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Posting delays

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:14 pm by Harrier

Dear posting partners and people who are waiting for an reply from me by PM,

I am terribly sorry that you have to wait for my replies for so long.

Maybe the one or another from you knows the situation, you were flying high for some weeks posting wise and then you hit rock bottom again because of some RL BS and then you barely manage to churn out enough creative output for a meager 100 words post in a week and you ask yourself how you could have seriously overextend your supply lines so much. …

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Connie vs Tasha: When Mistresses Meet

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Connie vs Tasha: When Mistresses Meet

Post by luffy316 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:45 pm

“NnnnNH!” Connie hoisted up the barbell with a daintily feminine grunt. It had some surprising weight on it, but her form was terrible and she knew it. She was frankly only working the weights because she couldn’️t figure out how to get the jogging machines going. She’️d noticed all the other girls tended to hang out there and work out, so it seemed like the popular thing to do. And there she was, wearing what she felt was a stylish pink leotard and some fuzzy pink leg warmers. But it was soooo boring. There wasn’️t even that good music playing. She kept feeling like the pile of leather and Subby kept calling to her from her locker to get some REAL workouts…

She bit her lip a bit. "Heck with it," she sighed and went back to the locker room as fast as she could. The barbell slammed into the ground as she dashed off, tugging off her clothes before she was even entirely into the changing area and getting a few gasps, some surprised some pleased. She got to her locker half naked, urgently opening it and grabbing her leather attire. She took a deep breath of it and shuddered in pleasure at the sexual memories it brought back to her. "Mmmm, good to be home," she purred, grabbing Subby and her riding crop and setting them casually aside on the bench, slipping into her preferred attire.


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Re: Connie vs Tasha: When Mistresses Meet

Post by luffy316 on Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:37 am

Psychopatrick88 (4:54:57 PM): Tasha stormed into the locker room about the time Connie had fitted back into her leathers, and slammed her fist on her locker, angry with the humiliating loss she had suffered at the hands of an older woman. She shook her head slowly, never having to deal with a loss that bad before. No doubt her reputation with the crowd would go down some. She didn't even seem to notice the other woman in leathers, or maybe she just didn't care. Regardless, the lavender haired dominatrix began working the combination to her locker.

Brutal Bard (4:56:56 PM): Connie tilted her head at the fellow wrestler, looking puzzled with an expertise that showed experience at being confused. "You okay?" she asked helpfully. Poor thing. Maybe it was too soon to offer a nice rewarding round of sexual healing, but it was already on her mind.

Psychopatrick88 (4:57:58 PM): Tasha shook her head. "If you know what's good for you, you will not say another word to me." She warned her while she got her locker opened up, and started to reach in for a towel as she was planning to shower off.

Brutal Bard (5:01:14 PM): Connie opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again as she tried to figure out if she knew what was best for her. "I guess I do," she thought mutely, but she snapped her fingers in realization. She would keep her mouth shut, but take Subby around the waist and smile widely, holding it up so that Tasha could see it offered out when she looked up from her locker.

Psychopatrick88 (5:07:11 PM): Tasha had fished her towel out and shut her locker. She saw in her peripherals something brown and fuzzy and looked to see what it was, seeing a teddy bear in a gas mask and a black speedo. She then took a chance to look at the woman, and quite honestly, the sight amused her. Enough to bring a small smile to her face. "Wh-hat on earth is that?" She asked with a small chuckle in her question. She had gone from extremely sour to sweet in a matter of seconds upon seeing the woman presenting her with a bondage plushie. Quite honestly she had never seen one before.

Brutal Bard (5:10:44 PM): Connie's smile strengthened as she waggled Subby a bit. "This is Subby!" she said gleefully, as though it was her favorite sentence in the world. "He's a dirty little boy but he's my bestest friend. Say hello, Subby."
She lowered her voice a few pitches, though nowhere near a talented ventriloquist. "Hello, pretty lady," she said in her best deep voice, then gave it a quick hug to her breasts. "Subby always makes me feel better, no matter what happens. Did you wanna hold em? Cuz you looked kinda mad..."

Psychopatrick88 (5:14:09 PM): Tasha chuckled softly and shook her head. "No thanks. You just go ahead and keep your little subby. Haven't seen you around here before... what's your name?" She asked, resting a fist on her hips.

Brutal Bard (5:16:35 PM): Connie blinked in surprise, then gave a comical little rap on her head with her knuckles. She'd been so caught up introducing her toy she forgot herself. She smiled and thrust out her hand, chest bobbing up a bit in pride. "I'm Colleen. Nice to meet you. My friends call me Connie. But I'm the new mistress around here." She waved her hands vaguely. "Not like, banging somebody's husband or running the place or anything. Just, y'know, leather and whips and stuff. who're you!?"

Psychopatrick88 (5:18:36 PM): Tasha smirked a little at her introduction. "Hrmph... everyone's passing the name off like- never mind. My name is Tasha. Tasha Veith. The original mistress of this place." She declared. "I was the first dominatrix to come here." She explained. "Now it seems like everyone and their mother is a mistress. Quite annoying really... having to sort out the riff raff from the true dominatrices." She said, and stretched her arms over her head as she talked.

Brutal Bard (5:20:56 PM): Connie snuck herself a peek at Tasha's chest as she stretched, making her wide-eyed for several reasons. "Oh wow, you're the ORIGINAL here?! You're like... some kind of porno pioneer then!" she gushed. "Oh, gosh, I didn't wanna step on anybody's toes or anything... it's just they're so popular and all." She smiled as a thought crossed her mind.
"I guess we have YOU to thank for that, though. Would you mind um... giving me a few pointers?" she said, twirling her finger girlishly in her hair

Psychopatrick88 (5:26:03 PM): Tasha raised an eyebrow at her question, and smiled a little bit. "Hmmm... I have a better idea. Why don't you show me what you know? Right here. Try to do your best to make me bend to your will and I shall do the same." She said, standing up and rolling one arm as she readied herself for Colleen.

