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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Cerbera vs. Silhouette

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Cerbera vs. Silhouette

Post by Kelsea on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:39 pm

Standard match
victory via pin, submission or KO

desperatemethods: Cerbera stepped out from backstage all of a sudden, the crowd going immidiatly silent when her ice cold glare stared around. the Kawaii heel stepped towards the ring, rolling inside and got up, heading to the announcer that was just about to announce the next match when Cerbera stole the microphone from her, bringing it to her own lips. " Blood Moon Child! I know all about you and Haruka! I understand that you are her ally and therefor, MY enemy! I will make sure YOU won't be standing in my way of her destruction, so I want to fight you in the ring so I can crus YOU first!! I have seen your match, and I don't even care if you are a vampire, a normal girl or a damn ghost! You're going down! " Cerbera seemed upset but she actually was due to her loss from Haruka, which her little sister had caused. She wanted to see if the Blood Moon Child would come out to reply or leave the challenge in the air, either way she wouldn't be caring, Haruka was her main objectives after all.

kelseakk: The call out was left unanswered for a very lengthy time and just as it was beginning to seem like Cerbera would not get a response at all, "Enjoy the Silence" remix by Lacuna Coil started started to play in the background, the crowd went quiet and everyone looked up the rampway for Silhouette's entrance. She didn't come out immediately and just before the drums part of the tune kicked in, the music and the lights were abruptly cut. The big screen showed what at first looked like the red moon, but soon focused in more and turned out to be one of Sillouette's blood red eyes. "Cerbera-san..." She said in a dreamily quiet voice over the speaker into the dark arena "Why do you call on me..? I wanted you to see me... but you are not. You continue to keep your eyes closed..."

desperatemethods: Cerbera crossed er arms against her chest, whispering to herself. " Wanting me to see her..? " She shook her head lightly from side to side before her own cold gaze reformed to glare up at the screen, not showing any fear towards Silhouette, speaking out to her. " You are the ally of Haruka and therefor I will destroy you. I'm challenging you to a match which will be your demise. And I'll see you.. Beaten and unconsious in the ring! " Cerbera growled out to her, awaiting her reply.

kelseakk: The eye blinked, the pupil looking downwards slightly, she made a noise something like a sigh "Birds of a feather... Cerbera-san..." She said, repeating what she had told her when they met out in the car lot that one night. "If we must destroy each other... Then let it last for eternity." The eye blinked closed very slowly, leaving the screen dark. Then suddenly the lights came back up, some of the crowd expected to see Silhouette at the top of the ramp, but she was.. Instead she was inside the ring in front of Cerbera. Her eyes looking into Cerbera's as eerie as ever "Certain little birds interefer and scribble over the pages of the book... But you wish for this even as they do so?"

desperatemethods: Cerbera's eyes widened just a ittle when Silhouette was suddenly infront of her, narrowing her eyes quickly to stare into her eyes, listening to her quietly before she spoke up to reply to her. " I have no time to decipher your riddles, girl. Do you accept my challenge or not? I won't go easy on you just because I know you. " Cerbera's arms folded tighter underneath her chest now. " I will destroy everything related to Haruka, even you. "

kelseakk: Silhouette cocked her head slightly to one side quizically "Destroy...? Voices told you to do so...?"

desperatemethods: " .... " Cerbera did not reply when Silhouette askd about the voices. Closing her eyelids half, keeping them upon the girl's face and mumbled out. " Enough.. Talk.. Do you accept or not. "

kelseakk: Silhouette un-tilted her head, a slight frown on her face although for the most part she still looked somber "You are lost Cerbera-san... lost in the darkness of your own mine... Then let us destroy ourselves, and afterwards I will have to lay you to rest.." The ref girl climbed into the ring, not looking to happy to be in the ring with EITHER of these two kawaii's

desperatemethods: " Lay me to rest..? " Cerbera did question herself now but she shook her head once more to clear her mind and stared back at Silhouette. " So you accept, good.. I will make sure you'll never walk again. " Cerbera stared into th girl's eyes, she was going to introduce her to pain and fear, a sudden wicked grin on her face when she thought about it.

