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Absent this week

Mon May 06, 2019 11:06 am by BritBrat

Hey all~

Just letting you know that I'll be traveling this week so I won't be posting until Sunday possibly. I'll be back soon!

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Boxing Match!

Mon May 06, 2019 11:48 am by Cicilia

Cici's needs a boxing match lol Let me know if your interested!

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Matches for Mika!

Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:01 pm by BritBrat

So yeeeeeh bois, pretty simple. Need matches for this girl------>

Hit me up if you're interested and we can discuss further details!

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Corialis (Gladiator Character)

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Corialis (Gladiator Character) Empty Corialis (Gladiator Character)

Post by scorn53 on Fri May 12, 2017 12:21 pm

Corialis (Gladiator Character) ERL9h0f

"Irony Laid Bare"


Taken Name: Corialis
Race: Lizard-Woman (Considers Herself Half Elvish)
Given Name At Birth: Beleg Tragedui (Elvish For Great Tragedy)
Arena Nickname: Tailed Reaper
Age: 29 (33 Technically)
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Pink
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 102 lb
Alignment: Lawful Evil


Fighting Information

Strategy: Contrary to her size, Corialis is the very definition of a woman possessed. Using her unorthodox choice of women, the Tailed Reaper will assault her foe at blistering speeds with not only an unusual weapon, but an unusual style. Skilled enough to switch to a reverse grip on the fly, Corialis makes up for her tremendous lack of armour and strength with enough skill to cut apart her foes before they can even launch an offensive.

Style: Berserker
Type: Glass Cannon


Physical Statistics

Endurance:★★ - Corialis relies on ending a fight rather quickly, as opposed to long drawn out bouts. At times when she is not able to do so, she is often quick to instead use her speed to avoid the fight altogether, until the time is right.
Strength:★ - Could not effectively blow the simplest of strikes, without the use of leverage. She makes up for her inability to cut through even light armour with her trick weapon and crafty style, which is often enough to cut her foes in weakspots they did not realise existed.
Speed:★★★★★ - Lightning fast, even Corialis at a testing pace is of great speed.
Defence:★★ - Corialis prefers avoiding a blow rather than taking one. Only when her weapon is dug into the ground at some point is she able to block, otherwise she risks taking a strike that could shatter or shake her very grip.
Technique:★★★★★ - Corialis' bread and butter. To her confidence though, she has only learnt how to deal with the basics of most styles, with foes of an experienced nature often unleashing strikes she has not seen. They too will find themselves facing an unusual technique however.


Armour And Weapon Of Choice

Corialis carries no daggers, no swords, no bow nay arrow. With the nearest thing to armour a thin veil of metal upon her belt and gloves, Corialis only wears clothing of zero hindrance into the arena. She has survived in the arena this long through three things. Her monstrous speed. Her incredible technique. And her choice of weapon.

Lissi Faire:
Corialis (Gladiator Character) 19dd587eff09fae6aa146bdfdb27a072

Gained via means kept secret to Corialis herself, the Lissi Faire (Elvish, albeit a different dialect from her original name, for 'Sweet Death') is a weapon extremely un-befitting of the size and appearance of the one carrying it. Called a 'trick weapon' by some, the Lissi Faire's effectiveness not only lies in the skill of the handler, but it's ability to transfer states via the twisting of a nock on the handle.

Lissi Faire Spear:
Corialis (Gladiator Character) EPW10003

The Sweet Death is constructed of a light, incredibly sturdy material, it's weight somewhat surprising given it's size (the weapon in it's scythe state measures just under six foot) that allows Corialis to move at the blistering speeds she does. It's light nature however means that without proper care from it's handler, it can not only be knocked from grip with ease, but a direct hit upon it's surface without preparation can damage the users grip to the point of dropping. Corialis has become skilled in avoiding such; her unorthodox style means that her opponent rarely knows which way the weapon is coming from to knock it from her grip, and Corialis' own preference for dodging rather than blocking avoids the latter. The few times she does block, she has often dug the weapon end of the scythe into the ground, to transfer the shock upon collision.

Formerly, Corialis used to have a medium length metal chain connecting her right wrist guard with the weapon itself, not only allowing her the rare ability to throw her weapon, but to wheel it back. She has since abandoned this, out of fear an opponent smart enough could simply swipe at the chain, pulling at both her wrist and the weapon.



Personality: Corialis is a quiet character, often rare to speak or taunt. She takes no pride in her work, only doing so as a means to both provide for herself, and for a sense of purpose. When the time of the kill is upon her, she will quickly do so, taking no pride in torture or pointlessly maiming her foe. Somewhat ironically given her past, she is extremely racist to those of elven heritage, to the point where her personality completely flips upon itself. She will deride her elven foe, mock them, torture them and take as much time as she can in their demise.

Past: Corialis was not born as many of her kind are. Rather than have a mother or father to call her own, Corialis was born purely of magic gone wrong; the act of conjuration upon a small lizard. Cast upon by a hermit of elven nature, a young Corialis was cast out from the only one she could call mother- the only words spoken to her in an elven dialect, denoting her as an accident, a 'great tragedy' of magic gone wrong. Forced to live in the woods with no friends or family to call her own, Coralis quickly learned to fend for herself; finding herself at peace quickly when killing game or animals. Desperate to earn the affection of her 'mother,' Corialis soon resorted to stealing from the few inhabitants and travellers of the forest she called home. Quickly amassing herself a small purse, it was near two years to the day of her casting out that she returned to the place she was born, gold and trinkets in hand.

Once more looked down upon by her creator, Corialis' mother threatened her with death if she were ever to return again. Besides herself at rage for being treated so by the one who 'birthed' her, Corialis snapped, killing the elven hermit who birthed her with nothing but the rib of game she had brought in the vain efforts of gaining love. Filling herself with not only hate for magic, but the elven race as a whole (despite ironically deeming herself half-elf via the circumstances) Corialis soon resorted towards more brutal means of survival. Leaving the woods she had grown up in, with the effect of the magic she was born from accelerating her growth to the tallest height she would ever achieve, Corialis soon took it upon herself to learn the ways of the fighting pits; desperate not only to earn a efficient way of living, but to extract deadly justice on those who she deemed worthy via her mothers treatment of her.

Reference Image:
Corialis (Gladiator Character) AVzqQN7


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