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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Mirror Match- 'The Prince' Daisuke vs Valerie Von Vulpes

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Mirror Match- 'The Prince' Daisuke vs Valerie Von Vulpes

Post by KillerV on Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:54 am

Make your opponent submit front of mirrors.

(Tried to fix the script but, too lazy)

The Prince Daisuke: The wrestling prince was getting ready for a special rules kind of match, he got a discrete email saying that
valerie-von-vulpes had issued a challenge to him for a one on one, private submission wrestling match. The special rule was that,
there was to be a very special room in which they would wrestle- a room full of mirrors in the wall and the floor was to be matted- no one to disturb the two wrestlers while they battled for supremacy. Daisuke, not to shy away from a challenge accepted the match
and was getting ready to wrestle. He took a quick shower in the locker room before changing into his grey wrestling briefs and
choosing to be barefoot since it is mat wrestling. The prince then moved out of his locker room, with a towel wrapped around the back
of his neck as he made his way to

The Prince Daisuke: the special room. He waited outside the room looking around for Valerie " Hmph, alright im here Valerie...."  he said
as he called out the silver haired tension star

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Valerie is actually right next door to the men locker room where she got changed for the special type of match,
would love to see her being in or putting on someone wrestling holds either way, she is going to have some fun with this 'prince'
maybe charming for her, but she'll see him soon enough. Coming out from the locker room wearing black bikini with golden rims and
strings to hold her figures, barely hold her top as well. She comes out hearing her name called by the prince, stepping out and looking
each side of hte hallway then eyes locked at him. "Mmmmm so you're the prince?~ My, how big you are princey~" She teased, slowly
stepping up closer to him with her crimson eyes at his own, slowly sliding her finger against

Valerie Von Vulpes: chest and up to his chin. YT

The Prince Daisuke: The wrestling prince awaited his mystery foe, leaning against the door and looking around for her as he called out
to her. While waiting he started to jump up on his toe and loosening up his shoulders and shake his arms up to get prematurely ready.
However once he heard someone walking towards him, he immediately idenitfied this woman as his opponent. "  and you must be
Valerie.Well, you aren't so small yourself"  he said as he felt the tingle from her fingers go up from his chest to his chin. The two were
now head to head and face to face outside the room " I must say I'm impressed i guess you like seeing your self being put into
submissions and tapping?"  he grinned as the two talked trash

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Valerie looking at him which she isnt that tall compared to him, just an inch shorter but she is much more
determine how good he is in a match against her. The busty Romanian woman smiles with her sultry eyes gazing at the prince. "Mmmm
I am Valerie~ I hope we have some fun together Princey~" She said, then hearing his words that the girl replied. "Oh I dont mind, but
wonder how you feel getting submission by me?~" She teased him before turning towards to the room where its full of mirrors and
wrestling mats. YT

The Prince Daisuke: Daisuke glared back into her eyes as they stared each other down, very similar in height and weight so Daisuke
thinks it should be a competitive and tough match. " Oh I'm going to have fun alright"  he said as he opened the door for her- allowing
her to go inside first and then following in and locking the door so one else disturbs their private challenge. " Hah, I doubt you can get
a submission on the prince of wrestling"  he said as he bounced on the balls of his heels and shook his arms loose, adjusting his briefs
as well. He finally stretched out his neck and body at the waist before standing in the middle of the mats, watching his reflection, her
body and her reflection "Ready when you are"  he said

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: As Valerie enters the room full of clean mirrors and bright blue wrestling mats, course theres a vent in the ceiling
to suck up hot sweats from the wrestlers during the match as well keeping the room a bit cool so they dont get too hot from wrestling
each other. Valerie purrs when she enters and turning around to see the prince locking the door behind them, hearing his words as she
smiles at him. "Oh I guess will find out hmmm?~ Im ready whenever you are~" She teased, gesturing him to come with her finger,
gazing at his eyes to see what he likes, her bikini barely holds her busts and her golden strings tighten to make sure it doesnt fully pop
outs, waiting for the prince to come and play, Valerie is ready for the lock up with him. YT

The Prince Daisuke: Both of them entered the room and were now getting ready, gladly there was a vent to provide some ventalation
if things got too sweaty and musty from the two powerhouse wrestlers. Daisuke then approached the silver haired vixen with his arms
raised as he circle around, feeling the soft blue mats underneath his foot " Hmph, you sure that bikini is going to hold those things?"  
he taunted before lunging in towards Valerie, looking to lock up with her in a classic collar and elbow lock up " Hyyahh!"

