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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

AFW :: Friction :: PPV :: Summer Splash

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 10:52 pm

Rainbow Mika vs. Cammy White
Year 2008

Underdog wrote:
Match Type: Standard ring match
Victory Conditions: 3-count pin or submission

A theme song strangely reminiscent to that of a certain video game
began to play as Rainbow Mika entered the arena to the cheers of her
fans. Mika waved back at them as she made her way to the ring. Today,
more than ever, she was ready to wrestle.

Mika slipped into the ring and stood ready. Ever since her (rather
uncomfortable) match against Chelsea Stanton, Mika had been waiting
for a real, professional match, and she finally had one. She had
missed out on the name of her opponent, though-- Cassandra Sellers had
simply told her to "be ready for a surprise."

Sighing, Mika leaned against the ropes and waited for her opponent to

Charyui wrote:
A few moments later another video game esk song began to play, and
Cammy strode out of the back in her tight green leotard her blond pig-
tails trailed behind her as she made her way to the ring. Cammy rolled
in under the ropes and jumped onto her feet in the middle of the ring
to grin at Mika "well long time no see"

Underdog wrote:
Mika blinked a few times. "Sorry, do I know you? You look kinda

Suddenly, the penny dropped. "Oh yeah, you were in the last Street
Fighter tournament, weren't you?
You're....Candice...Cand...Camel...Camilla-something, right?"

Charyui wrote:
Cammy gave a sigh as Mika mangled her name "Cammy, its Cammy ok?"

Underdog wrote:
"Ah! Cammy, that's right! You were...somehow...involved in the fight
against that Bison guy! Well, funny seeing you here!"

The Japanese girl blinked a few times. "Wait a minute...since when
were YOU involved in pro wrestling? Last time I checked, your fighting
style was pure martial arts. Have you just changed fighting styles or

Charyui wrote:
Cammy sighed "i use a form of mixed martial arts, i have some
wrestling moves thrown in, more than enough to keep up with you Mika"
she said and stretched a little, "now are we gonna fight or, chit chat
all day?"

Underdog wrote:
Mika smiled. "Sounds good to me" With that, Mika edged back and got
into a ready crouch as she waited for the bell. "Prepare to lose,

Charyui wrote:
Cammy grinned and put up her fists and bounced a little on her feet
"We'll just see about that luv!" she said as the bell rang and ran at
Mika to try and knee her in the gut or the face if she is still

Underdog wrote:
The ball rang, and Mika sprang forwards, aiming a clothesline at her
opponent. "Rainbow Clothesli--OOMPH!"

Mika was stopped as Cammy's knee collided with her gut, causing her to
double over. At the same time, however, Mika's clothesline still
connected, her arm colliding with Cammy's throat.

Charyui wrote:
Cammy let out a choked cry as Mika's arm hit her in the throat and she
fell back onto the mat gasping for air.

Underdog wrote:
Gasping for breath, Mika collapsed onto her knees beside Cammy,
clutching her midsection as she tried to regain her breath. The
audience was tense-- the match had just started, and the two wrestlers
had already taken each other down.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 10:53 pm

Charyui wrote:Cammy coughed a little more before getting onto her hands and knees
and standing up, she panted for a moment and went to grab Mika around
the waist from behind and haul her up. She will then try to go for a
german suplex!

Underdog wrote:Mika got back to her feet at more or less the same time as Cammy, and
and quickly found her opponent wrapping her arms around her waist from
behind, pressing her body tightly against her own. Knowing what was
coming next, Mika frantically shot an elbow back into her opponent's
midsection, hoping to dislodge Cammy before she could initiate the

Charyui wrote:The elbow made Cammy groan loudly and sent her staggering to the side
near the ropes.

Underdog wrote:Grunting, Mika staggered away from Cammy. Now that she was free, it
was time to take the offensive.

Turning around, Mika burst into a run at her oppnent. "Flying Peach!,"
she shouted, leaping in mid-run and twisting in midair so that she
would impact butt-first with her opponent.

Charyui wrote:Cammy's eyes widned and she cried out as she was hit and sent into the
ropes, she hung there in a daze.

