall I expect this to span across a few matches just for a short rival segment and little story for both our characters. Here's an idea I currently have for the possible matches.

1: Promo
2: 1 on 1 Normal Match
3: 1 on 1 No DQ
4: Ladder Match(The briefcase above the ring would …

[ Full reading ]

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Belle Christensen - Favorite and share! One half of Party Hard

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Belle Christensen - Favorite and share! One half of Party Hard

Post by Yori on Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:31 am

Name: Belle Christensen
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Maroon
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener
Tag Team: Party Hard

Entrance music:
At Night - Leslie Wai:

Casual 2:
Potential Ring Gear:
Potential Ring Gear 2:
Potential Ring Gear 3:
Party Hard Tag Team:
Party Hard Tag Team:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Belle likes to get her mitts on someone and chain wrestle them into the ground with power moves. She makes use of a good many strength and weight based submissions.

Type: Brawling Grappler

Preferred Attacks:
- Punches
- Slams and bomb variant attacks.
- Lariats
- Facesits
- Smothers

Preferred Matches: Any sort of tag team or handicap 2v1 matches. Will not do extreme rules/hardcore style matches. Everything else is on the table.

Physical Stats:
Endurance: ★★★★★
Incredibly hard to take down completely, she is like a cockroach who won't stay dead.
Strength: ★★★★☆
She can lift, throw, and grapple people way bigger than her.
Speed: ★★☆☆☆
Average movement.
Defense: ★★★★☆
The majority of her defense is comprised of blocking and soaking damage. Against weaker strikers, she is hard to knock off her feet.
Technique: ★★☆☆☆
Well versed in most grappling techniques, with sloppy brawling.

Wrestling Technique Stats:
Striking: ★★★☆☆
She has a mean right hook.
Submissions: ★★★☆☆
Overpowering her opponents she makes use of submissions that bury them in her body, or require feats of stretch such as bearhugs and torture racks.
Powerhouse: ★★★★☆
She likes to toss her opponents around. Prefers pinning variants of power moves to assert herself.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
She likes to keep things on the ground, down and dirty.
Countering: ★★☆☆☆
Decent at reversing standing grapple moves.

Favored moves:
- Powerbomb
- Brainbuster
- Backbreaker
- Powerslam
- Bearhug
- Torture rack
- Grapevine smother

Signature Moves:
Closing Time:
Finishing moves:
Drop the Beat:


Personality: When on her own Belle is the life of the party, rowdy and loud, ready to do or try just about anything. She is open and friendly with a sense of for seeking out thrills. She will rarely turn down a challenge, and likes to flaunt how tough she actually is when her street cred is called into question. In public, when Kaylee is with her, she is far more subdued. Used to being the less popular between them, she more or less falls in line to surrender the spotlight to her friend. She will often times be seen as being quite or grumpy, keeping mostly to herself and Kaylee. While she and Kaylee are alone, she shines a bit more, especially during their weekly challenges on their Youtube channels. She is driven and highly competitive. When push coems to shove, she is a good friend, and a better ally.

"Coming Together", was a long running series in child programing in the early 2000s. The series followed two step sisters who started as rivals, but came to terms with each other to become the best of friends. The two sisters were always getting into trouble and having zany adventures. Throughout its over ten year long run, the series evolved to follow the sisters all the way up to the finale where they graduated high school. Belle co-starred as the smart mouth tomboy from her younger years all the way up to the final episode. After the finale of "Coming Together", she remained a on hand celebrity with the company which produced the series, making guest appearances on other TV broadcasts, hosting award shows, and doing public events with co-star Kaylee Day.

At the height of their popularity, the two girls launched their own Youtube channel which saw record breaking success. Food tasting, pranks, vlogs, travel videos, challenges, you name it they have done it. Use to always being in the spot light, the two made bigger names for themselves by recording and uploading nearly every part of their lives, drowning viewers in everything they could ever want to know about the two. One of their most popular segments was when both girls would be trained to do a job over the course of a week, then the two would square off head to head. One of their most popular versions of this challenge, next to the incredibly popular pole dancing one, was wrestling. The two received a wide amount of praise for how good they had gotten in such a short time. Smelling money to be had off of these big name media moguls, offers flew off the rails for them to take part in promotions. Belle, an advocate for almost anything physical, pushed Kaylee to pursue a professional wrestling career with her as a personal challenge for them both. Two years later, they are heading to Japan to take AFW by storm, and vlog about it every step of the way.

Fun Facts:

Scents of Desire: Belle owns and helps develops scents for a personal perfume line.

Entourage: Belle is normally always surrounded by people, be it fans, photographers, or even bodyguards. A girl has to protect her investments after all.

Late Nights: Belle is almost always out at late hours, even after Kaylee retires for the night. She's willing to drink anyone under the table, anywhere.

AFW Information

-Wins: 1
Vs MIO - Handicap Bedroom Match Pinfall [Double team forced orgasm]
-Losses: 0
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: Kaylee Day
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

Always looking for roleplay. Take a look!

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