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Posting delays

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:14 pm by Harrier

Dear posting partners and people who are waiting for an reply from me by PM,

I am terribly sorry that you have to wait for my replies for so long.

Maybe the one or another from you knows the situation, you were flying high for some weeks posting wise and then you hit rock bottom again because of some RL BS and then you barely manage to churn out enough creative output for a meager 100 words post in a week and you ask yourself how you could have seriously overextend your supply lines so much. …

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Ashura vs Sally Brown: Hiring Practice

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Ashura vs Sally Brown: Hiring Practice

Post by anegge on Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:32 am

standard match with hentai moves allowed

Egge: The massive Russian fighter Ashura walked down to the sparring ring and began to climb up. She was wearing her standard bikini with fake spikes and boots costume as the staff had requested. This was supposed to be some sort of test, she didn't need to win the match, she just had to show the staff what she could do. Naturally, she would win the match. It was no challenge. She pressed the ropes down with her hands and slipped her meaty thighs over. The she turned to the 'judges' grinning broadly. "Where is my opponent? I will crush her for you." she assured them. The referee cautiously approached and began explaining the match rules which initially surprised and then excited the mammoth woman.

Tectonic Robot: Sally jogged down the walkway to the sparring ring, clad in her signature American flag patterned bikini! She was used to the roar of the crowd, and to be honest, she kind of missed it--just the judges. Ah, well, it would be fun to help break in the newbie!

Tectonic Robot: Or so Sally thought, before she actually caught a good look at her opponent. The wrestler was as tall as she was, and looked bulky and strongy. Sally raised both eyebrows--the AFW favored skinny, pretty girls, so this contender meant they were seriously upping their game! "Howdy, stranger! The name's Sally. I'll be your opponent tonight..."

Egge: Ashura frowned as she saw Sally enter the ring. "This is my opponent? Isn't this Sally Brown? She keeps losing matches! I wanted real challenge. Why did you choose this weakling? I will crush her too easily." Well, the answer was obvious, Sally was only a tiny bit smaller than her, she had been chosen because their physical characteristics were so similar. She shrugged, "No matter. You should know the name of the woman who will destroy your body, Sally Brown. I am Ashura!" She licked her lips quickly. "Referee says we are supposed to get little bit dirty. Put on show for judges. You may be weak but you are also very attractive. We may have to get more than little dirty. I hope referee is okay with that." she chuckled and moved towards the center of the ring raising her hands for a hand to hand lockup.

Tectonic Robot: "Weakling?" Sally said, frowning, her nose wrinkling. The nerve of this girl! Jeesh, 'weakling'. She could probably out bench most of the girls in this dumb wrestling league! Not her fault she liked to mess around in the ring! "I ain't a weakling--" She managed, before this 'Ashura' switched up by calling her very attractive. Sally had been called a lot of things in her life, but 'weak' and 'very attractive' were never paired together. She blushed a touch, then shook her head, trying to clear it! "Well, ah, thank ya kindly, miss Ashura--you're pretty hot yourself--but I ain't a weakling, and I ain't afraid to give you a good lickin'!" She took Ashura's hands, accepting the lockup!

Egge: Ashura chuckled again. "I will remember that you like licking." she said coyly, though she knew perfectly well what Sally had meant. The truth was in literal terms Sally was quite strong. Both bodies masses shook in the lockup as they tried to outdo each other. Ashura had a slight weight advantage but Sally was determined to prove her comments wrong and was fighting back fiercely. The mighty redhead stomped the ground trying to bolster her stance, trying to twist the steadfast American this way and that and force her to her knees but Sally was proving quite a challenge in this lockup.

Tectonic Robot: Sally grunted--her bulky opponent was no pushover, that was for sure! She had to bend and twist her body to keep a firm enough stance to resist Ashura's pushes, but struggle she did, managing to fend off the Russian! Sally was not used to fighting opponents as strong as her--or, as she feared, perhaps stronger than her. This could be a very hard fight indeed! She decided to try and get a little tricky--suddenly, she let go of Ashura's hand and pulled her hands away quick, hoping that the force of the woman trying to push her down would sent her onto her belly!