Underdog wrote:Quickly getting back to her feet, Mika leapt forwards, sending a knee
hammering into Cammy's gut before following up with a karate chop to
her chest.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned and doubled over at the knee and let out a cry as she
was chopped, with another groan she went to punch Mika in the gut to
back her up which she will follow up with a kick to the side of her

Underdog wrote:"Uuuunh!" Mika grunted as she felt Cammy's fist slam into her gut. A
second later, Cammy initiated a kick that thumped into the side of
Mika's head. Stars exploded across the Japanese girl's vision as the
blow sent her stumbling back.

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted for a moment and then charged at Mika to tackle her in
the midsection and slam her down into the mat!

Underdog wrote:Mika's vision cleared just in time for her to see Cammy come running
at her. The braced herself, expecting a running kick or clothesline,
but instead Cammy propelled herself forwards and hitting Mika with a
football tackle.

"Ooomph!" Mika grunted as Cammy's shoulder's slammed into her
midsection and breasts. The impact knocked Mika onto her back and sent
her crashing to the mat, with Cammy on top of her. Mika recalled Cammy
mentioning that she used a mixed martial arts style, and it was
clearly showing.

Knowing that she had to move quickly, Cammy brought her legs up,
hoping to squeeze them around Cammy's waist.

Charyui wrote:Cammy squeezed her eyes shut and groaned as Mika's powerful legs
wrapped around her waist. She grunted and started trying to pry the
other girl's thighs off of her!

Underdog wrote:Mika felt Cammy's hands latch onto her thighs and begin to slowly pry
them apart. Gritting her teeth, she sat forwards and grabbed at
Cammy's wrists, trying to pry her opponent's arms away from her legs.

Charyui wrote:Cammy gasped as Mika tried to get her arms restrained and went to
punch Mika across the face before she could get a good grip.

Underdog wrote:Mika grunted as Cammy's fist slammed across her face, sending her
crashing back down to the mat. Mika groaned, shaking her head to clear
the cobwebs as her leg-scissor began to weaken...

Charyui wrote:Cammy gave another pant and started to try and pry Mika's thighs open

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 10:55 pm

Underdog wrote:Mika gasped as she felt her legs being pulled apart. In desperation,
she sat up again and punched Cammy across the chest.

Charyui wrote:Cammy cried out in pain and in surprise, growling she responded with
her own punch across Mika's chest and a head-butt to the nose for good

Underdog wrote:Mika grunted as Cammy's fist slammed into her own chest, then cried
out as Cammy rammed her forehead into her nose. Mika collapsed onto
her back, clutching her nose.

Hmm, for a supposed amateur in pro wrestling, Cammy was putting up a
very good fight so far...

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted for a moment and started pushing on Mika's legs once
again, once they were open she would stand quickly and stumble back to
try and catch her breath before Mika got up and attacked again.

Underdog wrote:As Cammy shoved away, Mika rolled forwards, knowing that she couldn't
afford to give her opponent a chance to recuperate. Crawling forwards,
Mika closed the distance between them, grabbing onto Cammy's hair and
sending a fist slamming into her forehead.

Charyui wrote:Cammy gasped as her hair was grabbed and before she could retaliate
Mika's fist came crashing into her skull making her cry out and dazing
her greatly.

Underdog wrote:Grunting, Mika pushed herself forwards, snagging Cammy in a frontal
headlock and effectively sandwiching Cammy's head between her arm and
her ample breasts. Slowly, she began to get back to her feet, taking
Cammy back up with her.

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted as she was put into the hold, as they got to their feet
Cammy began to throw punches into Mika's side and her gut!

Underdog wrote:"OOOMPH!" Mika grunted. Gritting her teeth, Mika turned around,
turning Cammy with her, and, with a cry of "Rainbow Neckbuster," fell
onto her back, aiming to bring Cammy down with her and slam the back
of her neck against her shoulder.

Charyui wrote:Cammy let out a loud cry of pain as she was slammed, it felt as if her
neck was going to break! she rolled around on the mat for a few
moments in pain before laying still and moaning slightly and holding
her neck.

Underdog wrote:Knowing that she couldn't afford to relent, Mika rolled over and
pushed Cammy onto her front. Before her opponent could right herself,
Mika sat down on Cammy's back, aiming to pull her opponent's arms back
over her legs and put her in a camel clutch.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned and didnt quite know what was happening, but a moment
later she scream as she was bent back in the hold. She grunted and
started to struggle to try and get out of it!

Underdog wrote:Mika felt Cammy struggling to get free, and responded by cinching the
hold tighter. She poured all of her strength into the camel clutch,
pulling back sharply on Cammy's chin.

