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I'm starting my new job soon, so I'll be more free

Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:24 pm by TheWamts

Yes, I know that sounds fucking stupid, but with only one thing to focus on instead of 5 subjects and 5 groups, I should have more time to spend on the site, and so I'm open for new matches, send me a pm or I'm me on Trillian (same name thewamts if you don't have me already) if interested.

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Lucy's Debut

Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:11 pm by kagestar

Well what can i say really?

After the warm reception here i am looking for my first Character Lucy Kage to have her debut.

This doesn't have to be in the form of a debut match, though i am not going to say no to that of course, but it could even be that she appears at the end of another match etc. I want Lucy to arrive, not with a bang per se, but with more of a determined swagger.

I want her entrance to pretty much be believable, sellable but also meaningful. It sounds snobbish, especially …

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Looking for debut match for new jobber Lilly Maringly

Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:37 pm by shanecawf


Lilly is looking for matches so she can earn enough money to get out of the AFW. She doesn't care how big her opponent is or how strong they are, She's willing to take a massive beating if it means she can earn anything towards her get out fund.
Please have fun with her and don't be afraid to give her hell!

(Please no tension males) Lilly has one condition to this. She will not fight a male. Only females.

Link to her profile below

[ Full reading ]

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"Candy Cane"

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"Candy Cane"

Post by Rei on Sat May 09, 2015 10:16 pm

Wrestler Profile

Name: Becky "Candy Cane" Welsh
Age: 28
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 119 lbs
Nationality: Canadian
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Theme

Wrestling Information

Strategy: As a fairly slight wrestler, Candy Cane relies on her quickness with evasions, clever reversals, and sudden strikes to match up well with her opponents, in addition to a strategy that incorporates quite a few dirty tactics and holds meant to set up her opponent for a great deal of humiliation. Though she prides herself on being a tough punk rock girl, that aforementioned slight frame cannot hold up against the power of wrenching submission holds or powerhouse moves. Because of this, she tries to be slippery and annoying, taking cheap shots and quick swipes at her opponents to get them to open up their defenses to provide her with the opportunity to embarrass them by applying humiliating holds. She also tries to make use of the red guitar that she always brings to the ring, using it as a weapon or a prop. These are all pretty good tactics, but Candy Cane can get a little distracted from time to time, loving to showboat when she does gain an advantage and getting herself into a pretty piece of trouble when an opponent takes advantage of it, leading her to the point of humiliation.

Finishing Moves:

Astro Scissors:

School Driver:



Appearance: See "ring attire" below.

Personality: Candy Cane has always presented herself as the prototypical punk rock queen, whose loud mouth, toughness, and charisma in front of a crowd make her stand out. Having lived a fairly lonely life has made her crave attention as she has become an adult and matured, and to her, the best way to crave attention is to be the most boisterous, big, and bad girl around and express herself through wrestling as a heel and through edgy music. Her abrasive exterior conceals a woman who is a little more fragile and desiring of the pleasant company of others than she is willing to openly admit. Recent events, as the public has been criticizing her music, has restored the chip on her shoulder and possibly made her even more eager to prove herself the baddest girl on the wrestling scene again to restore her pride.

Past/History: Becky Welsh never knew exactly how she ended up living in an orphanage, but she learned quickly that, no matter how much the orphanage tried to help her fit in, she did not belong, like a square peg. It became evident to her, even as a child, that she was a cast-off whose parents didn't want her. Even though the teachers would often try to integrate this sour girl whom the other children typically wanted to avoid, Becky learned quickly to push them away, since the only reason they wanted to help her, she believed, was because they pitied her. These were fairly dark thoughts for a young girl to have about her life, but Becky dealt with them as she became a teenager.

She developed a love for punk rock, identifying with the lyrics, and started to dress and act like she expected punk rockers to act, with short skirts, tall boots, pigtails, and a bad attitude to go along with it all. Never a great student at school to begin with, she began to strike out in constant rebellion, becoming a thorn in the side of school authorities and taking no small amount of pride in doing so. Her only friends became a group of girls who had similar stories and who appreciated punk rock nearly as much as Becky herself. Deciding that they would become big one day, they decided to form a band together. They settled on the name "The Killer Bambies." As the band's singer and lead guitarist, Becky knew that simply being known as "Becky Welsh" wouldn't cut it. She decided to adopt the moniker "Candy Cane," and demanded that everyone refer to her as such.

As all people do, however, Candy Cane matured as she grew up, and at some point, she realized that she felt a little empty. Though she acted like the people who tried to help her, including her gem of a teacher, Miss Muriel Spencer, only bothered her, she started to want to admit to those people, and to the orphanage, that she appreciated that they had not given up on her and had at least gotten her on track to pursue her music and have a chance at making it in life. This feeling only intensified when the orphanage faced a dire financial situation, and though Candy Cane wanted to help, her band was not making enough money for her to contribute.

Around the same time, the Rumble Roses tournament was advertised for female wrestlers of all types to participate for a large pool of prize money. Candy Cane, priding herself on her toughness, took a good, long look at the advertisement, tempted to give it a shot to win the money for the orphanage. She trained for a time in private before announcing that she would participate, claiming that she only wanted to do so to become famous and be known as the toughest girl around. She entered the tournament, shockingly coming across her teacher, Miss Spencer, in the process. Despite having only joined to win the money, Candy Cane came to enjoy the experience and may have remained a wrestler after having a good showing, but it was not long after that complications with the tournament led to the disbanding of Rumble Roses, leaving Candy Cane to return to her band.

It was at the lead of The Killer Bambies that Candy Cane made the money to support the orphanage, as the group made it big with a raw punk rock single that hit the radio and became a cult favorite. She came into her own as the front woman of the band, getting a chance to tour North America. Their success continued for a few years before Candy Cane's attitude alienated her band mates, as well, and they eventually broke up. Candy Cane went on to do solo work that was not widely praised. As a result, she opened her ears to a few producers who wanted to make her music a little easier to listen to. Not surprisingly, this more "mainstream" music had the effect that it usually does on edgy performers. Critics claimed that Candy Cane had gone soft and bought in to commercial success, one even claiming that she was "not the fearsome girl who had once been a wrestler."

Candy Cane had long had wrestling on her mind, having followed the careers of several of the other Rumble Roses as they began to wrestle in AFW in Japan. Growing a bit tired of the music thing, especially since she had found that most punk rock fans accepted her almost a little too readily even with her more mainstream music, Candy Cane took the critics' comments as an excuse to try and prove herself yet again. She flew to Japan, where she pushed an application across the table at the AFW recruiters. They could not sign up the popular punk rock star quickly enough, and Candy Cane found herself in the wrestling world once again, ready to prove that she still was the fearsome girl that everyone remembered, not some bubble gum pop singer.

Wrestling Attire:


Fun Facts:

+She eats taffy all. the. time.
+She still doesn't waste her time with guys.
+She would never let anyone know it, but several of the songs she wrote with The Killer Bambies were basically "thank you"s to the people in her life, like Miss Spencer, who never gave up on her.
+Because of those people, she never got too involved with the whole "bad" side of being a famous rock singer.

AFW Information



Allies: Taylor Parker
Somethings: Fujiko Hinomoto


  • Sweet and Sour - In progress.
  • New Heights - Ticked off at the world due to the frustrations of being around Anesthesia again, Candy stumbles across the Friction champ, Taylor Parker, who reveals to Candy that she was the reason that she got into wrestling. The two engage in an awkward expression of mutual appreciation, and Candy wonders if her "screw everyone" attitude might be toxic.

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