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Debut Match wanted

Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:33 am by LadyX

Hey everyone! I'm new in town and I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to hook my first girl Apollyon up with a debut match?

Bring it on. I am ready for anything.

There you have it, folks. Apollyon is ready to rumble in any match type. Just let me know beforehand.

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Mig's Match Hub

Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:38 pm by Miglico

Hi, I'm currently looking for more matches for Miria. Friction only, hentai preferred. If you like to do domination match with my character losing or even handicap, that'd be great.

Please contact me through PM instead of replying here. Thank you for your time.

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Small Edit.

Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:23 pm by Minion

Just thought that I'd make it known that I switched some things around with Tyler's profile. ^^

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Ricardo Keyes

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Ricardo Keyes

Post by TheEditor1023 on Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:24 am

Name: Ricardo Keyes
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs
Nationality: Mexican
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Dead Rising - Carlito Boss Battle

Wrestling Style

Ricardo is an all around wrestler, being able to easily transition between power, technical, submissive and high flying styles. His main strategy however, is to get in his opponent's head. Ricardo is a master of words, and will look to throw off his opponent throughout the match, whether it be mentally or physically.


Brainbuster: Ricardo will get his opponent in a suplex position and lift them into the sky, holding them for a few seconds before viciously dropping down, looking to spike their head straight into the mat and daze them enough for his finisher.


Yokosuka Cutter: Ricardo sets his opponent up between his legs in a pre-powerbomb position, before setting their body onto his shoulder with the opponent facing upwards, and flipping them down, catching them with a cutter as they slam the floor.

The Last Resort: Ricardo climbs up to the top rope and leaps into the sky before landing an elbow drop, aiming directly for the centre of his opponent's chest.

Visual Appearance/Wrestling Attire



Ricardo after an unsightly encounter:


Ricardo is an evil man, plain and simple. All the good that he once possessed was beaten out of him as a child, and now only hate, pain and other negative emotions remain. Don't expect a lot of nice from Ricardo when you encounter him, especially if he's in a bad mood.

In the ring, Ricardo will make sure to run his mouth a lot, whether it is to humiliate/insult his opponent or get in their head, which he will definitely use to his advantage. He likes to bend the rules wherever possible, such as throwing in a cheap shot, keeping a submission held in till the referee forces the break etc.

For his ring attire, Ricardo wears a somewhat loose white shirt emblazoned with fiery orange designs, along with black dress pants and shoes, as well as a pendant of his brother he keeps on his chest.

Although he doesn't focus too much on his sexual side, he has shown an interest in both men and women, and will gladly use it if it means getting in his opponent's head.


Born in the city of Santa Lucía del Camino, Ricardo was grown into a violent world, his family a strong part of one of the various cartels in the city of Oaxaca. From a young age he was taught how to use a weapon, how to kill and was groomed to become an important part of the Cartel. His relationship with most of his family was strained to say the least, with his father especially, who would beat him whenever he showed resistance. His brother, Antonio, was the only family member who showed him any sentiment. He would quietly take care of Ricardo and whenever the family wasn't around, would help improve his skills, such as taking him into the countryside to improve his gun accuracy as well as hone his hand to hand combat skills.

Eventually around 14 years of age, Ricardo was finally brought in along with his Brother, Father & Uncle to work a lot more personally with the cartel, helping them with drug trafficking and fighting against rivalling cartels. When he turned 27 years old however, his life changed drastically. By this point he was a major player in the cartel, with his father & uncle now retired and Antonio was now one of the higher ups running things. Whilst he was visiting Puebla discussing potential partnerships with another Cartel, he received the news that his family had been killed. Years ago, his Father, Uncle & Antonio had been directly involved with the killing of a masked wrestler around a decade previously, and it turns out his son had come back for revenge, and slaughtered them all. The fact that this man had taken Antonio, the only man he ever cared about, away from him caused him to snap. Ricardo vowed he would make this man pay.

He tried finding whatever research he could on the killer, which led him to finding the wrestler known as "El Patrón". Ricardo had recognised this man before, when he and other cartel members had left him for dead at a port after he had tried extorting their leader. It turns out this man had cheated death. Ricardo began training in the art of professional wrestling, already having some knowledge of it as it used to be one of his and Antonio's few enjoyments in life. Every day he trained himself harder and harder as he lusted for revenge. Eventually once he was a trained wrestler, he had found out El Patrón, now known as "El Fulano", had moved to the land of the rising sun, joining the AFW organisation. Ricardo quietly left the cartel and moved to Japan himself, eventually being able to join the AFW himself. How fitting would it be for him to take revenge in the one profession Fulano had known all his life. Ricardo's aim is to come face to face with the masked man in the ring, and will stop at nothing till he gets there.

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0










Ricardo Keyes makes his AFW debut, going against the ninja, Kozue Kaburagi!


Like someone you see? Feel free to PM me! I'm open to suggestions ^^

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