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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Love and War: Dave Blake vs Faith POW Match (Messenger)

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Love and War: Dave Blake vs Faith POW Match (Messenger)

Post by SleeperAgent94 on Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:19 am

I am so going to be abused.
Faith thought as she put on her outfit for her match. She had made a bet with a friend at school that if she had lost her last match then she would let him pick out her next match, and that was a complete mistake. She was still feeling sore from her No DQ match a few days ago, but her college friend wanted her to compete in a match, and do it now. 20-year old virgin Faith had thought that meant the opponent, but didn't realize that had meant the type of match as well. Never in her wildest dreams would she had thought she would be in a hentai match such as this! Her music hit as she proceeded to walk down the ramp looking at the ground, not able to even look at the crowd as they cheered. (Probably to see her get raped) Faith jumped into the ring and went to her corner, She tried to get herself ready thinking, It can’t be worse than what you went through while growing up.
The crowd seemed to be packed tonight, Dave thought as he heard the rumbling of noise coming from the arena. He was scheduled to go up against a newbie to tension. A girl named Faith. He hasn't heard of her before, but what a way to kick the door in. He was taken aback at first when he heard this was going to be her first match. Some women who come into Tension very rarely hear about the more erotic matches until later on, so this choice baffled him to say the least.

Once his music started to blare out, Dave rushed into the arena, happy as ever. He gave a score of high fives as he dove into the ring, waving to all his fans. Despite his losses, he was still a favorite in the male division of Tension, and he was gonna make sure the crowd enjoyed tonight's fight, whether he won or lost. When he laid eyes on his opponent, he froze. She looked skittish, like if he made one move she would faint dead away! Pausing for a moment, he went to her, raising a hand for a shake, while he asked, "Faith is it? Are you doing ok?"
Faith blushed as the handsome man came into the arena. He was one of the hottest guys she had ever seen, a bit short, but his face was so amazing! As he asked her if she was OK, she quickly and Flusterly responded, "F....Fine! I'm fine! I.... I'm totally ready for this!" She made eye contact with him for a quick second but had to look away quickly, his gorgeous eyes gazed at her causing her to tremble slightly.
"Wh...what ab....about you? Ar.....Are you doing ok yourself?
Dave tilted his head, not totally believing her reply.

"You sure? This isn't the kind of match a newbie would choose." he said, before giving a shrug. The girl was cute, no denying that. At her question, he gave a chuckle, "In my old league I had to do these matches. Not that fazed by them."

As soon as that was done, he backed into a corner, waiting for the bell to ring. "I won't go easy on you ok? I expect you to give me your best!."
Faith couldn't make eye contact with the man and nodded in response, she backed up to her corner and looked at her hands, thanking that she had gloves on and maybe could win this match without her skin touching any unmentionable areas. The bell ring and Faith looked up and started to head toward her opponent.
When the bell rang, Dave moved forward to meet her, "Please don't think I'm a bad guy ok? It's just the match. Let's just try to give the crowd a good match ok Faith?"

He gave her a reassuring smile before going for the lockup. He would give her a chance to show her stuff, so he could get a feel on what kind of wrestler she was.

Faith Locked up with Dave, after what had occurred in her first fight, she had decided to take things her training out of the ring a little more seriously had watched a couple of judo videos to try to learn how to throw people, when she locked up, she was planning to immediately attempt to grab his body and attempt a judo throw, but when they touched she blushed, realizing that the handsome man was actually touching her and this threw her off. She attempted a hip toss, but with her being distracted combined with her already beginner level of judo, she wasn't able to do the hip toss properly.

When Faith tried to perform a hip toss, he noticed that her form was all off. She was too distracted by something, and that destroyed her move, resulting in a shove more than a throw. Dave took a step forward, before turning and delivering a swift kick to her exposed belly. Same plan as always, wear her down, then make the sexual moves. If she doubled over, he would grab her and lift her into the air. After a moment, he fell back, slamming her to the mat in a suplex.

