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Hey guys!! Tsuka's back!!

Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:06 am by TomboyTsuka

I'm back from my holiday to Shanghai, China. Although I actually already returned yesterday but I was kinda tired.... But now I can finally RP here again with my pals at AFW!!

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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Delilah Moreau / Miss Romantica

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Delilah Moreau / Miss Romantica

Post by RJD on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:02 pm

Name: Delilah Moreau
Alliases: Deli, Lilah, Strawheart.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'1
Weight: 95 lbs
Nationality: French


Realistic proportions ( and her casual clothes sometimes used in matches ):

Following pictures are all her regular attire





Favourite moves: Lip lock, clothesline, bear-hug, DDT, body splash, spine buster, smothers, sleeper-hold.

Finishing moves: 

Rage of Moreau: Delilah will lock a sleeper hold on her opponent before trying to force them to their knee's, Delilah will then start kneeing her opponent in the back while locking in the sleeper hold until she is forced to release the hold or they tap out.

Love of Moreau: Delilah will lock in a body scissors against her opponent before falling to the mat, Delilah being on the mat while scissoring her opponent. Delilah will then try to turn her opponent's face with one hand and lock them in a lip-lock meanwhile with the other hand she will either grope their breasts or play with their sex. 

Fear of Moreau: Delilah will only use this move when desperate. She will usually wait until she is locked in a grapple before attempting to poke her opponent in the eye before kicking her opponent in the crotch, If Delilah isn't completely intimidated by her opponent then she may transition this into another finisher.

Admiration of Moreau: Delilah will perform a flapjack on her opponent before then hooking their leg and trying to lock in a figure 4 leg lock or a calf crusher.

Enterence music: " Hey there Delilah " by the white plain T's. Delilah refuses to accept how cheesy it is for this to be her theme and is truthfully glad that her name just happened to link with a song she knew.

Background: Delilah came from an aristocratic family in France and attended a private school, she was one of the more popular kids and tended to be at the centre of all the drama. If someone had started a fight, confessed and been rejected or rejected a confession then it was likely to be Delilah. She had multiple falling outs with friends and would constantly find new friends before loosing them and repeating the cycle, as well as having multiple crushes that had her dating all kinds of people for all kinds of time periods. Her longest being 3 years and her shortest being two days. Delilah tended to get into fights a lot so she would start working out at the gym to get stronger and as well as to relieve stress and anger. Delilah falling in love with exercise pretty quickly and actively visiting the gym, one day she would see another woman turn up at the gym who seemed to be just as strong as her, she was around the same age too which really frustrated Delilah and driving her to hate said girl. Before then having a few conversations with the girl and then falling in love with her, Delilah luckily wouldn't get rejected this time as she grew closer to her past rival and through her found out about wrestling and attended some indie shows before they both decided to train together at the age of 16. Eventually the relationship would go south but Delilah would continue training to becoming a wrestler regardless, the heartbroken woman not knowing what else to do. Eventually a scout for AFW would approach Delilah and reluctantly Delilah agreed to join the AFW, not really certain if it where she wanted to be.

Personality: Delilah is someone who always has a lot of strong opinions and strong feelings towards everything. Due to her aristocratic background she used to get away with a lot and that mixed with her high-school career and natural tendency to be over dramatic has lead to Delilah being a landmine of emotion. Delilah will be respectful towards someone upon first meeting them but it is very rare for someone not to becoming either one of Delilah's " most hated people " or one of her crushes. She also has an obsessive nature and so will do things in excess, she is a passionate and outgoing person who never forgets although she may forgive as her emotions are strong but can change on a dime.

Strategy: Delilah focuses on working down an opponent using her strength and will often adapt her strategy depending on her mood. If she is happy then she will have a respectful match and would always try to fight on an equal grounds with weaker opponents. Meanwhile if she is angry she will be completely merciless and work on dominating and humiliating opponent's using her strength. If she gets a crush on an opponent then she tends to make it very apparent as she will focus on squishing their bodies together and having as much of a hot intimate experience as possible.