Egge: As Sally pulled away Ashura indeed began to stumble but she used her momentum to push her forward and partially spear her opponent down with her. Ashura collapsed onto her belly with her face right in the brunette's star spangled crotch. Ashura grinned, that was too on the nose after her last comment. She was really too disoriented to do anything much straight off but she blew a big raspberry on the woman's sex as her long hair spread around her onto Sally's thighs.

Tectonic Robot: "Nyhhahhha! Gah! H-hey~!" Sally squawked as the meaty woman planted a playful raspberry right on her crotch, making her giggle and feel uncomfortably hot at the same time! Her hair was tickling her legs, too... Sally wrapped her thighs around Ashura's head, trying to flip the duo over so she was using the pudgy powerhouse as a seat!

Egge: "Ah, hey!" protested the Russian as she was flipped over into a facesit position in what was practically the center of the ring. Unfortunately her voice was a bit muffled for obvious reasons. She blushed a bit, the judges better not start thinking she was clumsy just because of this false start. She would have to punish Sally extra for such humiliation.

Tectonic Robot: Sally grinned. "Now you're gunna get it, cutie patootie!" She teased, before spinning around on Ashura's face, grinding her panties against the woman as she reached down to try and grab the powerful woman by the boots, wanting to trap her opponent's ankles under her armpits and leave her stuck in awkward face-sit hold!

Egge: Ashura groaned as her opponent stuffed her face full of her thick butt. This was even worse. She wasn't going to stand for this! And she certainly wasn't going to lie down for it. As Sally leaned forward Ashura reached up below her armpits and shoved her body forward as hard as she was capable from such a position. It was enough to push the girl forward onto her chest and get her thick thighs wrapped around the other fighter's midsection. She gave the brunette a hard slap across her cheek. "You will be punished for trying to embarrass goddess like me." she informed her prey.

Tectonic Robot: "A-ack!" Sally gasped as her curvy butt got spanked by the vengeful Russian! What's worse, those thick, powerful thighs were squeezing her middle now, crushing her midsection! This was an awkward position, to be sure... Sally would try to power out of it like she usually did, trying to pull apart Ashura's legs by brute strength and struggle up to her legs!

Egge: Ashura mused to herself as she craned her neck up off the mat to enjoy her view between Sally's thighs. Sally was slowly working her hands back and up Ashura's boots to her heels. Ashura reached up between the struggling woman's legs and slid two fingers up and down the front of her suit bottoms casually. "Tempting. I could just sit here all night teasing your intimate spot, but judges would probably get bored." Ashura explained. Although she was quite incorrect as Sally was starting to pry her scissors apart rather easily as she began to stand to her feet. Ashura nodded in approval beginning to question why Sally's record was so poor. As her legs were more fully split she slipped back on her butt and stood up behind Sally, leaning over her and trying to wrap arms around her and sling her back in a suplex while taking the opportunity to give her breasts a playful little squeeze.

Tectonic Robot: "Nah, ya can't..." Sally huffed, struggling against the girl's legs, but her fearsome upper body strength was enough to tear free! She started to stand up, but her poor match awareness bit her in the behind--she wasn't even thinking of what Ashura might be doing! When the chubby power wrestler wrapped her arms around Sally's front and gave her boobs a squeeze, it was a complete surprise to the American wrestler, or let out a little squeak--before getting suplexed right into the floor, where she lay, legs in the air, stunned!

Egge: Ashura grinned toothily as she landed the suplex quickly rolling away and getting to her feet. Now the match was turning more her speed. One quick rebound off the ropes later she was midair, aiming to deliver a legdrop that would guillotine her opponent's throat beneath her thigh!

Tectonic Robot: Sally was too stunned to dodge Ashura's crushing thigh drop! She let out a distressed little gurgle from under the crushing leg, head spinning from the impact, looking like it'd take her a long while to get up from /that/! "G-ghnnn..."

