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Looking for character debut

Sat May 26, 2018 9:07 pm by Hedgehawk

Hey Guys,

So i have finished rounding the basics off my new guy Ichiro Kuo.

I was wondering if anyone would be up for threading with him for his debut. It doesn't have to be match, it can be some backstage stuff. Just wanna set something up to get the creative juices flowing.

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Double or Nothing- Alex Withers vs. Elsa Grey

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Double or Nothing- Alex Withers vs. Elsa Grey

Post by Clobber Jobber on Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:03 pm

Match Type: Hardcore, Prisoner of War
Rules: No disqualifications, anything goes.
Victory Conditions: The first wrestler to verbally submit becomes the winner's slave for the night.

Elsa Grey:
Alex Withers:

Alex's heart was pounding in her chest. Nervousness, excitement, and raw fear competed for the forefront of her attention all at once, with fear taking the lead. Her challenge had been called out, the woman who brutalized Rachel in that tag-team match months ago and nearly taken her home for more had finally called Alex out on her “double or nothing” challenge, and now it was the brunette's turn to face her. Alex didn't really mind the long wait, the more time she could buy, the better. Because, despite her bravado when she challenged Elsa Grey, she didn't think she was up to this.

No, she had to be. This was her fight for their freedom. If she didn't win here, that lunatic would take them both home, and probably do unspeakable things to them. If she did, Elsa would be out of their hair, the lingering anxiety that had plagued her since that night would be gone. It all hinged on yet another hardcore, no-holds-barred brawl. This was it.

As her theme music came on, Alex tried her best to look confident as she strode down the aisle, dressed up in her usual sleeveless, midriff-bearing top, loose tie, jeans and a baseball cap. Elsa was already waiting as she approached, forgoing her usual dominatrix getup for something a little more casual: a sort of biker getup sans anything under the jacket. Alex would almost admire her style, if it was something she could even focus on right now. As she climbed in the ring, she wasn't interested in doing so much as a handshake, lifting her hands up by her face in preparation for the bell. “Why so cold, my dear?” Elsa teased as she saw her opponent's defensive stance, “we are just here for a little fun, no?” She waited a few moments for a response, but it was clear Alex wasn't interested in any sort of dialogue, so she decided to lay off it. In truth, Elsa was actually glad for this: most of her fights so far were definitely entertaining for her, but they didn't utilize much actual fighting style on her part. This was alright, but it also gave potential opponents the idea that she lacked any sort of actual technique or skill, and just knew how to take advantage of a match that she was already dominating. Not that she expected not to dominate this match, but if Alex was so raring to fight, she'd put a bit of more form into it.

This in mind, Elsa simply cracked her knuckles as the bell rang, letting Alex get the first attack in to give the girl a vote of confidence that she could strip away. Alex went right along with this, charging in and taking a swing right for the taller woman's face. Elsa did nothing to stop the blow, a loud “thump” ringing out as it connected, but instead responded with a heavy punch to Alex's open belly. Alex's eyes shot open wide as the hit sunk in, bending over and leaving herself exposed for a second punch to her face. Alex brought her arms up to defend herself as Elsa followed up with punch after punch, grunting as each hit impacted her arms, head and body. For the most part, each hit did little damage, but it was getting tiring, fast, and Elsa showed no signs of slowing. As the barrage continued, Alex started backing up to mitigate the pain, the two of them slowly approaching the ropes when Elsa switched tactics, reaching over Alex's shoulders while her vision was still obscured by her arms and lifting her shirt, using the leverage to drive her knee into the smaller girl's body three times. Finally, Alex budged, her defense falling from her face as she tried to cover her body, and Elsa used the opportunity to wrench the girl's shirt from her, pulling off her cap and leaving her completely naked from the waist up, save for her loose black tie.