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't respond to Cerbera's comment or the evil grin that came to her lips, her eyes looking on her sorrowfully, almost as if with pity or something. The ref girl stayed back away from both girls, but called for the bell to start the match off

desperatemethods: Cerbera took a few steps back, removing her arms from her chest so she could rest them against her side. " You'll have no chance against me, just like Haruka. " Cerbera waited impatiently for the bell, getting into her stance.

kelseakk: The bell rang and for a long moment Silhouette just stood there, her eyes blinking slowly as she watched Cerbera and her arms down by her sides. Apparently awaiting for Cerbera to approach her

desperatemethods: Cerbera watched her but it seemed like Silhouette wasn't going to attack her. With a grin on her face she spoke out to her." Scared to attack? Fine wth me.. " She then charged towards her and jumped up, trying to slam her knee straight into Silhouette's face

kelseakk: Silhouette still didn't say anything and strangely enough didn't move or even flinch as Cerbera charged towards her and then jump up to ram the side of her thigh and knee into Silhouette's face. "Ugh!" Silhouete grunted out, the impact of the attack enough to take the whitish silver haired little girl right off of her feet and down to the mat. Silhouette rolled onto her hands and knees, hand feeling her face a little

desperatemethods: Cerbera landed upon one foot, quickly stomping her other foot down upon the mat aswell and turned to look over at Silhouette, walking towards her with a grin and moved her hand down to try and grasp Silhouette by the hair and force her to stand back up.

kelseakk: Silhouette had her white silvery hair grasped as Cerbera started working her back up to her feet, but as Silhouette gets to a crouch position she will suddenly lash up at Cerbera... Trying to jab her right hand up under Cerbera's chin and against her throat

desperatemethods: Cerbera did not expect such a swift move from Silhouette, her eyes widening and she immidiatly released the girl's hair, stumbling backwards and clutching her throat, she started to cough out loudly, closing one eye tightly as she tried to keep an eye out at Silhouette.

kelseakk: Silhouette would get fully up afterwards, seeing Cerbera had stumbled back a couple of steps. Silhouette would rush towards Cerbera, swinging up her black armwarmer covered forearm to try and land a clothesline right across Cerbera's little bust

desperatemethods: Cerbera kept stumbling back when she saw Silhouette coming but couldn't dodge nor avoid the clothesline, gasping out as she hit the mat hard, her body arching upwards painfully.

kelseakk: Silhouette looked down on Cerbera's body with a mixture of remorse and coldness in her face, she'd readjust the blue tie that was around he collar and then move in towards Cerbera's side. Lining her up and dropping down to the mat beside her for an elbow drop again to Cerbera's bust

desperatemethods: Cerbera saw Silhoutte coming down towards her ad quickly rolled to the side before she could hit her, staying on her side for a few moments before slowly starting to stand back up, a little dazed, she tried to send a swift kick towards Silhouette's chest if the kawaii hadn't attacked her yet.

kelseakk: Silhouette drops down, slamming her elbow into the mat just as Cerbera rolls aside "gah!" the red eyed girl cried out, rolling the opposite way from Cerbera and grabbing her elbow to herself. After a moment she slowly started to get up but Cerbera was already up, sending her boot firmly to Silhouette's small breast and making her puff out a large breath as she fell back down to the mat

desperatemethods: Cerbera turned completely to look down at her with a sly grin and decided to humiliate her and take the fear she caused the crowd, away from them. She's stand over Silhouette's body and jumped up to slam her butt down onto the girl's chest and straddle her.

kelseakk: Silhouette splutters out a little spittle as Cerbera lands her butt right down on her small bust again, her legs kicking up from the mat and then drop back down as Silhouette gasps in a large breath... The ref girl going down to the mat, ready to make a pin count for the cover

desperatemethods: Cerbera glared down at her, placing her knees upon the girl's shoulders while her hands moved back to push against her stomach, yelling out. " Is this the girl you all fear so much!? " She'd then grinned wider when the referee girl came down to start the first count. " 1! "

kelseakk: her small bust moved against Cerbera's butt, making her move up and down slightly. The ref's hand started to come down to count two, but before it reached the mat, Silhouette jolted upwards suddenly with her upper body, trying to deseat Cerbera and make her tumble off to one side