Faith was struck in the stomach by the 190 pound man and was forced to double over, the next thing she knew, she was being picked up and slammed into the mat and landed hard on her back.
"Guh!" Faith Screamed out in pain as she was slammed onto her back and held her stomach. She was hit there a few times in her first match and was still feeling the pain from that. After letting herself hold her stomach for about 3 seconds, she started to attempt to drag herself backwards so that she could get toward the rope in case Dave tried to follow up with some sort of submission.

He managed to score the suplex, though Faith's scream put him off a little. He had to shake that feeling aside however, as he got up, grabbing Faith by her shoulder and heaving her to her feet. He aimed a few soft punches to her gut, before nailing her with a swift uppercut. If it worked, shed be on her knees in front of him when her leg's gave way.

"I'm sorry about this. You're a cute girl, but I gotta take this match seriously. I hope you understand." he whispered to her.
Faith was helpless to resist as she was brought to her feet for the second time and then hit with a stunner, as her chin hit his shoulder, she felt her head rattle as she fell to his side face up. She laid there for a minute before grabing her head and holding it, Faith was used to pain from when she lived with her parrents, and with the exception of one time that her arm was broken, she had never felt so much pain and injury in her life.
"Uhhh" Faith moaned out.
Leaning down to her, he whispered, "If you want me to end it quickly, just say so. I'd rather not put you through more pain than necessary."

He gave her a few moments to see if she would respond.
"Uhhh." Faith moaned, she was in a lot of pain, but that is what she knew best, how to keep going even after she should have given up. She slowly started to get back to her feet, her body and head was in alot of pain, but she was not going to quit no matter what.
"W....why would you ask that? I'm ....... not done yet." She breathed, as she got to her feet, she was a little wobbly.
Faith got knocked back to the corner by the swift palm strikes and the crowd cheered Dave on. As he speared her, Faith's already injured stomach was hurt even more as she weinced in pain and closed her eyes.
"Ugh!" She yelled out and with her still closed eyes, she took her right hand over her body and started hammer fisting Dave's back, but with very little effect as the pain caused her to lower the power of her punches.
Dave winced at the strike to his back, swerving out of the way. With one swift move, he sent a brutal chop to the back of her neck. If it worked, it would send her reeling. At best it would knock her out, at worst, it would stun her for a few moments...not that a knock out would result in the win.
Faith was surprised at the result as she got a reaction from her opponent, so surprised she didn't see the chop to the back of her neck coming.
As it connected, Faith was doped instantly, as she hit the ground and landed on her side, completely out cold.
Resolving to apologize to her after the match, he picked up her limp body, leaning her up against the corner. He looped her arms through the ropes to keep her standing. After a moment, Dave closed the distance, gently rubbing at her crotch. This should be the beginning of the end for Faith. He had the dominant position at this point, and he wasn't gonna give it up.

Faith was hoisted up and put in the corner like a sack of meat and was held there as Dave begun to rub her sex, the crowd went wild for this as Faith was slowly starting to wake up, however, she started to smile as if her unconscious body was enjoying this.
The smile helped put his mind at ease, and Dave continued to arouse the girl through her sexy ring gear. He even leaned in and stole a kiss from her for good measure.
As Dave went in a stole Faith's first kiss, The Canadian woke up. It took her a second to remember where she was and all that she knew during the first few seconds was that this handsome man that she didn't know had kissed her and woke her up. She was going through her head some sort of sleeping beauty story when she start to remember what was going on and noticed that she was being sexually assaulted.
"Wh.....What are you doing?!"Faith asked in an embarrassed tone. She started to blush hard and attempted to push Dave away as she tried to push the American away, but with no real success. The crowd was going crazy at this point.
"It's part of the match" Dave said, a bit red faced himself, but her shoves did not budge him from his position, "I have to make you cum before i pin you."

He added a bit more force into his rubs, hoping the pleasure would distract her. Usually during these kinds of matches that's how it usually went. Unless she did something drastic, Dave had her dead to rights.
"Please....,"The Canadian begged, scared that she was going to have her first orgasim infront of so many people, "You don't need to do this..." Faith started to cry a little bit as Dave continueusly rubbed her sex, she was getting wetter and wetter as he did, she tried to push him off her again, but Faith's strength was rapidly fadeing.
Dave bit his lip and thought for what to do, then he got an idea. Letting up on the pressure a bit, he whispered in her ear, "I have an idea. You'll have to fake an orgasm. You are wet enough that it can pass as one. You need to make it look convincing ok?"

