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Ending RPing

Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:04 am by KillerV

After I finishing up couple of threads, I am officially done RPing here. I apologize to you guys currently with me and even the future ones. But I am just tired of it, not going into too much details as it makes me feel like ranting so much, rather not.

But will still be here just to read n respond, as for Trillian, wont able to contact me soon, rather send PM here instead.

Good luck with everything.

Also, NOT gonna give King, rather not see people using him like

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looking for matches

Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:46 am by dragonswill

Im looking for matches for nearlly all my girls. pm if interested. my signature should link you to the roster of my girls hoshi is the only one that doesn't need a match for now so please message me or reply here and well discuss a match.

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Active Kawaiis

Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:25 am by Daaharu

Hey, guys. I'm hoping to get a sense from everyone of where the active kawaii girls are at. No guarantees or anything, but I am looking to figure out who is out there consistently making matches because we are looking to inject some new blood into the kawaii title scene, and I don't want to have tunnel vision on just the players and characters I know.

So, if you've got a kawaii girl who's had at least one match and is currently active, can you let me know either here or via PM or IM? This …

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Panther Risako vs Suzumi Ishikawa

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Re: Panther Risako vs Suzumi Ishikawa

Post by valen311 on Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:25 am

Putting a steadying hand on Suzumi's shoulder, Chris made sure that she stayed upright as the Asian spoke. She leaned close, making sure Suzumi could hear her over the noise of the crowd.

"Suzumi, you have been a pain ever since I met you. You're stubborn, and have got a temper on you. But, you're a Wrestle Angel, and one of the good ones. You've got heart and courage and I respect that. I never wanted you to leave forever. When I told you to get treatment for your knee, it's so you could get back to being the best you could be!"

Convinced that Suzumi could stand on her own, Chris removed her hand so she could cross her arms over her chest.

"But....maybe I was wrong about you not being one hundred percent. You just beat Panther Risako, you know..."


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Re: Panther Risako vs Suzumi Ishikawa

Post by HighFly on Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:10 am

Suzumi looked up at Chris in shock. "Well yeah, like... I totally hate losing and stuff.... and always wanted to be as good as you." Suzumi said, being honest with not only Chris Morgan but also with herself. "You always had the body of a sculpted statue, the ability of a champ and face of an angel. I just.." Suzumi said shaking her head as she was finally able to stand on her own. "I never measured up. When I was getting good I had to leave."

Suzumi sighed as she realized she butted heads with Mikoto lately because she was jealous of her. Mikoto had a super bright future in front of her while Suzumi, having done well to recover, was frustrated about having to climb the ladder again. It was then that Chris's words, and her victory, set in. "I guess I did win, even if its hard to tell given how I look right now." Suzumi looked up at Chris again, holding her hand out. "For what its worth, I am totally sorry for being a pain in the ass."


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Re: Panther Risako vs Suzumi Ishikawa

Post by valen311 on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:04 pm

Chris reached out, taking hold of Suzumi's hand and shaking it.

"It's ok Suzumi." she replied. "It's not as if I have a reputation for a being trustworthy sort of person.'ve always had talent, you know. Never sell yourself short. You and Mikoto, had our old league hadn't gone under, either one of you could've been champion at the rate you two were going."

Taking a look, Chris saw the referee was still down. Deciding to do what he couldn't, the blonde raised Suzumi's hand, declaring the Japanese woman the winner of the match.
"Enjoy this moment with the earned it." she would say after leaning down to speak into Suzumi's ear, talking over the noise of the crowd.

With that, Chris would let go of Suzumi's hand, and then would leave the ring, leaving the Tsunami with the cheering fans....


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Re: Panther Risako vs Suzumi Ishikawa

Post by Sponsored content

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