Egge: Ashura stood again stepping forward to put her heel on Sally's belly. Normally this would be the part of her move routine that involved stomping on her opponent, but maybe that was not a wise idea under the watchful eyes of the judges. Instead Ashura gave an extravagant flourish sweeping her arms to brush her hair back and then raising them in the air in a sort of victorious pose. Yes, that looked to be earning the endearment of the panel. But a pose itself hardly meant victory. She leaned over Sally and pulled her up by her hair slinging her into the corner and chasing after to perform a leaping body splash that would smash her spine against the turnbuckle.

Tectonic Robot: "Unh..." Sally groaned as she got pulled to her feet by her hair, wincing a little as her sensitive scalp was tugged! She stumbled, still stunned from having that meaty thigh smashed into her neck, and could only stumble into the corner when she was tossed! Before she could dodge, she was already smashed by Ashura, gasping in pain as the fat powerhouse crushed her body into the turnbuckle! Sally wasn't going down without a fight, though... she tried to wrap her arms around Ashura's middle and lift her up, wanting to crush her in a huge bearhug! She might be hurt, but she wasn't /that/ weak yet...

Egge: Ashura gasped as Sally locked her grip on like a python. "Oh?" Then Sally hefted her into the air. "Yes. Good, a bear hug!" Ashura roared excitedly eager to see Sally's technique despite the obvious consequences. She was glad the woman was still ready to fight back, squashing someone could be fun, but not as fun as a real fight.

Tectonic Robot: Sally grunted, hoisting Ashura up high enough that the pudgy wrestler's breasts her pressed against her face, just working on giving Ashura the squeezing of a life time! If she could work her hard enough with this hug, it may weaken her enough for her to catch up... she would have to ask if Ashura had watched her matches, though. She seemed surprisingly familiar with Sally! "N-nnnh..."

Egge: Ashura groaned, it was a practiced technique, really wearing on her back. She had to be sure not to lean back  or the ferocious American would injure her even more. Given the height her opponent had lifted her to there was an obvious solution to that dilemma, she reached forward and grabbed Sally's scalp pulling her face forward and onto her own bosom then she wrapped her arm around the girl's head to keep her in  place and prevent her own body from lurching backwards in the hold. Ashura also leaned her feet forward and began to clench around the massive woman's midsection with her thighs once again, although this position forced her thighs to wide to create an actual scissors.

Tectonic Robot: Sally stumbled around the ring, her voice muffled by the Russian's heavy breasts! She tottered back and forth, still squeezing, but she was fast running out of air... she had to give up the bear hug. Ashura was too big to do it on right, at least when she was this alert! With a grunt, she released the hold, instead grabbing the wrestler's fat hips and trying to shove her off!

Egge: Ashura stumbled back as Sally shoved her away but this time she kept her footing better. As she recovered her stance she whipped her arm which had been curled in front of her (to keep Sally's head in place before she had been tossed off) outward in a knife edge chop smacking her across the left breast with her iron wrist bracelet. Then she swept her other hand over to grab Sally by the hair again and walk her to the ropes trying to force her throat down across the top rope and choke the girl.

Tectonic Robot: Sally hissed with pain as she got slapped upside the breast, clutching her boob--before Ashura grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the ropes! "Ow, ow, ow!" She whined, struggling to tear her off, but couldn't get a good grip! Suddenly, she found herself squished against the ropes, strangled! She put her hands on the rope and pushed, trying to stave off suffocation!

Egge: Hesitantly, given the competitors size, the ref stepped in motioning Ashura back and bossing her around. Ashura shrugged at her with exaggerated confusion. "What? It's perfectly legal move in Russia." she explained, although the veracity of that statement was certainly in doubt. The judges were frowning at her. What a gaggle of idiots, they should be giving her free reign, didn't they want to see her full potential?

Tectonic Robot: Sally was thankful for the brief respite! She stood up off the ropes, rubbing her neck, her body sweat covered and tired. She turned around, looking at the refs and her powerfully built opponent--she had definitely taken the worst end of the beating that round! "We still goin'?" She panted, trying to get her breath back?