Brutal Bard (5:29:54 PM): Colleen's eyes widened in surprise, but she smiled. "Yea. Yea, okay!" she said eagerly, nodding and setting Subby near the base of the lockers a bit away from them and carefully positioning him, giving Tasha several clear seconds of her outstretched rump.
She trotted back over, smiling still. "He likes to watch," she said in a lowered voice, as though the bear wasn't supposed to hear. She'd raise her hands in a visibly inexperienced mimicry of a grappling stance. "Ready when you are, my lovely," she said, her voice lowering a bit into her more sultry and adult tone. At her first oppurtunity, she'd try to lash out to meet and halt Tasha's own arms.

Psychopatrick88 (5:33:33 PM): Tasha smiled a little as she saw her changing personality a bit, and stepped in towards her. She would gladly lace her fingers with Colleen's, and would start trying to push her back, trying to compare her strength with her own. "What makes you so different from the rest, hm? What do you got the others don't have?" She challenged her, wanting to see all that Colleen could do, trying to push her into giving her best.

Brutal Bard (5:36:29 PM): Colleen was strong, but her technique was sloppy at best, and she had to exert more power than she needed in fending off Tasha's push, though her heels slid back a bit on the floor.
"I. Know. Pain," Colleen said, sultry but firmly confident. She'd try to lean in, pressing harder on Tasha in an attempt to bring her bust into a collision with hers. With her face intimately close to hers, she'd lick her lips. "And I LOVE it..." she'd add, trying to press harder now that she was in this new position

Psychopatrick88 (5:38:19 PM): "Hmm... you're very enthusiastic at least.." She said, and pushed her breasts in against Colleen's, comparing their busts. Tasha had a nice DD cup size, which could be considered small in this arena, as she soon found out.

Brutal Bard (5:40:27 PM): "Mmm," Connie purred a bit as their chests collided. "You've no idea," she said, trying to bend Tasha's hand back a bit further. If she could get it within reach, she'd try to let go quickly and grab a handful of hair instead, pulling Tasha's face into hers, but angling it so that she could get a long, hungry lick up her neck and cheek.

Psychopatrick88 (5:43:04 PM): Tasha could feel Colleen's hand adjusting a bit, and the two had similar ideas as Tasha lets go of the same hand to grab at her hair, and lets out a hiss through her teeth as her hair is grabbed at the same time, and would yank Colleen's hair back enough so she wouldn't be able to lick at her neck.

Brutal Bard (5:45:12 PM): Colleen's teeth and tongue gnashd at the air carnally, as though trying to force their way to Tasha's throat but was forced to stop. The quick jolts of pain through her hair made the corners of her mouth curl up a bit, and she tried awkwardly to force Tasha's other hand down to her side, trying to use it to spank her with her own hand while still tugging randomly (though lighter than she could) at Tasha's hair

Psychopatrick88 (5:47:37 PM): "Mm!" She grunts as she lets go of Colleen's other hand as well, and feels her swatting her ass while Tasha's hand goes for her thigh, trying to raise it up on her own hips, and tugged a little harder at Colleen's hair. "You think you can overpower me?" She growled. "Bend me to your will? I don't think you have the guts.."

Brutal Bard (5:51:14 PM): Colleen gave a haughty laugh. "Super models weep at my beauty," she boasted. "Grown men tremble at my strength! I've got the jugs, and yes, I think I have SOME fucking guts." She'd leave sensuality behind for a second as she pressed herself hard into Tasha, trying to force her back against a locker to rob her of some leverage.

Psychopatrick88 (5:53:32 PM): Tasha was forced to stumble back a bit from her advance, but she kept Colleens leg around her hip, and moved that hand from her thigh to grip her between the legs, and rubbed the flesh she had in her hand back and forth, trying to push herself off the lockers afterwards, but still had her gloved hand laced in Colleen's hair. She definitely had spirit, and strength, that was for damn sure.

Brutal Bard (5:56:41 PM): Connie gave a tiny gasp at the fondling, losing her balance fairly quickly as she let out a sexy smile, clearly enjoying this in one way or another. She'd start to tumble backward, tripping over the nearby bench and landing on her butt if Tasha didn't do something to cause otherwise

Psychopatrick88 (5:59:08 PM): Tasha would move right with her, and would move to try and straddle her body. If she did, she would consider their little game over with the fact that Colleen had allowed herself to end up in a submissive position underneath Tasha. It didn't mean they were done entirely, just that the exhibition would be over.
Brutal Bard (6:01:43 PM): Connie grunted as she bumped into the floor, Tasha straddled across her belly as she laid back, catching her breath a bit. "Very nice," she said, looking up with a hint of admiration at her senior dom. "Allow me to return the favor," she said, reaching up to try and wrap her hands around Tasha's breasts and squeeze, using them to try pulling her off of her and onto the floor beside, or even beneath, her

Psychopatrick88 (6:05:46 PM): Tasha smiled a little and stood up off her. "Not yet." She said before she could reach for her and walked a few steps away from her. "You aren't too bad. You have a lot of enthusiasm, that's for sure, and you're pretty strong as well. You seem to be more interested in your own pleasure, however. Unless you're sure you can handle them at full strength, your first priority should be wearing down your captive, and trying to break them, and then you can move on to your own pleasure." She declared.

Brutal Bard (6:09:05 PM): Connie wasn't disapointed to get some pointers rather than a fight, helping herself up into a sitting position. "But I GET pleasure from pain," she said in her usual girly voice. "I mean, I like getting hurt too, but I like it when I hurt other people, and they squirm and squeal and stuff. Just means they like it." She tilted her head. "Or is that what you mean?"

