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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Tiffany Laurence

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Tiffany Laurence

Post by valen311 on Fri May 23, 2008 3:22 am

Name: Tiffany Laurence
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 6'0
Weight: 165 lbs
Country: America, Texas

Entrance Theme: Unbroken by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Favoured moves: Tiffany relies on a wide assortment of powerful, high impact slams and throws. Most of the strikes she has are heavy punches and kicks, learned during times spent brawling in bars. As for submissions, she has a few, basic holds, although her favorites are the boston crab and the torture rack. Powerbombs are among the most devastating moves that she has, closely followed by suplexes and backbreakers.

After the introduction of Dixie Clemets, and their draw against each other, Tiffany has trained to become even stronger and added more power moves to an already large strength based skill set. Although she is less agile than her fellow Texan, she feels that in a contest of pure strength, she would be able to come out on top. However, wrestling is rarely about pure strength....  

Favored Matches: Normal, hentai, and hardstyle hentai matches. Although she has street brawling experience from younger days, Tiff is reluctant to take part in hardcore and street fight type matches, worried that they might take her back to a bad place in her life.

Signature moves:
Sitout Powerbomb: Powerbombs were the move that brought Tiffany to the dance. If one asks her about it, Tiffany will go on about all the different variations and their advantages and disadvantages. She is more than capable of doing most, if not all of them, but the one that gets the nod here is her version of the sitout powerbomb, where she takes a short hop up once she has her opponent on her shoulders, than driving them down while landing in a seated position.

Delayed Vertical Suplex: A standard suplex, but Tiffany stalls the move, holding the opponent completely upside down to let blood rush to their head. With her increase in strength, against lighter, normal sized opponents Tiffany will remove use a hand to make the 'let's rock' gesture at the crowd, holding the victim up one armed, before completing the move.

Finishing moves
Blond Bomber: Two powerbombs, the last one usually ending in a sit down pin position. An old but still devastating finisher. Fairly easy to see coming however, which led to Tiffany looking to develop a new one.

Blond Bomber Version 2: With the original double powerbomb version of the move well scouted by opponents, and getting countered almost every other match, Tiffany knew she needed to make some changes. With that, she changed her finisher to start from a basic power style submission move, the Torture Rack. From there, preferably after softening up the opponent's back Tiffany will spin the victim into a powerbomb while jumping and landing in a seated position, going into a pin attempt. Currently, Tiffany is trying to move out on a trial basis to see how it works out. Hopefully the little seen way of delivering the move would keep others from developing a counter to it...

The Pale Rider: (Not Yet Seen) Although the second version of the Blond Bomber is currently making itself felt on the competition, Tiffany is determined to keep foes guessing about what finisher to expect. As such, the cowgirl during her training has focused on another move and she this one, she promises will  be one that opponents will tap from! On a face down opponent, Tiffany will move to her foe's feet, placing them under her armpits. Afterwards, Tiffany will lean down, making them bend their legs while locking her hands under the victim's chin. The Texan will then pull on the chin, towards herself, trapping them in a leg trap camel clutch!  

Filly Tamer: (Female Hentai Finisher) On a female opponent who is laying facedown, Tiffany will sit on her back and seize her victim's leg and pull it into an elevated single leg Boston Crab. Her other hand will then massage and pleasure her opponent's sex, while the elevation of her foe's lower body puts it on display for all to see.

Tiffany grew up in San Antonio, Texas. She had a single mother, who owned a bar, and also lived in a small apartment above it. As such, young Tiffany spent way more time in a rowdy bar environment than would probably be recommended by the book of good parenting. Tiff's mom eventually met and married a horse breeder, selling her bar and moving the two of them out to the man's ranch, It was there that she would meet her stepbrother Johnny. The two step siblings found they shared a love for fighting, and wrestling, both of them eventually joining an independent wrestling league as sparring partners when they were both 18. However, Tiffany had an acute anger management problem, a temper born from being abandoned by her birth father. Unlike her more even-natured stepbrother, Tiffany got into fight after fight, which led to bailout after bailout by her family. Despite this rough patch, her love for her family, including her stepbrother and stepfather, managed to get her grounded before things got too low.
Eventually the step-siblings both left to join the AFW, agreeing to compete in the Sex Wars division. Tiffany decided to also try her luck in the women's division of Friction. The cowgirl seems skilled in wrestling, both standard and erotic, and seems willing to match against foes in either area. Tiffany's style is one part brawl, and one part power wrestling, and all aggressive. She tends to try and overwhelm foes with heavy handed punches and punishing slams and holds.

Personality: Although friendly, the Texan has a competitive streak that borders on reckless, leading to challenge or accept challenges in matches she has little experience in. She also still displays flashes of her old temper every so often, usually reserved for those who go too far against her, her friends and stepbrother. If there is something she hates, it's being forced to submit during a match, and often takes such a loss hard because she views it as herself 'being weak'. Tiffany prefers a fair fight, although she does bend the rules sometimes in the ring with the occasional low blow. As such, she is loathe to take part in hardcore matches and their like.

On her spare time, Tiffany will either spend the day playing on her guitar, which she shows surprising skill at, or out driving. She owns an old Ford Mustang which has been restored. A 'muscle car for a muscle girl' she tells anyone who asks about it. The streets of Tokyo aren't exactly the place for cutting loose, but there are stretches of open road outside of the city that she will generally go to. Also, in addition to it being a part of her training, Tiffany enjoys working out, and weight lifting and spends a good amount of time in the gym. 

