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From, Submissive Girl. Sorry about my inactivity.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:06 am by Submissive Girl

Hey! I know I haven't been on in a while. Unfortunately it might stay like that for a while.

I am super sorry about not being on more often. I am supper busy In real life.
Just so you understand a little bit about my life

1. I am a college sophomore taking 20 credit hours.
2. I have a job at as a cashier at a busy gift shop in a popular place in Florida (Not saying my city, but it is very busy where I am)
3. I have an intership that I work about 12 hours a week.
4. I am seeing a guy (Kind of …

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First Tension Match.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:54 am by Zebra Crossing

Now that I've sorted some things for my FnF character, I'd like to try and get a match going for my recently approved Tension character.
I enjoy having some input from my RP partner unless I have something super specific in mind, so exactly what kind of match it is or what will happen …

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Tadao Debut Match

Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:33 am by TheEditor1023

Looking for a debut match for my new character, Tadao Chikamatsu. If you're interested feel free to PM me Smile

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Debut/Keijo Match

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Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Softsquad on Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:55 pm

Looking to get my character Eliza Lockhart a debut match. She is part of a tag team, but I want to do some single matches before focusing on tags. Well I was thinking of doing a standard match or any match match that can be done in a normal ring. I'll count a cage match since the cage is an extension of the ring.

As for the Keijo thing, after reading the manga and seeing the anime previews I got an idea. For those that don't know Keijo, its a sport where women fight on a "land" and have to knock off the "land" and into the water. Falling on the land or touching the land with your hands counts as a loss. Also you can only use your breasts/ass to attack your opponent. So to still keep it based on wrestling, I made some alterations.
1: The ring is slightly expanded by a few feet to add a "knockout" zone. There aren't any ropes and the area around the ring/barricade will be modified to hold water.
2: Inside the red zone of the ring normal wrestling can be performed, but the "knockout zone" is where you will have to use your breasts/ass to knock your opponent out of the ring.
3: Self knockouts count as a loss.
I know this is...different, but I want to see if anyone would be interested in a such a match. Though this won't happen for a while even if I get some people interested.


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Cpkeyes on Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:07 pm

I may be interested, for a general match at least.

My Rules.
No erotica.
Will do mixed matches.
Unless I ask, don't grope my characters (through stinkfaces are fine, that's an actual move).

Important Note
I have a habit of getting interested in something else and leaving for a period of time, sorry for that.

My wrestlers.


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Vcom7418 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 4:42 am

I am interested in a Keijo match (the idea was pretty funny to me when I first read the manga), though my character is busy at the moment (in case a while is a month or so).

In case the thread is inactive and gets deleted, I saved the rules. I'll PM you as soon as I am done to see if you are able to do this match.

My fighter:
Melody Serperior


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by CybeastGregarX on Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:27 am

It would be interesting to have actual Keijo match types here in AFW. Of course, it mainly depends on how the veterans and the admin of the site think of the idea to consider adding it to official match types to make it a regular thing here.

Cy's Wrestler Domain


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Softsquad on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:14 am

Sorry for not responding until now, things are just busy around here. For now lets just focus on a normal standard match.


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by anime_hentaifighter on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:20 pm

Like the idea and hope they get approved soon

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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Kelsea on Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:35 pm

Its not really an official AFW match, but you can still use and play out the idea and rules for matches if you want

Kelsea's Karacters/Desire's section


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Re: Debut/Keijo Match

Post by Sponsored content Today at 12:43 am

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