Through worn panting, Alex muttered her frustration under her breath.“Why do they always-” she was cut short as an elbow to the side of the skull knocked her off her feet, sending her to the mat. Elsa herself was feeling a bit worn down by the immediate aggression, thick beads of sweat trickling down her back as she caught her breath. But she wasn't done. Not by a long shot. Looking down at her opponent, Elsa slowly removed her jacket and tossed it out of the ring, leaving both girls topless like some sort of underground street fight. She methodically leaned over, grabbing a handful of her opponent's long, brown hair and bringing the panting girl to her feet. Alex groaned as she was lifted by her hair, more irritated than miserable yet, when suddenly she was greeted by another hard fist, slamming into her open stomach. Elsa maintained grasp of her hair as she delivered a second, third, fourth and fifth punch to her opponent's belly, softening her up considerably. Each punch elicited a feminine grunt from Alex writhing body, her body starting to sweat profusely from the physical stress.

Alex gritted her teeth in anger the moment Elsa's barrage stopped, opening her mouth only to cough as her body already started to fall apart. They had only just gotten started, in an open brawl no less, and she was already getting completely dominated. Elsa looked down and smiled at the coughing girl in her grasp, when suddenly Alex threw another punch for her face. To the brunette's dismay, however, Elsa caught the punch, almost effortlessly, and used the added grip to toss her into a nearby turnbuckle. Alex yelped as her back slammed into the corner post, slumping down onto the ropes, when Elsa followed in with another punch to her body. The padding and fixing on the post shook loudly as Alex's body slammed against them repeatedly, Elsa's fists sinking into her breasts, face, hips, and stomach repeatedly. With each blow she sunk a little farther down, until Elsa finally grabbed both ropes and drove her knee hard into Alex's stomach, her leg practically sinking all the way into the turnbuckle. Alex let out a loud cough as she sunk onto her ass, her arms and legs completely sprawled out as she wheezed in place. Elsa looked down on her work, admiring the bruises that were already beginning to form, while she caught her own breath, driving a boot hard into the exposed girl's breast for good measure. Elsa had shown her strength as a fighter, or at least as a brawler, and now she could get to her favorite part: slowly and methodically tearing her opponent to pieces.

After she had sufficiently recovered, Elsa leaned down and grabbed Alex by the tie, pulling her up to her feet and away from the corner post. As expected, the girl started to stumble forward, and so Elsa simply stepped to the side, letting her hang forward by her neck, and pressing a boot into her back to tighten the hold. Already winded from the abuse to her body, Alex began to squirm and flail as she was strangled by her own tie, coughing and gurgling as her body struggled for air. Her situation was only made worse as Elsa turned around and bent over, pulling the tie over her shoulder so that Alex hung from her back, their sweaty, half-naked bodies pressed against one another and her feet lifted off the ground. Alex kicked her legs and puled on the tie with both hands to no avail as it squeezed the life out of her, causing her to drool in desperation as her face became a bright red.

After leaving the flailing brunette suspended by her throat for a few moments, really letting a sense of helplessness sink in, Elsa let Alex drop to the floor, rolling her shoulders and taking a few deep breaths. She had a long night planned, and didn't need to find herself worn out tearing this poor girl apart. Alex also found herself catching her breath on her hands and knees, though her breathing was much less calm and methodical, and more gasping and heaving as she struggled for her lungs to take in the air she was missing while hanging over Elsa's back. Elsa cocked her head at the sight of the breathless girl, and decided to give her a sharp kick between the legs to further soften her up. The kick sent Alex sprawling onto her chest, both arms reaching down and clasping over her groin as she whined in pain.

