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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Working out with Juniper

AFW :: Friction :: Gym

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Working out with Juniper

Post by TheWamts on Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:10 am

Copied from IMs

fedora.misari: Waiting patiently for someone to stalk today, Juniper waits arouns the corner of the front door of the Friction dorms. Hidden.
thewamts: Lotte hummed to herself, sporting a more normal outfit than she usually wore, no wand or hat today. Today was just a workout day, after all. Hopefully, she'd find someone else to work with, it was sooooo dull just lifting weights and running on a treadmill.
fedora.misari: And with that, Juniper began to stalk. And what do you know? Ir was that magician-looking girl....Juniper thought. She wasnt wearing her outfut today it seems.
thewamts: It felt kinda cozy in the dorms. Or maybe just small. She was always bumping into things when she swung her wand around. Well, at least the gym was decently sized. She walked past the lockers, dropping her bag in one and quickly stepped into the workout room. There were a few others inside of course, but all of them seemed a little... small to spar against. What to do...
fedora.misari: Junuper enters the locker room and walks past Lotte's bag. The same thing the magician saw, Juniper saw that there was no one there. Just a bunch of Kawaii girls. She tapped Lotte's shoulder
thewamts: She spun on her heel. "Whoa! Oh, hey. Who are you?" She didn't recognize whoever this girl was, but the reasonable first assumption was that she was also here to work out.
fedora.misari: Juniper makes a wide grin, a toothy one. "Juniper. Surprised you haven't heard of me. Ive been around. " She patted the smaller girl on the head.
thewamts: "Well... I guess you just aren't a big enough name... Juniper." She eyed the taller girl. "And I guess you don't know who I am anyways, so how would I know you, hmm?" She smiled with just a hint of a challenge on her lips, today might be a interesting workout after all.
fedora.misari: "Youre Lotte. I saw your match when soing some...Research. " She almost said stalking. "If I recall, yoyr match ended in some very uh, sexual terms" She laughs a bit under her breath
thewamts: "Oh, you saw that?" Lotte went just the slightest shade of pink at that. "Didn't think that I'd have so many followers after just that..." She knew what she was getting herself into in that match, anyways, and she didn't regret it. Not entirely, anyways. "So I guess you're a stalker plus pervert?" Lotte fired back with a smirk.
fedora.misari: "What was that? What did you call me?" The redhead growls at Lotte. "You looking for a fight?"
thewamts: "Heh, I certainly am." Lotte laughs, giving the big girl a small shove. "But I dunno... I'm a bit scared a perv like you might try to do those... sexual things to me."
fedora.misari: That's it. She was provoked. Junipwr reaches down to grab Lotte and sling her over her shoulder. "Hup!" She exhaled. Juniper carries her to an open ring
thewamts: Well, she was certainly strong. "Whoa! Careful!" Lotte slapped Juniper's back without much effect. "I hope you aren't going to drag me to your place and fuck me senseless." She took another jab, it was so fun provoking this girl!
fedora.misari: Juniper had a smirk on her face, as well as a twitching eye. This girl was teally going far to provoke Juniper. She tosses Lotte into a ring vefore jumping into it herself
thewamts: "Ooff!" Lotte rolled back as soon as she hit the mat, pushing herself back up. Maybe she went a little far with the teasing... but that was fine. "How are we going to decide who's won? When I make you tap out?" Lotte laughed, although it seemed a lot more likely that the opposite was going to happen.
fedora.misari: Juniper crossed her arms and flipped her red and black hair. "Heh, sure. If you think you can handle it 'Miss Magician' " Juniper was starting to think that Lotte was headstrong
thewamts: "Heh, good luck then, Miss Juniper!" Lotte took a surprisingly polite tone, counting down from 3 with her fingers. "Let's go~!" Lotte bounced excitedly, this was shaping up to be a tough fight, just what she was hoping for!
fedora.misari: In those three aeconds, Juniper shiftes into a grappling stance and was readying for the fight. Lotte seemed to be very hyper for some reason, despite knowing Juniper could pick her up and carry her. "Your move first! " She yells
thewamts: "Alright!" Lotte happily steps forward, feinting an uppercut while she spun around and elbowed her sparring partner hard in the side. She knew she wasn't going to be nearly as strong as Juniper, but she still had some muscle in her.