desperatemethods: Cerbera blinked when she was unable to keep her pinned for long, rolling off and away from her before she stood up, waiting for her to stand up aswell tough she was laughing softly. " Is that all? Stupid Vampire wannabe. I told you, You'll be destroyed here. "

kelseakk: Silhouettes eyes were closed, and for a moment looked like she with the only part of her move being her breasts bobbing slowly up and down as she breathed. Then suddenly as Cerbera called her a "Stupid vampire wannabe.." Her eyes blinked open fully, so abruptly that the ref girl jumped back away from her. Silhouette turned her head on the floor so that she was facing Cerbera, looking kind of weird as her face was still spooky as she lay on the mat. "Cerbera-san..." She spoke coldly "You eyes are still not open...". Silhouette rolled over, her arms flopping as if they were lifeless. She moved her palms onto the mat with her elbows sticking up and then got onto all fours in the same kind of position she had done in her first match, like the way the girl from The Ring would crawl on all fours. Her head tilted slightly to one side, blood red eyes still gazing at Cerbera

desperatemethods: Cerbera took a few stes back, watching her with full alert, specially with how Silhouette was suddenly acting, she had to dispose of her right away. She took off in a sudden mad dash towards her and then spun her body around, swinging her foot straight towards the girl's cheek while yelling out. " ..Shut up! "

kelseakk: As Cerbera just went into a full out charge towards Silhouette, Silhouette would try to bolt up as quickly as she could so that she was in a crouch by the time Cerbera got to her, her head no longer low down for Cerbera to kick. Silhouette would open her arms and try to grab them around the back of Cerbera's thighs as her small breasts pressed up against the underside of Cerbera's small orbs. Lifting up into a full standing position Silhouette will try to pull Cerbera up off the mat, stumble fowards a couple of steps as she was still kinda breathless from the butt slam, and then drop forwards into a spine buster

desperatemethods: Cerbera was caught off guard at that counter, she was lifted up with Silhouette, with Silhouette taking a few steps forward, Cerbera's own feet lifted off the ground enough to be slammed down hard upon the mat, releasing a soft cry of pain, her eyes closing tightly shut as she tried to arch her back off the mat. " Ngaahh! "

kelseakk: as Cerbera arched her body up, her breasts snuggly pushed into Silhouette's. Silhouette had come down along with Cerbera for the ride and now lay with her hips pressed gently against Cerbera's crotch and her face above Cerbera's. She let out a couple of soft pants across Cerbera's cheek, her white hair falling over Cerbera's face and going over her dark hair a bit. Silhouette's hands gently move up to try and clasp Cerbera's wrists down to the mat beside her head

desperatemethods: Cerbera was unable to do much when her wrists were pinned down, her breasts pressing up against Silhouette's while her legs tried to close shut when she felt the girl's hip aginst her crotch, a faint tint of red appearing upon her cheeks as she tried to wiggle her way out from under Silhouette, though her body was still damaged and aching from the spinebuster. " Ngh.. D-damnit..!"

kelseakk: Silhouette breathed gently, her small orbs scrapping against Cerbera's in the closeness of their bodies while her breath softly blew back a couple of dark strands of hair out of Cerbera's face. Silhouette could feel Cerbera's body wriggling, her crotch rubbing right into her. She blinked slowly, eyes looking right into Cerbera's and face close to each other as the ref got down onto the mat again... "One!"

desperatemethods: " Stop... Doing... That!! " Cerbera blushed even darker when her breasts rubbed against Silhouette's, her head tried to move further back when her face was so close to the girl's, closing one eye tightly, gritting her teeth in annoyance when she heard the count, trying to yank her wrists free.