Psychopatrick88 (6:10:38 PM): Tasha chuckles a little. "I mean you're too distracted with how you're feeling. Tell me.. what was going through your head when I had you by the hair, and you had me? And also, tell me what was going through your head when I groped you between the legs?"

Brutal Bard (6:14:53 PM): Connie actually blushed a bit, a strange look for a woman who toted a riding crop. It was embarassing to talk about, but she was always honest. "It was... thrilling," she said breathily. "Both of us somewhere between competitive and turned on and just a dash of pain, just enough to make you want more. Well, guess it's kind of obvious what happened when you started to go down around my pussy," she said, a bit further embarassed. "I just can't help it! It all feels so good, the hurting and making others hurt and enjoy the pain as well!" Her nipples were stiff behind her leather, and gathering a bit of moisture between her legs just from talking about it.

Psychopatrick88 (6:18:23 PM): Tasha smiled a little. "That may be nice to you and all... but..." She suddenly tried to dart behind her, and tried to grab her hair, pulling it up to lick her neck while her other hand came around to fondle her between the legs, and would slowly guide her down to the floor. If Connie didn't resist, she would finish her sentence. "It's easy to take advantage of it." She would state before letting her go and standing up straight again. "You need to build resistance to those sensations, other wise you'll be bending over for every mistress here, and then some."

Brutal Bard (6:21:58 PM): Colleen didn't react too quickly to the sudden attack, thinking they were still talking when Tasha yanked her hair. "Ahhhhn!" she squealed, turning into a bit of a moan as Tasha licked her neck, shuddering uncontrollably when Tasha went between her legs. She was like a doll in the violet dom's grip at that point, slinking ot the floor on her belly submissively.
She wanted more, but Tasha stepped back and she caught her breath for a bit, trying to calm back down as her hard nipples poked at the floor. "How... how do I do that?" she panted as she pushed herself to her hands and knees. "And why... are you helping me?"

Psychopatrick88 (6:25:07 PM): Tasha chuckles a little at her second question. "Because you asked me to." She replied calmly. "And you lifted my mood a bit. But, basically, the only way to build resistance is to experience it. again. and again, until you can resist it and fight back. If you would like, I could invite you to come watch my next hentai match with someone, and you could observe how we both work." She offered.

Brutal Bard (6:27:49 PM): Connie licked her lips tentatively. "So... experience it is," she said with a little nod. "Here I'm just a rookie in terms of wrestling... and I so rarely got people to hurt me in return." She'd bat her lashes a bit in what she suggested things for Tasha to do to her, but knew it was in her... well, her teacher's hands. "I'd be really really glad to see you in action, though," she confessed. "I hear things can get pretty amazing in that ring of yours."

Psychopatrick88 (6:30:36 PM): Tasha chuckles softly, then licks her lips. "Hmm... how about I give you a little.. experience.. right now?" She proposed. She found the woman very adorable. Not quite a mistress, but she could definitely turn out to be one hell of a one with constant practice. She wouldn't wait for an answer to her question, and would instead start to head off for the showers slowly, strutting for her a bit while motioning her to follow with a fluid gesture of her fingers.

Brutal Bard (6:32:25 PM): Connie looked at her sultry shake of her hips and barely had to think about it. She scrambled to her feet, clacking after Tasha in her heels before stopping and nabbing Subby, setting him neatly outside the shower with a clear view of things inside before following Tasha, a bit more like a puppy than she'd realize.

Psychopatrick88 (6:35:05 PM): Tasha chuckled at the response she received. "Try to be a little more dignified next time around. So long as you're wearing those leathers, you should at least pretend to have some control over your desires." She teased, then turned her back towards her. "Undo me?" She asked, wanting her to undo the buckles on her bustier.

Brutal Bard (6:38:58 PM): Connie nodded eagerly, then paused. "Oh! Um... yea. I guess I could," she said, poorly feigning indifference in compliance with Tasha's request and sure she couldn't keep it up. Having experience with such clothes, she'd ably undo the purple-haired dom's clothing, sliding it towards her arms to let it drop and running her hands over her back approvingly, caressing the smooth skin before letting her hands try to work off her bottoms as well.

Psychopatrick88 (6:42:03 PM): Tasha felt the bustier drop off her, then she suddenly whirled around to slap her hands as she went farther. "I believe I can handle the rest myself." She said with a small smile, and started to take off her purple gloves, and her boots. Then last came the thong, leaving her in the nude. Even without her leathers, with her green eyes and purple hair, she looked pretty intimidating. She then stepped towards Connie to try and assist her with her outfit.

Brutal Bard (6:45:54 PM): "EEP!" Colleen jolted her hand back when it was slapped, pouting a bit but understanding of the blow. She nearly drooled at the sight of her proven superior mistress stripped bare, oggling her so intently that Tasha got to start on her outfit before she could. "Ooh, sorry," she said, turning and letting her mentor work the buckle away from her chest so she could shimmy out of it, boots, choker and gloves following quickly if permitted.

Psychopatrick88 (6:54:44 PM): Tasha assisted her with her outfit, but it seemed Colleen had little trouble with the rest of it. She then started to step into the showers, and turned on the hot water. She felt the hot water stinging her skin at first, but she made no physical reaction towards it, allowing her body to adjust to it, then looked at Colleen. "Coming, darling?"

Brutal Bard (6:57:12 PM): "Gladly," Colleen said, a bit of her sultry voice returning as she walked after her, leaning her big breasts into Tasha's back and sharing the water with a relaxed sigh. She made no objection to the temperature, though to what degree she enjoyed it was a bit of a mystery with her massochistic personality. "Mmm," she moaned gently, running her hands over Tasha's shoulders and along her upper breast bone. "Feels good..."