fedora.misari: She steps up to her opponent, getting ready to lean back to dodge that uppercut. Juniper was instead met with an elbow to her side. Junuper groans out a bit and backs up, hunched over . "ugh..."
thewamts: Lotte smiles, following up her attack by grabbing her arm and whipping her all the way into the corner and then running after her with a kick, wanting to connect her boot with her big foe's staggered frame.
fedora.misari: Juniper would then feel the rush of wind as her legs were forced to take her run into the corner. At the last moment she turned around to hit her back into it. Juniper sees that Lotte was coming at her. She tries to grab Lotte's boot and foot before the kick
thewamts: Her body flew threw the air like a giant knife, cutting a path straight towards Juniper... when she suddenly stopped, without any impact sound. "Wha-?" Juniper had caught her!
fedora.misari: Juniper smirks and pushes forward to push Lotte on the ground. If she was successful, Juniper would start to pull of her opponent's boot. "Ill be taking this!"
thewamts: Lotte flopped onto the ground, taking a hard impact. "Oowww... ok, that wasn't smart..." She groaned, trying to get onto her feet... but Juniper was still holding onto her leg, pulling her boot off. "Uhh... I was just kidding about you being a perv, but you're not really helping you're case, you know?"
fedora.misari: Juniper scoffed loudly. "You wanna talk about being a pervert? I despise hentai matches. I think uts just another way that the Administration makes their money." She continued to try and pull off that boot
thewamts: "Yeah well... what can ya do about it? I mean, it's just some harmless fun. Well, as harmless as getting a huge wand shoved inside me can be." Lotte knew exactly how much of a... gimmick the H-matches were, but that was exactly why she chose to take the contract. Wrestling was nice and all, but this was just something to cut the monotony of it. "Here, since you're taking my boots anyways, lemme get the other one for ya." She said, her arms unzipping the other boot, trying to pull it off.
fedora.misari: "Theres no reason I have to exploit my body instead of crack some heads. And thats NOT harmless." She watches Lotte unzip her other boot. ".....Oh, they zip....Hehe." Juniper does the same and takes the boot off
thewamts: "Yeah, guess not. Although given the choice, I'd have to say I'd rather not be cracking any heads." Lotte had to giggle a little when Juniper realized how her boot removal technique was totally wrong. "So, what do you planning to do with these anyways, hmm?"
fedora.misari: "Well, guess some girls arent tough enough for it." Junuper tosses the boots to the side, not speaking to her about what she was doing with them. Juniper reaches for Lotte's lega next
thewamts: "Ah, you don't haveta tell me.... I think I can guess." She snickered, not at all hiding her giggling. "Ah... what's next, my pants?" Lotte wondered out loud as Juniper grabs her now mostly bare legs.
fedora.misari: Juniper merely laughs. "Not at all..." She makes an attempt for a quick boston crab
thewamts: "Aagh!" Lotte cried out when Juniper bent her legs into the painful hold. She kicked her legs around, trying to loosen Juniper's tight hold, but she didn't hold out much hope... but it wasn't too painful. At least not yet.
fedora.misari: "Aw...How adorable." She giggles. "Are all hentai girls as bad as you at submussions?"
fedora.misari: "Aw...How adorable." She giggles. "Are all hentai girls as bad as you at submussions?"
thewamts: "Uugh... nah.... most of them tap out way sooner than I do!" Lotte managed to joke despite her situation, trying to pull herself forward closer towards the ropes... but they were quite a bit away.
fedora.misari: "Oh, thats right....I didnt sit down yet." Slowly, to tease Lotte, Jubipwr began to sit down on the magician's back
thewamts: "Lotte groaned out a little louder when Juniper put the hold to a new level, bending her legs farther back. She was flexible, but this was really stretching it. Literally. "Owoooowowow! Bucking her whole body, she tried to throw Juniper off her back, she didn't know how much more of this painful hold she could take!
fedora.misari: As much as Junuper wasnt a heel, she had the qualities. Junuper could be heard laughing. Some of the Kawaii girls had stoppes to watch the match. "Want me to let go?"
thewamts: "N-nngg... no... I'm good...!" Lotte groaned, noticing that they were drawing a small crowd of small girls. She was still struggling in Juniper's hold, she reached behind her and shot her hands to Junipers sides, squeezing the soft flesh to hopefully surprise her and loosen herself up!
