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From, Submissive Girl. Sorry about my inactivity.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:06 am by Submissive Girl

Hey! I know I haven't been on in a while. Unfortunately it might stay like that for a while.

I am super sorry about not being on more often. I am supper busy In real life.
Just so you understand a little bit about my life

1. I am a college sophomore taking 20 credit hours.
2. I have a job at as a cashier at a busy gift shop in a popular place in Florida (Not saying my city, but it is very busy where I am)
3. I have an intership that I work about 12 hours a week.
4. I am seeing a guy (Kind of …

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First Tension Match.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:54 am by Zebra Crossing

Now that I've sorted some things for my FnF character, I'd like to try and get a match going for my recently approved Tension character.
I enjoy having some input from my RP partner unless I have something super specific in mind, so exactly what kind of match it is or what will happen …

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Tadao Debut Match

Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:33 am by TheEditor1023

Looking for a debut match for my new character, Tadao Chikamatsu. If you're interested feel free to PM me Smile

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Harley Jackson

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Harley Jackson

Post by RJD on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:33 am

Name : Harley Jackson
Sex : female
age : 19
Eyes : Blue
Hair: Black
Height : 5.1
Weight : 105lbs
Nationality : American

Appearance - regular attire

Bikini attire

Finishing moves /s: Face tamer - Harley will sit on her opponents face with her crotch on the opponents nose/in their mouth and humiliate the opponent as much as possible

Go to sleep - She will lift her opponent on her shoulders if she can carry them then throw them up into the air before striking them in the face with her knee

Stunner - she will wrap her arms around the opponents neck before jumping into the air and landing on her ass driving the opponents face into her shoulder.

Motorboat crash - She will put her opponent in the corner before running into them and slamming her breasts right into their face, most the time she will then leap off the top ropes and land with her breasts in her opponents face and turn the move into a smother hold.

spring haul - Harley will climb up to the top rope and will stay looking towards the ring then do a back flip but launch herself onto an opponent.

Road kill - Harley only does this when the opponent is a similar size or if the opportunity prevents herself. but if her opponent ends up either standing on the ropes or being seated on top of them by Harley then she will climb the turnbuckle before launching herself at her opponent and landing a missile dropkick on them, normally this move will be a hard landing for Harley but a complete catastrophic move for her opponent

Triple joint leg lock - (Harley will mostly do this move as a reversal or during chain wrestling as it is hard to lock in unless the right opportunity arises. )
Harley will grasp her opponents foot with one hand and her opponents leg with the other, Harley will wrap the arm holding onto the foot around the ankle and pull the foot back with the same hand. While Harley is doing this she will be crouching on a downed opponent and will grind her elbow into her opponents leg while twisting the foot and constricting and pulling the ankle.

Entrance music : Don't trust me

Background : Harley grew up in a wrestling household and was reluctant until she fought in her first match when she was 17 and ended up becoming a fan favourite, this is when Harley learned that having the fans love her was the best feeling she had ever felt and inspired her to train haired to become a wrestler. Eventually she realised that doing smothers and other perverted things would get fans to cheer for her more so she started to do such acts in her matches and found out through an acquaintance about AFW and was so excited upon hearing about a promotion which would draw many people in and would feature both wrestling and sexual aspects in the matches which would appeal to Harley.

Strategy : Prefers to put on as much of a competitive match as possible and will do as much as she can to please the crowd, she normally does this through fast paced action and by smothering her opponents as much as her small frame and height allows. She tries to stay on the offensive as much as possible due to her lack of defence and pain endurance.
Style: High flying, Fan favourite, quick paced
Type: Reversal specialist, quick striker and mat wrestler.

Personality : she will try her best to get on the good side of the fans and will try to be as nice as possible, however she is completely confident in her looks and might get offended if someone insults her or rejects her, especially if the insult has to do with her ass which she thinks looks amazing and that she takes pride in. Harley while not being much of an immoral person is slightly vain in the way that she needs the approval and praise of people and will alter herself or do things she knows people like because she loves being admired, truthfully she is a very lustful woman but tries her best ( and somewhat fails ) to hide it if she feels that it makes her unlikable. In the AFW though this is rarely a problem for Harley as normally the crowds cheering will reassure Harley to continue her sexual exploits even though the other wrestler may have a slight problem with it, in more personal matches though with-out live fans, Harley will be much less of a serious competitor and will lose most her confidence and it would only take a few well placed insults to make the soft woman brake down.

Preferred matches : Standard, Smother, face-sitting, anything that she thinks would gain her popularity with the fans but may hesitate with hardcore matches as she doesn't enjoy them.
favourite attacks: Elbow drops of all variants, enziguri, Super-kick,drop kicks, chops, bronco buster, stink face, Breast smothers, face sitting, face riding and lip locks


Tactics = 6/10 - Harley is very creative in the ring against larger opponents and tends to utulize her tactics most in those matches but against opponents who are of similar size and speed Harley can really struggle to come up with a way to catch her opponent.
Strength = 2/10 - Harley's main hindrance is her almost ridiculous lack of strength for someone who is a wrestler.
Speed = 7/10 - Harley has tried to make up for her lack in strength by training herself to be nimble and quick, for the most part this has worked out and she can normally go at a fast pace even towards the end of a match, though Harley can still be out-ran by most other kawaii wrestlers and some friction or tension wrestlers.
Endurance = 6/10 - Harley is not a tough woman in the slightest and normally when she is taken down to the mat with a strike or move she is down there until her opponent picks her up or she is allowed to get up to her feet, Though she does have good endurance when the fans are behind her and can get up to take blow after blow.
High flying = 4/10 - Harley despite being small and quick is not very good at high flying moves, she can do basic moves like Dropkicks or Enzeguris and can do moves off the top rope but she tends to stick to the basics with those moves also and cannot do spring board moves and very rarely dives to the outside.
Charisma = 8/10 - Harley despite having some personality flaws is a very cute and lovable person and she loves the approval and praise of others so she will often be as kind or as admirable as possible more so for self satisfaction that any kind of moral code.

Note: She may compete in normal friction matches also.


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