Psychopatrick88 (6:58:31 PM): Tasha smiled, and started to lean into her. "Indeed it does... Would you mind washing me, hun?"
Psychopatrick88 (6:59:50 PM): "Don't worry.. I won't count this against your or anything.." She assured her.

Brutal Bard (7:02:48 PM): "Mhm," Connie agreed, unfearful of repricussions out of sheer optimism and trust. She'd grab some nearby soap and foam up her hands, slathering Tasha's body with suds and adoring care. "Your body's very lovely," she said truthfully. "How do you maintain it?" she chatted as she rubbed her down, scrubbing her available back first before reaching over and kneading her breasts lightly in the soap, maybe lingering a bit while she was there.

Psychopatrick88 (7:04:46 PM): Tasha said nothing in response to that, but instead she leaned into Connie as she started to lather her up good. "Mmm... just keep up the good work." She cooed.

Brutal Bard (7:05:54 PM): Colleen shrugged off the dodge easily enough, leaning in over her shoulder to eventually move her one hand down to Tasha's belly, her head resting near her shoulder and starting to gently kiss at Tasha's neck. She would let her hands wander from there, running down her thighs and massaging their way closer to her womanhood. "A mistress must be clean, after all," she said merrily, cutting off her kisse for now. "Only pets and slaves and bad girls are dirty..."

Psychopatrick88 (7:07:47 PM): "Mmm... did I say you could touch me that far?" She said in a playful tone, wanting to see how she'd react.
Brutal Bard (7:10:01 PM): "Didn't say not too," Connie replied, missing any real threat that might be hidden in her tone. "And when I do something, I do it right." She had never really wound up a sub before, after all. She would let her one hand scrub over each leg, working one at a time so her other hand could move to slowly massage over the front of Tasha's groin.

Psychopatrick88 (7:12:21 PM): "Mmm... that's a good response." She cooed, and leaned fully into her, allowing Connie to fully have her way with her while in the shower stall. She started to moan a bit as her sex was massaged a bit, feeling those wet fingers beginning to stimulate her. "Mmm...more..." She whispered.

Brutal Bard (7:15:17 PM): Connie was delighted to see her mentor like this. "More," she agreed, leaning in and kissing wetly at Tasha's neck, leaning into her to do her best to support her weight with her surprisingly strong form. Her fingertips parted her petals, slipping their way inside her and her free hand roaming up to cup and firmly squeeze her breast.
Higher, she'd kiss and suckle at Tasha's neck, then deliver a quick but firm bite at her neck, enough to really get a taste of her. She wasn't totally sure if this was a test, but assumed that Tasha would like a good splash of pain in her sex like she did. She was mainly tentative only because Tasha seemed to know so much more than her about the idea....

Psychopatrick88 (7:18:05 PM): "Mmnnn..." This wasn't a test, it was more of a reward for Connie. She inhaled softly as she felt her lips on her neck, and felt those fingers parting her lips and moaned a bit as they slid inside her, and tensed up a little with a small hiss as she squeezed her breast. She then let a sharp gasp as her neck was bit. "Mn.. no marks, hun." She said to her afterwards.

Brutal Bard (7:21:13 PM): Connie nodded, her wet hair and cheek rubbing against her. "Light stuff," she said softly, favoring kissing and gentler gropes but unable to help tracing her nails around her nipples, teasing them into peaks, and raking her teeth softly over that beautiful skin. She'd slip two fingers into Tasha, a nice tame number for this little play session (as she saw it) and let their tips try to seek out and surround her clit, tapping against it teasingly before she really dug into it.

Psychopatrick88 (7:25:10 PM): "Mmmmnnn... oohhn..." She moans as Connie continued to work at her. "You have beautiful fingerwork, honey. OH!!" She gasped, as Connie started to stimulate her clit, it was a little bit of a shock to her but she quickly recovered.

Brutal Bard (7:30:04 PM): Connie giggled and kissed her earlobe. "I've had practice. LOTS more than fighting. And guys aren't the only ones who like a little naughty-naughty, after all." She pinched her nipple quickly before moving to her other, her fingers scooping inside her snatch and soaking her fingers over with Tasha's personal moisture. "Just lay back, sweety," she cooed. "Connie's got ya." She started to grind her groin into her teacher's ass, stimulating it as well as her sex.

Psychopatrick88 (7:36:36 PM): "Ooohn... you don't have to remind me of that one, honey.. oohhnn.." She moans, and starts to roll her hips against her fingers, and gasped softly as those fingers pushed in deeper. "Mmm... ok..." She agreed, just grinding her hips in tune with her thrusts.

Brutal Bard (7:41:48 PM): Connie took her time, pacing her strokes to tease and excite rather than overwhelm. Her excited nipples massaged into Tasha's back and she shfited her weight subtly, eliciting soft coos of pleasure as she began to reciprocate with her own grinding. She'd nuzzle affectionately over Tasha's throat with her nose and lips, leaning Tasha backward and herself forward enough to kiss her on the lips, soft but sensual as she brought her fingers together around her clit, gently massaging and rolling it as her little finger toyed with her lower lips.

Psychopatrick88 (7:47:06 PM): "Unnhhh... oohh yeah... ohhh honey..." She moans uncontrollably as Connie works her over nice and slowly, then gasped a bit as she was leaned back, and moaned as her lips was locked with her own, and felt her hips shiver as her climax was building. Tasha could feel her own eyes rolling into the back of her skull as there was no need to resist her, and was quickly succumbing to Connie's ministrations.