fedora.misari: "Tell ya what. You want me to let go? Wiggle your toes for me a bit!" She was asking this to embarrass her in front of the other girls
thewamts: "Uhhh... okay?" With all the things she's done, Lotte wasn't exactly the easily embarrassed type, and she didn't really understand Juniper's rather... unique request. Her toes curled and uncurled in her strong grasp.
fedora.misari: "Hehe...Come on, you call that wiggling?" Juniper leans back very slightly. The pain would increase noticeably however.
thewamts: "Uughh..." Lotte wiggles her toes a little more, bending them in and outside, moving the digits nimbly. It really wasn't all that, even with all the stares she was getting. "So... you have a thing for feet then?"
fedora.misari: Juniper lets her go. "Eh, you could say that. I like em, if they're good. In this case, yours are." She stands up and moves back
thewamts: Lotte flops her legs to the mat, rolling onto her front, looking up at Juniper, making no effort to get back up. "Thanks for the compliment. I think." Lotte smiles slightly, suddenly reaching up and pulling down on Juniper
fedora.misari: "Hehe...Sure." Juniper thought that she needes help getting up. Juniper leans down to help, bit was suddenly pulled down!
thewamts: Working fast, Lotte mounted Juniper, sitting on her chest. "Since you're taking my boots... I think it's only fair if I take something from you, no?" Lotte grinned, pinning her down by the shoulders. There weren't any pinfalls in this spar, but that wasn't what she wanted. Instead, she locked lips with Juniper, stealing a kiss!
fedora.misari: Juniper struggles, her shoulders pinned down. Her own bare feet stomp down on the floor. "What are you gonna take fr--" Juniper, as well ad the Kawaiis, blush. She shut her eyes tightly
thewamts: "Mmm..." She kissed her deeply, giving a little display of humping her for the small audience, before letting go. "There. That's for one boot. Now how do you plan on paying for the second one?" Lotte leans back on her seat, releasing Juniper's shoulders.
fedora.misari: Juniper moans when the slight humps began. When the kiss broke off, she panted. "What the heck? S-Shouldve seen that coming with your Hentai skills...."
thewamts: "Yeah, I guess you should have." She was actually a little bit annoyed, she didn't want a reputation as just a hentai girl... but this was how things turned out. "Alright, since you like feet so much..." Lotte changed her position so that she was lying beside Junper, locking her arm with her leg. Putting her in an armbar with an extra element. Crossing her legs, she rested her foot on top of Juniper's face, poking her lips with her toes!
fedora.misari: She tries to sit up, but was knocked right back down. Juniper yelps and comes back down trapped in an armbar. "W-What about feet?" Was the last thing said before her face was covered
thewamts: "This is a treat just for you!" Lotte laughed, giving one of the kawaiis a wink as she cranked back the arm bar, applying just a bit of pressure on Juniper's arm.
fedora.misari: She gasps. Juniper couldnt help but take just a few sniffs of Lotte's feet. "A-Augh!" Juniper cries out
thewamts: "Mmm... enjoying yourself, Miss Juniper?" Lotte smiles, bouncing up and down against the arm to crank it hard and then release the pressure again and again, making sure that Juniper wouldn't be about to get used to the pain. "Come on now, you're a strong gal, you can break through!"
fedora.misari: "I am. But, I think ita time that I show you how Im able to shoot for the top!" Juniper, through her power, tries to lift Lotte off of the ground and slam her back down
thewamts: Lotte felt her entire body lift off a few inches, and then slam back down! "Ooughh!" But even with the big slam, she refused to release Juniper
thewamts: 's arm, this was a contest of who would outlast the other!
fedora.misari: Juniper was only able to do that about once before her arm would really screw up. She whines a bit when the move didnt work. "Fuuuuckk"
thewamts: Realizing that she was seriously hurting the arm, Lotte unwrapped her legs, pulling away. "Alright, we'll call that even. But you owe me another kiss after we're done here!" Lotte smiled as she made her "demand" for releasing Juniper, pulling on her good arm to pick her back up to her feet.
fedora.misari: The redhead pants heavily. When she got up, she rotated her shoulder. "Danm you have some strength. Must've underestimated you..." Juniper began to crack up.
thewamts: "Heh, nah, you're just super weak!" Lotte joked. "Just kidding of course, you could probably knock me out with a single punch!" She said quickly.
fedora.misari: Juniper reaches to grab Lotte by her....Anything. And she was gonna lift her high into the air with a growl.