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Oh I dont know, Im sure you want to remove it off me you pervy prince~" She teased until they're ready to lock
up and wrestle in the room full of mirrors. Valerie locking up with him as both would seems to struggle between them, she kept her
eyes on the prince and smile. "Mmmm so strong and handsome up close, but...~" She then tries to pull him forward as she turn, hoping
to catches his head under her arm to press hia face against her ample breast into her side headlock, squeezing and grinding him in a
hold. YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Hmph, oh please! Im here to wrestle, so come on"  he growled before lunging in with a grunt and locking up with
the silver haired wrestler. The two pushed into each other in the lock up, their bodies pressed tight as her breasts mashed against his
chest and they went forehead to forehead. After some initial pushing and shoving " Mnghh come on"  he growled as the two were
stalemate- she quickly pulled him forward to lock in a side headlock and squeezed his head, making it press against her breasts "
Ommgghh UGHH"  he groaned, wrapping his arms around her waist for a squeeze of his own

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Mmmmm ohhhh~ Not into girls are you?~ How sad~ I can make a real man out of you~" she teased him while
locking him up tightly in her side headlock but also felt her body getting squeezed from behind as well. She tries to pull him forward a
little bit before thrusting her large ass into him to follow up by pulling the prince forwad so she can toss him. "Mmmmm!~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: "MMmm ugh shut up! Your armpit smells, whens the last time you showered UGHH let go"  he growled squeezing
her back as she squeezed him and taunted about his sexuality. As Daisuke used the squeeze to pull away from the headlock, hopefully
slip his head free if he could but before he could do so she pulled him forward and thrust her butt against his hip to toss him over her
and bring him down onto the mat *THUD* " UGH "

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Ohhh insults I love that~" She then tossing the prince over after her thick ass rammed into him, now she can see
the prince on the mat which its great for her, she can try to put him into submission right now. "Ohhh poor you~" She tries to make
him roll over facing down then sitting on his lower back, not grabbing his arms to drape over instead she went straight to reach down
his chin to pull back his head, facing him and Valerie to look in front of the mirror. "Mmmmm~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: Daisuke tried his best to throw her off her game with insults but she was more focused on his body and the
wrestling mats as she took him down easily, quickly rolling him over while he was still stunned and catching his breath. As he tried to
push up on all fours as she mounted his muscular back and then cupped her hands around his chin to pull back in a camel clutch. He
had to suffer through looking at his own body bent while the vixen proudly mounted her prince " Guuuuaaaghhh!! NO"  he yelled as his
hands grabbed her ankles and tried to yank at them

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Sitting on the prince felt really nice on his warm backside, pulling his chin to start pulling back stretching out him
while he yelling out loud not wanting to be in her sexy hold. She hoped to pull him more but soon she felt her ankles getting pulled on,
slipping her to the side and releasing him. "Oh!~" She roll and trying to get up before he can, hoping she got up and goes after him
reaching for his head to pull the prince up. YT

The Prince Daisuke: The prince was in an embarassing situation, having to see his toned body being tortured like that infront of the
mirror while Valerie expertly applied the camel clutch. However Daisuke was resiliant and managed to yank at his opponents ankles to
get her off. He still took a moment to massage his sore back and this caused Valerie to get back up and grab his head to pull him up,
as she did he tried to quickly slap at her hands and lunge in to wrap his arms around her waist for a quick and surprise bearhug
submission " Mngh, gotha"

The Prince Daisuke: " gotcha" *

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Valerie is in the lead from the way they're in, she approaching the prince so she can grab his head to pull up, but
he slapped her hands out of the way and catching her in a bearhug, squeezing her busty body as she moans from the submission hold,
looking to the side of the mirror to see herself getting squeezed. "MMmmmm~ Ohhhh no~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: Daisuke quickly turned the tables on the silver haired wrestler as, when she picked him up, he slapped her hands
to catch her off guard and then quickly secured in a bearhug. He squeezed her waist hard, constricting her tight while she saw her
body being squeezed out by the toned Daisuke. He leaned his body into her to further make her feel his weight and then continue
squeezing her without lifting her up off the mat " Do you submit?"  he hissed