Brutal Bard (7:53:52 PM): Connie smiled against her lips, doing her best to seal over them as her tongue ran through her mouth, ravishing her with hands and mouth, all over her curvaceous body. Masochists could have tender sex sometimes too, she knew. She'd take turns pinching and squeezing her breasts, opening her eyes during their kiss to look at her overwhelmed mistress. She must not have been kidding by saying she had potential, and it filled her with an odd pride.
She popped her lips from Tasha's and smiled at her, even if she couldn't necessarily see her. "Brace yourself, mistress," she said in her usual girlish voice, pressing her two fingers together more firmly and a bit more rapidly into her clit to try and launch her over the edge at top speed.

Psychopatrick88 (7:57:34 PM): Tasha could feel her body being pleasured all over, almost like the woman had more than two hands. She was almost in another world as Connie continued to work her over. She then heard words.. She could barely make them out, but suddenly the pleasure in her body intensified threefold. "AHhnnhhHH!!!" She moaned out, arching her back up as she reached her climax, and orgasmed hard, feeling her entire body pulsing as she was worked over. "D..don't you dare stop!" She ordered, digging her nails into whatever she could grab as she literally tried bracing herself a bit too late.

Brutal Bard (8:04:41 PM): Connie let out a soft hiss when Tasha's nails dug into her breasts, but exhaled the breath as a warm sigh of appreciation. "As you command," she said playfully, keeping her fingering going in case she could pull Tasha into a multiple orgasm. She'd run her own nails over her breast in soft raking motions, careful to obey her in not making any scratches on that lovely skin of hers. No matter how tempting it was to see that skin stretch in just the right hold...
"Nnhh... nnnh...." Connie started grunting, her own arousal starting to make itself known as she overlooked Tasha's gorgeous body arched out and orgasming. Her firm ass pulling from her crotch left it in the trickling downpour of water between their bodies.

Psychopatrick88 (8:06:51 PM): Once Connie rode her down from her orgasm, she slowly started to slump her rear down on the tile flooring. "That.... that was incredible honey... just incredible... build up enough endurance, and I bet you could take on the hentai champ without batting an eye." She chuckled.

Brutal Bard (8:15:13 PM): Connie mewled a bit as Tasha fell, her pussy still wet as she slid down against it but not sure if she ought to bring it up... or if Tasha was already aware. "Looks like you needed that," she breathed with a smile, trying to calm her loins with her deep breaths that made her subtly curvy body wobble slowly. She smiled a bit, her pouty lips spreading finely. "I... well, that means kind of a lot to me. I mean, I've only had a little practice, and here you're sayin I'll be champ... but then where'll that leave you?" she asked innocently, not realizing the set up for grandeur or letdown it could imply.

Psychopatrick88 (8:19:35 PM): Tasha smiled a little. "Belts don't really mean too much to me... hehe... the woman behind it on the other hand, I'll always find the time to play with her. You should meet her sometime. Her name's Belinda. Blonde locks, french accent. Very lovely to look at." She said, and started to pick herself off the tile flooring.

Brutal Bard (8:24:41 PM): Connie let her hand run over her crotch in passing, giving it a soothing rub before letting it be, satisfied for the moment. "Sounds fun. Haven't had a French girl before." She looked pensive for a moment. "I... don't suppose she was what made you so mad then?" she asked. She looked guiltily over at Subby by the shower entrance. "I'd understand if you didn't want to talk about it in front of others..."

Psychopatrick88 (8:26:43 PM): "Yes you have." She replied with a chuckle, then laughed a little. "Oh not at all!" She laughed again. "No, me and Belinda are great friends.. hm.. actually I was upset because this older twat.. pardon my language... started strutting around like she was the boss of the place, and I was unable to take her down a peg. She got the better of me, and then some." She admitted.

Brutal Bard (8:29:54 PM): "Pff," Connie said with a wave of her hand. "People say dirty words all the time. Remember our jobs, sweety." Connie actually almost never swore outside of domination, but she was fine with it anyway. Connie looked thoughtful. "Huh. Well no offense, but you must have lost a couple of times before. I mean, everyone's gotta lose, or else everything would be super boring. You'd know who'd win! Then gambling would get boring, because everyone'd get super rich, and..." she barely stopped her babbling before it got into crazier subjects. "But I mean... you can always fight her again, right? Now you know what to expect, right?" she said hopefully.

Psychopatrick88 (8:32:50 PM): Tasha nodded a little. "True, but it makes the person a bit more intimidating when you can scare them without using the typical profanity everyone else uses." She replied, "And, it wasn't the fact I lost.. it was just how I lost... high stakes and all.. mainly ego on the line, and mine ended up getting taken down hard." She admitted.

Brutal Bard (8:38:05 PM): Connie winced a bit, not so much concerned with how she'd handle it but it sounded important to Tasha. "Can I ask what she did?" she said meekly, ready to withdraw the question.

Psychopatrick88 (8:41:16 PM): Tasha glanced over at her for a moment."Knocked me out cold. Humiliated me. Belittled me. Considered me inferior. Shall I go on?" She asked, a bit coldly.

Brutal Bard (8:43:25 PM): Colleen wouldn't have minded hearing the dirty details or seeing the match, but she was at least bright enough to know not to hear them from her. "Nah, I get ya. But... won't she be super confident if you ask her again? It'll be like... you'll know to watch out, and she'll be thinkin' the same stuff'll happen. I'm not exactly a big fan, but I always thought people don't usually win two matches in a row with the same girls."

Psychopatrick88 (8:46:40 PM): "Hrmph... suppose that's true... but then she'll want a tie breaker. All egotists do. They're never satisfied with being even. Heh... " She chuckled softly.

Brutal Bard (8:49:31 PM): Colleen smiled and knelt beside her, massaging Tasha's shoulders helpfully. "Wouldn't you want the same? We're doms, sweety," she said sympathetically. "We don't know much about grey areas. Everything's on top and on bottom, sub and dom, seme and uke, pitcher and catcher, straight sex and pegging... pretty blue and white, you know?" she added, potentially screwing up any chance she had at sounding philosophical.

