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Recent absence and delayed threads

Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:10 am by Lunchador

Hey, all! Wanted to send a message here to apologize for my recent absence, and the threads I've left hanging for the last month or so. Been dealing with some physical and mental health issues that have kept me from posting for awhile. It Want to sincerely apologize to those who I've had ongoing threads with during this time, and to those who have been waiting for me to start something with them. I feel like I'm ready to start trying to be active, again, and hope folks will be willing to …

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Miss Fortune

Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:30 am by starvalentine

She's baaaccckkk!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Queen of New York, The Sicilian Assassin...... MISS FORTUNE! Madison Oppenheim!!


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Found my HHH

Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:40 pm by starvalentine

Found my inner HHH and buried some of my roster. If anyone cares to look its here

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Michelle Jax

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Michelle Jax

Post by Anjira on Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:24 pm

Michelle Jax

Age: 22
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135
Nationality: Japanese (half asian, half black)
Favored moves: Counters, Kicks/leg-centric moves, Rhythmic fighting

Finishing moves:
Smooth Criminal: Hentai move. entangles her legs in her opponent’s, holding them steady while she starts to finger and tease them with her free hands. She generally gets them absolutely dripping before she moves to trib with them, their wetness and arousal lubing the thrusts.

The Thriller: traps the victim around the waist with one arm, crouching and delivering a “shocker” (two fingers in their front hole, one in the rear) while they’re grasped.

Off The Wall: Michelle runs away from her opponent, hopping onto a lower rope and nimbly springing up for a clothesline or a tackle. Can throw them into the ropes to set this up.

Entrance music: Beat It (written by Michael Jackson, but performed by herself)

Past: Seemingly born with a talent for music, Michelle was singing from childhood with a visible talent with little to no practice at all. A few lessons in her teens and she wound up as the lead singer for a girl band. The band was received with limited local popularity, but a talent scout (“Dirty” Diana Thornwood) approached her alone and led her to pop stardom. Her lovely voice, talent for dancing, and a passion for her work won her a cult following of fans for such a recent young star. She adores the pop star life (the money taking care of her once fairly poor family), but she mostly eats up the fame. Some consulting with Diana brought them to an agreement that to get her name really out there, she would split her career between singing and the AFW, turning her rhythmic dance moves into a surprisingly affective fighting style.
People have pointed out her resemblance to Michael Jackson in both persona, tastes, stage presence, and appearance, but she insists this is a coincidence, and only seems to realize it when people point it out directly. She actually only found out that he even existed just recently, when her manager asked her to do a cover for her early album (her current theme music). She says she “think he’s pretty good, and I hope he gets popular soon.” She’s just that oblivious…

Personality: Michelle is fun-loving overall, exuding a confident personality spawning from a firm sense of comfort with herself. As such, she’s quite unaffected and even fond of showing off, even being for to expose herself being enjoyable just for the attention. She can have a bit of an attitude if someone crosses her, but this is sometimes a misreading of her overflowing confidence. Michelle is very focused around having fun and looking damn good doing it, and takes a lot of pride in her looks and naturally smooth, sometimes seductive personality. Michelle loves music of all sorts, though her singing is most often compared to a sort of J-pop meets R&B (sometimes accredited to her parents‘ mixed marriage). She has a particular soft spot for the younger, more kawaii girls, though considers herself to be “pansexual” (fully open or oblivious to gender) having dated and had sex with partners of both genders.

Style: Michelle’s dancing style encourages a lot of speed and fluidity in her performance, and it carries into her combat abilities. She’s extremely graceful and fluid, and prone to sudden or unexpected movements that can make her a difficult target and quite good at landing counter attacks, trips, or fluid blows. She has no real combat training, but a natural talent does seem to be present as a run-off of her dancing. The intense nature of her dancing comes off

Attire: Favorites a white suit jacket and pants, suspenders, blue dress shirt and a fedora. Loves style, and likes flashy clothing, even down to her swimsuits.

Likes: music, dancing, parties kawaii girls, Disney movies
Dislikes: gossip, tabloids, nosey people, “boring” people

Fun Facts:
-her agents has encouraged her to get minor plastic surgery, but she finds the notion creepy
-Michelle loves all Disney movies. Her favorites are Lion King, Peter Pan, and Little Mermaid
-Michelle is scared silly of most horror movies, zombies in particular


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