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Active Kawaiis

Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:25 am by Daaharu

Hey, guys. I'm hoping to get a sense from everyone of where the active kawaii girls are at. No guarantees or anything, but I am looking to figure out who is out there consistently making matches because we are looking to inject some new blood into the kawaii title scene, and I don't want to have tunnel vision on just the players and characters I know.

So, if you've got a kawaii girl who's had at least one match and is currently active, can you let me know either here or via PM or IM? This …

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Ending RPing

Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:04 am by KillerV

After I finishing up couple of threads, I am officially done RPing here. I apologize to you guys currently with me and even the future ones. But I am just tired of it, not going into too much details as it makes me feel like ranting so much, rather not.

But will still be here just to read n respond, as for Trillian, wont able to contact me soon, rather send PM here instead.

Good luck with everything.

Also, NOT gonna give King, rather not see people using him like

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looking for matches

Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:46 am by dragonswill

Im looking for matches for nearlly all my girls. pm if interested. my signature should link you to the roster of my girls hoshi is the only one that doesn't need a match for now so please message me or reply here and well discuss a match.

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Haru Fujiwara

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Haru Fujiwara

Post by TripleHelix on Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:04 am

Name: Haru Fujiwara
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Eyes: dark blue
Hair: dark blue
Height: 6”1
Weight: 210 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Sucker for Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons

Wrestling Information

Style: Powerhouse/Brawler

Strategy: “Build em up and tear em down!” – Basically he employs various hard strikes and lift moves to wear an opponent down through power moves.

Preferred Matches: Standard, submission, cage, humiliation, anything really

Endurance:  ★★★★
Strength:  ★★★★★
Speed:  ★★
Defense:  ★★★
Technique:  ★★★

Favored moves: DDT, backbreaker, punt kick, reverse chinlock, strikes, suplex, sleepers

Finishing moves: Tower of Terror – The opponent gets lifted onto Haru’s shoulders into a torture rack. He spins them around in circles to make them nauseous on top of the pain, then they get chokeslammed for the big finish.


Visual Appearance:
Early College Days:
Ring Attire:
Farm Life:
Bloody Haru:

Personality: Haru doesn’t mind playing the bad guy role; Haru likes to get into an opponent’s head during a match, rile them up and then wreck them. He can be rather arrogant even outside the ring, but that’s just because his ring personality is himself amplified. A bit of a hedonist, he tends to do whatever he wants rather than what he’s told. He only respects people with strength, otherwise he isn’t likely to give you the time of day.

Past/History: Haru’s parents were Kobe beef farmers from Hyougo, and he grew up a healthy, country farm boy. He enjoyed roughhousing and goofing off with friends, he was always the strongest and biggest amongst his friends. He had somewhat of a sheltered upbringing, but that changed drastically when his parents sent him to the city for university, where he discovered how much more the world had to offer. Haru had always been bigger and stronger than most of his peers, which is how he initially was scouted by his college’s boxing team. Boxing was a fun outlet for the boundless energy and natural aggression he seemed to have. He enjoyed it for a time, but it never really seemed to fully satisfy him. He started to get bored with the same old thing, it came to the point where it didn’t excite him anymore, even if it was a challenging opponent. One day he had the idea to start a club of his own, an “adult” boxing club held at night with no rules. Now that was something that really drove him wild. With less conventional rules he could go really wild, use moves that weren’t exactly boxing, and get off at the same time. Eventually the university found out about his unofficial club and he was expelled from the university. However the AFW league concept caught his eye, they had were somewhat similar matches to the kind he had created back at school. He signed up right away, eager to participate.

Fun Facts:
-- He will try to use an opponent’s finisher on them if he has the skill (strength not an issue) to pull it off, just for the added humiliation.

-- Doesn’t care much for the rules, will wait till the last possible second for things like rope break

-- Will prolong a match if he can, with a false pin or covering a mouth preventing submissions

AFW Information
Record: 4/2/0
Wins: vs Carmen Rodriguez Win via pinfall
vs Ralph Acker Win via camel clutch sleeperhold
vs Ralph Acker - Win via half-nelson sleeperhold
vs Ronin - win via schoolboy pin
Losses: vs Ralph Acker Loss via speared through table
vs John Mitchel KO'ed via sleeper hold
Draws: --

Championships/Accomplishments: --

Friends: Ralph Acker
Allies: --
Rivals: Ralph Acker, John Mitchell
Enemies: --

1. Haru Fujiwara vs Carmen Rodriguez - Fools Gold - Haru's debut match against a kickass Puerto Rican boxer. WIN

2. John Mitchel vs Haru Fujiwara- FCA POW Yaoi Alphabet Soup Match - Haru takes on the current Tension champ in a falls count anywhere, POW match. LOSS. See the sexy POW aftermath here.

3. Irene Inger vs Haru Fujiwara - Humiliation Match - Haru takes on the sly Irene Inger in a no DQ, Humiliation Match. ONGOING

4. Haru Fujiwara vs Vidkun Fulsi - Haru is matched up with the young Vidkun Fulsi. The size difference is obvious, but will the match outcome be? ONGOING

5. Klaus Geilen vs Haru Fujiwara - Haru faces another young one with a flair for theatrics; it will do little to help him against Haru. ONGOING

6. Tables Match: Ralph Acker v Haru Fujiwara - Another match against a rookie for their debut, but with a twist; it's a tables match! LOSS

7. Falls Count Anywhere: Haru Fujiwara vs Ralph Acker - Haru fights a rematch against his new rival Ralph. When falls count anywhere, will he have better luck? WIN

8. Misgivings and Misconceptions (NONMATCH) Haru is called to the gym by his manager and told to train fellow wrestler Jean Richards. He has a fun time tossing Jean around, and an even better time destroying his relationship with David Blake.

9. Meeting with an Old Friend - Haru runs into Ralph in the gym, and the two rivals set up an impromptu match to settle their score. WIN

10. Hateful Allies: John and Haru vs Princes of the Universe (HIATUS) - Haru teams up with rival John for a tag match against the so-called "Princes of the Universe". Can the two overcome their differences and work together, or will the Princes burn them with ease?

11. No Holds Barred Debut: Ronin vs Haru Fujiwara (WIN) - Haru takes on newcomer Ronin in a no holds barred match.

Last edited by TripleHelix on Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:58 pm; edited 15 times in total (Reason for editing : updated theme music)

My Characters

- Jean Richards
- Haru Fujiwara
- Jaguar
- S.E.M.E. (Mitsuru Satou, Hikaru Matsuoka, Ryuunosuke Tachibana)
- Kazuhiro Hawkins
- Rafael Vega
- The Oni
- Sage Cáceres (Manager)

See something you like? Wanna set up a match? Send me a PM.

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