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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

[ Full reading ]

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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A Steamy Encounter

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Re: A Steamy Encounter

Post by daemongirl on Thu May 21, 2015 1:58 am

Despite how hot it was inside the sauna Ayame shivered at the mention of temperatures in the negative, pulling her legs up with her knees pressing tightly against her chest, arms wrapped around her legs with her hands clasped together. Winters in Japan weren't particularly warm, especially up in the mountains where a heavy snow fall was just part of life up there, but very rarely did it get quite that cold and the thought of it alone was enough to convince her never to visit this Minnesota in the winter. "That is...well very cold Mikayla, I'm not sure how you didn't freeze solid." Ayame laughed softly, the woman more at ease with the other woman until she saw how high the towel was.

"Mikayla must have noticed where her eyes were focused though for she soon asked her what was wrong, Ayame shaking her head while trying to figure out how to answer that. "Oh well its nothing really...its just your ummm...your towel..." Her already gentle voice became fainter as she spoke until it was just above a whisper. At least, she thought to herself, she is wearing something underneath it.

The conversation didn't get any less embarrassing for her either as Mikayla asked about her previous matches, even though she had just said she wouldn't ask about them. Ayame sighed and for a moment didn't look like she would answer, in truth she wasn't going to, but as nice as the blonde had been she felt like it would be insulting not to. "Well she wasn't cruel or anything if thats what you mean, but she certainly didn't take no for an answer.

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Re: A Steamy Encounter

Post by Rei on Fri May 22, 2015 8:54 pm

"Who says I didn't?", Mikayla rhetorically asked, smiling and shrugging. "Sometimes I sure felt like I did, or I would have to see the snow for so long that I would have just as soon been frozen for a while so I didn't have to wait for weeks to see the sun again." That was the worst part. People had called Mikayla a ball of sunshine from time to time, but she couldn't light up her entire region of Minnesota all on her own when it was buried underneath mountains of ice. And she was no ball of sunshine when she hadn't seen the sun for so long. More snippy and impatient than anything.

The blonde's eyebrows lifted as Ayame slowly explained why she suddenly looked as if she wanted to be anywhere but in the sauna, trying to guess at what the woman could be trying to say but having no idea until she finally spilled the beans herself. Peering down at her own body, Mikayla could see nothing out-of-the-ordinary about her towel at first until she remembered that she had her leg raised, and what she could not see at the opposite end of the towel when she raised her leg was what Ayame was getting an eyeful of. "Oh!", the blonde chirped, sliding her leg back down to her flip flops to spare Ayame the peep show. Situating herself in the seat again, she beamed brightly at Ayame. "The view couldn't have been that bad," she teased.

And it couldn't have been as bad as what Ayame mentioned having to deal with in one of her matches. Mikayla wouldn't harp on any details, because that wouldn't be the thing to do if Ayame said she didn't want to think back on it, but since she had gone through her own...sensual experience in the ring, she did want to know if Ayame's had been the same situation. Apparently not, if "she," whoever she was, had not exactly had Ayame's approval with whatever had happened. "Oh..." Her expression drooped with sympathy. Now it was getting really tough not to ask, especially for someone as talkative as Mikayla, but she decided to skim over the details. "You could always get a match back against her, right? Give you a chance to show her up! You look like you can handle about any woman on the roster." She grinned with the compliment.


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Re: A Steamy Encounter

Post by daemongirl on Fri May 29, 2015 6:51 am

Ayame felt like she could understand a little of what Mikayla had gone through from the way she described winter back in her home, remembering a couple winters when the snow had fallen thick upon the mountains leaving her confined to the house while her dad went out for firewood and the like. Her parents had been worried she would get sick when she was little, with good reason considering she often caught a cold when winter was as bad as that. "How are you adjusting to living in Tokyo? I know I was nervous when I first moved here, nothing like life up in the mountains." Ayame thought back to those first couple of years after her family moved to the city to help her mom, remembering just how strange it had all seemed at the time and wondering if Mikayla felt the same.

Her eyes grew sad for a moment at the thought of her mom's passing not long after they moved to the city, but she was back to her usual shy self when Mikayla joked about the view she had been giving her. "Oh no it wasn't bad, I it wasn't bad." She stammered out with her face turning a brighter shade of red with each word that left her lips. Ayame let out a deep sigh once she realized Mikayla had only been teasing her but by then she had already gotten flustered.

"A rematch?" Ayame said as if unsure what the word itself meant, looking puzzled as to why Mikayla would think such a thing. If I did go ask for a rematch with her it would just go the same way again, wait...What do you mean I look like I could take anyone?"

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Re: A Steamy Encounter

Post by Sponsored content

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