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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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Moonlight Katsu

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Moonlight Katsu

Post by Gator_Tooth on Sat May 21, 2016 10:34 am

Name: Moonlight Katsu
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight: 179lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Nationality: Japanese
Entrance Theme: Never Surrender

Ring Attire:
Entrance Attire:

Style: Katsu is primarily strength based, so does a lot of power moves in his matches. He also uses a few different strikes to try and wear foes down.
Preferred Matches: NHBs, Cage Matches

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 4/5:
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 3/5

Favoured Moves: German Suplex, Chops, DDTs, Boston Crab, Double Axe Handle, Dropkicks

Dokugiri (Poison Mist)
Katsu spits a mist into his foe's face that is a blend of pink and purple colours, with the scent of sakura trees. Has the effect of making an opponent light-headed and dizzy, and leaves their face with a splatter of pink and purple on it for humiliation.

Hanami Cyclone (Giant Swing)
With the opponent lying down on the mat face up, Katsu grabs hold of their legs and begins to spin them around. After several spins, he releases them, throwing them across the ring.

Mikadzuki Buster (Muscle Buster)
Katsu takes hold of his groggy foe and hoists them upside down, their head resting on his right shoulder as he grips their ankles. He jumps into the air and falls down into a sitting position, slamming his foe's neck onto his body and throwing them off ready for the pin.

History: Moonlight Katsu is the ring-persona of a young Japanese businessman. His real name is Jin Kureshima, son of a stern father and a mother who abandoned the household and her son when he was just five years old. His father was a cold and impersonal man, always prioritising his work over his family and therefore never saw his son as anything but a nuisance. When his wife left, he imposed a strict upbringing on Jin with the intention of transforming him into a worthy successor for the family business. This included a harsh caretaker and teacher employed by his father to home-school his son, who applied cruel discipline in her lessons such as striking his fingers with a riding crop when the boy made mistakes in his learning. The oppression his father placed on and distance he kept from him quickly made Jin bitter towards the man, and his dislike of him only got worse over the years.

But Jin did his best to remain patient and adhere to his father's rules, although it wasn't easy and outbursts were always occasional. Having been so secluded in his life, Jin was curious about life outside of his home, especially regular schooling with other classmates. This was a big motivation for him to please his father, if only so the man would finally relent to allow him to join public schooling. And in his teenage years, Jin's father finally gave in. While initially reserved and withdrawn, Jin soon fell into his school's professional wrestling team after being invited by a couple of other boys...and quickly took to the sport. He participated in matches against other schools, did extra training on the weekends and even stormed through tournaments, earning the praise of his fellow classmates and his coach.

As a result, Jin began to develop a more brash and wild personality. His father disliked this transformation immensely, disapproving of the influence public school and wrestling was having on the lad, although Jin felt much happier than he had done so in a long time. He felt like himself, no longer an accessory his father carved to his liking in behaviour and manners. Unfortunately, his father retracted his decision and pulled Jin out of school, making sure he was taught at home again. His friends and even his coach attempted to visit him at his house, but his father made certain that any unwanted visitors were turned away.

But the fire within Jin continued to burn. He knew more than ever how much he hated the career path his father intended him to walk down, and that wrestling was what he wanted to do in life. But his father maintained a strict watch on him, and made certain that he wouldn't join any pro wrestling groups like he had done in school. So what was he to do? The answer came to him late one night. He'd wear a mask in the ring, one that would hide his identity from his watchful father and allow him to participate in federations and events. More ideas came to him quickly after, such as using contacts to change his eye colour and dying his hair so as to further his disguise. He'd always been fond of folklore, as his mother had often read him bedtime stories, or even pre-nap under his family's cherry blossom tree in their garden. These created two aspects of his in-ring persona; a demon's mask that he wore, and cherry blossoms on his attire and for his ring entrance.

And so, Moonlight Katsu was born. In his day to day life, he now works as a businessman as per his father's strict discipline. But at night, he transforms into his wrestling persona and tears through wrestling leagues throughout Japan. He's now arrived at AFW's Tension League after hearing how it has exploded in popularity in recent months...and he's itching for a few wild fights.

Personality: Outside of wrestling, Jin is a reserved and seemingly stoic man who follows his father's every whim and instruction. He rarely displays emotions, so his transformation to Moonlight Katsu is a huge relief as it allows him to behave without any restrictions or limits. Brash, cocky and instinctive, Katsu is the kind of individual who will always say exactly what he's thinking to a person, even if his opponent was twice his size with five different kinds of belts to their name. He's very wild with energy always exploding off him, and can be quite cheeky to those he finds attractive. He has a big preference for no-hold barred matches, but Katsu isn't actively seeking to cause his foe long-lasting damage in the ring. Rather, he believes the best wrestling matches are the ones without any rules or limitations, as in his eyes these allow both wrestlers to push themselves to their absolute limits and therefore reach their full potential in a match. Wrestlers who display good skill and strength will earn his rarely-given respect...but he'll never grant this unless he witnesses them himself in a match against them.

-Chicken katsu curry
-Reading up on folklore
-A good fight!
-Cherry blossoms
-Making loud, unrestrained noises
-Older women

-Rules being imposed on him
-Green peppers
-His father
-Indoor voices
-The prospect of being unmasked in the ring

RP Hooks:
Katsu will take a natural interest in your character if they are a superhero or masked wrestler, especially a face who he can act as heel to. Alternatively, he has a thing for older women and would happily get into a match with one. But above all, if you like matches that are no-holds barred and have a character who loves a good wild brawl without any rules, chances are Katsu is right up your alley for roleplaying with!

Misc Info:
-Katsu always wears the mask in order to protect his identity as a wrestler from his father. So expect to see him always wearing it, even when at the gym training.
-Depending on the match and opponent, Katsu will either be a face or heel, often opposite his foe. He does this to create a good ring dynamic in order to put on entertaining matches for the audience.
-He's very rare to break character, and so acts as if he's a demon born from the flames of hell who has come to challenge mortals. Again, all for the entertainment of the crowd.
-He has a bizarre obsession with the German Suplex, and even collects pictures in a scrapbook of wrestlers performing it. Why? In his words, it's “true art”.

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Re: Moonlight Katsu

Post by Kelsea on Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:51 pm

Just to make it official, this character is approved (only your first non FnF character needs approval)

Kelsea's Karacters/Desire's section


& of course ThE BRaT PaCK

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