After watching the downed girl whimper for a moment, Elsa reached down and grabbed Alex by the tie again, the weakened girl scrambling to her feet in compliance with a harsh gagging sound. A fist to the side of Alex's skull elicited a harsh whine as Elsa kept up a continuous barrage to keep her victim in line. Tugging her over towards the ropes, Elsa sat her toy up against them so that Alex was seated between the middle and top rope, her arms spread out over the top as she panted exhaustedly. Her perch on the ropes wasn't a place to rest for very long, though, as kick after kick landed in her soft, beaten belly, each one causing her to cough harder and keel over more, an instinctual grip on the top ropes being the only thing holding her in place. Finally, after about four or five good kicks, Elsa finished it up by running to the opposite end of the ring, bouncing off the ropes, and delivering a hard dropkick into Alex's body, her legs springing out like rockets and knocking the poor girl from her perch and between the ropes, down hard onto the unforgiving surface below. While she writhed and gagged, her body wracked with pain, Elsa patiently made her own way out of the ring, taking the steel steps in the corner with cocky finesse. The tie around Alex's neck stung just to wear, and in her weakened state she pulled it off, lest it be used as a weapon against her any further. By the time she did, however, Elsa had already reached her, pulling her up nearly to her feet by her hair before forcing another hard knee into her belly.

Alex crumbled at the impact, only kept on her feet by the hand gripping her hair and what will she had left. Scoffing, Elsa tossed aside the listless girl, so that she lie over the top of the apron, her body on the mat with her legs on the floor below, while the buxom German searched underneath for any weapons she could get her hands on. A sadistic smile spread over her lips as she pulled out a steel chair, raising it high and slamming it down onto her worn opponent's back. The impact of the chair, sending sticky sweat outwards, came with a loud bang, squashing Alex's abdomen against the mat while the chair itself wracked her spine with pain. Another hit, and another, rang out loud enough to be heard by some of the audience, and for those who couldn't hear the impact, Alex's squeals of pain were audible enough. Finally, after several more hits, Elsa was satisfied, tossing the chair aside for further use later and gripping her prey by the hair again before dragging her over towards the steel steps. Scoffing, as though disappointed with her opponent's lack of retaliation, she brought Alex's face down onto the steel steps over and over, the poor girl's whole body shuddering with every impact, until a few droplets of blood trickled down from beneath her hair and into her eye. Scooping her victim up from behind and turning her upside down, Elsa followed by slamming Alex's body frontally onto the steps themselves, gashing and bruising her. For all her exaustion, Alex screamed audibly as she rolled off the steps and onto the floor, curling up into the fetal position to caress her wounds. Tears trickled down her face and she began sobbing quietly, details that did not pass by unnoticed by her tormentor, despite her best efforts.

For all their enthusiasm at the start of the match, the noise of the crowd had died considerably as time had gone on. Sure, there were the jeers and boos of wrestling fans, disgusted with Elsa's excessive brutality, or, in some cases, Alex's ineptitude. And a portion of the crowd got the sexual and violent titillation they came for, and were plenty excited for that as well. But as time had gone on, this had become less of a competition and more of an execution, and the dying enthusiasm of the crowd reflected this, a growing silence out of shock or horror at the brutality on display.

However, despite this, Elsa, for a moment, was satisfied, smiling down at her wounded opponent and rolling her shoulders as she took a moment to rest and regain her energy. While she was doing considerably better than her beaten and crying plaything, all this relentless violence was starting to take it's toll on Elsa's energy, and soon she would need to tie things up. Of course, to do so she'd need to get Alex to submit, and given that she hadn't already, it was probably going to take something special to do the trick. Fortunately for Elsa, she had just the thing in mind.

But first, it was time to continue the hurt, and with her strength returned, Elsa looked to the steel steps again. Rather than throwing her opponent against them, however, this time she used her strength to lift the steps themselves, tossing them down harshly and giving Alex a group of cuts and bruises on her back to match her front. Smiling with satisfaction as her poor victim let out another scream, she pulled Alex to her feet again by the hair as the beaten brunette shambled behind back towards the chair. With a fiendish chuckle, she slinked behind Alex, turning the girl to face the cameraman and wrapping one arm behind both of Alex's and locking them in place while the other rested on the top of her breast and trickled down her body. In front of them, the jumbotron displayed Alex's glistening, grimy, bleeding, taunt figure in full view, much to her embarrassment. The crowd, however, ate it up, cheering with renewed fervor as energy began to ring back through the stadium. Fresh tears trickled down Alex's face, and a quick hand cupping her chin managed to keep her from turning away from her own body on display for the ravenous crowd. “Even after being so thoughtfully broken, zis body of yours is such a delicious thing,” Elsa cooed, taking a moment to relish her victim's suffering. Leaning in, her tongue traced against Alex's face, flicking some blood out of her eye. “Perhaps even more so.”

