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Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:32 pm by 321Shazam

I know it's been awhile but I'm back into the swing of things. I'd love to get some sexy and fun matches with you guys oh ba gawd! Please pm me here or in the discord if you have an idea for matches

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LF matches or rps

Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:40 am by kiranar

I have several characters on most rosters except tension, but I am not against some of my characters taking opponents from there. Celeste the Carpathian Impaler, The Emerald Moons are my friction wrestlers Kirana is a character I made based off of Monster Hunter series along with my Xeltron from the starwars universe. Message me if any of the characters seems interesting.

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Looking to get my feet wet

Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:59 am by beachking

Would love some fun and nice matches or some dirty backstage stuff
they take on anyone

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Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar)

AFW :: Friction :: Gym

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Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar) - Page 4 Empty Re: Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar)

Post by Cicilia on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:10 am

Cicilia smiled and nodded as she heard Sayumi's condition... Yeah that sounded about right... She was glad she was recovering well though. Some ended up much worse for wear than she.

"Good." She simply said before standing up, holding her hand out for her bottle that was so quickly drained. "Well... I think I gotta go now. Had a good workout... I have a date to train for... and I gotta get some sleep. Hey. I'll see ya in a few days, alright? Get better soon."

Taking her bottle back, Cicilia would undo her gloves, slipping them into her bag along with the rest of her gear before hauling herself out of there. By far, it was the most fun she's ever had in a gym... Punching bags was fun and all but when it came to actually fighting people... And cuties such as Sayumi... that was just a big bundle of fun...

"I wonder if she's into beach-matches..." Cicilia mused, tapping her chin with her finger as she walked off into the dark. "I guess we'll find out..."

"My name's Cicilia... And I fight the crazy people. Why? So you don't have too."

"Hiya! Lets have some fun!"
Yayuuki (Lucky) Sakura

"...You wanna fight...? Whatever floats your boat, pal."
-Yuki Arashi

"Come at me, luchador/luchadora."
"Raul" Tejada

"Get on with it already! I don't have time for weaklings!"
-Rio Kazama

"Don't compare me to her! I'm someone all my own!"
Elena Miyazawa

"Champion of Truth and Justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight ALL evildoers!"
-Grand Papillon

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Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar) - Page 4 Empty Re: Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar)

Post by Yori on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:24 am

She bend down gingerly, still a bit sore when it came to her abdomen to retrieve the water bottle, setting it gently into it's owner's hands. She gave the bottle a small drum roll with two fingers before seeing the container off. "Alright. Rest well, dream of something nice, okay?" She leaned back on the bench, planting her palms on the seat to prop herself upright. "I'd offer to help you train, but I'm pretty sure the punching bag makes for better practice Ms. Punchy." She flicked Cicilia a small peace sign in response to the well wishes, watching Cicilia walk off into the night air with a smile.

It was only after the raven haired girl had faded into the darkness that she let herself drift sideways to plop down on the bench with a soft "Ow." as she bumped the hard wood. She was pretty sure she was going to need a bit more time before attempting the walk home alone. Until then she had preparations to think of. With the mystery rematch on the table, she had to be prepared for anything the boxer cooked up.

Brawl With a Stranger (Yori) (Spar) - Page 4 9snJ8fq
Due to drastically reduced free time, I am being far more selective with matches I will be taking on for the time being.

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