Her crying is what got to him. Despite his rough moments, Dave was a softy at heart. He wasn't gonna put her through more if neither of them were enjoying it. He needed to end this. Dave made a show of upping the pressure on her by twisting his hand to grind against her, hoping she was a good actress.
Faith look at Dave in disbelieve, was he actually giving her a way out? She thought for a second, before nodding, there was no way she was going to win at this rate, maybe this could be considered a victory in itself. Faith begun increasing her moaning for a few seconds, then yelled out, "OH!!!!! I'm cumming! And let out a moan of pleasure, before falling back to the ground, pretending she was exhausted from the orgasm, which wasn't hard since she was exhausted.

Not going to let the moment go to waste, Dave went for the cover. "Nice job Faith!" he whispered, hooking her leg up for the pin. The ref came down and slapped the mat.

"ONE! TWO!!!" he began, while Dave kept her covered. Normally he was a by the books fighter, but he was gonna bend the rules just this once for the new girl.
Faith was put in the cover and instantly fought to get out, while she was grateful that she wasn't going to get abused anymore, she didn't want to just loose the match, however, she was so out of it and pressed down by a 190 pound man, she had no way to escape as the ref hit for the third time and called for the bell.
Once the bell was called, Dave rolled off of her, offering a hand to her. "C'mon" he said, "You have to come with me."

He led her out of the arena, waving to a few fans, before going backstage, "Make sure you grab your things and meet me back here when you're done. I'll explain everything then."
Faith blushed as she was ordered around, part of her wanted to ask why, but the man was so hansome and did have a claim to her, so she proceeded to do what he said, she went into the girl's locker room and changed into normal clothes.
She grabbed her backpack which had her phone, outfit, keys, and other various small items, and went back out to meet him.
Dave gave a sigh, "Something tells me that you have no idea what the stakes of this match didn't know?"

He felt awkward having to bring this up to her, now that he changed into a t-shirt and some jeans. Giving a gesture for her to follow him, he led her out of the arena toward his apartment.
Faith nodded and responded.
"It was a POW match, which means you can do what you want with me. I suppose that means I have to do alot of chores, cleaning and cooking for you now, correct?"
Dave gave a laugh, "The match part was correct, but you don't need to do any cleaning. Besides, around here, wrestlers do....other things if they win. But I'm not the kind of guy who would force you to do anything you did not want to do!"

He quickly became red faced at the dirty thought that went through his brain. She was too nice to try and force onto. Above all, Dave was fair. Walking to the door, he took a moment to unlock it.
"Other things?" Faith asked, "Such as what?"
Faith followed Dave into his apartment.
Dave sighed, not happy to have to spell this out, "Most wrestlers usually......sleep with each other."

He braced himself for the inevitable freak out that was coming from the girl. Seems she didn't know about the seedier parts of AFW.
Faith blushed and turned red, she felt like an idiot for not noticing before.
"W....wait..... is that what we are doing here?"
"Like I said before, I won't force you into anything. Though I will say that you should choose your matches carefully. Other wrestlers here won't be as chivalrous as I was tonight." Dave explained, a blush on his face.
"The trouble is I only have one bed." he said, scratching the back of his head.
Faith couldn't look at him, he was so gorgeous, but she didn't know what to do. Honestly, she knew she had lost, and she knew he had a right to her, but honestly, she didn't know what to do.
"Ummmmm" She blushed, "What...... do you want to do?"
Dave tossed his things aside, sitting on the bed, "Well I think it only fair if I get your opinion. Clearly you do not want to sleep with me, which is fine. I respect that. I am willing to do something you are comfortable with. Just let me know."

