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Looking for a match for my character Rosia!

Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:47 am by Kallista Feel free to message me if you are interested with deets!

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Shadow-y Avalanche?

Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:39 pm by Vcom7418


Looking for a match for Avalanche for GASTER!

If interested, please contact me via PM or via Discord (address in my sig! Razz)

We can discuss the storyline, and it can be long term and even go past Avalanche! Whatever you prefer, I'll prolly be up for it Smile

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Avalanche Plans!

Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:27 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Hi all! I wanna give Himeko a place at Avalanche!

Things I am looking for, but am not limited to!

- A fellow big girl

- Creative match type

- Could be minimal or detailed build up

- For it to be fun!

Message me if you are interested! I will be a bit picky about this though because I've struggled with most of my PPV appearances and I want to change that!

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Entropy Championship Title Match: Valley Doll (C) vs. Ava Landry - The Brass Ring [FWC]

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Re: Entropy Championship Title Match: Valley Doll (C) vs. Ava Landry - The Brass Ring [FWC]

Post by acuya on Mon May 22, 2017 7:25 am

The match was won, Valley had defended her belt, and now she could claim three retentions of her title, against two bright rising stars and a wily veteran. She was tired, she was aching, and the easy thing to do would've been to just leave the ring and head back to her dressing room, for much deserved R&R.

Easy, but not right.

She looked over to see Ava coming her way, and she could tell what was going through the challenger’s mind. To be so close to the biggest break of your career, to be right at the mountaintop before someone came along and kicked you back down…it was rough. Most women would've been cursing and throwing a hissy fit, maybe even chasing Valley out of the ring, but not Ava. All smiles.

So, when she came in for a handshake, Valley didn't accept it. Instead, she took her by the opposite hand and raised the newcomer’s hand into the air, parading her about for all to see. The crowd switched from cheers to claps, as the united in their support of a fresh, new talent.

”Welcome to the AFW, Ava.” Valley smiled and gave Ava a thumbs up with her spare hand. ”You belong here.”



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Re: Entropy Championship Title Match: Valley Doll (C) vs. Ava Landry - The Brass Ring [FWC]

Post by veritech892 on Tue May 23, 2017 5:18 am

There were a lot of emotions rushing through Ava's mind, excitement, disappointment, sadness, it was a rush. But at the forefront, she was happy to be honest. She'd lost out on a massive opportunity, true, but the crowd had gone from jeering her to cheering her on by the end, and she'd gotten to wrestle the Entropy champion.

The pinkette would count that one as a win in her books.

So she wanted to finish the match as a good sport, show the veteran that she wasn't one of those newcomers that would pout and moan about her losses. No, she'd stand up, smile, and offer a hand shake, congratulating her foe on the match. Really, she didn't expect much, a handshake most likely, possibly a good natured pat on the shoulder and some encouraging words at most.

What she hadn't been expecting was what Valley did next, grabbing her arm and raising it, parading her to the crowd to applause. She could barely believe it, it was all too much.

She couldn't cry, not here, not now. She swallowed hard, pushing back her tears of joy and looked over at the champ, taking in her kind words for a moment. "Thank you." She said simply, smiling warmly at the blonde.

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