thewamts: Lotte gasped when Juniper latched her underneath the armpits! "Whoa, c-careful!" She squirmed a little, but there wasn't much she could do aside from slapping at the arms that were digging into her soft flesh!
fedora.misari: "Hey Kawaiis! Watch this!" She called out to their 'crowd'. Juniper throws Lotye down and tries to get the magician's back to slam into Juniper's knee.
thewamts: The backbreaker hit her hard. "AAGH!!" She screamed in pain, the kawaiis all watching her bouncing chest. "Uugh... that was..." Lotte grimaced, looking up and then headbutting Juniper in the chin!
fedora.misari: Juniper's attack worked successfully. She laugjs a bit, even snorting a bit, but then, her face was smashed hard with Lotte's head
thewamts: Her forehead spun after the headbutt, but she managed to stun Juniper enough to roll off, her back still aching with pain.
fedora.misari: Junuper held her head for a moment before growling with more anger and jumping firward to body slam Lotte
thewamts: Still recovering from the backbreaker, Lotte wasn't really in a position to get out of the way of the body slam, making a loud grunt of pain, finding herself underneath Juniper's frame.
fedora.misari: Juniper scrambles around to try and get into an STF position. She conyinues to growl and huff whule doing this.
thewamts: Juniper pulled back, stretching Lotte all over her body, her neck, her legs and her already sore back! "Uuugh! N-noooo!" Lotte cried out, squirming, trying to pull herself out of underneath Juniper, but things weren't looking good.
fedora.misari: The Kawaiis must've wanted to be in EITHER if Lotte's or Juniper's position. Junuper cranks back on everything. "Give?!"
thewamts: "Give!" Lotte screamed, tapping out on the mat. It was just too much pain for her to handle, she couldn't find a way to escape the STF, and any more of this was just too much!
fedora.misari: Juniper laughed with triumph and got off of Lotte's back and stood, putting a foit on her back to strike a pose
thewamts: Lotte just groaned, feeling Juniper display her victory. "Uwaagh... c-congratulations, M-miss Juniper..." she managed a smile for their impromptu audience.
fedora.misari: "You should know that when I get angry, I stop playing." Juniper giggles a bit before plopping her butt back down onto Lotte's back. "Boom!"
thewamts: She wasn't expecting that. "Ooghh!" Lotte cried out again feeling the full weight of Juniper's body fall on her. "N-not nice...!" She groans.
fedora.misari: "Neither will this be " Juniper grabs Lotte's legs again for another boston crab. "I like to find the limits of my opponents, Muss Magician. Tap when its too much! " She began to lean back
thewamts: "Uuaagh... you certainly dooooOUUUGHH!" She cries, squirming from the pain of the hold, doing her best to withstand it, but after all that her back had already suffered, she couldn't hold out long at all, and soon enough, she was slapping the mats.
fedora.misari: Juniper hears the taps and laughs. She continued to lean back, agaunst Lotte's wishes and the shocked eyes watching the two
thewamts: "Aagh.... you... leggo! LEGGO!" She screamed loudly, trying to escape by any means before her back broke right in half!
fedora.misari: Quickly, Juniper did. "Those are the screams. The sounds I like to hear. I think you deserve that second kiss now, and even more"
thewamts: Lotte weakly shifted on the ground, but managed to curl her lips into a small smile at Juniper's comment. "You sure know how to pick a romantic moment..." said the British-accented girl, flipping over to look up at the victorious girl.
fedora.misari: She helps Lotte sit up. "Yeah yeah. I aint one to be romantic. I think romance is for the weak, really. You try any more than another kiss, Ill break you."
thewamts: "Yeah I figured a perv like you isn't too into actual romance." She prodded gently. "Mmm.... I think you've already done that... two or three times." Lotte joked at her own expense to make up for her jab, giggling a little in spite of all the pain still coursing through her.
fedora.misari: Juniper's eyes narrow. "Hmmm....You may have found a reason fir my lack of romanticism...
fedora.misari: Bravo, Lotte
thewamts: "Well let's see if I can't fix a tiny bit of that." the blonde smiled, pulling Juniper's face close against hers and kissing her, but this one on the cheek rather than fully on the lips.
fedora.misari: "You know what... You're alright. So alright in fact, Im going to let you find MY limits. Do you want to?" Juniper offers
thewamts: "Mmm... no, not at all..." Lotte laughs a little. "Don't wanna get involved with pervs more than I need to... but if you're going to insist..." Lotte tried to stand up, but with a grimace, sat back down.