He gave her a gentle smile, patting the spot next to her as an invitation to sit.
Faith Continued to blush as she sat down next to the American, she was grateful that this man was so kind and soft to her, she realized that he didn't have to be, and could even just knock her out and then mess with her, but he wasn't doing that. She held her still bruised stomach as she was finally able to look up at the man's gorgeous face and said. "Oh..... thank you..... you.... can do whatever you want to me...... but..... I could.......I don't know.... ask you some questions instead....."
Dave gave her a soft smile, ruffling her hair a bit, "Of course, ask me whatever you'd like. While you do that, lay down here. I'll get a hot pad for your stomach. It'll help with the pain. Sorry about that by the way. I guess I got carried away."

Getting up, he went to his closet, grabbing a hot pad and bringing it to the girl, "Here you go Faith. This should help."
Faith almost passed out as the amazing man started to stroke her hair. He was actually acting like he cared about her! "Um..... well.... the first question I have to ask..... Why are you being so nice to me? You don't have to be..... and if you signed up for this match knowing that it was what it was, it meant you wanted that...... so..... why are you being so nice? You even let me fake an orgasm to get out of the contest, why?"
Dave gave an embarrassed chuckle, "Well when I sign up for a match, I care about giving the crowd a good show. Whether I win or lose is of no concern to me. If you aren't having fun, then how will the crowd get into it? Plus....I don't like seeing you cry. You need to smile more often."

He grinned at her, "I totally get it. I was kinda like that a few years back. But I didn't get the chance you did. So I just thought it was the right thing to do. In fact most of my matches were one sided. I was the pretty boy who always lost. I can't begin to tell you how many ways I was knocked out. Guys and girls alike."
Faith Took the hot pad and laid down on her back on the bed, letting the hot pad rest on her stomach. This man was such a gentleman! Hearing him tell her to smile, made her try to smile a little bit. She gasped though as she heard how he was knocked out so many times.
"You lost a lot though? How? I couldn't even imagine the possibly of you loosing, you are so strong.... and skilled...."
Dave laughed, "I wasn't always like that. I was a rookie. In fact, i lost a few matches here too. Sometimes I just....lost. I'm not as strong as you think. There are many guys here who are better than me in that department."

He continued to sit beside her, not daring to try anything in the event he might scare her. Best to calm her down and talk. Hell, she was his for the next 24 hours, so they might as well get comfortable.

Faith continued to ask questions, it wasn't even crossing her mind that she was his property, yet she was asking all the questions.
"But.... why did you keep it up if you kept losing like that. And how did you become so amazingly good?"
Dave shrugged, "It was all about having fun! Some of the losses weren't all that bad. As far as me getting good? I'm far from skilled compared to others here. But I'm still training hard, and that's how you get better. You learn to take the hits, and dish them out twice as powerful."

Looking at her he gave a wink, "With a bit of training you could be great too!"
Hearing this, Faith smiled. The thought of her becoming even half as strong as Dave excited her beyond no end. She immediately asked
""I could!? Wow! What would I have to do to learn to do that?"
Dave tapped his chin thoughtfully, "Well first thing you need is pain tolerance. You gotta take those hits, and act like they never hit you. It's not easy. Your gut there needs the most work. A bit of training and you can take some more hits and still fight. Then you need strike and submission training. I noticed you froze there for a few moments when you attempted the hip toss. need a friend. Friends help each other out here in AFW. Good news is, you got one already!"

He gave her a wink, a cheery laugh following it.
The Canadian was glad that Dave had said that and gave a little chuckle back at him. He was so nice!
"Ok, where would be the best place for me to go to get trained like that? I would love to learn more about how to do well in this sport"
"Well you could go get a trainer......" Dave began, looking a little nervous, "Or....maybe....I could help train you?"
Faith smiled at the thought. "That would be amazing! Thank you so much!"
Dave smiled as well. Deciding to test the water, he moved to lay next to her, letting out a sigh, "Feels nice to relax after a good match."

He felt his hand brush against hers and the young man blushed slightly.
Faith instantly blushed as he laid next to her, his body next to her's she trembled slightly as he nudged her hand, but did nothing to stop it.
Dave looked over at her, "Sorry the match didn't go the way you hoped. If it makes you feel better, you looked amazing in that ring. Your ring attire looks great on you!"