"Give up, Cammy-san?" she asked through gritted teeth.

Charyui wrote:Cammy's eyes widened and she let out a louder cry than before, she
gave a whimper and shook her head. There was no was she was gonna
give, she would rather pass out first and the way things were going it
was a huge possibility.

Underdog wrote:Slightly annoyed, Mika released the camel clutch and let Cammy's head
flop to the floor. Mika had to admit, though, that so far, Cammy was
putting up a really good fight. To be honest, Mika would have been
disappointed if Cammy had submitted this early anyway.

Shifting her position along Cammy's back, Mika ensnared one of
Cammy''s legs in her own and locked her arms across Cammy's face,
pulling back as she applied a cross face. "How about now?"Mika asked,
her own lean body stretching against Cammy's as she pulled back on her.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 10:56 pm

Charyui wrote:Once again Cammy cried out in pain, clenching her eyes shut and
groaning she tried to fire off some elbow's in Mika's general
direction to try and get her to ease up or let go.

Underdog wrote:As Mika tightened the hold, she suddenly grunted as she felt Cammy
flam a desperate elbow into her midsection. Shrugging it off, Mika
continued applying the hold, leaning into the other girl as she
continued to pull back on her face and leg...

That is, until another elbow slammed into her midsection, harder this
time. Coughing, Mika released the hold, letting Cammy flop to the mat.
For good measure, Mika punched Cammy in the back of the head as she
wearily stood back up.

Charyui wrote:Cammy very nearly breathed a sigh of relief, until Mika's fist
connected with the back of her head making her cry out. She rolled
away from Mika to the corner and started using the ropes to slowly get

Underdog wrote:Mika grabbed onto Cammy's arm, helping her opponent up...only to then
snag her in a side headlock.

"Daydream Headlock!" she shouted, slamming her fist again and again
into Cammy's entrapped head. Once she had punched her about eight or
ten times, Mika rushed forward, aiming to bulldog Cammy to the mat.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned as she was put into the headlock, only to start crying
out as her head was punched. She groaned and was sagging against Mika
when she was done punching. A moment later she cried out again when
her head was driven into the mat, she groaned and lay there seemingly

Underdog wrote:Seeing her opponent lying prone on the mat, Mika turned and rolled
Cammy over onto her front, where she lay with her chest heaving up and
down as she breathed. Lying down across Cammy's chest, Mika grabbed
onto the back of her opponent's thigh, hooking her leg for a pin.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned as she was rolled over and pinned, she shook her head
trying to come too as the ref came over.

Underdog wrote:"One," said the ref.

Mika held the pin and waited, secretly hoping that her opponent would
manage to escape this pin attempt. After all, if there was one thing
that Mika couldn't stand, it was short matches.

Charyui wrote:Cammy's eyes blinked open but she was still in a daze, it wasn't until
the ref called "Two!" that she pushed up on Mika and tried to kick

Underdog wrote:Just as Mika expected, Cammy kicked out, breaking the pin. Getting
back up to her knees, Mika brushed her pigtails out of her face.

"Nicely done, Cammy-san," she said with a warm smile. "Keep it up!
You're giving me a good fight so far!" And with that, Mika grabbed her
opponent by the head and began to pull her back up to her feet.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned and didn't say anything as she was brought up, but once
on her feet she will try to punch Mika in the gut a couple times and
follow that up with an uppercut to knock her down, or at the very
least sending her stumbling back.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 10:59 pm

Underdog wrote:As Mika brought Cammy up to her feet, the British Street Fighter
suddenly sent a fist slamming into her midsection. Mika gasped,
releasing Cammy as she doubled over, leaving herself open to several
more punches to the midsection. As Mika coughed for breath, Cammy spun
around and hit her hard with an uppercut. Pain exploded across Mika's
jaw, and she was sent stumbling back by the blow

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted for a moment before running back to bounce off the ropes
and hit Mika across the chest with a clothes line!

Underdog wrote:"Ooooomph!" Mika grunted as Cammy's forearm slammed into her breasts,
the impact bowling her over and sending her crashing onto her back.

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted for a moment and  jumped up and flung her legs out to
smash Mika's head and chest with a leg drop!

Underdog wrote:Mika cried out in pain as Cammy's legs came crashing down on her head
and chest. Whimpering, she rolled onto her side, clutching her injured
bust as she tried to clear the cobwebs from her head.