Egge: Ashura grinned, she could tell she was starting to wear her gorgeous opponent out, but she wasn't planning on showing any mercy She rushed at Sally as soon as the ref had stepped clear, reaching down between her foe's legs in the hopes of sweeping her up into an over the shoulder scoop slam that would leave her back in the center of the ring.

Tectonic Robot: "N-nhha!" Sally cried out as Ashura dove on her before the ref could answer, scooping her up in the air and smashing her down in the ring! She bounced once, painfully, as the chubby, sexy powerhouse smashed into the mat, than lay still for a moment, stranded in the center of the ring! "O-ooghh..."

Egge: Ashura hefted her opponent back to her feet. "Now we will have some fun. I don't need ropes to break you." she slid her arm under Sally's armpit but then up and around the back of her neck bending her over as she slid  her thigh to hook around her leg and drive Sally down on her knee in a plum stretch. She began to twist the flabby girl's abs a bit pausing to shift her arm positioning pulling Sally's neck up much closer to her own face until the hand reaching around her neck was able to slip down and cup Sally's left breast.

Tectonic Robot: (Thanks for the visual aide!

Tectonic Robot: Sally was nearly kissing Ashura as the buff Russian pulled her around like a toy, the exhausted American only able to put up a token of resistance! She was bent at an awkward angle over Ashura's knee, her plump boob making for easy grabbage. Sally weakly shoved at Ashura with her right arm, but was unable to break the lock!

Egge: Ashura reached her free hand down and slipped it inside her opponent's bikini bottoms rubbing her finger's up and down the girl's slit. She also squeezed Sally's breast firmly running her forefinger back and forth across the girl's nipple. "I will show judges that I am not all rope chokes and suplexes. I can heat things up too. Of course, I am also enjoying playing with my toy. I begin to understand why they sent me weakling." she whispered into Sally's ear.

Tectonic Robot: Sally moaned softly as her sex was toyed with and her breast was played with, her nipple rock hard under those teasing, drifting fingers! She blushed badly as Ashura called her a weakling and a toy--she wanted to prove her wrong, but she wasn't sure if she could... and this was getting kind of super hot. Sally decided to go for one last move to try and escape Ashura--she wrapped her right arm around her neck and twisted, trying to flip the pudgy powerhouse over!

Egge: There was a thick, sudden blur of motion as Ashura thudded to the mat spanking her butt on the mat and shooting a painful shock up her spine. Ashura collapsed onto her back heaving. She wasn't exactly exhausted but after the bear hug that surge of pain was pretty disabling.

Tectonic Robot: Sally stood above Ashura, panting, exhausted from the match, but for the first time, she had some control over her opponent! She couldn't help but grin at that... maybe she could use her special move, the Rump Romp, on her prone opponent! She walked over Ashura, standing above her, before dropping ass first on the fat Russian's stomach, bouncing up and down with gusto!

Egge: Ashura's eyes bugged out as her pudgy opponent dropped on her hard sending another blast of pain through her spine and causing her to tear up. She howled, for the first time in the match sounding like she was in true pain. Desperate to counter she threw her right leg up and slammed her boot calf first into Sally's forehead.

Tectonic Robot: "Gah!" Sally was taken off guard by the attack, knocked off Ashura's stomach and onto her back, quickly struggling to sit up!

Egge: Ashura flipped onto her knees huffing angrily, pain in her breaths. She shuffled over to Sally as the woman started to get up and shifted onto one knee, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her down hard over her protruding knee in a backbreaker. Sally wasn't the only one who could do some damage to a wrestler's back. Ashura pressed her hand down on her opponent's shoulder, rather than her neck, feeling the eyes of the ref on her. But there was one thing that was allowed, she slid her hand back down the woman's bottoms and began to press her finger's inside her slowly but firmly pumping.