While Alex may have found this display sufficiently humiliating, Elsa did not, and the had that had held her face in place now released her jaw to slink back down her body, before unzipping and slowly lowering her jeans until they exposed her crotch. The excitement of the crowd grew that much more at the sight of her exposed genitals, and Alex's attempts to suppress her sobbing became that much more futile as her body was grotesquely put on display. The pure humiliation only lasted a few moments, however, as soon Elsa flung her hard against the barricade, going back to retrieve the chair as Alex hung, stomach-first, facing the crowd. Dazed and mortified, the Alex could do little but groan in misery when the sharp sensation of the steel chair slamming against her bare ass transformed her low moans int a shrill scream. As always, Elsa refused to relent, brutally spanking her opponent over and over until the force of the impact drew blood, a single droplet trickling down a bright red posterior. Alex's eyes had shot wide open with each blow, the tears making their way out even more rapidly as she did. Soon, she was flipped over to face her opponent, a hard fist immediately meeting her sensitive groin and eliciting another scream as the pain shot up through her body.

However, almost as if to silence her, Elsa pressed her body up against Alex's their glistening, supple breasts melding into one another as she pulled her victim in for a deep kiss. The silence and horror the crowd had displayed earlier was now almost completely gone, and Alex's resolve was starting to break. Slowly, Elsa pulled away, a trail of saliva forming between their mouths, as a sinister grin spread across her face. “Ready to give in?” she asked, almost gently, as she looked passionately into her victim's eyes.

And Alex wanted to give up. She wanted to so badly. She wanted this nightmare to end, to be free of this misery, to just get away from it all. She almost wanted to die. But she knew giving up was none of those things, it was just giving herself and her best friend away as trophies to this monster. She couldn't let that happen, but her will was starting to break. “N-no... I-I can't...” she stuttered, her voice shaky and weak.

“I was hoping you would say that,” Elsa chuckled back, and, with a smile, she delivered a punch to Alex's throat to stunt any would-be resistance before returning to the apron to look for another tool. When she turned back to her listless victim, the front row of the crowd was already having their fun with her limp body, much to Elsa's amusement. Still, she needed to keep this moving, especially if she was going to break her prey in time for their “special gift.” With that in mind, she grabbed a handful of Alex's hair and tossed her back into the ring, before sitting her up and seating behind her. Snaking her own legs between Alex's and locking them in place, she revealed her new toy to her prey and the onlooking audience: a thick, long nightstick. Alex's eyes shot wide open as she began to realize what was going to happen next.

“Wait... WAIT-” she screamed... but it was too late, as her panicked screams became pathetic gurgling while the weapon was shoved deep inside of her, her tormentor pushing it all the way up to the handle at the end. Alex's eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue flopped out of her mouth, any sense of pleasure she could get from being so filled overwhelmed by the pain and humiliation of being so savagely raped in public. Her wet crotch squelched loudly as the weapon was forced in and out repeatedly, her body shivering and convulsing with an all-encompassing sense of both pain and pleasure. After some time of moaning, gurgling and helplessly sobbing, Alex's body finally gave in, squirting all over the nightstick and drizzling onto the mat below.

