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I need matches

Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:45 am by RJD

Hello everyone. I need matches.

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Looking for a matchup.

Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:24 am by Link-mon

Hey. Finally got my approval and now looking for my first match on the site.
Heres my first girl. Anything will do just looking to get a start.

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Back to the forum ^^'

Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:27 pm by wrestleryu

Yay I'm finally getting back to the forum, trying to get to my old matches and willing to start new roleplays too Smile

For those who have ben waiting too much for my replies and are not willing to continue an oooold thread, I will totally understand.

For those who didn't miss me at all: Prrrrrrrt! Razz

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Zoey Hamilton

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Zoey Hamilton

Post by RJD on Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:17 pm

Name: Zoey Hamilton
Sex: female
Age: 23
Eyes: blue
Hair: blue
Height: 5.5
Weight: 120lbs
Nationality: Scottish
Alignment: Heel/Tweener - Zoey tries her best to create a forced heel persona to get hatred from the fans but her somewhat over the top methods to do so sometimes end up entertaining the crowd which tends to make her angry and even more over the top which starts a cycle of a raging Zoey cussing out or yelling back and forth with fans and entertained fans deciding to return the gesture, Some of her truly dastardly deeds have gained her the status of leaning more on the bad side, although she has some idea of honour and tends to only do a few cheap moves every now and then.

Finishing move/s: Glasgow kiss - headbutt followed by a German suplex done either into the turnbuckle or a foreign object  
Atomic bomb - Will set her opponent up on their knees and then run against the ropes with all her speed and then come crashing into her opponents face, using the momentum to carry herself in a hip attack that can do a significant amount of damage to her opponents.
Gut ram - reckless spear that has destructive potential for both her and the opponent
Butt vacuum - Harley will get her opponent on their knees similar to the set up for atomic bomb but will just grab them by the hair and force their face deep between her ass cheeks and may fart on an opponent if she feels like it.

Entrance music:  Highway to the Danger Zone

Zoey's new bunny attire, just in time for Christmas 

" Oh, I must look so good in this " 
" Wait...really, you really think that? Oh uhm... stop embarrassing me! " The ears in this picture are just a prop, which she will probably never wear with the rest of the attire. 

her old attire that she rarely uses now

Her maid outfit that she never wants to be seen in.

Her now retired 2016 Halloween attire 

Background: Zoey from the age of 8 had been a fan of wrestling and had wrestled with her friends as a kid and often would perform rikishi moves as he was her favourite wrestler for a few years and later in life she developed a facesitting fetish and mixed it in with her wrestling training she had went on to recieve from a local trainer.
She then went on to wrestle in independent promotions but never being able to fully face sit or stink face people to the extent she wanted to, until she finally found out about AFW through a friend who was a fan, while she has only had a few years of wrestling experience she also has a tough body and can perform sloppy yet powerful moves and take a lot of punishment in matches due to living in a rough area of Scotland. Zoey also left the independent scene as she couldn't get away from her fearfully protective and overwhelmingly more powerful sister and no longer wanted to be in her shadow, Zoey loves her two younger sisters more than anything but couldn't help be a little bit bitter than she was overshadowed by someone with so much less experience than her, but it's not like Zoey is a veteran herself though.

Personality: Is a brutish and straight forward girl who may be described as uncivilised and tends to solve disputes through violence or simple name calling.
Zoey absolutely loves to smother people and tease or humiliate them but truthfully loves it when she is the one subjected to smothers ot teasing and it is actually what sometimes causes Zoey to lose matches.

Strategy: Tends to come up with strategy's on the fly and trash talks opponents to try to take back control of matches
Style: Opportunistic and slow paced
Type: Bruiser, humiliation fan and hard hitter  


Tactics = 2/10 - Zoey tends not to think about matches beforehand and sometimes goes into matches that are completely at her disadvantage without putting in the slightest bit of preparation or even knowing who her opponent is.
Strength = 7/10 - Zoey can consistently use power moves against opponents through-out even the longest of matches and tends to rely on her strength to cover up her other weaknesses, Zoey's strength is slightly less useful when facing those who outweigh her by a lot but she still has been known to pull of some impressive and almost unbelievable feats although sometimes at the risk of injuring herself or burning herself out.
sexuality = 3/10 - Zoey can Smother and tease her opponents although she tends to have second though's about going further with women in the ring she will do so if her opponent is someone she knows well or if she feels she needs to. Zoey however is easy to fluster and can have matches entirely turned around on her if her opponent takes control of a sexual situation as Zoey's iron will is most easily broken through sexual methods, and is known to get infatuated with enemies in the middle of fights which has left to a few embarrassing moments and unexpected losses.
Endurance = 8/10 - Zoey can last a long time in matches without loosing the will to fight and can normally pull out power moves when they are least expected, Zoey has also been known to thrive in situations which take advantage of her iron will like Submission matches.
Speed = 4/10 - Zoey is not a quick wrestler at all and can be easily run circles around in the ring by any wrestler with decent speed which leads to her normally taking some devastating blows during the start of matches, Zoey however creates the illusion of getting faster the longer her matches go on, normally because she doesn't lose much of her speed unless she pushes herself past her limit to an extreme degree.
Technique = 2/10 - Zoey can at times mess up even the most basic of moves and tends to use her brute strength when doing slams or strikes, Zoey can perform some risky moves now and then but most the time she will be just as damaged as her opponent due to her poor execution.
High flying = 2/10 - Zoey due to her lack of intellect will sometimes try high flying moves, a vast majority of the time they will either fail without her opponent needing to do anything or Zoey will damage herself just as much as her opponent.
Charisma = 7/10 - Zoey is good at sneaking in sly remarks and messing with her opponents head and even has gained some fans as well as a magnitude of haters due to her somewhat quirky attitude.

Preferred Attacks: Smothers, face sitting, punches, slams, throws,, cheap attacks, clotheslines and any improvised move that can take advantage of her slightly abnormal strength.

Preferred Matches: Standard, smother, face sitting, hardcore [ will not participate in hentai matches ]

Favored moves: stinkface, bronco buster,  hip attack, german suplex, snap-mare, big boot, bulldog and headscissors or body scissors

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Re: Zoey Hamilton

Post by Kelsea on Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:58 pm

Approved, however I suggest you use the Image link guide here in order to get your pics on the bio

Kelsea's Karacters/Desire's section


& of course ThE BRaT PaCK


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