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Anyone willing to take on Layla

Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:53 pm by Link-mon

Just looking for some matches for my heel Layla Vale. se does have some preferences but overall I'm open to various ideas if you want to talk about it.

Comments: 2

Got some people open for matches

Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:37 pm by TheEditor1023

Hey guys, got some people I need matches for, if you're interested in any of them, let me know!

Remy 7000 (Yet to debut)

"Beautiful" Jack Kendrick (Yet to debut)

Ricardo Keyes

Nathan Parker

Comments: 4

Looking for anything!

Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:18 am by tehbohemian

Hey!! I'm Bohemian! I'm uhhhh new here! I've already debuted all 3 of my characters and wanted to know if you would want to include them in any storylines or start any new ones with them!

Shinobu won her debut match and is locked in a feud with Sandy White... so she is kinda tied up match wise but i'd be cool for any RPs with her

Sonic lost her debut... pretty badly... and even lost her crown! So she is up for a match or gym session or anything really! She is a much morr light hearted …

[ Full reading ]

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The Trojan

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The Trojan

Post by Gadot on Fri May 13, 2016 9:09 am

Stage Name: The Trojan
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Eyes: Light green.
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’11
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: “Bad Boyfriend”, by Garbage

Wrestling Information

Strategy: He’s a powerhouse; get within his grip, and he will lay a heavy smackdown on you. However, speed is the key to defeating him, and submissions. He can crank on submissions, but he can’t take them very well!
Preferred Matches: Oil wrestling, hentai matches. Does love a good handcuff match.

Endurance: 4/10 – One of his big issues is that he doesn’t pace himself well over long matches.
Strength: 9/10 – But again, if he gets his hands near enough to you, he packs quite a wallop!
Speed: 1/10 – He’s not too great at being quick, so he tries instead to lure people in.
Defense: 5/10 – He knows how to take a punch, at least! But submissions are another thing.
Technique: 7/10 – He knows how to do holds and do them well.

Favored moves: Bearhugs, torture racks, and anything he can add a sexual edge to.
Signature move:
~ Trojan Kick – a big boot done typically to someone rushing at him straight to the chest.
Finishing move:
~ Trojan Horse – when on his back, he’ll pretend to be stunned for a bit. However, whatever his opponent decides to do, he’ll try and counter it, and go for a DDT in the corner! But he’ll just keep the arm around their head for a dragon sleeper, feeling along his opponent gently in order to get them to KO.


Visual Appearance:
Morning After:
Workout Attire:
With Mask:
Wrestling Attire:

Personality: Nero’s a flirt. He will flirt with anything and everything, as much as he can. However, his “flirtation” tends to be that of the really cheesy type – he tends to do this in order to almost parody it, and make himself look like a fool. As long as he gets someone to smile, he’ll have done his job.
However, this really is all a persona he puts on; with everything going on with being the heir apparent to the crown, he wants a place to let out his tension. And what better place than the Tension division of the AFW? In actuality, he is a man who cares little for himself, and just likes to take care of other people. Despite what he may show, he deals with severe self-image issues, partly because he’s worried that he wouldn’t be a good ruler. But he grins and bears it for everyone else; he doesn’t want to worry them. Besides, it’s ill-fitting of a ruler to admit to such issues!

Born Nero Arkedia, he was the first child of the king of Astrak and his queen. Living a sheltered life in the palace was not much of a fun time, so he would often find ways to sneak out into the capital city from the palace, providing a rough time for guardsmen who were supposed to keep an eye on him at all times. It was during these excursions that he first learned how to wrestle; he loved playing with the older kids who didn’t know who he was and treated him like any other kid, and they tried to bully him. When they saw he wasn’t one to be bullied and actually was fairly strong (thanks to the training in the palace), they would try and make him spar with them. He learned lots of ways of fighting this way, but he took to wrestling most.

As time went on, he never really grew out of that phase of his life. Always sneaking out, always going to places with the people he would eventually be ruling. But when he began to get older and realized that he would have to lead, he began to listen to his people, and use what they said in closed parliamentary sessions. He had his eyes and ears on the street, including several of the children that he grew fond of always reporting back to him. If there were hints of a revolution, he would know before they even put their first pamphlet together. If the people were unhappy about a recent law, he would work his hardest to reach compromise in the parliament. He was growing into a fine young ruler, keeping up with his studies and he supplemented his royal training with wrestling training from the kids he knew way back when.

One of them, Aris, was someone he considered his best friend. Having begged his father to let him be his advisor, Aris ended up being one of his closest compatriots. However, issues arose when Aris got Nero to let his brother join the royal guard – and Nero actually fell for him. Aris, friend that he was, helped Nero with getting close to him, getting to know him. Heck, he even got to sleep with him a few times. But when his father found out, he sent Aris’s brother away, told Nero he couldn’t act like that with the guardsmen, because he was a prince.

But Nero didn’t like that. He wanted to be able to be himself. So, after consulting with Aris, he told his father that he was going to travel the world. He would keep in contact and do his work from afar, but he would be doing what he wanted. His father, hoping this would convince him to settle down, agreed.

He had heard of the AFW while he was still in the palace, and had even watched quite a few matches of theirs – so when he finally got to Japan, that was the first place he went to, in order to get in. And, lo and behold, he was accepted!

Fun Facts:
~ Bisexual

AFW Information

Record: 0-1-0
Losses: Against Jean Richards, loss by cuffing!


Friends: Jean Richards
Crushes: Jean Richards

Enchained Debut! The Trojan vs. Jean Richards -- LOSS BY CUFFING
Whoops. (Non-wrestling RP with Jean Richards)



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