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Anyone willing to take on Layla

Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:53 pm by Link-mon

Just looking for some matches for my heel Layla Vale. se does have some preferences but overall I'm open to various ideas if you want to talk about it.

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Got some people open for matches

Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:37 pm by TheEditor1023

Hey guys, got some people I need matches for, if you're interested in any of them, let me know!

Remy 7000 (Yet to debut)

"Beautiful" Jack Kendrick (Yet to debut)

Ricardo Keyes

Nathan Parker

Comments: 4

Looking for anything!

Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:18 am by tehbohemian

Hey!! I'm Bohemian! I'm uhhhh new here! I've already debuted all 3 of my characters and wanted to know if you would want to include them in any storylines or start any new ones with them!

Shinobu won her debut match and is locked in a feud with Sandy White... so she is kinda tied up match wise but i'd be cool for any RPs with her

Sonic lost her debut... pretty badly... and even lost her crown! So she is up for a match or gym session or anything really! She is a much morr light hearted …

[ Full reading ]

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Misuzu Kishitani

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Misuzu Kishitani

Post by k0hryuu on Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:50 am

Name: Misuzu Kishitani
Nickname: Densetsu no Ero Ninja (the Legendary Pervert Ninja)
Sex: F
Age: 18
Eyes: sky blue
Hair: dark brown
Height: 5' 2”
Weight: 90 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese


Endurance: ***
Speed: *****
Defense: **
Technique: *****

Style: Tricky/dirty/perverted

-Misuzu is unabashedly perverted, even in combat.  Using lewd commentary or movements, she'll try to throw her opponent's off-guard before pulling a cheap shot or grope.  Her reflexes are nearly unmatched, and she has a good sense of finding weak points, which would arguably make her a formidable fighter, assuming Misuzu ever took it seriously.  Her general plan is to lower her opponent's morale via humiliation or trickery, then taking advantage of them in their weakened state.   Though not a serious bondage fetishist, she does have a bit of a liking towards tying up her foes in various ways, either sneaking in tools or salvaging them from her surroundings.

Preferred Attacks:
-groping, breast attacks, cheap shots, spanking, licking, restraining (handcuffs, ropes, etc.)

Special Moves:
-Kishitani Ero Ougi X – Misuzu pulls out a tiny pack of homemade blinding powder and blows it in her opponent's face, before slipping down and behind them and executing a full-power kancho (rams her middle and index finger up their asshole)

-Kishitani Ero Ougi XX - (It's a secret!)

-Kishitani Ero Ougi XXX – (Misuzu's Ultimate Technique!  Also a secret!)

Preferred Match Types:
-Humiliation, no-holds-barred, or almost anything (To Misuzu's chagrin she is contractually forbidden from taking in part in established Hentai matches until she reaches 20.  Whatever might 'unintentionally' happen during normal matches or in her free time is at her own discretion though.)


Misuzu, to put it lightly, is an extreme pervert.  She has little, if any, sense of shame or morality, and often spends her time sexually harassing any remotely attractive people and escaping before they can retaliate or report her.  Due to both an innate talent and years of experience, Misuzu has become almost a literal ghost whenever she wants to be.  Not only do these antics provide her a sense of physical satisfaction, but the thrill of it excites her as well.  Apart from that, Misuzu is still very easygoing, almost never gets angry, and prefers to keep the atmosphere as lax as possible (ostensibly to lead her prey into letting down their guard).  Though she possesses seemingly impressive physical talents, she almost solely uses those skills to satisfy her lewd and lacksidasical whims.  Misuzu is also a bit of a pragmatist and a coward, and if her keen senses tell that the situation to be too difficult, she has no issue surrendering or running away so that she might try again later.
As far as her 'preferences' go, she is almost completely a lesbian, although she could still see herself together with a man.  Girls are just far more likely to give her the reactions she wants.  Misuzu actually likes smaller breasts more than big ones, a taste she acquired having spent three years with more or less only Japanese high school girls to play with.  She is definitely not a masochist, and rather hates experiencing pain, but she does have a slightly sadistic edge to her perversion.  Though not a major fan of bondage, Misuzu does dabble in it for fun, if only to add more dimensions to her pranks, and to assist in restraining her targets while she plays with their body.