Hesitating, he gently held her hand, "I felt bad about causing you that much pain...."

Faith Blushed deeper as he did, she wasn't sure if she was ready for this, however, she also knew that this man had the right to do it, as she responded.
"Oh.... thank you... my friend from college made it for me, I think it is a little over sexual..... but I'm glad some body likes it...." Her voice started to rail off as she started talking about her life.
Seeing how worried she was, he gently squeezed her hand, "If you don't want me to do something, just tell me ok Faith? I'm not gonna force you into anything. If you just want a kiss then that's fine. It's up to you. I will say you do look amazing to me." he said with an honest look in his eyes.

"I'm not like the guys people warn girls about. I'm my own guy. I'm a geek who likes to wrestle. Nothing more." he explained.
Faith was still embarrassed with him being so close to her in bed, but at the same time, she understood that she had to do something to make up him being such a gentleman to her.
She took off her hot pack rolled over so that she was on top of Dave and looking down at him. She then went down and kissed him lightly on the lips. She figured he would then start going in for a deep kiss himself. Faith had decided if he started to take off her clothes, she would let him, but wouldn't remove them herself.
He felt her roll on top of him, kissing him gently. Dave slowly closed his eyes, letting his hands rub her back slowly. He was content to stay where they were, unless she wanted to take things further.
Faith was still blushing as she was on top of Dave, she thought that he would have done something at this point, but realized he wasn't doing anything. She proceed back down and went in for a deep kiss.
Dave smiled against Faith's lips, and his hands slowly moved under her shirt a bit, but only to gently rub her back, with his fingers gently moving over her smooth skin. Breaking the kiss, he looked at her, "My god you look amazing....."

Rolling them over with a cheery laugh, Dave removed his own shirt, while leaving her clothed, revealing his own torso. His body, while not ripped like most males in Tension, was lean and toned. Reaching down, he cupped her cheek with his hand, leaning down to steal another kiss from her again, this time sneaking his tongue in slowly, so as not to scare her, turning the soft kiss into a more intimate French Kiss.
Faith blushed as he started to take control and ripped off his shirt showing his amazing body, she almost started to drool then as he grabbed her face and started to french kiss her. She let him put her tounge in her and started to wish that he would strip her down like he just ripped off his shirt.
Dave grinned, starting to feel all hot under what clothes he had. Breaking the kiss, he looked at her, "Do you want me to continue? If you do, let me know when to stop ok?"

His hand stroked her gorgeous hair gently, waiting for a response.
Faith blushed while under the powerful American, she was so emotional at this point she couldn't speak, all that she could do was nod her head.
Leaning down, Dave kissed Faith once more, more slowly this time. While hs did, his hands slowly moved her shirt up, taking it off of her. He needed to keep things slow. Now everything was ok, but Dave needed to keep it that way. He cared about this girl more than any person he had slept with, even his past boyfriend.

He whispered quiet words of encouragement in her ear as he placed soft kisses on her neck.
Faith let out a light moan as her black bra was shown.  Faith gave a few kisses back to the man on his neck. Faith was starting to enjoy this more as she take off her skirt, but was having a problem since she was on the bottom of this muscular man.
Dave saw the girl attempt to undress herself. Smiling, he reached down to help her. Once he got the garment off of her he resumed kissing the girl. Reaching up, He pinned her shoulders gently to the mat, and gave her a playful growl, chuckling shortly after
Faith continued to kiss him right after he finished chuckling, she continued to kiss Dave, she slowly with her feet were able to slip off her pantyhose, leaving her in nothing but a bra, panties, and glasses. She was embarrassed at her body being shown to Dave, but was to busy enjoying the kissing to say anything.
Unable to control himself, he looked at her and sighed, "You look beautiful."