Charyui wrote:Cammy crawled over to Mika and grabbed her blond hair and started to
pull her up, she will then bend her back into a dragon sleeper and try
to restrain one of her arms. If she can get that far she will press
her knee into the other girl's back and start to kneel down onto the
mat with Mika's spine bending painfully on her knee!

Underdog wrote:Mika winced as she felt Cammy grabbing her by the pigtails. The next
thing she knew, Cammy was locking her arm around her throat and
bending her back in a dragon sleeper. She gasped for air as Cammy more
or less winched her head tightly beneath her armpit, and cried out in
pain as she felt Cammy's knee digging into her back. Mika flailed in
agony as her body was bent tighter and tighter backwards against
Cammy's knee, perspiration beginning to soak her outfit (though the
crowd was paying more attention to the way her bust was jutting up
into the air and jiggling next to Cammy's).

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted and squeezed harder with her arm and pulled back more to
bend Mika's back even more over her knee.

Underdog wrote:"NnnnnnAAAAAAGH!" Mika screamed as she was bent almost to a 90 degree
angle. This was not good: she was being bent like a pretzel by Cammy,
and it was getting difficult for her to breathe due to that damned
dragon sleeper. If she didn't get out soon, she would either pass out
or be forced to submit.

With laboured breathing, Mika shot an elbow back, hoping to hit Cammy
in the midsection and at the very least weaken her hold.

Charyui wrote:Cammy cried out as the elbow sunk into her gut! she groaned and gave a
pant before locking on to Mika tightly again. If Mika hit her as hard
as that then she might not be able to hold on much longer.

Underdog wrote:Mika began to gasp fitfully for air as Cammy winched the hold tighter.
Her body by this point was firmly curved against Cammy's knee, hew
sweat causing her outfit to turn a deeper shade of blue, and the
curvature of her body, combined with the tightness of Cammy's sleeper,
caused Mika's breasts to mash against Cammy's.

Slowly, Mika was beginning to lose all feeling from her body. In
desperation, she shot another elbow at her opponent's gut.

Charyui wrote:Cammy cried out as a second elbow sunk into her gut, with some
coughing she finally let go of Mika but gave her a parting kick to the
back before she moved away.

Underdog wrote:Mika took the kick to the back hard and collapsed onto the mat,
gasping for breath as she rolled in agony.

Charyui wrote:Cammy waited for a moment before getting down at Mika's legs and
pulling her into a figure four leg lock while Mika was face down on
the mat!

Underdog wrote:Mika didn't even have time to pull herself upright before she felt
Cammy taking hold of her legs. A second later, pain lanced up her legs
as they were twisted into a figure four leg lock. Mika nearly screamed
as she felt her legs being twisted at an unnatural angle. Fighting
back tears of pain, she gritted her teeth clawed at the mat, trying to
drag herself to the ropes.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 11:01 pm

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted as Mika started crawling and tried to tighten her grip
on the other girl's legs, but she didnt try to stop Mika though.

Underdog wrote:Mika clenched her teeth tighter as Cammy winched the hold tighter, but
continued to crawl towards the ropes.

Charyui wrote:Cammy just held on, when Mika makes it to the ropes Cammy will let go
immediately and get right on her feet.

Underdog wrote:Whimpering in pain, Mika edged forwards, and finally managed to grab
onto the lowest rope. At this, Cammy released her, and Mika slowly
began to pull herself upright on the ropes.

Charyui wrote:As soon as Mika was on up a little more, Cammy will go right in and
wrap her arms around Mika and then go for a german suplex! as soon as
Mika hits the mat Cammy will go for a bridge to pin Mika's shoulder

Underdog wrote:A second later, Mika felt Cammy wrap her arms around her midsection
from behind, her taut, curvaceous body pressing in against her own.
Before Mika could react, Cammy brought her flying backwards in a
German suplex and crashing shoulder-first into the mat. Pain lanced
through Mika's spin as the back of her neck impacted against the mat,
and she felt Mika's warm body still pressing in against her from
behind, keeping her shoulders pinned to the mat.

The referee started the countdown. "One..."

The rest of this match continued on IM

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted and continued to hold Mika down.

Underdog wrote:Sweat dripped across Mika's body as she felt herself being
pressed against the mat. Gritting her teeth, she began to kick in the
air furiously, using her momentum to get a shoulder off the mat.