Psychopatrick88 (8:50:34 PM): "One of the most vicious damn cougars I ever met though.." She said, and let a low whistle, then heard what she said. "Hmm... perhaps. It depends on what I had at stake. I'll help a person out or screw them over in the worst way.. it's all... mmmnn... how you rub me.." She chuckled

Brutal Bard (8:54:18 PM): Connie raised her eyebrows in surprise, but then calmed. "Oh... THAT kind of cougar..." she sighed in relief. "Glad I'm rubbing you right, then," she giggled as she massaged her shoulders some more. She nestled up to her, letting her breasts press against her back. "At the very least I know I can RUB right."
Psychopatrick88 (8:55:12 PM): Tasha chuckled and shook her head. "That was the joke, honey." She said to her.

Brutal Bard (11:49:24 PM): "Ah," Connie said, a bit embarassed. "Well still, I'm impressed you're so nice for a mistress," she added, then grinned. "Or maybe I'm just lucky not to see your bad side?"

Psychopatrick88 (11:50:33 PM): Tasha smiled. "It's fairly easy to get on my good side... but if you step on my bad side, I'll make sure you regret it for the rest of your days." She warned.

Brutal Bard (11:52:04 PM): Colleen whistled briefly. "Yes, MA'AM," she giggled. She'd lean in to see Tasha's face, smiling and unwittingly pressing her breasts against the back of her head. "Feeling better now?"

Psychopatrick88 (11:54:11 PM): Tasha smiled and nodded a little. "Quite... now.. I may not have the best fingerwork... my tongue on the other hand.. I bet could rival with those magic fingers of yours." She chuckled and rolled over to she was facing Colleen, and tried to push her down to her back.

Brutal Bard (11:56:00 PM): Colleen giggled playfully, and after a bit of resistance for fun, she let herself fall back. "Ok, but you'll have to be reaaaally good to match me," she teased, really just hoping to get the most out of Tasha rather than feeling like she was competing.

Psychopatrick88 (11:57:48 PM): "Hmhm... we'll see how I do..." She said, resting her hands on her thighs to keep her legs parted, and slowly dipped down to start licking around the outer lips of her sex slowly.

Brutal Bard (12:00:27 AM): "Mmm, nice start," Connie purred as Tasha began her licking, sitting just a bit upright to watch the action for herself. She'd lick her lips as she admired her tongue work, holding herself up with her arms and making her chest stick out a bit more. She got worked up rapidly, since Tasha's grinding hips had helped her along that road.

Psychopatrick88 (12:01:48 AM): Tasha said nothing, sliding her tongue along one lip, and down the other, up one lip, and down the other. After a few more laps, she would reverse it, and lick down the lip that she was licking up and vice versa, very slowly, and very gently teasing her outer lips.

Brutal Bard (12:16:50 AM): Connie shivered bodily as Tasha licked over her individual lips. Her lip quivered as her breathing accelerated, eyes closing a bit as she anxiously watched Tasha's agonizingly slow and so perfectly arousing licks. "Ohhh yessss. Please don't stop, baby, please..."

Psychopatrick88 (12:18:55 AM): Tasha chuckled a little, and gently touched her clit with her tongue before trying to slide her tongue gently into her sex, sticking her tongue in no more than half an inch, and slowly pumping that half inch of tongue in and out, but would put in just a little more length each time, until gradually she slid her whole tongue into her sex and pumped it in and out slowly.

Brutal Bard (12:26:08 AM): Colleen sucked in a huge breath as her clit was touched so gently, her lips parting in welcome to her organ. She leaned back farther, impressive chest rising and falling impressively as her lips quivered (both sets) at her talented and teasing touch.

"Oh my god," she whispered faintly, the stray hot water they'd forgotten still spilling over her curvy figure. She'd reach down for her fingers to delicately rub at Tasha's hair in encouragement, her breath coming out in rapid, high pitched gasps

Psychopatrick88 (12:29:37 AM): Once Tasha slid her tongue in all the way, she pulled it out for a moment to gently suckle on her clit, and then started to suck just a little harder before letting it go and smiles up at her. "Now brace YOURself." She said, and slid her tongue back into her, closing her eyes, and started to trill her tongue inside of Colleen's sex, as fast as she could make it go.

Brutal Bard (12:33:49 AM): "Ohhhh, yesss that's nice," she cooed dizzily, her arms quaking a bit before she had to let herself slide flat on her back and close her eyes, absorbed in the wonderful feeling and bearing her pussy for even easier access to Tasha.
"Uhhn! Uhn! Uhhhhhhn!" Connie started grunting and panting heavily as her fellow dom's tongue worked itself faster, batting at her clit gently but quickly in a way that left Connie squeezing her breasts out of reflex. "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod," she chanted softly, squeezing her soft breasts around heatedly as her orgasm was teased to the verge of its breaking point

Psychopatrick88 (12:35:16 AM): Tasha chuckled and continued to trill her tongue, ready to taste the woman's honey, and would reach up to dig her long nails into her rear just for that extra dose of pain the woman might need to be sent over.

Brutal Bard (12:39:00 AM): "AHH!" The nails were only dug into her plump tush for a moment before Connie squirted in reply to her expert tonguing. She let out a number of small shrieks before she stopped thrusting against Tasha's tongue like an invading phallus, slowing to a halt and running her hands through her wet hair.
"Oh wow... for just a quicky, that was amazing," she moaned in praise, lowering a hand to brush through Tasha's hair appreciatively. "Can't imagine getting caught up in a full-blown session with you..."