Usual outfit:

During a wet T-shirt contest at an AFW Summer Splash event:

More recent photo taken for an AFW calender:

Record: (With the various forums we've been through over the years, a lot of matches have been lost. As a result, her record only shows the matches that can found here in this forum. Which, regretfully, paints her as a worse wrestler than she actually is.)
Wins: Vs Merith: Pinfall after landing her double powerbomb finisher on the bigger Amazon. A feat that solidly landed her in the powerhouse section of the roster.
Vs Dmitri: A more recent match that saw Tiff returning to mixed wrestling. Despite being the target of his various, hard hitting kicks, Tiffany managed to overwhelm him with pure strength and her new finisher.
vs Kim Rhee: A hardstyle hentai match that saw Kim surprise Tiffany with her talents as a fighter, and a lover. Despite that, Tiffany managed to trap the Asian in the Filly Tamer, forcing both a climax and a tapout in the cowgirl's favor.

Vs Angel: Her one submission loss went to the woman who would eventually go on to become AFW champion, and in her own words it was 'a hell of a fight'. The back and forth battle ended after Tiffany suffered through Angel's submission finisher before eventually surrendering to an immediate application of a bow and arrow hold afterwards.
Vs Akashi: In one of the first 'hardstyle hentai' bouts, Tiffany and Akashi exchanged sensual holds and powerful throws as they tried to ear each other down. However, what did the cowgirl in was a hurricarana from the massive sumo, something she never thought possible, that set her up for Akashi's Crushing Tide, Thunderous Mountain finisher.
Tag Team Loss vs the randomly selected pair of Gwendolyn and River Styx: This loss was by far one of the most frustrating ones for her. Abandoned by her partner Migiri, who decided to kidnap Gwendolyn after the cowgirl was dogpiled on by everyone in the match, left her easy prey for River Styx, who also stole her hat after beating her. An act that Tiffany would definitely have to address. As a whole, Tiffany was not pleased with anyone in that match....

Angel. The stubborn cowgirl and cocky Latina clashed in a hard fought match that ended with Angel forcing Tiffany to tap out. Although it was a loss, Tiffany respected Angel's ability, and determination. Since then, the two have been spotted in various forms of intimacy around town. When asked about the relationship, Tiffany responded with "Oh, Angel? We go out together, sure. She's fun, pretty, and has a bit of a mouth on her. Which I put to work every once in awhile. But, are item? Well, if I find out, I'll let you know." In recent times, Angel's losing of the AFW title has made Tiffany concerned about her friend, concerned about if the Latina would bounce back from such a loss. She has resolved, no matter what their relationship status was, that she would be there to stand in Angel's corner and help her.  
Attraction Level: 4

Akashi Tanikaze: Both wrestlers are tough, and competetive, with a sensual streak thrown in. It made sense to the AFW higher ups that thier first match should be a Semi-Ero event, allowing hentai moves, but not letting a climax become a victory condition. After a long struggle of using both conventional and sensual wrestling to wear each other down, Akashi managed to pin Tiffany. Days after the match, the two were involved in a drunken bar brawl against some aggressive men, and were spotted leaving the scene in high spirits. When asked about the incident, Tiffany replied with "Oh wow...did we do that? Heh, that does explain the bruises that I don't remember getting. Next time I drink with Akashi, I'm chaining myself to the bar counter. Wait no, she'll totally rape me." Akashi's recent anti-American rant offended Tiffany somewhat, even though she knew it wasn't directed at her personally. She still views the sumo in a friendly light, even though they haven't interacted much.
Attraction Level: 3

Johnny Laurence: Tiffany's stepbrother, and the speed to her power. A wrestler in Tension, the two came to Japan together to wrestle for the AFW francise. Although the two have kept thier careers apart, rumor has it that they might decide to try forming a tag team together with the new rules within Tension/Friction.

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Re: Tiffany Laurence

Post by valen311 on Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:41 pm

[So, I'm going to try to start keeping a timeline of events for my characters. It's the cool thing these days, and a good idea. I think!]
The New Age Outlaw!
Record So Far:
0-1 (Last completed match vs Aisha) "I think she broke my whooha...."
Quote of the Moment: (Reflecting last completed thread)
"The next time one of the backstage guys needs help, count me out."

Some years have gone by since Tiffany started in the AFW. The league has underwent quite a few changes, and picked up many new faces along the way to becoming a dominant wrestling brand. Last year ended on a sour note, with Tiffany not making it into any of the AFW's main event shows, and to top it off, was injured during a random select tag battle by River Styx. But the way Tiff sees it, with a new year, comes new opportunities, and a chance for change!

Tiffany Laurence vs Cecilia Northman: Redux! Tiffany decides to start the new year against an old face, the brawling berserker, the Northern Queen, Cecilia Northman!

The Payback Although not involved with the Rumble Roses, when Tiffany is mistaken for a certain cowgirl from that league, she gets drawn into a showdown with the Dancing Sista herself, Aisha!

Aisha vs Tiffany Laurence: The Fighting Temptations After the above discussion, Tiffany goes to the back and laces up her boots. However, Aisha winds up being more than what Tiffany expected....and more than she could handle.

New Theme: Unbroken by Lynyrd Skynyrd Given how the previous year ended, and how this one started, Tiffany decided a musical change was in order. While not exactly one of the band's immortal classics, she felt that the song both captured her current feelings as well as gave her a much needed southern rock feel.

AFW Karaoke Night 2: Hot Tub Karaoke Machine. (Also known as Angel's Birthday Bash!) With Angel's birthday approaching, Tiffany puts out a notice for Angel's friends to come to a karaoke parlor, complete with, you guessed it, a hot tub that you can use while singing!


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