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Friction Debut Match - Izumi Hartmann

Thu May 25, 2017 10:48 pm by Kamoi

Hi everyone!

My first Character here, Izumi Hartmann Is looking for her debut match, preferrably a Standard match.
Just PM me~

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Where I've Been, & Likely to Be Gone Awhile

Thu May 25, 2017 5:53 am by Lunchador

Hullo, all-

First of all, apologies to everyone that I've had threads going on with for some time now. For the last couple of months I've been completely out of touch, left a lot of folks hanging, and I apologize for that. Had a lot going on personally, lately. My partner's been very ill, requiring almost all of my immediate attention. Additionally, we're getting forced out of our apartment- we're on a month-by-month lease, and the landlord is expiring that in order to renovate the …

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Rosters offering

Thu May 25, 2017 12:51 am by KillerV

So I decide to get rid bunch of rosters, so heres these two I dont want to get rid of.....

So the rest anyone can have, just let me know, PM ME, first come first serve, but be fair, could at least just have one so others could claim

Might edit later if I forget something.

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Sandy White "The Giantess"

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Sandy White "The Giantess"

Post by Winner3 on Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:40 am

Tagline:"You couldn't share a ring with me even on my worst day! And I'll give you the battle scars to prove it!"

Age: 25
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6’1”
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: English
Entrance Music: "Breathing" by Yellowcard

Match History:

Wins: 5 Losses: 5

Sandy White vs Karen Starring: Loss via ko (bearhug)

Sandy White vs Aiko Hana: Win via KO and pinfall (Jumping Sitout Piledriver)

Sandy White vs Arya Stilek : Win via KO (Breast Smother)

Sandy White vs Karen Starring : Win via KO (Body Scissor)

Kaiala Yuritza vs Sandy White : Loss via KO (Backstabber Followed up with a Rear Naked Choke)

Sandy White vs Selynda Star : Loss via Submission (Muffler Stretch Hentai Finisher, was humiliated with a strap on after the match)

Aiko Hana vs Sandy White  : Loss via Pin (Superkick into the Turnbuckle)

Last Woman Standing Match: Harley Jackson vs Sandy White  : Win via Jumping Tombstone Piledriver into Facesitting for the entire count of 10

Aiko Hana vs Sandy White NHB "I Quit" Match : Win via Referee stoppage (opponent sustained a serious ankle injury after a Curbstomp to a chair that was folded around her leg, followed up by an ankle lock)

Anampo Yatgra  vs Sandy White : Loss via Submission (Boston Crab)

Strikes: 5/5
Submissions: 3.5/5
Speed/Aerial Moves: 2/5
Endurance: 3.5/5
Counters: 3/5


Wrestling Style: While Sandy has had formal wrestling training, she will usually default to beating down her opponent with strikes and slams. She is not above using more traditional heel tactics like the occasional biting of fingers, stepping on hands, etc. if she feels sneeds toto in order to get the upper hand. If she's forced into a position where she feels she actually has to display technical wrestling ability, she will. But she will default to using her size and strength to overpower others or using drawing matches out to outlast them. She has a habit of talking down to and taunting her opponents, especially when she is in control of the match. She always tries to win in convincing and decisive fashion.

Signature Moves:


Standing Leg Drop

Boston Crab


Kinniku Buster

Torture Rack

Blue Thunder Bomb

Gut Wrench Powerbomb

Personality: Sandy can come across as abrasive. She likes to keep a small circle of friends. And "small" in her case means few to none. She enjoys the thrill of competing and will, at times, push people's buttons and step on toes just to get a rise out of someone and throw down. Somehow, engaging and conflict and coming out on top makes her feel validated and so she continues doing this until she feels like this desire has been met. Sandy can become easily frustrated and will go out of her way to assert dominance or prove she's better than other girls, especially in the ring. Recent interactions with other wrestlers at AFW have caused her to specifically try to oust weaker wrestlers out of the business and prevent them from wrestling at all, ever again. Or at least putting them in their places.

Background:Sandy doesn't have a storied history. There was no real experience or pivotal turning point in her life that shaped her into being the kind of person that she is, today. She led a normal life growing up in a standard, nuclear family in England. Nothing fancy. Sandy was into sports throughout her life growing up as a student. She discovered professional wrestling in high school and always had a fondness for the successful heel characters, particular the greats that helped shape the business into what it is, today. She graduated from high school and sought a career in the profession right away. After trying her hand at becoming a wrestler, she found that she was very good. Good enough to hang with just about anyone in the ring, even if she had to resort to using any means necessary to do so. And her ventures and exploits as a wrestler led her to compete in several places, the most recent of which being AFW.

Enemies: Aiko Hana, Shinobu Kudo, Karen Starring, Selynda Star

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"Winner's Full Roster Page"

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