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Serious apologies to everyone....

Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:59 am by Cy_Man

To those who I RP with, I just want to say that I am terribly sorry for all my delays that I constantly do. I just have been SO unbelievably busy as of late that I hardly have any free time to be able to attempt to make posts to our threads. I really needed to get his off my chest badly, and it makes me feel like a complete piece of shit for doing this all the time. If you don't want to RP with me, I completely understand, there should be no reason or excuse for me to have to keep you waiting …

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Explanations and Apologies

Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:02 pm by acuya

Okay, so.

As some of you may have noticed, the Entropy Title Match from last year's Summer Splash has come to an abrupt conclusion.

The reason for this is because my match with Lies was taking too long, and with the next Summer Splash coming up, the Entropy Belt needed to be put in play for this year.

I won't get into the specifics of WHY that happened, suffice to say it ultimately comes down to my fault, I think. For those who haven't been here long, back in the day, I had a problem with …

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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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How to maintain Kayfabe?

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Kelsea on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:12 pm

AFW (as in the business) is successful and wealthy, but most people suggest that their characters aren't as well off as the wrestlers in WWE... So in short, probably only a small amount of the funds are going to the wrestlers. A couple of things to remember:

1. Cassandra Sellers (the owner of AFW) is a shady business woman who will most likely screw you if she gets the chance, infact gets off of owning people through money and power
2. Managers regularly take big cuts if you have one
3. AFW's roster is massive, so lots of pay cheques going out
4. Probably most important... This is a completely different world to the real one we live in, the pay cheque of wrestlers in AFW and other wrestling companies in this world can be considered to be a lot less then what people get in our world WWE
5. In this world, wrestlers are not protected as much in their contracts and a number of exploits are actually allowed to go ahead without intervention by a governing body.
6. The range in pay scales is large, allowing for members to make characters that need to take a second job (if thats what they want) or to make characters who are living the dream.

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Tatyina on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:22 pm

They have their main show (maybe twice a week or once a week both Friction and Tension respectively)

And then they do house shows at the Arena plus light touring. They might send a cadre of wrestlers outside of Japan as well, but nothing like a major touring promotion.

PPVs are when you get to see everything come together.

I also think that while AFW is on late at night (like 10-11, the Anime Network (the channel, not the online streaming service) is probably the equivalent to a pay channel. So, there's some deterrents, and, I imagine, that the non-live "filmed" Arena shows probably have the EXTRA racy stuff.

Though with the internet, it's not surprising there's kids who are a fan of AFW, especially considering the kawaii division existing and Japan's natural inclination towards lolicon and shoutacon and girl/boylove

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:13 am

Also, while top WWE guys make like, millions of dollars, this is a promotion based in Japan, and they don't do nearly as much touring and, due to the nature of their content (I like to imagine there's a free on tv show showing just non hentai wrestlers and a paid version late at night for the hentai stuff) they probably don't make all that much in ad sponsers.

I mean, could you McDonalds being like "Hey Kids! This half naked girl known for having sexy orgasms in the ring wants you to try this new Happy Meal, with special bikini wrestler toy!"

Parents would freak.

Just to use a real life wrestler experience btw, AJ Styles said he made, in the year of 2014 in New Japan, "almost as much as he made in TNA in 2013 total"

In 2013, AJ Styles made (at least according to internet reports) 350,000 for the year, and New Japan paid him slightly under that.

So using that as a reference, (since AJ was one of their top stars and won their world title twice), people in AFW probably aren't going to become millionaires overnight (except for those wrestlers that started out rich, mine included)

Plus, it depends on where you live. Apartments in the city of Tokyo are expensive as fuck yo.

Would be interesting to get more into where characters live and stay when not fighting.

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by kerflubble on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:27 am

Alexandra wrote:
LtLukas wrote: This makes things a little bit complicated, as AFW does not have house shows or smaller offshoots.

I (and a few others I know of) have always operated on the assumption that the AFW does do smaller house shows and light touring around Japan, as well as filming dark matches specifically for DVDs and internet exclusive things.

IM matches are house show/dark matches.

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by rhapsody on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:31 am

abattoir is paid entirely in lighttubes and raw beef

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Alexandra on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:37 am

kerflubble wrote:
IM matches are house show/dark matches.
Not just IM matches. I've had several of my characters mention doing house/dark stuff in threads before, things that weren't RP'd.

I imagine that as large as some of our rosters are, and since we don't always have all of our characters doing things, that in their non-RP time the company is having them do dark/house/touring stuff. Matches that they're doing, but since they're not being RP'd out, they're not considered important or 'official' in terms of our character history. At least, that's how I play it with my girls. cookiemonster

For example, Bunny hasn't had a match in a while, but I doubt the AFW would just have her sitting on her ass at home, so in my head she's either doing house stuff or on a light tour.

Besides, unless they're actually posted on the boards, IM stuff is usually non-canon, I think. At least, all of my IM stuff is non-canon. It's a way for me to try different things with characters or pursue different angles with them that I wouldn't really want to do on the boards.

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by freeko on Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:37 am

Well, as someone who has been on the local circuit for a good number of years, I can tell you that I think most of your "kayfabe" is off base.

What characters do outside of being their wrestling persona has no bearing on their in ring persona. Real world example, Tito Santana. He had a business his wife ran about 20 minutes away from me and was a gym teacher at the (then) local elementary school. Merced did not really let one "life" interfere with the other that I could ever tell. But in that day and age, "celebrities" were more accessible as well.

Chris Pallies (King Kong Bundy) was another wrestling "celebrity" I ran into quite often. Unless you knew who he was, you would never even have recognized him in the real world as a professional wrestler. He is a rather well educated man if memory serves.

"Kayfabe" is the assumption that wrestling matches are not pre-determined and that the feelings of the wrestlers are real. Of course we all know its an act. Little more than a soap opera, wrestling kayfabe almost is non-existent anymore. So in my opinion there is no need to maintain it at all since a good match as far as I am concerned sees alot of collaboration and there is no real "fan element" in this.

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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Mystery Dragon on Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:21 am

No Kayfabe has definitely been used in real life. I remember Kevin slivian having a feud with Chris Benoit about Cheis having an affir with his wife Nancy and to sell it, Chris and Nancy were to be seen in public together.
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Re: How to maintain Kayfabe?

Post by Sponsored content

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