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Seeking: Friction Spar Match

Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:40 am by Yori

Looking for a spar for Alexa.

Howdy, I'm new to the forums and figured I should get my, and my characters toes wet with some good old fashion sparring. It can be a one off, or blossom into something else down the road for a friend/rival relationship. Alexa as a character is a fresh face, and an unrefined talent. I don't mind having someone at her skill level to have an event match, or someone superior to her to have a more one sided bout. I'm looking to use this regardless as a way to build …

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Gonna be slow the next week or so... just had surgery IRL

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:33 am by SleeperAgent94

Hey guys, got back from surgery today. Ruptured abdominal wall. In a LOT of pain right now, so posts will be VERY brief the next few days.

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Character updates.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:14 pm by Lotuswarrior

Since I'm starting to get a bit busier here, I'm trying to be a bit more professional. With that I'm going to overhaul my characters and update their profiles or release them all together. I'll post any images here of the characters I release, so that you guys/girls can claim them if you want.

Also looking for some characters to interact with outside of matches.

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Whoops. (For Jean!)

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Re: Whoops. (For Jean!)

Post by Gadot on Tue May 24, 2016 5:54 am

Nero grinned as he saw Jean's face flush a bit, reaching up and wrapping his arms around his hips, hugging him in tight. "That was where I started to really crush on you, if I'm being honest. The way you did those moves…you were amazing. So fucking what, people don't look at you seriously? You are amazing at wrestling, and you clearly enjoy it a lot." He leaned up and kissed his head lightly, with a wide smile on his face. He held him a bit tighter, just thinking about him in the ring, thinking about him in that handcuff match…he let his hands reach down, moving to hook his finger on Jean's boxers so he could tug them off.

He could tell that Jean was a bit too interested in the story -- and if he was being honest, he knew that there had to be a bit of jealousy involved. He let Jean quickly make his accusation, knowing it was a bit of a joke -- and he waited a moment for Jean to admit it. But he wasn't going to drop it like that. He reached his hand up, stroking his cheek for a moment.

"No one I've ever met has been cuter than you," he remarked quietly, looking up to meet his gaze. "No one I've ever met has even been sexier than you. And if I ever meet someone who somehow happens to be cuter or sexier, I won't even be able to consider them because you are so very much more than just those things. And it's because of everything else that I find myself saying shit like this even though we haven't known each other so long." He paused for a moment, licking his lips -- he was serious for long enough. "Besides, if I ever did try to move on to anyone else, I feel you would put me in a headscissor and use those amazing thighs of yours to either snap my neck or crush my head. Though I would die a happy man."


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Re: Whoops. (For Jean!)

Post by TripleHelix on Sat May 28, 2016 5:10 am

"Oh hush you" Jean laughed when Nero played up his feats during the PPV. He placed his hand on Nero's face and smooshed him away when he naughtily tried to slide Jean's boxers off, catching the back of his waistband in the other hand. "Nah-ah-ah, that was the prize for winning, and we're calling it a draw, remember?" he chastised.

He settled back down onto Nero's chest as the man started to go on and on about how much he adored Jean. It made him quite uncomfortable, but in a strangely comforting way at the same time? None of his past partners had been this enthralled with him, nor did they go to such lengths to try to please him. And in that vein, Jean had never been this drawn towards someone before, nor felt so compelled to be by their side. It was strange really, he'd only known Nero for a couple of days. Was he rushing into things? Maybe a little, but did that necessarily have to be a bad thing?

"Well I'm sure you are ready to go another seven rounds, but I'm feeling tuckered out. " he yawned as cuddled up to the prince. They'd of course have to move over to the actual pillows at some point, but Jean was enjoying using that muscular pec as a makeshift pillow.

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See something you like? Wanna set up a match? Send me a PM.

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Re: Whoops. (For Jean!)

Post by Gadot on Sat May 28, 2016 6:01 am

Nero couldn't help but whine as his face was smooshed away, groaning. "That's no fair! I got my pretty panties taken off. I should at least get to see yours taken off." But really, he didn't seem to care; he was pretty happy just like this, settled into the bed with Jean.

It took a few moments to realize how…kinda creepy he was being. Mentioning all this to a guy he just met two days ago? Might as well have tried to propose to him on the first date. He reached up and scratched his head sheepishly. "Okay, from now on, please tell me when I'm being creepy! Everyone I knew when I was a kid just…basically acted like a yes man, so I…just wanna know if I'm being weird." He put those arms back around Jean.

"Are you? Well, perhaps we should sleep then," he replied, giving a small chuckle as he cuddled into him and rested a head on his pec. He would be more than happy to let Jean sleep there, but at some point, he would wanna sleep too, and it was a little tricky for him. He leaned up and kissed his head lightly, before shifting, holding onto Jean tight as he rolled them over and set Jean down on the pillow. "Good night, cutie."


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Re: Whoops. (For Jean!)

Post by Sponsored content

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