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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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War and Peace

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Re: War and Peace

Post by Person on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:52 am

It seemed that Gwen was counter attacking, trying to get Akiha to use her blond counterpart limo. Though she had not intended it, it seemed she had started another battle, though this one she would not lose. Gwen made not only a few statements by copied Akiha tactic by taking a step towards her own limo.

“Nonsense, as it was I who challenged you to a match and called you out in front of everyone. I mean I basically threw a wrench into your plans for the day. So I am obligated to make it up to you with this!” stated the raven hair wrestler in response to Gwen while keeping a pleasant face as she took another step small step towards her limo. In her mind she quickly prepared another argument, knowing that the battle was probably not finished.

- - - - -

“Yet you are doing the same thing, just a moment ago, we called you a child for complaining and yet you are calling us a child and say we are accusing you of the same thing.” stated Hisui as she continued to speak in a monotone voice. “Besides, isn't it little children who like to throw insults at other people? Ever since we have met, you have done nothing but throw insults at us. Also isn't the term tattle tales, used by little children?” ask Kohaku in a lecturing voice as she then waved her finger at Yayoi.

Despite all this, it seemed that Yayoi had agreed to their terms when it came to match. The two maids would think for a moment about adding any other stipulation. “No, we think defeating you in a standard tag match should do. I'm sure if we added any other stipulation you would simply use it as an excuse when you lose.” stated Kohaku in a confident tone. “She will just blame her teammate when she loses.” stated Hisui as she gave a quick nod with her head. Kohaku would also nod her head when she heard that.

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Re: War and Peace

Post by Tatyina on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:37 pm

"But it's not the only thing I can do!" Yayoi said, perturbed at the childish tone of the maids. "I haven't even seen you try and do anything else but I know you are, but what am I! At least an insult is something different. Besides, am I wrong about you being glorified laundry folders, huuuuh?" She said.

She then waved her hand at the maids and smirked. "I have a team mate in mind and if we somehow lost, I can pretty much guarantee it wouldn't be her fault!" Yayoi stuck her tongue out and glanced at the two aristocrats still having their battle of wills.

Yayoi then suddenly closed the short distance between the two of the maids, wrapping one arm around each of them. "Hey, listen." She said, looking to the two of them. "Whatever's between us can't come at the cost of serving our Maîtresses! While you've been calling me names, there's been a situation brewing, so, follow my lead because if you don't, then I'll definitely know that all that praise your mistress has for you is completely unfounded!"

Yayoi let go of the two and then quickly trotted over to Gwendolyn. "Ahhh, Maîtresse! I'm so sorry! I was so busy chatting with the maids that I had forgotten you had a late night appointment scheduled! We don't have time to take Ms. Kosha back to her place! I'm so sorry! Punish me if you like, Maîtresse! I know how much you wanted to spend more time with the young Kosha!"

Yayoi shot a look towards the maids to make sure they were following suit.

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Re: War and Peace

Post by killcarrion on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:47 pm

Resolute in overcoming her fellow's aristocrat's well-crafted and seemingly impermeable wall of politeness, Gwendolyn was tactfully planning out her next few chess moves meant to corner Akiha into accepting her courteous offer. Although an alliance was formed between them, Gwen nevertheless sought to be the dominant voice in their partnership. In actuality, a small part of her perhaps...enjoying, this "friendly" rivalry...

"Heavens no, I would be perpetrating such a grave disservice to-hm?" Gwen curiously turned towards her bespectacled assistant with an eyebrow raised in perplexity. She certainly didn't recall any late night appointments on her agenda...but Yayoi's flawless track record of well-organized schedule management trumped the heiress' urge to inquisitively probe onward.

"Oh, my...well, no need to reprimand yourself, dear Yayoi. I suppose the night's festivities has left us all quite knackered. I will allow you this one misstep~...but I recommend that you do not...make this a habit."
Gwen politely reprimanded her absent-minded assistant before turning back towards Akiha.

"It appears fate has decided for us, Madam Kosha. The overwhelming responsibilities of being the heir apparent to a multi-national conglomerate do so often inhibit me from enjoying the simpler things in life, such as the company of close friends. Still, considering how our relationship began earlier tonight, I'd say we've made significant progress. Please, feel free to contact my main office to schedule an appointment, and allow me to treat you to a cup of the finest Darjeeling Tea. If you'll excuse me~..." Gwen courteously bowed and approached the opened side door of her limousine. Although before she stepped inside, Gwen perked up and turned towards Akiha to impart her truly final words for the night.

"Oh, and to the victor...goes the spoils~..."
Gwen replied in regards to their dueling subordinates upcoming match, sporting a coy smile before ducking her head and disappearing into the luxurious vehicle. An appropriate callback to what the heiress ominously remarked towards Akiha before their own match started. Not that their were any tangible or monetary spoils to speak of outside of bragging rights, which between the dueling aristocrats, may have been something far more valuable.


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Re: War and Peace

Post by Person on Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:36 am

It seemed that Yayoi was questioning if they had any other skills. “Yes, we do fold laundry, though we also guard the house, take care of the gardens, cook meals, drive Akiha and anticipate her needs.  We also train with her.” stated Hisui in response to Yayoi statement about them being just glorified laundry folders.  “Though your Mistress did win, it was by no means an easy match for her, several times did the match go back and forth.  Do not forget at one point our Mistress almost won.  Also, don't forget that despite being outnumbered, we still took down all your henchwomen.  If we are nothing but glorified laundry folders, then what does that make them?  Laundry?” stated Kohaku as she then gave a giggle at her own joke.

The duo then heard her speak about a teammate but before they could make a response, Yayoi suddenly moved closer, grabbing their shoulder.  She then stated that regardless of their differences they needed to work together.  She was right about needing to ending the debate between the two mistresses, thus, Kohaku and Hisui would make their way to Akiha.

“Mistress, we have some errands we need to run and it is also late, we should head back.” stated Hisui in a polite tone. “Staying out this late is pretty bad for your health Akiha.  It's been a long night and we could all use some rest.” stated Kohaku in an unexpected polite tone.

- - - - -

The Japanese wrestler was also enjoying her little battle with Gwen.  It was something different, something she had not experienced before.  She had similar debates with her parents and other folks but it wasn't the same.  There she was seen as a child, not as an equal.  Here, Gwen and she were equals, both two high-class wrestlers.  Yet a bit of her was disappointed when the battle was interrupted by both Yayoi and her maids.

“It appears I must take my leave as well.  I understand the responsibility, as my family also runs an international business.  I do look forward to when we met again and perhaps I will throw a party and invite you.” stated Akiha in a polite tone before hearing Gwen last statement.  Unlike before she didn't have a response, Gwen had won their match fairly in Akiha eyes.  To make a retort may also ruin the friendship they were building but even if she had decided to make one, it would be too late as Gwen was already in her limo.

Akiha would now turn to her two maids.  “Let us depart.” she stated as she would then enter her own limo.

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Re: War and Peace

Post by Sponsored content

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