Underdog wrote:(continuing) "Two--" said the ref, before noticing Mika
get a shoulder off the mat and discontinuing the count.

Charyui wrote:Cammy gave a silent curse before letting go of Mika and
getting back to her feet, she gave a little pant and wiped some sweat
from her brow as she waited for Mika to stand

Underdog wrote:Slowly, Mika began to get back to her feet, a slow smile
forming on her face. "For someone who isn't used to pro-style
wrestling, you're pretty good, Cammy-san," she said, settling into a
ready stance as she stood opposite from her British opponent.

Charyui wrote:Cammy grinned and got into a stance as well "Why thank you
luv." she said simply and continued to stand opposite Mika, she
watched her carefully and waited to see what she would do.

Underdog wrote:Eying her opponent carefully, Mika raised her arm,
gesturing for a test of strength. Around the two, the crowd was
cheering ecstatically, half of them rooting for their hero Mika, and
the other half cheering on the newcomer Cammy.

Charyui wrote:Cammy gave a nod and slowly drew closer to Mika, she then
reached up and grabbed the other girl's hands and waited. She braced
herself for whatever Mika might try

Underdog wrote:Thankfully for Cammy, Mika wasn't the kind of person who
resorted to underhand tactics. Instead, as anticipated, Mika locked up
collar and elbow with Cammy, pressing against her opponent shoulder-to-
shoulder as she tried to force her back.

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted and started pushing back against Mika trying
just as hard to push the other girl back. So far it seemed like she
was doing a good job of holding her own.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 11:02 pm

Underdog wrote:Mika grunted as she matched Cammy, strength for
strength,her head resting against the side of Cammy's as their sweat
began to intermingle. So far, it seemed that they were evenly-matched
in the strength department, although many of Mika's fans speculated
that Mika probably outclassed her opponent in terms of sheer
endurance. Mika didn't give her fans much more time to ponder,
however, as, with a shout of "Rainbow Hip Toss," arched backwards,
still holding on to her opponent's arms with the aim of throwing her
over her shouder.

Charyui wrote:Cammy let out a cry as she was thrown over and grunted as she
hit the mat hard, she groaned and arched off it a little before
rolling over and trying to stand up.

Underdog wrote:As Cammy began trying to stand up, Mika came rushing
forwards with a flying kick aimed at her back. "Heavenly Double Kick!"

Charyui wrote:Cammy cried out again as Mika's kicks slammed into her back
and sent her back down to the mat!

Underdog wrote:seeing that Cammy was down, Mika quickly ran forwards,
aiming to drop butt-first onto her back. "flying peach!"

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted and her eyes widened when she heard "flying
peach!" and tried to roll away before Mika came slamming down on top
of her!

Underdog wrote:"Ooomph!" Mika cried as she missed Cammy, instead landing
butt-first on the mat. This, however, didn't so much hurt her as it
annoyed her. Without pausing, she turned and slammed her elbow down on
Cammy's chest, hammering her right between her breasts.

Charyui wrote:Cammy's eyes widned and she let out a loud cough/cry and went
to roll away from Mika again as she started gasping for breath

Underdog wrote:Mika stood back up and followed Cammy as she rolled.
Grabbing her by the arm, Mika pulled her opponent up, and sent a knee
slamming into her midsection to keep her weakened.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned as Mika's knee slammed into her gut, after a
pant she went to punch Mika in her own gut!

Underdog wrote:Mika grunted as she felt Cammy's fist slam into her gut,
though she was still partially thankful that Cammy-san was, at least,
fighting back. Retaliating, Mika punched Cammy back in her own gut,
then closed the distance between them. With a shout of "Heavenly
Paradise Hug!," Mika clamped her arms around Cammy's waist and lifted
her up in a powerful bear hug.