Tactics 2/10 - Delilah rarely thinks things through, she is more likely to just go with the flow depending on how she feels about a specific situation or what her intuition tells her is a good or bad idea.
Strength 8/10 - Delilah is incredibly strong for someone of her size, due to her obsessive love of working out and how vital it is for her day to day life Delilah has became somewhat of an unbelievable specimen in terms of strength
Endurance: 6/10 - Delilah is not the most durable but due to her multiple fights in school and wrestling training she can take some bumps.
Speed: 3/10 - Delilah despite being somewhat speedy naturally tends to be slower due to most her actions having such emotionally powerful intent behind them, Delilah rarely being able to escape a move using her reflexes .
Sexuality: 8/10 - Delilah has had lots of experience in this field and it is very rare for her to be overwhelmed sexually. She may end up getting a crush if her opponent persists too much but this usually ends up with her opponent being the one who gets fucked against the mat and then probably fucked against the bed later.
High flying: 2/10 - Delilah does not have the concentration needed to perform high flying moves, every single time she has attempted one it has resulted in her falling to the mat or slipping. Her strong emotions get in the way and cause such moves to be dull and void in her performances.
Charisma 6/10 - Delilah is a somewhat likeable character until her fatal flaw is put out in the open, besides that though she isn't much of a public speaker and has had no real training in winning over a crowd and so her actions are more likely to put her point across effectively than her words are.
Technique 5/10 - Delilah can perform some advanced holds really well but that is only due to her constant practice of said moves, if she is left in a situation where she needs to adapt and try something different than usual it is likely that she will crash and burn or succeed while leaving openings for her opponent.


  • Fun loving people
  • Partying
  • Chatting
  • Exercising
  • Being in control
  • Anyone who will kiss her


  • Being beaten at her own game
  • Being looked down upon
  • Being called out on flaws
  • People disagreeing with her
  • Cold people
  • Prudes


  • Confidence
  • Thoughtful
  • Methodical
  • Upbeat
  • Loving
  • Truthful 
  • Strong willed


  • Predictable
  • Overly emotional
  • Unprofessional 
  • Inconsistent
  • Unreliable
  • Driven by emotions


Name: Miss Romantica ( Tica for short )
Eyes: Red ( contacts )
Allias: Romantica, Tica ( contacts )
Place of Origin: Last remaining member of the "demonlove" clan ( Actually France )

Story behind alterego: Delilah may be quite perverted generally and her main goal in the afw may just be to find some action, however it is quite easy for her to lose sight of this goal when angered. So she has designed the most lovable and romantic seeker of justice and love possible, Even against the most heinous of opponent's she will teach them to love all and in return be loved by all.

Appearance: Delilah looks the same as usual, but will wear eye contacts to symbolise that in this form she is more passionate and represents the intense heat that comes from those at their deepest point of love. Under this persona she will also wear her hair down in bangs, in order to achieve a more intimate and friendly look than her normal classy hairstyle portrays. As Miss Romantica Delilah will also wear the uniform expected from a soldier and servant of love such as herself, dressing somewhat like a witch in order to express the magical nature of love and limitless happiness and warmness that can come from adopting her strict but grand lifestyle, which overflows similarly to how the power and malicious aura would overflow from a witch.

Getting ready to do the hard work no one else is willing to do:

On the look out for the nonbelievers:

Working hard to achieve her noble goal:

Showing why her mighty clan was feared:

Strategy: Miss Romantica in a way is similar to Delilah with her approach, but rather than focus on power moves or wearing the opponent down Miss romantica will try to restrain them with her surprising strength or tire their bodies out from pleasure until they eventually give in and accept the gift of love.


Witches' curse: Delilah perform a hurricanrana on a groggy opponent but will try to trap them in a head scissors while she does so, resulting either in her landing crotch first in their face or intensely squeezing the hate and malice out of her opponent's with her meaty thighs.

Explosion of devotion: Miss Romantica will perform a standing double foot stomp onto the opponent's ribs before dropping rear first onto their breasts. Then while the opponent is occupied with the pain and squashing sensation Romantica's rear against their breasts she will will rapidly finger and rub the opponent's sex to try and force an orgasm from them in record time ( Record time so far is in time. Since usually the opponent finds a way out of her grasp )

Demon-love special: Miss Romantica will lock an opponent larger than herself in a body scissors which will have the opponent positioned atop Delilah. Miss Romantica will then put one of their arms over her own head and tilt her body to the side while keeping the body scissors applied, before then taking advantage of her vulnerable opponent by pleasuring one of her nipples with her mouth while she pleasures the other with her free hand. ( She may also stretch the opponent's legs using her own just to increase the pleasure and pressure of the hold.
Image of move:

Romantica hold: Mr's Romantica will get behind an opponent equal to herself in height ( or smaller ) and will tightly coil her arms around their upper stomach. She will then proceed to press herself forward against their backs and continue to squeeze so that they are forced to bend over, which will then prompt Delilah to rub her crotch against the opponent's rear while she gently licks and nibbles on the opponent's ear. ( Sometimes she will transition the move into a position where the opponent is on their knees if they persist against her for too long. )
Image of move:

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