Psychopatrick88 (12:40:36 AM): Tasha chuckled softly and pulled her tongue away from her. "Hmhm... I honestly think your fingers would beat out mine... but then again I'd probably be able to hold out longer than you too" She said, sitting up and washing herself off in the shower.

Brutal Bard (12:44:49 AM): Connie took her time resting on the tile floor for a bit to catch her breath, still recovering from her orgasm as the water trickled in to mix with her cum. "You're the sexpert, I'm the newby," she said cheerily. "Guess you'd know best."

Psychopatrick88 (12:46:10 AM): Tasha smiled, and leaned over to lick her cheek. "You'll learn. And fast, I bet.." She said, leaning over to give her a good swat on the rear, then chuckled a little. "Maybe I could convince Belinda to join me in playing with you one day." She grinned. "You'd love her I bet..."

Brutal Bard (12:48:38 AM): "Oop!" she hooted as her bottom was swatted, hopping a bit and giggling. "Wow, that sounds GREAT," she said certainly. "After seeing the way you play, and you admire this French girl? Gotta be fun. Oh god, and I haven't had a decent three-way in forever." She slip into the water beside her rather than grabbing another shower head, rubbing away any freshly accumulated sweat.

Psychopatrick88 (12:51:17 AM): Tasha smiled a little. "You are aware I am french as well... without the accent though." She said, and chuckled a little. "But don't get your hopes up too much though... she might refuse... she's a little finicky sometimes. You might have to prove yourself to her first... I wowed her, that was for sure. Hehe.. first match I had was with her. A hentai match. And apparently the first she ever lost." She grinned.

Brutal Bard (12:56:40 AM): "Ohhhhh," Connie said, finally getting the earlier remark. "Wow. Way to a fast name for yourself, huh?" she asked on Tasha's match. "Me.... well, I kind of had kinky vampire sex in my debut." She thought on that and made a face. "Think people'll get a bad impression from that?"

Psychopatrick88 (12:57:24 AM): Tasha laughed a little. "Did you win?"

Brutal Bard (12:58:55 AM): Connie kept her wary face and shrugged. "Kind of both won, you know? But yea, I won." She rubbed her breast a bit, as though it was still sore. "Little lady was a biter, I tell you." She shivered a bit as she remembered vividly. "Yea, it was great," she said, a bit softer.

Psychopatrick88 (12:59:24 AM): Tasha nodded a little. "I think you'll make a good reputation for yourself then..."

Brutal Bard (12:59:56 AM): Connie giggled, smiling a bit proudly even as she talked. "Even if I left the ring with a big stain of my blood?"

Psychopatrick88 (1:00:36 AM): She blinked a little at that, not quite sure what to say. "Uh... I don't see any reason why it would go down because of it..."

Brutal Bard (1:02:43 AM): "Okay, cool," she said, though her pleasure didn't seem to waver. "Fans seemed to like it good enough, just didnt quite know what to make of it at first. I've seen some masochists, and you too, I'm sure, but that little girl couldn'ta been happier losing." She paused for a minute as she saw another presumption she'd made. "You uh... HAVE dommed, right? Like, outside the league?"

Psychopatrick88 (1:03:38 AM): Tasha smiled a little. "I live in a manor full of slaves that were once wild spirits." She replied.

Brutal Bard (1:06:28 AM): "Phew. I thought it might be awkward," Connie said thankfully as she gave herself a final good rinse. "Wish I'd thought of that. Might need to stop by for a party or something some time.Teehee, you me an' that Belle girl just havin' a slumber party, doin eachothers' hair and playing with slaves..." She gave a dreamy little shake of her head, as though the hybrid of sado-massochism and childish playing was the perfect hybrid for her. A glance as Subby would leave that as a very possible response.

Psychopatrick88 (5:35:48 PM): Tasha nodded quietly in agreement, then stopped when something didn't make sense to her. "Belle girl?" She asked her while she started to stand up from the tile flooring.

Brutal Bard (5:37:43 PM): Connie squinted as she briefly strained her memory, then snapped her fingers as she took her cue and started to sit up too. "Belinda, right? The hot one whose sexy mind you blew, or whatev."

Psychopatrick88 (5:40:02 PM): "Ahhh... hehe, her." She nodded in agreement, then looked over at her. "Before we leave... would you interest me in one more bout?"

Brutal Bard (5:41:01 PM): Colleen put a finger to her chin to convey that she was thinking. It was a fair opinion to doubt this. "A bout of what?"

Psychopatrick88 (5:41:28 PM): Tasha smiled a little. "Tribbing." She replied calmly.

Brutal Bard (5:42:54 PM): A smile crept over Connie's face and she nodded excitedly. "Oh, totally!" she agreed quickly. It wasn't that she felt she was especially good at it, but she hadn't gotten to experience it in a long while. Dominatrix lifestyle didn't spare her much in the "regular sex" department. "So uh... how should we do this?"

Psychopatrick88 (5:54:11 PM): Tasha grinned. "With both of us standing up to start." She declared, and started to stretch a little.

Brutal Bard (5:56:28 PM): "Okay!" Colleen quickly agreed, doing some brief bending herself, half to give Tasha a teasing look at her goods in motion (the other half was to see Tasha's). She'd try to finish before her newfound friend so she could move up to her pre-emptively, pressing her soft but strong body up against hers. "Ready when you are," she'd openly tease with a quick smile.

Psychopatrick88 (6:03:59 PM): Tasha nodded a little, and started to grab Colleen's hips, and started to grind against her slowly.

Brutal Bard (6:07:02 PM): A soft, high-pitched moan came from Connie as the grinding began. Their slick, still-warm bodies slid smoothly over eachother, sending a shiver through the pink-haired dom's spine. "Mmm, you're good," she praised softly. She met Tasha's eyes and smiled fearlessly. "But I'm better." She'd put one hand on Tasha's buttocks, the other braced behind her lower back and pulling her into her, trying to force the pace into matching her own thrusts.