fedora.misari: She got flustered real quick like. "Its not being pervyyyyyyyy. I dont get off on it or anything" She crossed her arms. "If I did, Id be in Hentai only then."
thewamts: "Sure you don't... you don't need to make excuses here, you know? I'm sure none of these girls are going to be spreading any rumors... would they?" Pretty much ensuring that rumors would get around. Lotte tried against to stand up, managing to get upright without too much agony this time. "Ngghh... You went pretty crazy for just a spar, I'm just saying."
fedora.misari: "Pfft. Yeah right. These girls know better than to spread things around after seeing what I can do." Juniper stands up and rubbed the back of her head. "My bad. I guess I gotta go big or go home. Ya know?"
thewamts: "Yeah, of course they do." She thought she heard a few giggles from outside the arena. "I'm not blaming you... you certainly went big back there." Lotte smiled, suddenly ramming her elbow into Juniper's stomach, following up with her knee to bring her down.
fedora.misari: Juniper looks out of the ring and chuckled. She woyld see the floor in the next second. Her stomach was hit hard by a punch and a knee
fedora.misari: "W-What the hell?!"
thewamts: "You didn't think I'd just forgive you for that, did ya?" Lotte smiled mischieviously, trying to lift Juniper up and whip her into the corner, diving after her with a dropkick! She felt just a little bit guilty about doing this, but Juniper wanted her to pass her limits, so she would do just that!
fedora.misari: "Aufh!" She grunted. Juniper was panicking a bit and only half knew wgat Lotte was doing. She makes a cute squeak when kicked
thewamts: Lotte's smile was wide on her face. "Alright, so... Miss Juniper... I could just keep kicking you around, but I guess that's not what you really had in mind, is it?" Lotte's teasing was only enhanced by how polite her tone was, grabbing Juniper by the hair to force her into a sitting position, squeezing her neck with her thighs as she prepared to try a submission hold.
fedora.misari: She was hunched over and groaning. "Hehe..Excuse me? Who made you give up and tap out?" She made a gasp.when caught in the standing head scissor. Her arms lazily wrap around Lotte's legs
thewamts: "Oh, that was most definitely you, Miss Juniper... and think of this as my way of repaying you!" Lotte smiled brightly, reaching down for Juniper's legs, before falling backwards, rolling Juniper into a matchbook pin! "This is my first time actually doing this hold, so I hope you realize just how special this moment is for me!" Lotte grinned, patting Juniper's butt gently.
fedora.misari: Junipet again should have seen such a mkve being used by Lotte. A playful but good move. She struggled in it, and uears laughs and giggles from outside the ring. "Ouchie! My butt! "
thewamts: Pushing Juniper's legs down with her own to put a bit of pressure on her back, Lotte couldn't help but giggle at Juniper's surprisingly cute reaction to the little slaps. "Enjoying yourself down there Miss Juniper?" Lotte asked innocently, giving the butt a slightly harder smack.
fedora.misari: She struggled a bit more, growling and groaning. "Ah! Get your ass off my ass!" She yelled out. Juniper's feet wiggle around in her struggling
thewamts: "Not a change Miss Juniper!" Lotte laughed, bouncing on top of Juniper against her wishes. Her arms reach for Juniper's wiggling feet, pulling them closer to her lips... and then she licked them!
fedora.misari: Juniper felt her ankles being grabbed. A tongue slides across her foot! "A-Ack! What the? What are you doing?!" Her yelling only translated to more struggling and now, a lught blush appears
thewamts: "I'm testing your limits!" Lotte giggles, giving the feet a light peck each, pinching the soles to tickle Juniper as she teased the girl a little more in her folded position.
fedora.misari: Juniper stipped her struggling. And began to laugh. Her laughs were deep and joyful. "Stop! I-Its tixkling me! Stop, damn you! "
thewamts: "Well of course it's tickling you!" Lotte laughed, rubbing Juniper's sole a little harder, pulling the legs back a little further to stretch Juniper back more.
fedora.misari: She begins to snort along with her laughter. "So whattt?! I--I Ahaha! My legs! My legs and my ass!" Juniper laughed
thewamts: "Yup. Your legs and ass... are totally under my mercy... how does that make you feel?" Lotte grinned, catching a camera flash from one of the Kawaii girls. "You better share those pics with me later!" Lotte joked, making a few silly expressions for the camera.