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "OHmmm mmmm~" she gazed at herself on the mirror then feeling her body getting more squeezed by him and
even he asked her if she submit, turning to face him with her lustful eyes and smile. "Ommmmm not yet~" She replied, bringing her
arms down to get it wrap around his strong manly arms to lock in, she tries as she grunts to lift him by his arms, arching backward
hoping to take him down hard to the mat into her double arm suplex. "Mmmmm~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Ummggh come on, just admit it. Im stronger than you, the better wrestler too"  he growled as he continued his
squeeze in their power struggle, looking to really squeeze her out and tire her in this match. However Valerie would soon show her
strength off to Daisuke as she wrapped her arms around his " Hah, nice try"  he grinned thinking she was upto something else but then
she surprised him by arching backwards and taking him down on his back as she executed a double arm suplex " WHOOAA
UFFFFFFFFFFF"  *THHUD* his back smacked against the mat as things got heated

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Valerie executed her wrestling throw, an actually hard throw that took the prince by surprise as the busty
Romanian woman lifted him and took him down with a big slam hitting the mat with his body. She slowly rolling over to get back on her
feet, rubbing her body feeling bit of sweats to glisten herself. "Mmmmm you almost got me there~" Moving towards him as he lay there
or not, she still coming at him hoping she could grab him by the hair to pull up slipping behind the prince. She is gonna try to see if she
can lift the big tall handsome man, pulling him backward to lay across her shoulders before lifting him up, grabbing his chin and, the
other hand at his crotch not to grip but to firmly place on, pulling the prince backward in her Torture Rack. "Mmmmm~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: Daisuke was completly thrown off his game by that wonderfully executed suplex- this woman was not just playing
around and she could actually wrestle. Once the prince was down on his back, he moaned out loud while wriggling on his back and
eventually shifting up to sit up on his butt, clutching his back. His body was warm and sweating as well but he wasnt ready when she
grabbed him by the hair " Ack- stop pulling my hair, this isnt a catfight"  he hissed, slapping at her wrists. She then soon got behind
the toned prince, in one scoop she pulled him up and over her shoulder while pressing down on his chin and crotch to bent him in half
in a torture rack, much to Daisukes shock " GGAAAHHH NOOOOOO"  he yelled as he wriggled up on top of her, his legs kicking the air
while his hands tried to

The Prince Daisuke: send a small strike to the side of her head to stun her

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Oh do you want me to grab somewhere else?~ I know where to get a hold of~ hehee~" She soon pulling the
prince on his feet and sliding the big man across her shoulders, able to arching him backward with the pull on his chin and holding on
his crotch, bending him backward into submission, yet he is bit heavy but she can still hold him up just cant move around fast. "Do you
give princey? Ohhh!~" She was able to bend him a little until she felt her head getting him by his elbow, stunning her that she slump
forward to release Daisuke, but still able to stand herself up holding her head, light moaning. "Ohhh~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Mngh you bitch! "  he hissed in embarassment as she was out powering the prince as she held him like a prize in
the torture hold, grabbing his crotch and chin to pull them downwards to bend his body awkwardly against her shoulders to really put
the pressure on his back, however his wriggling and strikes managed to stun her and she dropped him backwards. Daisuke was a bit
exhausted and his body was in pain but this was his chance, he soon lunged in from behind to wrap his arm around her neck from
behind to lock in a sleeperhold- squeezing his biceps hard as she was forced to see herself in the hold.

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: Her head rattled by his elbow strikes and she shook her head trying to regain her senses, moaning a little as the
match is getting a little bit rougher and tougher, then she felt a strong warm arms going around her neck, leaning back while she grabs
onto his arms trying to break free. "Ohhhh~ Such a bad prince you are~ Let me go~" she shakes in his hold, might be rubbing her ass
against his crotch while hoping to get out of his hold. YT

The Prince Daisuke: Daisuke took advantage of his opponents stunned state as he quickly managed to lock his arms around her neck in
a sleeperhold, his warm bicep squeezed her neck from behind while his warm breath flew against her neck " Come on...say it"  he
growled as his biceps bulged around her neck. She leaned back into him, their sweaty, warm bodies grinded against each other while
the whole room went a bit musty. She made him stagger back a bit and his arm loosened up a bit " I'll let go....when you submit to
your prince"  he hissed

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Mmmmm nooooo, you say it~" She teased, knowing that she could be knocked out of the submisison hold locking
on long enough, she have to get out of this somehow, her sultry actions doesnt affect him at all, hes all business, but she loves to be
this way no matter what. She kept her one hand on his arms while the other, reaching down behind her, trying to reach for his crotch
and get a good grip this time around, its a submission in a very hard and painful way. YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Hah yeah right, you're the one losing. Just look at yourself in the mirror Val- you're about to get KO'ed if you
dont sub-GACK, w-what the hell? bitch....mghh s-stop" suddenly his voice changed as she grabbed his crotch with
one hand while loosening the sleeper with the other. Daisuke released the sleeper as his hands went down to her hands which had
grabbed his crotch

