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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

[ Full reading ]

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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Takeshi Kawai

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Takeshi Kawai

Post by GrandAkumaShogun on Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:57 am

Name: Takeshi Kawai
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Eyes: Steel grey
Hair: Black
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 108lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: This song

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Being a boxer before becoming a wrestler Takeshi is most at home using striking attacks, using jabs, hooks, haymakers, and uppercuts to wear down his opponent. He also tends to remain light on his feet, moving to try and avoid opponents while delivering counters when possible. However, while his background as a boxer gives him excellent skill at striking he also has little experience in the way of grappling, learning basics as part of training for Tension but at least for now he can be overcome in grappling with little difficulty though he is also a hard person to keep down due his ability to take impressive amounts of damage and keep fighting. Also having little experience with hentai means that opponents in this category will have an easy time getting him flustered and aroused.
Style: Boxing
Type: Boxer [With a fondness of uppercuts]

Preferred Attacks: Standard boxing moves such as jabs, hooks, body blows, and haymakers with a strong focus on uppercuts

Preferred Matches: Standard but will generally accept all challenges though takes convincing for a hentai match [He’ll also take on both men and women]

Endurance: 3.5/5
Strength: 4/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 3/5
Technique: 5/5

Favored moves: Uppercuts, counter punches, hooks, jabs

Finishing moves:
Jet Upper: An extremely strong right arm uppercut, given its name due to how Takeshi’s fist and arm during the set up resemble a jet beginning to take off. Though the force of the move has been toned considerably from his boxing days to avoid fatalities Takeshi still uses enough strength that he can knock opponents right off their feet.
Jet Lavender: An even stronger uppercut performed with the left arm. However while truly devastating if it connects because the move requires a large amount of stamina to use Takeshi becomes exhausted after using it and, should his opponent be able to keep going after he uses it, whether because they dodged or was simply able to tank the hit and keep going, he’s usually going to see a significant drop in his chances of winning the match.


Visual Appearance:
[Normal match attire]

[Important match attire]

Physical Appearance:
[In his every day type clothes]

Personality: Takeshi is calm, to the point, and has an elegant feel to him outside of the ring. In the ring however he is a strong fighter, analyzing his opponents before striking. Also Takeshi has a bit of a cocky streak that can lead to him sometimes underestimating his opponent and dropping his guard. And, while not quite as major as it was in the early days of his boxing career when a match is going strongly in his opponent’s favor and he has no time to think of a way to make a comeback Takeshi’s confidence becomes much more fragile and he leaves himself open a lot more to moves and counters.

Past/History: Takeshi was born the younger brother of Takako Kawai who raised Takeshi after the two of them lost their parents. When Takeshi was old enough Takako began to train him not just in the way of piano playing but also to be a world class boxer after seeing the beginning of an absolutely flawless way of movement for such a role. As Takeshi grew so did his skills as a boxer and pianist, playing concerts in sold out stadiums one night and pounding away at his opponents on another. Eventually Takeshi would meet his match in the boxing ring in the form of Ryuuji Takane who defeated him after an intense match that took them both to their limits.
After his defeat Takeshi would end up joining up with Ryuuji and several other prodigies of the Junior Japanese boxing world. As Golden Japan the five boxers went on to defeat the teams of several other nations to reach great acclaim. Eventually Takeshi had decided to take a break from boxing to focus on his pianist career but the urge to compete welled up inside him as he saw televised matches of his friends who were still boxing. That’s when he learned of the mixed wrestling organization Tension and, while initially a bit weary at the idea of wrestling women, Takeshi decided to sign up after seeing several matches and is now ready to grace the ring with his elegant flair for fighting.

Wrestling Attire: For normal matches he wears his original boxing outfit, a sleeveless yellow shirt, purple shorts with red trim, and gray boots with white trim while in important matches, PPV, grudge matches, or title matches he switches to his Golden Japan outfit of a white sleeveless shirt with a small emblem of the flag of Japan over his heart, white shirts with purple waistband and trim, and purple boots with white trim. He might also come to the ring wearing his boxing gloves, his normal blue or his important red ones before hanging them on the ring post.

Fun Facts:
Along with his talent in boxing Takeshi is also a very talented pianist and has performed live in front of many audiences. His talent at the piano even had a role in his training as his sister has him play a piano with solid metal keys and at times remembering the songs he has played allows him to focus his mind in matches
Because of his pretty boy looks and elegant piano playing Takeshi has a large fanbase that goes to all of his matches, both in boxing and in wrestling.
Takeshi is bisexual and can find attraction to either men or women
His fans sometimes throw roses into the ring when Takeshi fights, either after the match if he wins in celebration or during the match to try and cheer him on when he’s in trouble, though now that he has stepped into wrestling there are not as many roses thrown during the match as when he was boxing. When roses are thrown he will usually take one and place it between his teeth.
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