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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Pamela "Wildcard" Parr

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Pamela "Wildcard" Parr

Post by LuckyEights on Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:53 am

Name: Pamela Parr
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Height: 5'5
Weight: 126 lbs
Nationality: Japanese-Australian
Entrance music: "It's All About Me" - Bandy Leggz

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Where most contenders focus their strategies around their strengths, Pamela focuses solely on how much of a show she can make out of her opponent. Trash talking and provocations are her favorite tools, and she often utilizes her skills to capitalize on them. Pamela will rarely start on the offensive unless she knows she can get away with it, but even then her priority is the crowd before victory becomes her goal.
Style: Freestyle MMA (Pamela's combat capabilities are not particularly refined to perfection, though she is more than capable of using them the way she needs to effectively.)
Type: Agility/Technique (She makes good use of her speed during confrontation to maneuver gracefully around the ring however she needs to, and has enough technique to capitalize on openings with timely strikes or grapples.)

Preferred Attacks: Hip Attacks and Kicks for power, Sentons and Aerial Moves for flashy attacks.

Preferred Matches: Humiliation and Hentai matches are right up her alley, considering the circumstances for winning practically forces you to make a scene with your opponent.

Endurance: ***
Strength: ***
Speed: *****
Defense: *
Technique: ****

Favored moves:
Rolling Thunder
Flying Lariat
Japanese Twist
Rocking Horse
Mexican Ceiling

Finishing moves:
Jack of Spades (Rolling Thunder to Hip Attack) - Pamela drags her victim to one side of the ring and wraps entangles their limbs on the ropes. She'll then back up to the other end of the ring, often with a bit of theatrics such as back-flipping, then dash towards them to build momentum for a Rolling Thunder, of which she ends by twisting and launching herself into the victim's abdomen or face with a hip attack, likely ricocheting herself back via the flexibility of the ropes. Victims will likely follow suit, or even be pushed out of the ring upon impact. Variations of this is instead locking their limbs in front of a corner to maximize incoming damage, or to capitalize on humiliation with a Bronco Buster finishing the maneuver. This takes a lot of time to set up for execution and is basically an excuse to show-off before the finishing blow.

Final Trick Wheel (Rolling Mexican Ceiling to Dragon Sleeper) - Also known as the FTW. While the victim is lying face-first on the floor, Pamela positions herself on top of them, standing on top of their thighs, locking the victim's feet in place and seizing the arms, setting them up for Mexican Ceiling. However, instead of immediately rolling onto her back, Pamela rocks back and forth to build momentum before finally doing so to use that momentum to roll across the ring as a human wheel. It would only last for one cycle where she stops on her back and holds the victim upwards, then seizes the victims head with a Dragon Sleeper while they're dizzy from the rolling. This maneuver requires a ton of energy and strength from her lower body, as well as cooperation from the victim to pull it off. This move can only be used if Pamela's got the strength and endurance remaining to do so due to risk of screwing it up and giving the opponent the momentum, and normally isn't used when a normal Mexican Ceiling would suffice. However, if she feels she can get away with it, Pamela will go for it to please the audience.

Hentai moves:
Jack of Hearts (Sensual Japanese Twist)  - Pamela delivers a knee strike to the victim to bend them over, then proceeds to entangle them in a Japanese Twist. From there, Pamela is free to fondle, rub, and expose sensual areas with a free arm while holding back the victims left arm back to keep it from use.

Dirty Joke (Reverse Schoolgirl) - While the victim is lying flat on their back, Pamela sits upon the victim, facing their legs while sitting on their arms with her knees. Then, she takes the legs of the victim and forces them up and over her shoulders, where she proceeds to either spank or fondle their bottom and groin, often with comedic theatrics such as treating their butt as a drum.

Jester's Bliss - A surprise attack on victims. When up close, Pamela will quickly seize the opponent, holding them in a tight bearhug while attacking with a deep kiss. With their weakened body, Pamela simultaneously drops to one knee while shoving the opponent forward onto Pamela's raised knee, where she then proceeds to play with their body with one hand while she restrains their arms with another hand. This move is not optimal unless the opponent is either of the same strength and size or weaker.


Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance: Pamela sports a lean muscular frame and a lithe, leggy build. Most of her muscles are in her legs, which she takes advantage of whenever she can, but the rest of her isn't anything to scoff at either, even if they don't look particularly strong compared to her lower-half. She has an impressive D-cup bust size and a shapely rear that she loves to take advantage of via hip attacks. Pamela's facial features includes a button nose and a weak jawline.

Personality: Simply put, Pamela is your friendly wise-cracking party animal who's more than content with putting on a show for others. At first glance, one can easily mistake her for the basic idiot who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. But really, it's all for show. Pamela has a very kind, very joking disposition always had a knack for showing off for the benefit of others, even if it was at her own expense. However, this does not mean she likes to be mocked and has little patience for it, always willing to prove that she's more than just a clown personality, which usually comes out during confrontations and bouts. In the ring, she exudes arrogance with her snarky trash talking and infuriating provocations, but really she just has fun talking big for the crowd. At her core, she's easily intimidated by other wrestlers in the ring, and makes it her goal to make them seem a joke to circumvent that fear. She is less than confident in her abilities to do that, but that never keeps her from giving it her all.

Past/History: Pamela Parr, daughter of Australian father and mixed martial artist Isaac Parr and Japanese mother Fumie Arakaki, didn't start out as a magnet for attention. In fact, she loathed it. Grade school was torture as she was often the subject of cruel teasing and bullying that she struggled to keep the patience needed to endure. She initially rejected learning self-defense from her father, as she felt fighting would draw her unwanted attention. However, having a father with the mouth of a sailor does not come without consequences as Pamela used her own cruel and taunting words to beat back aggressors. In using this as her means of self-defense, she found herself encircled by friends who, simply put, found her hilarious. Attention became her first love of the world as she found herself enjoying hearing the laughter of others seemingly whenever she spoke, and found herself pulling off stunts and attending parties, all for attention. However, it wasn't long before she was met with negative responses. By former bullies who were just sick of her smart mouth, Pamela was dragged to an alleyway and beaten bloody. Traumatized during a lengthy recovery, Pamela withdrew from her social habits, afraid to be beaten again. That fear turned to anger, and she sought help to defend herself by her father, who was more than happy to teach her. With her home-schooled MMA training coupled with expensive classes on wrestling, Pamela was back to making spectacles, this time out of her enemies. Somewhere during this time frame, one of her closest friends jokingly suggested she join a wrestling federation. Pamela, finding this to be the best idea she's ever heard, jumps at the chance to putting on a show at a larger scale, eventually finding herself signing up for the AFW federation...

Wrestling Attire:
This, but in black and white (Black where there's purple, white where there's orange).

Fun Facts:
Pamela is a chronic gamer and is fond of fighting games.
Has a history of bisexuality and became comfortable with exposing herself to others.
Has a part-time job in being a comedian.

"I bleed epic, I spit awesome, and I'm going to kick your ass!"

AFW Information

Record: N/A
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0



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Re: Pamela "Wildcard" Parr

Post by Tatyina on Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:49 am

Approved. You may make matches and rp as you like.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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