fedora.misari: Juniper roars loudly, being pushed a bit too far by Lotte. She tries to power out of the move by any means necessary. Thrashing, biting, anything! "Wait till I get my hands on you!"
thewamts: "Mmm, yeah can't wait!" Lotte smiles, stifiling her pained cries when Juniper actually bit her forearms, but managing to stay in place. Barely. "Yaah... I'll let you go... but only if you say please."
fedora.misari: "Im gonna break yiu and make you beg!" She hissed back. If Juniper eventually got out, she would attempt to force another boston crab on Lotte
thewamts: "That's an odd way of pronouncing please..." Lotte teased, but let up, releasing Juniper's legs and stepping away a good, safe distance from Juniper to keep her from nailing her with another hold right away, but she was still pretty defenceless at the moment.
fedora.misari: Juniper's eyes looked like she could obliterate with her stare. She was breathing heavily like a bull in a China shop. And had the destructive power of one, too. But, she appeared to be calming down slowly.
thewamts: Lotte didn't seen at all concerned with the seething Juniper she was facing. In fact, she took a seat on the middle rope, acting completely unconcerned with the situation.
fedora.misari: She calms down, but the anger was still there. She begins to walk towards Lotte. "Come on. Come over here!"
thewamts: Shrugging, Lotte stood up, wondering what Juniper wanted to do next, taking a step towards her with her arms spread open invitingly.
fedora.misari: She looks at the girl and growls. "You dont have anything to say? Befire I beatcha down?"
thewamts: "Mmm... not really, no." Lotte continued to smile, waiting for Juniper to do whatever she did... but if she got close enough, she'd give her a kiss on the lips!
fedora.misari: She was pecked on the lips, which cause Juniper to back up a step or two and cover her mouth. "A-Augh!" Juniper gasped
thewamts: "Aww, you don't like my kisses?" Lotte acted dissappointed, her lips drooping into a frown. "I'm not that scary, am I?" Lotte stepped after the retreating girl, faux concern on her face.
fedora.misari: "W-What sort of game are you playing here? The hell they teach you at that hentai?" Her second question was born out of confusion and lack of thought
thewamts: "Heh, it's not anything someone can teach... you just gotta let your inhibitions free..." Reaching forward, her hands cupped around Juniper's breasts, giving them a nice squeeze. "Oh wow, these are very nice!"
fedora.misari: Juniper made a gasp. She didnt back up or moan like expected. She roars a bit and stomps on Lotte's foot and grabbed her to throw her down
thewamts: "Ahhh!" Lotte was caught by the sudden stomp, lifted up bodily and tossed back onto the mat! "Uurgh... too forward for a first date?" she groaned her joke out, trying to sit up.
fedora.misari: She said nothing more that a scoff before reaching down to grab Lotte's legs and drag her to the center of the ring and attempt a boston crab
thewamts: "Ahh... a-again?" Lotte mentally prepared herself for the pain, but it was still quite a shock to go through the hold applied by someone as big and strong as Juniper. "A-ahh... d-damn..."
fedora.misari: "Give..." Juniper commanded Lotte. "I wanna hear your back snap!" She yells, leaning back more and more
thewamts: "Agh... s-snap? F-for real?" Juniper was just joking right? This was just a practice spar, she didn't want to end up in the hospital just like that! "Okay okay! I give I give!!" She slapped the floor rapidly.
fedora.misari: Of course she was kidding. But Juniper saw how fast Lotte turned around. Why not have some fun. She ignored the taps and leans back more
thewamts: "Aagh... no, don't! P-please noo!" She sounded seriously scared now, Juniper was easily capable of snapping something if she tried, and how was she supposed to know it was all just a joke?
fedora.misari: The pressure would be released as Juniper got off her back once again. She gave Lotte a firm few rubs on her back. "Now had this been a match, I would not have stopped since ya pissed me off"
thewamts: Lotte grunted when Juniper got off, rubbing her sore back. "Uuugh... if this was a real match... I mighta gone a bit further myself..." Lotte managed a smile, almost like she'd already forgotten what Juniper had just put her through.
fedora.misari: "......Youre cool." The redhead stated. She grins widely to show her sincerity
thewamts: Lotte was a little surprised by Juniper's shift in personality... but she wasn't complaining about it. "Cool huh? Not the usual praise... but thanks."