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't seem to take much notice of Cerbera's protest and remained on top of her in the rather close and intimate pinning position. Even a faint bit of colour came to the blood moon child's cheeks as their bodies continued to rub and struggle togeather on the mat. The ref slammed her hand down again, "Two!"

desperatemethods: Cerbera shook her head wildly from side to side, she didn't want to lose like this, summoning all of her strength as she tried to arch her body all the way up, even if it meant pressing her crotch up firmly against the girl's and feeling much more hot then before. She tried to viciously twist her body to the side aswell to try and reak the count before the three would strike. " ...Go To Hell!!! "

kelseakk: "nh..." Silhouette huffed out in a soft breath against Cerbera's lips as she arched up and forced her crotch right against Silhouette's in the process. Silhouette was lifted up and before the ref could count the third time, Silhouette was forced off to one side. She let go of Cerbera's wrists and rolled over once before going to climb to her feet.

desperatemethods: Cerbera remained on her back, paning out softly to regain the lost strength, slowly starting to get up aswell, her legs trembling a little but she simply stomped one foot upon the mat to try and keep them firm. She'd glare at Silhouette, the blush upon her cheeks started to fade now that there was space between them once more. " Sick being... Tryin to touch my like that..! "

kelseakk: Silhouette respond, at least not verbally. She'd rush towards Cerbera as she stood up fully and leap into the air to try and strike a drop kick against Cerbera's chest. Hoping to send her right back down onto the mat

desperatemethods: Cerbera narrowed her eyes and saw the dropkick coming, quickly stepping to the side and barely able to avoid the hit. She then goes down with Silhouette and tries to clamp her legs around her head to start squeezing tightly.

kelseakk: "Ungh!" Silhouette grunts out as she slams into the floor hard after missing the dropkick. She rolled over grasping her body in pain as Cerbera went down to the mat, opening her thighs up and forcing Silhouette's head inbetween them "nh!!" Silhouette's hand grip Cerbera's thighs on either side as her soft huff blows out warm air right against Cerbera's inner thigh muscles

desperatemethods: Cerbera started to blush a little but kept a tight squeeze around Silhouette's head, bringing her hands down to grasp each of Silhouette's wrists and remove them from her thighs, pressing her warm inner thighs against Silhouette's cheeks while she rested on her side. " ...Give in. "

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't respond, one foot kicking against the mat as she felt her wrists grabed and pulled away from Cerbera's thighs. Silhouette starts to pant a little heavier, her breath rolling right up Cerbera's thigh and into the leg holes of her black small shorts as the blood moon child tried to shake her head a little in the hold

desperatemethods: Cerbera's hold on Silhouette's head started to weaken when she felt the warm air reaching her crotch, blushing brightly as she needed to do a different approach, slowly releasing the girl completely and started to stand up onto her feet, reaching down to grasp Silhouette's hair once more to pull her up onto her feet, thinking of a different move to use.

kelseakk: Silhouette's eyes were closed as Cerbera opens up her thighs, hair hair all ruffled up from being squeezed between Cerbera's thighs and still panting quite heavily. She groaned out as Cerbera got a good grip on her hair and started to drag her to her feet, her body clumsily falling against Cerbera's front a little as Silhouette opened one red eyes, looking a little dazed... her hands gently held onto the Cerbera's wrists as she was pulled up

desperatemethods: Cerbera pulled Silhouette up completely, grinning weakly at her before she'd pull her into a tight headlock, wanting to keep her secure for now as she spoke softly to her. " Give in, little girl. You have no hopes of beating me.. If you surrender now.. I might be mercifull.. " Cerbera waited for Silhouette's answer this time though she already had something planned if she'd refuse.

kelseakk: Silhouette was dragged firmly up against the side of Cerbera's body, her cheek pressing firmly into the side of Cerbera's young breast as Silhouette grunted out, her breaths rolling down the side of Cerbera's ribs and a little against the her orb. Silhouette clenched her teeth, both arms wrapping around Cerbera's waist. Silhouette would plant her feet and turn her body so that her soft bust was pressing into the side of Cerbera's body and then with a deep grunt of effort, she'd lift Cerbera up off the mat and drop backwards... Trying to dump Cerbera down onto the back of her head and shoulders in a back drop move

desperatemethods: Cerbera kept a tight hold on Silhouette but when she was suddenly lifted off her feet, she was unable to to put the headlock on strong as she was lifted up and slammed down hard upon the mat again, this time however it really did hurt her alot, almost screaming out in pain as her head smashed into the mat aswell as her shoulders, she remained on the mat, her body limp from the impact but she was still awake though now she really needed a rest, her eyes only half open now as she stared at the ropes and beyond.