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Mmmm so whos losing now? Princey?~" She finally got a hold of him so he can released the hold, as he reaching
down to hold his crotch which her hand is on it. She now trying to control the handsome man by the balls, slowly turning around to
take a look at him. "Please, keep trash talking me~" She smile, little weaken but still feeling on top of him what she thinks. She would
let go and tries to grab his head to pull under her arm, hoping to turn sideway until they're back to back so she can fall down with him
into her neckbreaker. YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Mmmmm owwww wrestle fairly...Ughhh cant win without cheap shots can you Owwww"  he moaned as she
controlled him by grabbing his balls. However once she felt he was in her control, she released him and once again trapped his head
under her armpit before dragging them back to the middle and doing  a twisting motion before dropping him down in a nerckrbeaker.
"UGGFFFF"  he moaned as he was once again down on his back, his neck and back hurting as he was drenched in sweat

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Well we are alone and this isnt the wrestling ring and no referee, so, who can stop us from doing things.....
dirty~" she soon let his balls go and grabbing his head to take the prince down with a neckbreaker, both went down covered in sweats
and has yet to make each one of em tap out or admit in submission. Huffing and sweating from such hot match shes in, slowly rolling
over to crawl towards to his body until she gets on top of him, straddle on his stomach, reaching down to place her hands on his
chest and smile. "Are you ready to lose prince?~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: She was right, this was a private wrestling challenge between the two- no referee, no ring, no crowd to see who
was beating who, this was a personal satisfaction- to prove internally who was the better wrestler and anything went in this
challenge. She soon laid next to his warm body, rolling over to straddle his waist and then place her soft hand on his sweaty chest as
she mounted him proudly while looking down at him " Mmnggh oww...No...."  he groaned, slapping her thighs lightly while wriggling
under her

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Mmmmm you will lose to me prince, you'll see very soon and.... you might like it~" She teased, thinking this is the
end of him as the busty Romanian crawling above his head until she would press her crotch over his face while her hands placing on
the mat, pushing herself up and began to thrust her crotch into his face so she can bang his head to the mat repeatedly. "Mmmm
Banging Moments~ Give up?~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: "MMmmm No....Y-you bitch....Mghhh get off"  he groaned wriggling under her wildly and bucking up. She soon
scooted even more forward to press her crotch against his face while her hands pressed against the mats to the side of his head as
she pushed up and began to repeatedly thrust her crotch into his face to smack his head into the mat  " OOWWMmgghh *cough*
Ummghgh oww...uuggh...."  the prince was never put into a move like this before, he had no idea what was happening. His head was
in pain while her crotch partially smothered his face out while he was left drenched in his own sweat "Ummgghh NOOOO ummnn"

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Ohmmmm wait, dont I need to make you give up front of the mirror so I can see you admit?~" She teased as she
did forget about it, after few more bangs to his face and head, she slowly letting him go by standing up over his sweaty body, letting
her own dripping on his as she thinks of a way to make him tap out front of the mirror so she can witness his defeat. Thinking the
traditional move that most women would use, laying down near his head trying to wrap her thick strong legs around his head and
locking in a headscissor, get Daisuke to face the mirror while getting squeeze. "How about now?~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Mmmm stop- you bitch...Ugghhh damnit get off me!"  he growled before being smacked in the head a couple of
more times by her crotch. She then got off him, stood over his exhausted body before quickly getting behind him and wrapping her
legs around his head. " Gack...*cough* oowww okay....okay....I submit"  he said, tapping her thighs and having to see him doing it as

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: "Mmmmmm you looks so cute admiting your defeat~ But how much better if you go to sleep~" She teased, this
time her legs would keep on tighten up just waiting for him to passout from her deadly legs, she wanted to see his sleepy face front of
the mirror, curious how handsome he looks with that expression. "Nighty night handsome~" YT

The Prince Daisuke: " Mmmm N-no! T-this wasnt the match stipulation ughh.....l-let me go....."  he moaned as he struggled a bit more
but he di not have any strength left in him and soon after being trapped in the scissor he had no choice but to keep submitting and
eventually passing out infront of the mirror

The Prince Daisuke: yt

Valerie Von Vulpes: She squeezing him one more pressure before he passes out front of the mirror, he IS pretty handsome and cute knocking out like that, Valerie slowly letting him go and facing him up on the mat. The busty Romanian standing up as she huffing for air with the room pretty warm from their heat, she place her foot on his chest and smiling down on, defeating the prince of wrestling. "Next time baby~" YT


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