He caught what he said and blushed a dark red, looking away for a moment out of embarrassment.
Faith turned red again, as she heard his voice say those words. She had never thought that about herself, she never thought she was ugly, but she never thought she was beautiful. She never had the long gorgeous hair of a model, and was slightly pale, but when a handsome man like Dave said that, she couldn't stop herself from saying, "You..... look so handsome...." She turned away, not able to bare the thought of what he would say after she said that.
Smiling, Dave gently turned her face toward his, "I'm not all that handsome. Like I said, I'm the geek who likes to wrestle. But for you to say's sweet. I like it."

Leaning down, he pressed his body against her own, after pulling off his pants and leaving him in his own boxers. His arms were wrapped around her waist, where he sighed at how smooth her skin was. He made no move to remove her underwear, perfectly fine to keep it how it was, with some kissing, and the occasional teasing.
Faith was also completely OK with keeping the two of them like this, as she continued to deeply kiss the American. She saw him remove his pants and blushed deeply.
Not noticing her blush, Dave's hand moved up the Canadian's stomach, gently going up to her chest. Smirking he gave her breast a tiny and gentle squeeze. Depending on her reaction, he might try to arouse her more, or just stick to the kissing and compliments.

"You know, last time I was a prisoner, my opponent made me play wrestle with her." he said with a chuckle, "At least you got to be with a nice guy like me."

Faith moaned as he squeezed her breast, in gave out a slight moan of pleasure. With all honestly, she felt a little scared, however, she knew how gentle he was and how this should be a lot worst, so she just smiled and continued to kiss him.
"I'm not usually rough. My ex boyfriend and I were pretty easy going. He had this weird thing where he liked it when I knocked him out. Hell he let me use chloroform to do it!."

He smiled, before suddenly flipping their positions, "Why should I have all the fun? Go ahead beautiful, or else I might continue teasing you."
As if to prove his point, he gave her breast another firm squeeze. If she didn't do anything, he might just relax and cover them up for the night.

As Faith got rolled over, she stopped kissing and sat up on him.
"Um........" She blushed slightly. "Let you? Did...... you like knocking him out?" She asked, while she was a little bit scared, she was more curious then anything else.
Dave thought for a moment, "A bit. But that was only when he told me what he was into. It was consensual. I don't go around knocking people out to get off on a regular basis. It was just something he was into. Having been sleepered, bearhugged, chloroformed, and everything in between, I knew what was safer than others."

He bit his lip, worried he might have scared her away. It's not like he was gonna do that to her tonight!
Faith blushed and bit her lip. If he liked to do that then......
"Um...... If you are into that..... would you like to knock me out" She asked in a slight scared voice, Faith thought she might rather that over losing her virginity, which is where this was going.
Dave looked at her in shock, " that what you want? How do you want me to do it? Chloroform would be painless, but it's up to you..... only if it's what you want."

Dave was a bit excited that she didn't reject him cause of his acquired fetish from Jean ,but her request shocked him nonetheless. He looked up at her, waiting to see what she will say.
Faith broke eye contact, while she thought, after about half a minute of thinking she said, "Wh...whichever one you would prefer....... If possible..... I'd rather not black out from a punch or something, either Chloroform or choke....... but you can do what you would like......"
Giving her a look, he moved off of the bed, going elsewhere to look for chloroform. That would be less painful for her. "Ok then, but try to stay awake for as long as you can ok? Once you pass out, you'll be out for a few minutes. I promise not to have sex with you or anything like that. I just want to see if you can fight it longer than I could. I only made it about 20 seconds when I got it a while back. That was before AFW."

Holding the chloroform soaked rag in his hand, he approached Faith from behind, where he usually went with Jean when he did this. Hopefully she wouldn't turn around.
Faith thought he was going to give her a heads up and didn't look his way, she was still on the bed, on her knees facing away from him. When he came up from behind and put it on her, she fought back slightly at first, not realizing it was him but then stooped when she realized what was going on.