fedora.misari: She patted Lotte on the head several times. "Good to find tough people around here. Especially those who can take what they dish"
thewamts: "Yeah, probably not a lot of people that you call tough if you greet them all the same way..." Juniper didn't seem to be charging her again, and this new Juniper was a nice change.
fedora.misari: "Eh, probably cause I stalk. But I dont care. I can luve here in near freedom. Thats what ever person wants, right? Thats what my mom wanted"
thewamts: "Mmmhhm. Freedom's pretty much the reason I'm here too... well freedom and fucking. Mostly freedom though." She winked, taking a seat in the middle of the ring, rubbing her sweaty and sore back.
fedora.misari: "I-Im gonna fake like I didnt hear that come outta your mouth...."
thewamts: "Heh... I'm just telling it like it is..." Lotte giggles, scootching herself a little bit closer to the bigger girl.
fedora.misari: Standing up, Juniper stretches her arms and legs. "Whatcha scooting closer for?"
thewamts: "Why... You, of course." Lotte smiles, stopping right at Juniper's feet.
fedora.misari: "Heh....Alright, I guess. What do you want? You seem to be stressed"
thewamts: "Ooh... I dunno. I guess a nice soak in a bath would be good..." Lotte sprawled out onto the mats, spreading her arms like she was making a snow angel.
fedora.misari: She shakes her head. Juniper sits down besides Lotte. All the kawaii had left a while ago. "Youre something else"
thewamts: Lotte manages to sit upright, supporting herself with Juniper's shoulder. "Eh... you're quite something yourself, Miss Juniper..."
fedora.misari: "Me? Of course I am...I aint like no one here. I live to live free. I take what comes and force it to run with me."
thewamts: "Heh, that's what I would expect... But sometimes... it's better to just live around it all. I think so, anyways."
fedora.misari: "...........I miss home, Lotte." Juniper admitted
thewamts: "Really? Well... if you do, why don't you just talk with your folks? Or even take a break and visit?" Lotte didn't really know how to respond, she'd never felt homesick herself.
fedora.misari: "Mighty hard to visit when the nearest Airport is still 300 miles away ." She chuckles a bit. "But if I go back, itll be for a while. And I just aint done here yet."
thewamts: "Eh... well, I dunno what else you could do. Just talk with some old friends maybe?" Lotte was just throwing thoughts out.
fedora.misari: "You have family, Magician?" Juniper was getting all sentimental without knowing. "I wanna make mine proud."
thewamts: "Eh... kinda. I don't really talk with them. At all." Lotte was speaking casually, but on the inside... "I mean, they probably don't even know where I am by this point."
fedora.misari: She chuckles. "Thats silly"
thewamts: "Yeah? I mean, I guess I coulda done what they wanted and just get a real job, go to church every Sunday, not end up in this type of shady place... but it wasn't what I wanted to do." Lotte shrugged.
fedora.misari: Juniper reaches into het bra. Oblivious to stares, she searches for a moment to find a slip of paper. She takes and out and hands it to Lotte
thewamts: Lotte was a little surprised when Juniper reached into her bra, and a lot surprised when she pulled out a slip of paper. "Ah... what's this?"
fedora.misari: "A phone number to reach me by. Take it." She stands up once again.
thewamts: "Ah... right." It seemed like an odd place to keep one's number, but whatever. There were MUCH wierder things here in the AFW, Lotte knew that firsthand. "Hey... help me up?" Lotte asked with a smile, reaching up.
fedora.misari: She extends an arm. "Yeah. I'd put the papers in my pocket, but its not my style."
thewamts: Lotte hefted up with Juniper's assistance, wobbling slightly on her feet. "Ah, I'm not complaining. I might start doing it myself..." She was joking, of course. Or maybe not.
fedora.misari: "I'll see you around. I gotta ho dome more stalking, some more fighting and scraping." Juniper smirks before turning around
thewamts: "Hah, right, see ya." Lotte stretched her back again, it felt really sore... guess that meant she was done with the gym today.
fedora.misari: "I'm sure I'll be seeing you around some other time. As long as you keep up." With that, Juniper exits the ring, grabs her footwear and leaves the gym.
thewamts: Lotte walked a small loop around the gym, feeling the soreness soften out before heading to take a nice hot shower, change and then maybe a nice long nap.

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