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Looking for a matchup.

Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:24 am by Link-mon

Hey. Finally got my approval and now looking for my first match on the site.
Heres my first girl. Anything will do just looking to get a start.

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Back to the forum ^^'

Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:27 pm by wrestleryu

Yay I'm finally getting back to the forum, trying to get to my old matches and willing to start new roleplays too Smile

For those who have ben waiting too much for my replies and are not willing to continue an oooold thread, I will totally understand.

For those who didn't miss me at all: Prrrrrrrt! Razz

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Nice to meet you all!!

Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:36 am by Link-mon

Hello. Im a new person here and have kinda been wanting to join in for awhile. Finally going to start and hope to have something up when I can. Looking forward to working with you. Smile

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AFW Apartment Catfight: Lili Rochefort vs. Karen Karuse

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AFW Apartment Catfight: Lili Rochefort vs. Karen Karuse

Post by 321Shazam on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:28 am

Location: AFW Apartment Complex

Attire: Bikini

Victory Conditions: The only way to win the match is to knock your opponent out.

The only Hentai Moves that are allowed are kissing, fondling/groping, and crotch rubbing

Lili's Gold Bikini:

Lili entered the AFW apartment complex in her favorite gold bikini. As she walked around looking for the room reserved for the match she thought about her opponent that challenged her, Karen Karuse. From what she's heard, she's a fellow street fighter just like Lili was. However, Lili was graceful in her fighting, and she was a bit nervous wondering if Karen was a brutish street fighter. Lili was indeed nervous, but she couldn't turn down a direct challenge like this one. An apartment catfight, the only way was to win by knockout.

Lili finally got to the room booked for the match as she saw that the room was bare. The room only had the four walls, and the hard floor. Lili looked around the room and said "Well, it's not up to my usual standards but at least it's clean here." Lili said as she walked over to one corner of the room. The room had multiple mini cameras broadcasting the match to the AFW audience, as well as only one referee to ensure the final KO. Lili and the referee now waited for Karen to make her way into the room so they can get the match underway.


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Re: AFW Apartment Catfight: Lili Rochefort vs. Karen Karuse

Post by Whitekeeper on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:44 pm


It had been quite awhile since Karen last fought in the AFW and she was starving to throw down. She wore a black bikini, with a half-buttoned blouse that was 2 sizes too small draped around her, hiding neither her impressive rack nor her taut tummy. She knew nothing about her opponent, only that she was very, very unlucky to have come to face her.

She entered the room, eyeing her sexy blonde opponent from the moment she walked in. The referee locked the door behind them, and Karen slowly walked to the centre of the room, staring at her opponent all the way.


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Re: AFW Apartment Catfight: Lili Rochefort vs. Karen Karuse

Post by 321Shazam on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:15 pm

Karen had finally made her entrance, Lili took a moment to look at her opponent. Karen was beautiful, and she looked like she could take some serious punishment, and bounce back. Once the referee locked the door Lili made her way to the center of the room to meet with Karen, their eyes met as they got into a stare down. Before the referee would start the match Lili would say "So you're my opponent? Good Luck, may the best woman win." Lili said as she got into a ready stance, and then the referee started the match.


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Re: AFW Apartment Catfight: Lili Rochefort vs. Karen Karuse

Post by Sponsored content Today at 2:30 am

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