Faith tried to keep her eyes open for as long as she could, but slowly and more slowly, they got heavier and heavier. Eventually, the darkness took over her and she passed out after about 15 seconds.
Dave clamped the rag over her pretty face for a moment, and then she started to struggle. It wasn't long after that he noticed her starting to take deep breaths of the chloroform, with her arms slowly falling limp at her sides. Giving her a shake just to make sure she was out, He lay the cloth aside and let her flop on the bed. Chuckling to himself, he pretended he had gotten the pin from a match, hooking her leg up and counting to 3. After he had his little fun, he leaned up and quickly stole a kiss from her parted lips, before laying the bed sheets over her to tuck her into bed. He himself climbed in with her and held her close until she woke up.
It took sometime, but Faith eventually woke up, she held her head and body which was in pain from her match. A few bruises has finally appeared on her stomach she looked up to see Dave. She Jumped before recalling the events of last night and calming herself down.
"I'm sorry about that...... How long was I out? And what happened when you put the drug on me? How long did it take before I passed out?"
Dave smiled, "You lasted about 15 seconds. You should be proud, cause you put up quite the fight. When I but the chloroform on you, you just kept breathing it in until you just went limp. I was about to fall asleep when you started waking up. It's still a few hours before sunrise."

Smiling at her, he asked, "What did it feel like? I assume that was your first time with chloroform."
Faith blushed as she asked this, she didn't like answering questions about herself, at the same time, this man was, well, her owner right now, so she knew she had to answer, besides, this wasn't a super deep and personal question anyways.
"It... was actually very peaceful, I was fine one moment, then I started to get super sleepy, super quickly..... and next thing I knew.... I was waking up next to you...."

They spent the next few minutes in silence before Dave asked, "Ummm Faith, there is something I'd like to ask."

Looking at him, she tilted her head and waited for his question.

Dave took a deep breath, "Well I wanted to see...if you weren't busy that is.....if you wanted to catch dinner and a movie with me in a few days?"

He was taking a leap of faith here, leaving the decision to the gorgeous girl before him. Maybe months after his breakup with Jean, Dave found someone special.

Faith turned a bright shade of red. She had never been asked out before and wasn't sure that this was him asking her out or just to do something as friends.
She thought for a minute, and decided that it would be best if she just straight up asked.

"I...... are you asking to go, like as friends? Or...." She gulped, "As more than friends....?"

Dave held her hand and looked directly into he pretty eyes, "I.....I want to go on a date with you.... I realize this is all weird. I ask you this after knocking you out, but I feel something with you Faith. I don't know what it is yet, but I want to find out."
Faith had to break eye contact instantly, he was one of the most gentle, nice, and gorgeous man she had ever met. Her instant reaction was to say yes, after all, she never had a boy friend before and was desperate for one, but deep in side she knew what she had to do.
"I'm sorry," Faith said reluctantly, "I..... you...... You are one of the most amazing men that I have ever met and deserve a gorgeous perfect woman for yourself..... and.... that's just not me. I'm not as pretty as you make me out to be.... and I don't know if I can stay faithful to you with all this wrestling stuff going on..... so.... I'm sorry.... but I don't think I am good enough for you....."
Faith had to stop herself from breaking out into tears, but she knew she couldn't cry right now, she had to stay strong for Dave's sake.
Dave felt crushed, but he placed a hand on her cheek, "I wasn't lying about you being pretty. I meant it. Plus relationships here are....different....but not impossible. Never think you are not good enough. You are an amazing girl Faith, and that's the honest truth."

Faith couldn't hold it in for a second longer, she fell to her knees and started to cry, just exploding in tears. a huge part of her wanted to say yes, and just be selfish, but she kept thinking how he deserves better than her, that he would find a woman that would make him feel at least 2 times better than she did, she knew it and for that reason, she kept her mouth shut.
Dave slowly pulled Faith closer. wrapping her arms around her in a gentle hug. In truth he knew about the difficulties of a relationship here in AFW, but when it came to a girl like Faith, he wanted to try. Not out of any desperate need to get a girl, but because he felt that Faith was a sweet person. As a guy who always found happiness by putting others before himself, he thought of nothing but making Faith feel better. It broke his heart to see her like this.

