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Seeking new matches

Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:14 am by GrandAkumaShogun

I've been absent from here for a good while so I want to get back into the swing of things. If you have any interest in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai get in touch.

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My apologies for the small hiatus

Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:20 pm by Vcom7418

Apologies to all who have threads with me, but my midterms hit me hard. Thought I could balance stuff out while I revised...buuuut I failed. I will be back to posting either tomorrow or on Friday.

Good day, everyone Smile

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Will be offline next 2 weeks

Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:51 pm by peek6

Hi all. I’ve been enjoying all the great threads I’ve been having on here with many of you. I need to take a short break and go dark for the next 2 weeks or so. Apologies in advance for leaving threads hanging. See you in November!

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Mira Andreva vs Duchess Agatha

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Mira Andreva vs Duchess Agatha

Post by EnigmaDroid on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:07 pm

Match Type:  Hentai Match
Both competitors start the match with a strapon, first to anally penetrate and drive their opponent to orgasm is the winner

"Well, this is certainly going to be an interesting match." The seemingly albino Prussian Duchess thought to herself as she stood by her lonesome in the ring. It was to be a hentai match, unsurprisingly, with the added stipulation of anal sex, slightly different from the norm, but not enough to be too far outside the box either, in terms of match ideas.

Agatha was in her typical attire, a fairly lewd affair that left little to the imagination, and did practically nothing to cover up her backside once she had removed her cape. However, there was a minor addition, if one would call a strapon a minor addition, anyways. In truth, Agatha had never particularly been a major fan of anal sex, but she certainly didn't mind receiving it, and she most assuredly didn't mind dealing it out either. Thus, she waited for her opponent to appear, whoever she was.

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Apologies once again for my leave of absence, I did not mean to be gone for so long, and I apologize for forcing people to wait.

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Re: Mira Andreva vs Duchess Agatha

Post by Mira Andreva on Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:59 am

Well this was going to be a thing... Mira was not in the slightest ready for this kind of match. This was different from ANYTHING she had ever done, be it military or wrestling. Serioulsy though... why even?! Did all these people just want to see two women go at it? They could just watch porn for that kind of thing for goodness' sake...
As such it wasn´t surprising that several men where pulling on Mira's chains in order to get her out of the backstage area into the ring, while the woman whined loudly:"Noooo! This is gonna be far too akward!" The usually so calm and collected woman didn´t particularly appreciate the thought of something being pushed up her butt... well not that she had tried it before... but that was to a certain degree the very reason she wasn´t too fond of it being somebody she had never even seen!

None the less... the manpower of the backstage team finally managed to kick her out there... as such her entrance music started to play, as she dragged the dummies along with her chains towards the ring once more... her pants were inaudible of course, as she music set a gloomy atmosphere, along with the dark red lighting that emphasized the uniform wearing dummies, Mira dragged behind her towards the ring.

Arriving by the ring, Mira then just shed the chains and grabbed the strap-on she had taken along... This was gonna be something wicked alright. After putting on the strap-on, Mira took off her overall, exposing a black sports-bra that exposed her muscular upper body for the most part, her large tattoos painting her hulking frame black for the most part, as the tendrils wrapped around her pale, fair skin. Her small breasts were slightly more emphasized than usually by the bra, yet that didn´t particularly bother Mira. She was more worried about her butt... because unlike usual her booty-pants felt entirely insufficient for this match and the thong below them was even worse. This was gonna be... a thing.

Walking up to her opponent however, Mira calmed down gradually, calmly stating:"Hey there! I´d just like to tell you that I have an old wound in my vaginal tract, so... I´d appreciate it if you didn´t try any pleasure enhancement stuff by fingering my front or so. I´m not gonna do anything like that either to keep it fair. It´d just hurt a lot you see? Well... it´s up to you, I´d just appreciate it... now, just wanted to tell you before I get into battle-mode... I don´t really talk much when I´m in rage-mode in the ring." Giving her opponent a quick glance over and a friendly smile, Mira then just retreated into her corner of the ring. She did look nice enough... seemed like she was much more used to this kind of match than Mira herself...

Mira Andreva

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Re: Mira Andreva vs Duchess Agatha

Post by EnigmaDroid on Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:23 am

Agatha was interested in what she saw. It didn't take a very long look to see that the woman was a slav, and not a half bad looking one either. She looked fairly tough, and she got the feeling the eyepatch wasn't just there for show. All in all, she looked like an interesting woman, and Agatha didn't mind that one bit.

"Greetings, My name's Agatha, I'll keep that in mind, thanks for warning me in advance, also, feel free to pleasure my pussy all you want this match, I won't mind." She said, replying to Mira's statement. It was clear from the look of things that she wasn't really a hentai lady, more used to hardcore matches, at least from her looks. Agatha reminded herself to adjust accordingly, now expecting a full on brawl with some sexual stimulation instead of a fuckfest.

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Re: Mira Andreva vs Duchess Agatha

Post by Sponsored content

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