Psychopatrick88 (6:10:55 PM): Tasha let out a small moan, then chuckled a little. "We'll see about that." She replied, and continued to grind slowly at her at her own pace, and would dig her nails lightly into her rear.

Brutal Bard (6:16:19 PM): "Nnnnh," Connie squeaked as her nails ran over her flesh. She felt herself succumbing to what Tasha had talked about, getting distracted by the mix of sensations as their wet lower lips intertwined. Her eyes lowered a bit, but she managed to bolster herself into shifting her weight up and down, letting her pussy run along her foe invitingly warm snatch.

Psychopatrick88 (6:20:27 PM): Tasha chuckled softly, and continued to grind against her before starting to pick up her pace a little, and gave her a gentle swat to her rear as she could already see Colleen starting to succumb, but Tasha said nothing about it.

Brutal Bard (6:23:13 PM): "Oooh!" Connie cooed as her ass was smacked, wiggling rapidly for a spell before she shook her head, trying to shoo away the distraction. Breathing heavily and eye to eye with Tasha, she'd take a deep breath (puffing her chest unwittingly into Tasha's further) and lean in to kiss her, open-mouthed and trying to slide her tongue inside of her.

Psychopatrick88 (9:57:48 PM): She grins and grinds harder and faster as she wiggles a bit, and then pre-empts Connie's move and forces her lips on Connie's faster than Connie would anticipate and would start wrestling tongues with her.

Brutal Bard (10:03:38 PM): Connie's agression was outdone by the more naturally assertive competitor, her surprise losing what edge she might have had as Tanya forced back her tongue. Collen put up an effort, but it was clear she was more on the receiving end of the pleasure exchange. With a soft whine, she'd try raising her right leg a bit to hook around Tasha's thigh, giving her more leverage to her thrusts as the moisture between them became more than just shower water.

Psychopatrick88 (10:06:29 PM): Tasha chuckled as she was starting to gain the advantage in the match, and kept grinding against her hard and fast, reaching back for her hair to yank it down and would lick passionately up and down her neck.

Brutal Bard (10:09:35 PM): "Uhhhh-h-hn..." Connie shuddered as her hair was pulled back and her rival's tongue working her throat. Even after cumming so shortly ago, she was getting hot fast. Desperate for some sort of edge, Connie tried to press her chest and body forward as she tightened her hooked leg, hoping to crash on top of Tasha.

Psychopatrick88 (10:11:58 PM): "Mmmnn uh?" She blinked, and shouted loudly as her body slammed against the hard tile flooring. "Gahh!! Get off!" She shouted, trying to push her off now.

Brutal Bard (10:16:07 PM): Colleen blinked some of her mental haze away, surprised but glad to see her dominant position. Hurrying to try and capitalize on her position, the ditzy dom tried grabbing for Tasha's upper arms, leaning her weight on them and simultaneously trying to get her knees to hold Tasha's thighs apart, leaving her crotch even more open to her continued rubbing.

Psychopatrick88 (10:17:10 PM): Tasha glared up at her and slapped her hard across the face. "I SAID OFF!" She said in a tone that showed she wasn't kidding.

Brutal Bard (10:19:19 PM): "Ahh!" Connie grabbed her cheek, rubbing it slowly and backing up, scrambling to get off of her quickly. The slap had stung, which was rarely an issue for her, but she was surprised and pouted just a bit more with her full lips. "I'm sorry... what'd I do wrong?" she said mournfully.

Psychopatrick88 (10:20:31 PM): "Ngh... you slammed me down between yourself and tile flooring... after I just got done with a really rough match." She said a bit angrily, but she wasn't exactly mad at her, more mad at herself than Colleen.

Brutal Bard (10:24:34 PM): Connie hung her head a bit. "I'm sorry," she repeated, sitting on the tile floor and still looking like a scolded puppy. "I didn't mean to. I don't know my own strength sometimes, and I just got into the game and all..." Her tone carried the implication she might be a short hop away from sniffling back tears, but in truth was simply apprehensive. She didn't want to ruin what she considered a new friendship already.

Psychopatrick88 (10:25:54 PM): Tasha smiled a little at her. "It's ok... I know how it is when you get lost in the passion." She said. "Next time though, save the falling like that when we're nearby a bed, not when we're standing on hard tile flooring... damn I think I might've cracked something.." She said, testing out her arms and feeling out her ribs.
Brutal Bard (10:27:52 PM): "Sorry," Connie said one last time before looking over Tasha's naked and worn body. "You look okay, but I dunno how much help that is... I guess locker rooms are soft play time, huh? Beds and rings and dungeons are for rough play..."

Psychopatrick88 (10:28:58 PM): Tasha chuckled and patted her on the head playfully. "Very good Colleen." She said, teasing her as she was patting her head like a dog who just learned a new trick.

Brutal Bard (10:31:19 PM): Colleen giggled all the same, her bimbo side enjoying the praise. "Guess I'm a quick study at this stuff," she said obliviously. "So um... well, are we done with that then? Or do we go find an actual bed or something?"

Psychopatrick88 (10:33:10 PM): Tasha smiled a little. "Lets just say the match has been put on hiatus for now... Thanks for cheering me up though, I think I'm gonna search out that Martha bitch for a rematch when I recover." She said, standing up and started to head out of the shower.

Brutal Bard (10:36:07 PM): "Might wanna add one more day to that for the whole floor thing, I guess," Connie added a bit pensively, grabbing Subby by the collar of his mask and leaving the showers as well. "But I'm glad I could help," she added as she went to her locker and popped it open with a smile at Tasha. "It's what I'm here for, I guess."


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