Charyui wrote:Cammy gasped as Mika punched her and soom cried out as Mika
grabbed her and lifted her up. she groaned in pain and gasped for air.
Her legs kicked out uselessly before Cammy grunted and reached up to
grab Mika's hair and start punching her in the face! At the same time
she wrapped her legs around Mika's chest and started to squeeze her

Underdog wrote:"Aaaaagh!" Mika cried as Cammy began to pull back on her
pigtails and punch her again and again in the face. Further down,
Cammy's legs snaked around her midsection and began to squeeze,
causing Mika to gasp for air. The hits rocked her head again and
again, but Mika shrugged the blows and simply tightened her own hold.
The audience watched, enthralled, as the two perspiring beauties
squeezed into each other.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 11:03 pm

Charyui wrote:Cammy gasped as Mika's arms tightened and returned the favor
with her legs as she continued to bash Mika's face as shard as she

Underdog wrote:By this point, bruises began to appear on Mika's face as
Cammy continued to punch her. For a moment, the two continued to
squeeze each other, pressing breast-to-breast and causing all the men
in the audience to collectively nosebleed. With a grunt, Mika suddenly
ran forwards, still squeezing into Cammy, aiming to ram her into the
corner post.

Charyui wrote:Cammy cried out and arched in Mika's grip as she was rammed
into the corner, she groaned and pitched forward to pant against Mika.
Her legs were still around the other blond's waist but they were no
longer squeezing.

Underdog wrote:For a moment, Mika remained in the corner, slumped against
Cammy in exhaustion. Then, slowly, she released her bear hug and
stumbled away as she tried to regain her breath.

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted as she fell and hit the mat, she stayed seated
against the corner trying to catch her own breath.

Underdog wrote:Slowly catching her breath, Mika turned and began to pull
Cammy back to her feet, propping her up into the corner of the ring
with the intention of kneeing her in the gut once more.

Charyui wrote:Before Mika could go for the knee Cammy went for an uppercut
to try and catch Mika off guard, if that works she will hit her with a
kick to Mika’s own gut!

Underdog wrote:"Uuungh!" Mika grunted as Cammy laid into her with an
uppercut. As she was sent stumbling back by the blow, a knee to the
gut sent her doubling over.

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted again and took Mika's hair again to drive her
knee into the other girl's face!

Underdog wrote:"Whu--" was all Mika could say as Cammy suddenly grabbed
her by the pigtails. A second later, a knee slammed into her face,
nearly breaking her nose, and Mika cried out in pain as she was sent
stumbling back and falling to the mat.

Charyui wrote:Cammy went over to Mika and rolled her over so that she was
on her front, she then took Mika's arms and pulled up on them as she
put her foot down onto Mika's back and pressed down at the same time!

Underdog wrote:Mika cried out in pain as Cammy executed a surfboard hold
on her, stretching her back while at the same time putting an
incredible strain on her shoulders. All she could do now was kick
futilely at the mat as Cammy poured on the pressure.

Charyui wrote:Cammy grunted and kept the hold going, she wasnt going to
give up at this point!

Underdog wrote:Mika cried out in pain again. The agony was only
increasing, and it felt like Cammy was about to snap her back like a
twig. Despite this, Mika was determined not to cry out her
submission-- for all she knew, Zanghief-sama might be watching this
match, and there was no way in hell she was going to lose in front of

Charyui wrote:Cammy poured on more pressure, she could respect that Mika
didnt want to submit, just like her. But she wasnt going to risk Mika
turing things around again, Cammy didnt know how much longer she could
last if Mika got back into the fight again. So she planned to keep
this up untill Mika passed out, however long that may take.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 11:04 pm

Underdog wrote:Mika gritted her teeth and fought back, pulling back on
her arms in the hope of freeing them from Cammy's grip. This served to
increase the strength of the hold, but Mika kept trying, refusing to
be beaten in her first real Friction match

Charyui wrote:Cammy squeezed her eyes shut and grunted as Mika fought back
and could feel her grip loosening but she pulled back harder desperate
not to let go

Underdog wrote:"AAAAAAGH!" Mika screamed as the pressure tightened. She
fought back tears of pain as she continued to pull, the sheer pressure
threatening to dislocate her shoulders.

Charyui wrote:"Shit!" Cammy grunted and finally let go of Mika's arms, she
then went to stomp down on Mika's head to give herself some time to
get some distance

Underdog wrote:Due to the sheer amound of sweat generated by the two
wrestlers, Mika finally slipped free, slumping half-consciously to the
mat. The crowd collectively applauded Mika for what must have been an
extremely painful escape. A second later, Cammy stomped down on Mika's
head and left her lying dazed on the mat.

