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Posting delays

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:14 pm by Harrier

Dear posting partners and people who are waiting for an reply from me by PM,

I am terribly sorry that you have to wait for my replies for so long.

Maybe the one or another from you knows the situation, you were flying high for some weeks posting wise and then you hit rock bottom again because of some RL BS and then you barely manage to churn out enough creative output for a meager 100 words post in a week and you ask yourself how you could have seriously overextend your supply lines so much. …

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Princess Nocturnal vs Sailor Mercury spar 2 (complete)

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Princess Nocturnal vs Sailor Mercury spar 2 (complete)

Post by Kelsea on Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:58 pm

(real old spar I finally got around to editing)

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal walked into the gym dressed in her full superheroine wrestling attire looking to work out when she saw Sailor Mercury over in one corner. Recalling her last encounter where she had looked to offer her help in wrestling and ended up getting schooled herself, she swallowed her pride a little and walked over "Hi"

sara_carter6969: Amy was setting her things upa nd placed her bag down when Nocturnal come over she turned to talk to her " Oh hello, how are you?"

kelseakk: "I'm good thanks, how about yourself? have you settled into AFW yet?"

sara_carter6969: "Im doing good, i don't think im settlied in just yet haven't really done much or talked to anyone really just kept to myself"

kelseakk: "Oh.. so you haven't had your debut yet..?" Princess Nocturnal thought she could see a chance to get a bit of redemption... she wasn't being evil, seems she felt Sailor Mecury would get somethign out of it as well "Perhaps I could interest you in another practice match then?"

sara_carter6969: "Um, i guess so, practice woulnd't hurt so sure" Amy knew that nocturnal wanted some type of revenge but she didn't mind

kelseakk: "Good." Princess Nocturnal said smiling, "A standard pinfall or submission should be ok." She said turning towards the ring, she didn't want so much revenge, but more to redeem herself

sara_carter6969: "Alright then" she said finishing putting her stuff down and then headed towards the ring and go inside of it and leaned up against a corner

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal did a few light stretches looking across the ring at Sailor Mercury, her cheeks lightly coloured pink from the memory of the embarassing defeat she had allowed to occur last time at the hands of a rookie. "You ready..?"

sara_carter6969: Amy knowing this wasnt gonna be as easy as before " Ya im ready"

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal took a deep breath too focus and then moved forwards from her corner straight towards Sailor Mercury, again she knew she shouldn't get too aggressive with the new girl, but at the same time feeling more determind then last time. Princess Nocturnal will try to move her hands to Sailor Mercury's shoulders for a lock up

sara_carter6969: Amy moved towards princess nocturnal who came out already engageing and she felt her hands on her should and she tries to get hers up as well to lock up with her

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal lowered her head to Sailor Mercury's slightly, her purple strands of hair falling on Sailor Mercury's turqois hair. Princess Nocturnal will plant one foot behind her and then steady try to force her opponent back into the corner

sara_carter6969: Amy could feel her opponent trying to back her in so she will put one foot back and try to counter by trying to back Nocturnal up, pressing up against nocturnal her head lowered about the same way Nocturnals was

kelseakk: "nhh.." Princess Nocturnal let out as she came up against some resistance, realizing this might be a little more difficult then she planned. Instead Princess Nocturnal will try to snake her arm around the back of Sailor Mercury's neck and pull her down into a side headlock to break away from the lockup

sara_carter6969: Amy felt her hand come around and bring her into a head lock, this somehow felt familiar and she immedialty tried to break out by trying to bring her hands down and ram her ribs with her fists

kelseakk: "unh!" Princess Nocturnal huffed out as her fist sunk right into her ribs, loosening the hold. She tried to take a couple of quick steps forwards and then drop down onto her but, intending to let go of the headlock and make Sailor Mercury drop down face first into a quick bulldog

sara_carter6969: Amy faces hit the ring and she rolled away quickly and got up holding her face " damn" she didn't want to waste time letting Nocturnal get up so she will run and her and grab her hair trying to lift her up into a suplex

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal sat for a moment and then started to get up, thinking that Sailor Mercury would still be down but was taken by surprise as she had not only gotten up but was making her way quickly to the Perpetual Knight. Princess Nocturnal let out a yelp as she was grabbed by the hair pulled up under Mercury's armpit, Nocturnal rested her hand against Sailor Mercury's hip, her other arm slung around the back of Mercury's shoulder.. Then she was flipped and over into a suplex "Uhhh!!" She cried out as she hit the mat and bounced up into a sitting position before slipping slowly back down

sara_carter6969: Amy got up off the mat and sat Nocturnal up . Amy didn't like hurting Nocturnal but in a match she had to so she will try to pull her up and try to slam her again with another suplex this time wanting to let her dangle abit

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal let out a couple of cute pants as Sailor Mercury was on her again, forcing her up into a sitting position and then up again under her armpit. Nocturnals hands gently groped Sailor Mercury as she tried to find a way out of the impending suplex, a move that was suppose to be her speciality! But she couldn't and was lifted into the air, hanging upside down a bit so that her hair dangled, then getting slammed down again "Ough!!!!" she let out as she hit on her back and lay there with her breast moving up and down suggestively

sara_carter6969: Amy got up to her feet and notcied the princess was still down she looked pretty hot. Amy climbs up the turnbuckle close to them and got ready to try and splash her , she will drop and try to land on nocturnal with a spalsh