kelseakk: Silhouette landed on her back right besides Cerbera, huffing out a cute breath from the landing and remained where she was with her arms outstretched on the mat. The ref girl came over to check both the girls that were down before starting a ten count "One..... two...." Silhouette groaned, her left arm moving over across her chest

desperatemethods: Cerbera remained onto her back, her arms and legs spread out and panting out harshly, her eyes were completely closed as she tried to recover from such a devastating blow. She started to twitch her hands closed but not much activity from her then that.

kelseakk: sweat beads on Silhouette's body she turns her head to one side so that she was facing Cerbera's body, her breasts rising and falling... "Three.... four...." Slowly Silhouette trying to roll over onto all fours, white hair dangling over her face

desperatemethods: Cerbera remained on the floor, her cheek pressed upon the mat, one leg curling a bit before her hands would plant upon the mat, her eyes fluttering open as she tried to sit up, the counting was forcing her to get bac into action, even though she didn't have that much left to gve.

kelseakk: "Five... Six..." Silhouette continues in her attempts to get to her feet, reaching an arm over around Cerbera's shoulder as she gets up into a sitting position. She start trying to get up fully, holding onto Cerbera so that she'd get pulled up looking as if the two kawaii's were cuddling

desperatemethods: Cerbera blinked weakly when Silhouette's arm came around her, struggling and wiggling against her, a slight blush appearing upon her cheeks when she was so close to her, one eye closing tightly as her forehead rested against Silhouette's shoulder, her hands remaining at her sides, not sure what the girl was up to but she had no choice but to stand up with her.

kelseakk: As Sillouette panted over Cerbera's shoulder, once against her breasts bumped up against Cerbera's bust. She turned her head slightly so that her cheek was against Cerbera's shoulder, looking in on Cerbera's neck... "It's time..." Silhouette whispered through pants "To sleep the sleep.."

desperatemethods: Cerbera's legs trembled as she remained standing, pressing against her, she heard the whispers and her eyes widened, trying to pull away from her while whispering back at her. " N-No... I won't...! Get away.. From me!! " She started to whimper, now she was getting a little afraid of Silhouette, wanting to back away from her.

kelseakk: Silhouette allowed Cerbera to push away from her a bit but would use the slightly distance to try and force Cerbera to spin around so that she had her back to the blood moon child. From here she'll sling her arm around Cerbera's neck and bring the other one up at the side of her head to put her in a sleeper hold "shhh... shhh..." She whispered, trying to sooth Cerbera as she held her

desperatemethods: Cerba pulled back but was spun around, her back suddenly resting against Silhouette's chest, trying to look over her shoulder but was suddenly caught into a sleeperhold, struggling against her but Silhouette's soothing was indeed starting to weaken her, her eyes fluttering halfly closed, her legs trembling as whimpers out. " No.. I don't.. Want to.. Sleep.. Not.. Here.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette pants huskily against the side of Cerbera's neck, her lips touching her throat. She started to ease the pressure on the sleeper very slowly, tilting Cerbera's head to one side to expose her neck some more. She gently pressed her lips more on Cerbera's neck and gave her a suckling bite.

desperatemethods: " W..What are you do-- nn! " Cerbera gasped out softly when her neck was being suckled and bitten on, her body twitching slightly to the side but couldn't do much more then that, continueing to press back against Silhouette, her eyes coming to a complete close as she started to weaken more and more, whispering out again. " D-Don't...Please.. Don't do that... " Meanwhile, her struggling and with Silhouette's arms around her head and neck, the small ribbons in her ponytails started to loosen, wiggling just a bit to try and get some air in her lungs.

kelseakk: Silhouette stroke Cerbera's black hair gently, doing everything she can to put her at ease as she bites in a little harder on Cerbera's neck, sucking a bit of her flesh in between her teeth. Her breasts moved up and down against Cerbera's back, her nipples drawing two parrallel lines up and down repeatedly as she breathes. Silhouette stays as close as she can to Cerbera so that her struggles wouldn't shake the blood moon child off..