"I know it seems difficult, but I'm being honest with you....nothing would make me happier than being with you. Not many people like the geek, so you can imagine how hard it is for people like me to come across people like you. I just have this amazing feeling when I'm close to you....." he admitted, hugging her body against his.
Faith continued to cry as Dave embraced her, she was trembling, She knew she wasn't good enough for him, she knew that she was being selfish, she knew that if this goes south, her time at AFW was gone, but at the same time, she wanted this more than anything.
Faith embraced back, and responded with, "Ok..... we can try it out..... at least one date....."
Dave paused for a moment, relieved at her answer, "Thank you....Faith. This means the world to me to have this chance."

Rubbing her back gently he gestured to the bed, "Lets get some rest. It will be morning in a few hours."

Smiling gently, he guided her back down and held her in a warm embrace.
No, thank you
Faith thought as she followed Dave back into bed, to her, it was a joy that some one was enjoying her so much that they would ask her out even after all that she had done tonight, from loosing a match in an embarrassing way, from not knowing enough to know about the POW stipulation, to letting herself be kissed and striped to her underwear by a man who she had just met a few hours earlier, to even letting that man knock her out. But Dave still loved her through all that, as she laid down with him and fell to sleep.
Eventually, Dave felt Faith's fitful sobs die down, and soon she was fast asleep in his arms. He wondered what he was thinking when he asked her on a date. In truth....he felt something. She reminded him of himself when he started off. Young, a tad naive it seems. But while she had someone to help her through the hard times, he did not. He felt a warmth expand in his chest when he held her close. This didn't feel like lust or just a physical attraction....this felt so.......real.

On that thought, Dave rested his head close by hers, and drifted off to sleep, holding Faith close as he passed into slumber.
Faith woke up early the next morning and saw Dave asleep next to her. She smiled, surprisingly not embarrassed, she looked around and put on her clothes, before leaving and going to the kitchen. Faith knew as the new girlfriend dating someone she didn't deserve, she had to make herself prove how great she was. As such, she immediately started cooking up some breakfast.
Dave did not immediately wake up when Faith slipped away. When he did wake up about 20 minutes later, only to find the bed empty, part of him worried that she had left him. Sighing, he got up and got dressed in a black t shirt and pant, only to hear activity from the kitchen. Deciding to risk it, he peeked his head in and saw Faith cooking in his kitchen with a diligent look on her face. He chuckled, before entering the kitchen, "Good Morning. Did you sleep well?"
Faith's face lit up upon seeing him, the new man that was now the light of her life and responded with,
"Good morning! And yes, better than I had slept in a long time! Sorry, I just got a little bit nervous and wanted to cook up something. That always helps my nerves, Hope you like eggs and bacon!" She said with a smile. "Also, I know you kind of own me for the next couple of hours, but if your OK with it, I still have some homework I need to do, so after breakfast I will be going to work on that."
Dave laughed, stroking her hair, "I don't mind, and take your time with whatever you need to do."

Moving to get some dishes for them, he looked at her and smiled to himself. Once you get passed the nervousness, Faith was a sweet girl. She was better than she thought herself to be.
Faith, who was happily moving from spot to spot getting breakfast ready, finished and served it. She also, before she could forget, wrote her number down on a napkin and gave it to Dave.
After eating, she looked at Dave, and half jokingly said, "So.... I suppose I have to ask since you still have me as a POW, is there anything else you would like me to do? Also, if I can go, should I go out in regular cloths? Or, I don't know, what I wore to sleep last night?"
Dave smirked at her, "Only if you want to Faith. You know nothing i like more than holding you close, unless you couldn't get enough of me knocking you out and wanted to beat your time?"

He laughed and raised his hands, "Joking! You can leave when you want, and feel free to wear what you want.
Faith blushed for a second before smiling and said. "Great to hear, well..... I need to head out for homework. Make sure you call me either tonight or tomorrow some time!" She left the table and proceed to grab her belongings.
"Hang on one sec," Dave said, tossing her a spare key, "You are more than welcome to stop by anytime."

Giving her a smile he waited for her to get her things.
Faith took the key and smiled. "Ok, I will do! I'd give you my spare key, but my roommate had it, sorry! Well... I will see you around!" Faith gave Dave a goodbye kiss and proceed to walk away.

*sigh* Ok let me get the passcode.....all set, go on in!


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