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Found my HHH

Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:40 pm by starvalentine

Found my inner HHH and buried some of my roster. If anyone cares to look its here

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Something I've Noticed

Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:06 am by scorn53

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but every few weeks the same user joins the site, creates a few profiles and matches, then promptly leaves. I've only noticed because they follow a very similar profile template (and call it weird, but the use of black font), albeit they've now edited their latest one because they cannot delete it.

Their most recent name was 1 12 12 or something …

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To get this out of the way..

Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:50 pm by Mystery Dragon

Recently theres been something wrong with me. I fell sick some time ago, as I usually do in the spring time due t several reasons and recovered but haven't really been the same since. Some days I'm completely fine and others I can barely remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago and constantly feel down or not just not well for whatever reason, I even passed out in my dorm just to wake up in the dining hall. Ive had myself checked and they cant see anything wrong with me so I don't know what the …

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Getsu Mikado

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Getsu Mikado

Post by Zentrance on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:09 pm

Name: Getsu Mikado (moon emperor)                                                                    
Eyes:navy blue/purple
Height:6ft 2in
Weight:180 pounds
Nationality:japanese/spain mix
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music:Pheonix (fall out boy)

Wrestling Information

Strategy:Under normal circumstances, he will use quick kicks and jabs to make a person lose balance, staying quick and light on his feet and using any opening he can to put them in a strong grapple. He focuses on counter attacks. when pushed, he goes into full on speed striker. His speed and durability are his main points
Style:grappler, striker
Type: honorable heel

Preferred Attacks: left jab, side kick, many holds and grapples.

Preferred Matches:no opinion yet. likely submission


Favored moves:none yet

Finishing moves: moon shackles: He does a series of rapid kicks or punches as he backs the opponent towards a rope or corner before getting them to fall forward through some method, grabbing their ankles in one arm and their arms with the other as he holds down on their back making it near impossible to get up as long as he keeps his balance and grip.


Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance:

He seems calm and mature, even mysterious, either smiling or having no real expression most of the time. Getsu will sometimes pull tricks or break rules for a fight but isnt a rampant cheater or mean except to arrogant and selfish people. He will be flirty at times and even use psychological warfare for battle, but only against people he dislikes. He has a level of honor and dislikes certain acts and intentions. He is willing to take losses and falls to boost popularity of people he has respect or affection for but is often determined to defeat those who irk him personally. He likes to rise up faces who are honorable and knock down arrogant winners down a peg. he can be seductive or fun and laid back depending on the person.

Getsu was born of a father from Spain and a Japanese mother but lacks an accent due to growing up in America. His family was wealthy and it showed in his younger years. He was home schooled with private tutors and college professors through his youth instead of going to regular or private school. Most of his free time was originally spent watching martial arts movies before he moved on to mixed martial arts matches and especially wrestling. He had a group of a few friends he hung out with quite often, being so glad they treated him like just another guy instead of a spoiled rich kid who was too good for school and normal society. Sadly, his father's business suffered a large financial crash, reducing them to lower middle class lifestyle.

Being in tenth grade honor classes from private tutors at the time, he decided he didn't really need to get further education and waste even more of their now little money. He was quite selfless, and his friends stood by him the whole way. They had to move down to the darker side of town where crime and gang wars were rampant with police unable or unwilling to try and solve their problems. After seeing the condition of the town in the way he was ignorant to all his life, he was disgusted. At first, he tried bringing in spare money to the home through kick boxing or street fighting matches for money rewards and bets, honing his skills in the art of battle. After some time, Getsu and his childhood friends formed their own gang, or team as he liked to call it. They had a skull making the piece sign with clawed boney fingers as their insignia that they wore. There was only the few of them but they had grown up watching and learning from mixed martial arts, practicing with each other as a pass time in their teen years.

They went around and fought other gangs and groups, catching criminals who had bribes to police or lack of evidence, and busting drug dealers with evidence. They were helping clean up the streets whether it took beating someone bloody or blackmailing them to make them confess their crimes. Bounties and rewards helped keep his family living well until his father finally rebuilt the company enough to have a decent living without Getsu's help. During this time, he relied on dirty kick boxing style fighting, using tricks and environments to survive the dangers of actual gang members and armed criminals. Eventually, he was 21, and feeling satisfied with the streets safer, his family happy, the team now large and self sufficient, and not wanting to further cause or receive serious harm, Getsu was left as a notorious vigilante of sorts to his town and needing a change of lifestyle.

He determined he could either choose to be an official and catch criminals as a cop or bounty hunter, or he could use his fighting skills to entertain people and make them openly happy without the rage and danger involved with crime. He finally decided to do what he had seen for over a decade, and become a wrestler himself. Knowing the brutality of his fighting style, he decided to take lessons in submission holds and grapples especially for more methods to win fights in a more civil manner. He knew that his habit of mind games and opportunistic tricks to survive would be too hard to shake completely. Getsu was also quite antagonistic towards heels who went way too far with brutality and heinous actions, as well as anyone who was too arrogant or prideful of themselves and looked down on others no matter their alignment. This would also make him a heel personally, but a charming and honorable one who can remain a pleasant person outside the ring with those he doesn't dislike. Eventually, he was lead to AFW with their focus on equality and enjoyment, planning to entertain the masses and use his talents in a positive way without any inner conflict. Here comes the moon emperor....

Wrestling Attire:This outfit with only the clothing from the waist down plus fingerless gloves

AFW Information


Championships/Accomplishments: n/a

Friends: n/a
Crushes: n/a

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Re: Getsu Mikado

Post by Tatyina on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:17 pm

You could probably capitalize your sentences, but that's not grounds for disapproval. You're approved. You may make matches and rp as you like.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Re: Getsu Mikado

Post by Zentrance on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:19 pm

i thought it was capitalizing them automatically :/

Character: Getsu Mikado


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Re: Getsu Mikado

Post by Sponsored content

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