Charyui wrote:Cammy panted and tried to think of some way to take Mika out,
she gave another pant there was only one more thing she could try. She
went to stand at the opposite end of the ring to where Mika's head was
and waited for her to start getting up. To her knees at the very least
then Cammy would strike. She would run at Mika and jump up to sit on
her shoulders and get her legs wrapped tightly around Mika's head, she
would then pitch forward to smash Mika's head into the mat. If Cammy
gets that far she will continue with the move

Underdog wrote:Gingerly, Mika slowly began to get to her feet. Her
shoulders and back were killing her, and her head was spinning from
the sheer number of punches and kicks it had taken, but she was not
about to be deterred-- not when she could still win. As she got to her
knees, however, Cammy suddenly rushed up from behind and did a runnign
jump, landing on Mika's shoulders and scissoring her head. Mika gagged
as her windpipe was suddenly cut off. To Cammy's surprise, however,
Mika managed to stop herself in mid-fall by putting her hands on the
mat. Slowly, to the amazement of the audience, Mika, still gasping
futilely for breath, began to stand up, with Cammy still sitting on
her shoulders

Charyui wrote:Cammy's eyes widned, she knew this was bad but still there
was no getting out of it now. She started to punch the top of Mika's
head in an effort to topple her over and slam her head into the mat.
If she couldent accomplish this then she was screwed

Underdog wrote:Mika grunted again and again as Cammy punched her in the
forehet repeatedly. A small cut had opened up in her forehead as a
result of Cammy's nonstop punches, and any minute now, she felt like
her limbs were about to give out beneath her. Still, ignoring the
strain on her already-hurting back, Mika stood up to her full height,
and pitched backwards, aiming to bodyslam Cammy to the mat.

Charyui wrote:Cammy knew what was comming and clenched her eyes shut, she
then cried out as pain exploded across her back and her legs loosened
from around Mika's head

Underdog wrote:As soon as she executed the bodyslam, Mika slumped over
onto her side, exhausted. Her arms and back were still hurting
(especially after the strain of lifting Cammy up), and she was
incredibly dizzy after she sheer number of punches Cammy had rained
down on her. The two wrestlers lay on the mat, dazed and unmoving.

Charyui wrote:Cammy lay there panting hard and after a moment just weakly
rolled to her side to throw an arm over Mika's chest, she veagly heard
a ref coming over but didnt really know what else was going on. Her
body hurt too much for her to care.

Underdog wrote:Mika was just as dazed, lying on the mat, panting in
exhaustion as lights danced in front of her vision. She didn't even
hear the ref dropping down next to her.


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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea on Thu May 28, 2015 11:04 pm

Charyui wrote:Cammy just groaned and lay there she tried to keep her eyes
open but they kept falling shut.


Underdog wrote:Mika tried to make sense of what was going on, but she
could barely comprehend the world around her. All she was conscious of
was the splitting pain in her skull and the faint buzzing in her ears.


Charyui wrote:Cammy could barely hear something, it kind of sounded like
her theme music. She tried to sit up to see what was going on, but
very nearly passed out a moment later and fell back onto the mat.

Underdog wrote:Mika thought she heard something as well. It sounded
vaguely...familiar. "Mmmmmommm, I do'wanna go'ta scchool," she
mumbled, barely conscious or coherent.

Charyui wrote:Cammy groaned and tried to sit up again, she looked around to
see some medics trying to lift her up and saw one patching up the cut
on Mika's head. It was only then that she realized that she had won
the match!

Underdog wrote:Mika slowly began to stir as the medics held some smelling
salt in front of her. It was then that she realized that the music
playing was Cammy's theme song, which meant...she had lost. "Zanghief-
sama...I'm sorry," she thought to herself.

Charyui wrote:Cammy smiled at Mika and went to help lift her up "that was a
good fight luv" she said to the other girl "dont beat yourself up over
it" she whispered noticing a familiar look on the other girl's face.

Underdog wrote:Weakly, Mika smiled as she was propped up by the
paramedics, and raised a weak arm to grasp Cammy's arm (in part as a
handshake, and in part to prop herself up). "Thanks, Cammy-san," she
said. "I'm just glad you gave me such a good match."

Charyui wrote:Cammy's smile got a little wider "no problem luv, just lets
hope that next time we get together that it will be less painful" she
said and  let the medics start helping the both of them into the

Underdog wrote:"I'll say," Mika replied with a grin. "Next time, though,
you'd better be prepared to lose, Cammy-san!" And with that, the two
of them were helped backstage, leaving the crowd cheering both of them
on esctatically.

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Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

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