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Might be a bit slow

Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:33 am by noob

hi people that im rping with. I'm gonna be away for a bit so I might be a bit slow with posting. Sorry xp

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Duo from Iceland has arrived!

Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:38 pm by Jaystar

Hello again everybody!

I managed to get creative, with the result of having two friends, Isa and Julie flown in from Reykjavik, who are ready to rumble in AFW!

While not sure if they get to decide, Isa is still a little bit reserved and is hoping to get a smaller opponent that she could use her lower body strength on, while Julie is very excited and eagerly up for pretty much anything!

If you have any characters who might want to challenge either one of the newcomers, or basically any fun …

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Impromptu Break

Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:47 pm by Gadot


I'm just leaving this here so people know! I'm dealing with a lot at my new job (coming in as a manager with a person on my team who's been there for years and being a bit of a bitch about it), and I'm trying to finish up my last year of college. So for right now, I'm probably not gonna be around. I'm sorry for everyone I'm leaving up in the air with matches, and that I vanished without saying anything to. If you need me, feel free to message me on Trillian. I'm on it from time to time, …

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Ven - The Silent Retribution.

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Ven - The Silent Retribution.

Post by Fluffy Tail on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:57 am

Alias: Ven
Real Name: Currently Unknown.
Alignment: Face
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Sex: Female
Age: Currently Unknown.  
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 170lbs  
Nationality: Currently Unknown.
Entrance Theme: The Lonely Shepherd

Preferred Matches: Although she prefers more hardcore styled matches she will
take part in any match she is challenged to.    

Strategy: She usually sticks with a very counter based strategy. Waiting for her
opponent to attack before trying to dodge it and counter with a strike or a hold.

Preferred Attacks: As with her strategy she prefers to focus on counter attacks.

Strengths: Being fast on her feet and having a lot of strength to back it up is by far her most dangerous quality.

Weaknesses: Her main weakness comes from her honourable behaviour as it can
easily be used against her.

" />

Ring Attire: As seen in the image above. (Minus the armoured shoulder plate.)

Personality: Depending on what you act like largely changes how Ven will act
towards you. If your a kind or caring person then she will most likely return
your nice attitude with equal amounts of kindness. However if your a nasty kind
of person who enjoys nothing more than the suffering of others, you will receive
no kindness, and even less mercy. Due to her inherent hatred for mean behaviour
Ven will most often seek out heel wrestlers, intent on giving them the same
treatment that they give everyone else. She also has a habit of suddenly
interrupting matches or events if she deems that what is going on is either
unfair or unjust in any way. Even though she keeps a lot about herself secret,
if the odds are ever unfairly stacked against you, there is no better person you
could want at your side.

History: Alike numerous other aspects about her Ven's past is shrouded in mystery.
No matter how hard you try or how long you try for you would not be able to
find out much about her, truly the only person which knows the truth is Ven
herself. However if you dug deep enough and spent enough time doing a lot of
background research on her you would notice a quite peculiar pattern. Ven has
popped up in multiple wrestling leagues around the world and done the same thing
at each one, do her best to defend the people who need it and justly take
down the people who deserved it. Unfortunately that's about all you will find
out about her without actually talking to her, and even then getting information
out of her can still be very tricky. In fact even finding Ven outside of the
AFW would be next to impossible without some serious help. Even with that all
taken into account however, if all she does is punish the people who deserve it
and help the people who need it, how bad can she really be?

Fun Facts:
- Losing to any of her targets or heel wrestlers always causes her to fall into a
 state of utter devastation.
- Although she targets heel wrestlers she will still willingly fight face
- Often attempts to help jobbers stop being jobbers.
- Can never refuse a challenge.

AFW Information

Record: 3-1-0
Vs. Serina Kashibara via pinfall
Vs. Diabolica via submission
Vs. Mystis via submission
Vs. Jessica Wright via collar



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