desperatemethods: Cerbera started to get close to passing out, her struggling were completely gone, a dark blush upon her cheeks because of the sucking and biting on her tender flesh and the breasts rubbing along her back, a shivver running down her spine as she couldn't do much. The stroking of her hair started to put her at ease ad only further weakening her resolve to escape the hold, her head occasionally shifting to the side when the biting was too much for her. " Nnn...Nn..What.. Are you... D-Doing.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't answer, continuing to love bite Cerbera's neck and tightening the sleeper on her gradularly. Silhouette crouched and slowly went down to the mat to allow Cerbera to sit down also as both of their legs were tired, Silhouette's crotch pressing closely up against Cerbera's cute firm butt

desperatemethods: Cerbera sat down infront of Silhouette with her help, her eyes were completely closed and she was unable to keep herself awake for long, her hands upon Silhouette's knees while she rested back against her, a small whimper coming from her when Silhouette continued to bite her and soon she was unable to keep herself awake, her body becoming limp as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

kelseakk: Silhouette stayed firmly locked to Cerbera's neck just like the sleeper hold stayed firmly locked around Cerbera's head. The ref girl noticed that Cerbera wasn't responding any more and so stepped in, lifting her hand three time to see whether it'd drop unhindered

desperatemethods: Cerbera did not respond, her arm fell back down limply on the mat each time it was let go, completely out of the match as she was forced to sit still by Silhouette, the ribbons in her hair came loose after a while and her long hair now came down much easier, resting back against the girl.

kelseakk: The ref called for the bell and Silhouette's entrance theme "Enjoy the Silence" started playing to announce Silhouette's victory. For a couple of moments Silhouette kept the sleeper hold locked in on Cerbera, although she let go of her love bite/vamperic kiss... She panted repeatedly onto the saliva moistened hickie bite she had given Cerbera, her breath also blowing the dark strands of Cerbera's hair. The ref move cautiously back to them, fearing that Silhouette wouldn't let go like she did in her previous match and that she'd have to try and stop her.. But luckily she loosened slowly up on the sleeper hold, strange seems Cerbera had provoked her enough to cause such a punishment the ref thought... "Cerbera-san..." Silhouette whispered, lips still inches from Cerbera's neck as she stroked a few strands of Cerbera's hair aside

desperatemethods: Cerbera was much like a ragdoll in Silhouette's hands now, the hair over her eyes were being brushed asside but she did not respond, not even aknowledging what was going on since she was in a deep sleep, only a small, whiser like sound of breathing came from her. " ..... "

kelseakk: "why did you have to make me have to lay you to rest now..?" She whispered, still stroking strands of her dark hair almost fondly... She started to get to her feet but she was pulled Cerbera up as well... The ref was sure she was going to put her back in the sleeper again, not sure what to do... holding Cerbera up under her arm pits as she panted over Cerbera's shoulder, Silhouette turned her opponent around to that they were against cute bust to cute bust. Silhouette slung Cerbera's arms over her shoulders and then reached down for Cerbera's thighs, hoisting her up against her front so that bumps of their chest collided gently with each other as the ref and crowd watched, not sure what to make of this...

desperatemethods: Cerbera moved the way Sillouette wanted her to, her eyes completely closed as se was forced back up, turning and now against the girl, her breasts mashed up against Silhouette's, her body was more light now that she was awake, her long hair moving around with the way she was positioned, a small groan coming from her and into Silhouete's ear but other then that nothing came from her.

kelseakk: Silhouette moved Cerbera's head down onto her shoulder and slipped her own chin over Cerbera's opposite shoulder, holding Cerbera in something like a reverse piggy back (piggy front), it actually looked pretty snug and intimate as their breasts were togeather, Cerbera's thighs either side of Silhouette's sleak waist and Cerbera's crotch against the lower side of Silhouette's abs. The ref thought another spine buster was coming and took a step forwards to intervene, but was immediately frozen by Silhouette gaze falling on her. Silhouette turn slow, her red eyes find the closes camera and then as soon as she did, the arena was plunged into darkness! It was a good while before the lights came back up, but when they did both Silhouette and Cerbera were gone, only the ref left standing there...

Silhouette wins via KO

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Re: Cerbera vs. Silhouette

Post by Kelsea on Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:03 pm

story continues: [url=]In the shadow of the Moon[/url:3orsgcbu]

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