Misuzu's parents died in an accident while she was still very young, leaving her to be raised by her only close relative; an elderly uncle out in the rural area surrounding Tokyo.  For some reason or another, she was a rampant troublemaker even as a kid, and often got in trouble for playing pranks on others.  Despite that, she showed an exceptional aptitude for learning, which at the same time caused both the intricasy and perversion of her antics to increase as well.  For the sake of Misuzu recieving a better education than what she could get out in the country (as well as finally save the town from her menace), her uncle purchased an apartment for her back in Tokyo so she could attend a private high school.

A full-blown pervert by that time, and no longer held back the inconvenience of her victims living close to her home, the terrifyingly clever Misuzu was quick to become a topic of infamy amonst her classmates.  Stories of being groped from behind but seeing noone there, mysterious underwear disappearances, and all sorts of other occurences had an obvious culprit, but absolutely zero proof.  She was often suspended for minor offenses, but as there was never any concrete evidence against her, the school could never outright expel her regarding the bigger things.

On a whim, Misuzu joined the wrestling club, much to the displeasure of most of its members.  Even on the mats she displayed incredible talent, however as she was relatively small only one other member of the club was in her weight class, a girl named Momoka Shinokawa.  Basically forced to spend time with the girl, Misuzu often teased and tormented her, to which Momoka would give overblown and delightful reactions.  Unfortunately, this also led to just about every single one of their club practice matches turning into wild catfights.  Faced with getting kicked out of the club they enjoyed so much, both girls miraculously managed to work out their differences, and even began to get along a little bit.  The two of them remained in the club for all three years on relatively good terms, althought they still ended up not getting to wrestle very much.

Freshly graduated from high school, Misuzu of course looked to continue her education in college (and move up to preying on college girls).  Unfortunately, her very poor citizenship grades in high school began to catch up with her, making it surprisingly difficult to get accepted anywhere even though her grades were excellent.  Running low on options, Misuzu was eventually forced to look for employment opportunities instead.  Of course, in Tokyo, options for a cute girl with highly erotic interests were plentiful if one looked in the right places.

Browsing through her long list of potential employers, the AFW stood out to her the most.  Not only was the pay good, but it was a very up-close and physical job with a near endless supply of new potential 'victims' for Misuzu to prey upon.  Unable to resist the allure of such a place, Misuzu quicky applied for the more perverse Kawaii league, unaware her old acquaintance Momoka was already there as well.

Misc. Facts:
-Misuzu borrowed the whole 'ninja' theme from her reputation in high school.  She was practically an urban legend, the name "Densetsu no Ero Ninja" only spoken in hushed whispers in school hallways, for fear of summoning her.
-Misuzu mostly behaves herself around Momoka, due in part to their truce from the first year of high school, but mostly now because she enjoys watching Momoka's antics stemming from her tiny chest complex.  Not that she'd ever tell her that, of course.
-Really likes scarves, but often forgoes them so they don't become a liability during her 'missions'.

Momoka Shinokawa (High school classmate & tag-team partner)

With Momoka Shinokawa

Draw w/ Momoka vs. Ciel & Satsuki (Via double DQ)
A backstage ambush! (the two decide to take care of their unfinished business)
Loss vs. Ryoko (via Submission)
A shower encounter (Misuzu tries to mess with Momoka's "clone", but things don't exactly end as planned)
A surprise meeting at the gym (Misuzu finds Rosie again and gets a little payback)
Loss w/ Momoka vs. Rosie (via Submission, Handicap match)
Win vs. Noel (via submission, apartment lingerie match)

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