Slowly, almost gently, Elsa removed the tool from her victim's dripping pussy, observing the soaked, sticky weapon with an almost childlike curiosity before using her free hand to cup her jaw and keep it open. Alex, far to weak now to resist, sat with glazed eyes, her mouth hanging open and her tongue flopped out, when the nightstick, soaked in her own juices, was forced into her mouth. Fresh tears again ran down her face as she tried to wrench away, but her beaten and fucked body was now far too weak to resist Elsa's grip, and soon her struggle subsided. “Now now,” Elsa teased, “eat it up like a good little girl.” The white-haired German shoved the baton deeper into her plaything's throat to demonstrate the punishment for resistance, and soon Alex was slurping and licking away, cleaning the weapon of her own bodily fluids as she sobbed profusely. “Are you going to give in?” Elsa cooed one more time, her smile growing as Alex weakly shook her head.

In a moment the baton was pried from Alex's mouth and she was shoved face-first onto the mat, her sore and bleeding bottom now raised high above the rest of her body. Elsa looked down at her opponent with a condescending gaze before turning back to the nightstick in her hand, a disappointed grimace spread across her face. “I just want you to remember,” she pouted, “that zis is all your fault.” But she could not keep up the act any longer, and her smile returned, and all the more sinister, as the weapon was shoved harshly into her victim's backside. Despite how worn and battered her voice had been, the shrill scream that she emitted as the baton entered her body could be heard near the back rows of the arena, and soon she began clawing at the mat and squirming as her mind scrambled for a way out of this intense pain.

For all Alex's squirming, Elsa twisted the weapon inside her more, and with every moment her crying and whimpering grew louder. “Please!” she begged, “S-stop!” There had to be some way out of this. Something she could do. And there, the little voice in the back of her head screamed at her to give up. “N-no, I can't-” she protested aloud, but the voice was growing stronger. What else could this woman do? What was worse than this? Surely, the scant moments of peace between now and when she was in this woman's home would be worth it? Anything to get rid of this pain, to spare being torn apart from the inside.

“I... I GIVE UP! STOP!” she finally pleaded, her hands balled up into fists as she clenched her entire body. Elsa's smile faded, but only slightly, as she knew this would just herald an... entertaining evening for the both of them. Roughly, she pulled the nightstick out of her victim's body, and Alex went completely limp almost immediately, her body and will now broken and spent. With a sigh, Elsa stood up and retrieved her jacket, before grabbing Alex by the hair and dragging her limp body towards the exit ramp.

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Re: Double or Nothing- Alex Withers vs. Elsa Grey

Post by TheRacker on Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:09 pm

Juni appeared when Elsa began draging Alex down the aisle toward the exit. Unlike Else, German girl carried her victim. Ignoring anything Rachel did or say, Juni kept on walking and looking straight toward Elsa. Once both heels with their respective victims meet, Juni grined and throwed Rachel infront of Elsa. "Ivan couldn't make it, he had some other errands to do. But we beat her up pretty bad." Juni looked down at Rachel's naked body and added one hard stomp in her ribs. "If you'll ever have any more "jobs" like this or need a partner in match, let us know."

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Re: Double or Nothing- Alex Withers vs. Elsa Grey

Post by Clobber Jobber on Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:33 am

The stomp into Rachel's ribs had her choking out blood like a sputtering geyser, which got a different reaction from just about everyone. Elsa's smug smirk contrasted entirely from Alex's grimacing flinch, and just about everyone in the audience gave some sort of verbal reaction as well. Dragging her own victim over, Elsa knelt down and lifted Rachel to her knees by her short hair, giving the girl's bloody, battered body a good look over before standing up with both girls in tow. "Thank you dear, zat is something I may hold you to," she cooed before looking at the girls in her grasp. "As for zese two, I think ze three of us will be having plenty of fun tonight..."

As Elsa made her way backstage, both of her playthings dragged by the hair, no one spoke a word. There wasn't anything to say, anything to do, but wait in horror as the most nightmarish evening of their lives dragged on.

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Re: Double or Nothing- Alex Withers vs. Elsa Grey

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