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal rolled over as Mercury scaled the ropes, not even noticing where she was going.. By the time she roll over onto her back again Mercury was at the top and Princess Nocturnal only so briefly Sailor Mercury flying through the air, unable to do anything about it "Oh n- UNGH!!!" Princess Nocturnal's legs and arms kicked up from the mat as Sailor Mercury snug warm body landed on top of her, the superheorine girl groaned under Mercury, now panting.. Cheeks getting red as Mercury took the upper hand

sara_carter6969: Amy got up knowing she had Nocturnal again weakinging her was a good strategy, se dragged her by the arm to a trnbuckle and picked her up and sat her on top and climbing up with her, she will try to slam Nocturnal fromt he tops ropes right onto her back

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal groaned out as Sailor Mercury dragged her and then lifted her up onto the top of the turnbuckle, this was getting way out of hand and was looking to be more of an embarrassment then last time if Princess Nocturnal didn't do somethign about it!!! Princess shook her head, trying to come more to her senses and as she sat on the turnbuckle she will try to slam her forearm into Sailor Mercury's chest to force her back away

sara_carter6969: Amy took the hit from Nocturnal and started to lose her footing so she allowed herself to slipp off but she will try to grab nocturnal and bring her down with her trying to still slam her

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal fell with Sailor Mercury, but because it wasn't quite what Mercury had intended it ended up being quite a messy landing for both of them.. Princess Nocturnal shoulder rammed into Sailor Mercury's breast as Princess Nocturnal landed on the back of her head and shoulders, rolling to one side after hitting the floor with a thud and a deep grunt eminating from the Perpetual Knight's lips

sara_carter6969: Amy held her head for a second the landing took a toll on the both but Nocturnal was already damaged more that amy was quick to recover some, she notcied Nocturnal on her side and she will go over and pull her up and try to suplex her again

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal was starting to sweat as well as pant, just laying on her side with her arms up over her head and face until Sailor Mercury came over to pull her reluctantly to her feet. "nnhmmmgghh.." Princess Nocturnal muffled as she was stuck under Sailor Mercury armpit again, slumping to one knee briefly before being pulled up so that her butt was sticking out and then the THIRD suplex!!! Princess Nocturnal groaned out a deep breath, as she hit the mat and bounced into a sitting position only to flop over onto one side

sara_carter6969: Amy rolled Nocturnal over onto her back and hooked her leg up lieing over her for a full cross body pin. She held her leg up as high as she could and counted " 1"

kelseakk: "Nhh..." Princess Nocturnal moaned as her leg was hooked up by Sailor Mercury's hips, her inner thigh suggestively pressing against Sailor Mercury's body as Princess Nocturnal panted for breath right into Mercury's face, eyes blinking in surprise that she was being pinned by this girl again "w-wha..."

sara_carter6969: Amy rubbed her leg, she didnt want her to kick out but she had no idea what would happen she didnt want to do any more damage to nocturnals body as it was but who knew " 2" re adjusting the hook on nocturnals leg

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal's cheeks went bright red, gasping out a breath she bit into her lower lip... Had to stop this, using all her strength she reached her arm up to get her shoulder off the mat just before three

sara_carter6969: Amy sighed" i dont like hurting you" she said as she got up off her pulling Nocturnal up by her hair she sighed and leaned Nocturnal over she will try to wrap her arms around her stomach and powerbomb her

kelseakk: Sailor Mercury stating that she didn't like hurting Nocturnal didn't help the situation any.. what with Princess Nocturnal being the more experienced and the one who should be in control. She was pulled up from the mat, her nipples a little stiff from the closeness of the pin... Promptly forced down and felt Mercury's arms around her stomach "oww... no..." She moaned as she was lifted up and then driven back down onto the mat, falling into an undignified position with her thighs wide apart

sara_carter6969: Amy tried to pin her again this time bring Nocturnals hands abover her own head and holding them down and lieing over her face to face keeping her legs spread out with her leg and lieing ontop of her she looked into her closed eyes and counted "1"

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal looked dreamy eyed up at Mercury, her lips inches from the other girls and blowing pants up at her.. Her breast expanding and contracting against Mercury's body. "n-no.."

sara_carter6969: Amy looked at nocturnals face and counted again "2" notcing the contact was arosing nocturnal she rub her body against hers to help the pin and keep nocturnal busy

kelseakk: Not like this, she didn't want to lose to her like this again.. But as she lay there Sailor Mercury's body felt so good up against her... She let out a groan, feeling a little humid at the front of her panties as Sailor Mercury rubbed against her, unable to answer the count

sara_carter6969: "3" Amy said smileing as she came down and kisses Nocturnal on the lips softy and rolled off her lieing on her back catching her breathe

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal moaned as Mercury's lips touched hers.. Once again she'd been beaten by a rookie, but not just beaten like last time, this time she was owned in that match! Only having gotten one move on Mercury.. Princess Nocturnal rolled to one side with her back face Mercury, panting heavily and a deep blush on her face, one arm hold across the front of her nipples

sara_carter6969: Heavy hearted as she was Amy quickly whent to make sure Nocturnal was ok " hey you ok?"

kelseakk: Princess Nocturnal tried to put on a brave face, although completely humilated again by her. "eh.. yeah.. I'm fine. Good match" she said, staying on her side and still panting raggedly

Sailor Mercury wins via pinfall

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