Tectonic Robot: Sally let out a gasp of pain as she was smashed down onto Ashura's knee, one of the powerful wrestler's arms pinning her down, the other finding her sex and pumping into her crotch! Sally writhed as she got fingered, her tight pussy squeezing down on the offending finger, the poor American squirming with pleasure! Ashura can see the rest of Sally's ability to fight back bleeding off her...

Egge: Ashura chuckled gleefully again. This was how the match was intended to go. Sally was in her rightful place now. "Yes, squirm you pathetic worm. Of course, you can't resist the pleasure that goddess offers you." She slipped her wet finger towards the outside of Sally's puss and used it and her thumb to pinch and tease the girl's clit. But at the same time she raised Sally's upper body by her hair again and slammed her one more time fiercely across her knee, a debilitating cocktail of pleasure and pain.

Tectonic Robot: Sally was done. Ashura had beaten the fight out of her, and the mix of clit-teasing and back-smashing was the nail in the coffin! She half coughed, half moaned, propped up on Ashura's knee, limply laying there besides for the squirms and wiggles forced out of her body by the busty Russian's teasing!

Egge: Ashura removed her hand from Sally's snatch and lifted  it in a triumphant fist. "This fight is over." She pushed Sally off onto the mat and lifted her thigh high into the air crossing her leg over so that they were crotch to crotch. "It is only natural that you were conquered by me weakling." She leaned forward, hooking Sally's thigh tightly while also thrusting her crotch eagerly into a dry hump of her conquered prey. Well, dry on her end at least. "Pin." she called as the ref rushed over to count for her.

Tectonic Robot: Sally moaned lustfully and brokenly as Ashura pinned her down and dominatingly humped her crotch, her opponent's dry vagina dragging and rubbing against Sally's soaked panties and even dragging Brown a little in the air! Sally, half delirious, can't help but hope her sexy, dominating opponent will loom over her after the pin is declared, humping her and dropping her breasts on hers and perhaps planting a dominating kiss on the crushed and broken American's lips! "U-unhh..."

Egge: This was a perfect pin, of course, but Ashura knew she could probably make it slightly more impressive. She leaned further forward pressing her massive melons down on top of Sally's as she reached up with her free hand and pinned one of Sally's wrists above her head. "No challenge at all." she hissed joyfully enjoying the aroused look on her helpless opponent's face. Without warning, a flush of heat rushed through her body. Unexpectedly, this was quite the turn on, she had never had a woman in quite this position before. This was the hottest, the best she'd ever felt pinning someone in the ring. The count was coming to a close. For a brief moment Ashura panicked. She didn't want the moment to end, she had to put a capper on it somehow. She leaned in ever closer to Sally and whispered, "You are mine." before sealing the match with a firm, fierce kiss as the ref called out the number that meant her victory.

Tectonic Robot: Sally came, then, hard and long. Ashura could feel the girl's body spasming beneath her, helplessly entangled in the Russian's erotic grip, the heavy, hot wrestling having done its work. It must be very empowering to make a girl quake under you after you crushed her in the ring--poor Sally was Ashura's, totally and completely!

Egge: Ashura reluctantly peeled herself away from her opponent's trembling body. She hopped she wasn't too flushed. That the judges couldn't tell how shaken up she was by the sudden onset of that arousal. "So, I passed, of course." she asked trying to be as nonchalant as possible. The judges concurred she had most certainly passed. She was hired, full time, starting immediately. "Excellent. I promise to deliver the finest in entertainment for you." She looked down in triumph at Sally's body, "Sally Brown, although you barely deserve to be in the same ring as me, I will not forget that you helped me to impress judges tonight. You may have a rematch any time you like. I will be glad to crush you again." Yes. Sally had reminded her of the joy of conquering her opponents, and in fact taken that joy further than Ashura had experienced before. Ashura quickly stepped herself over the ropes. She would benefit from a nice, long shower to clear her head. And then, well, there was an entire league's worth of women for her to crush now.

Tectonic Robot: (fin!)[/color]

[b]Ashura wins by leg hook pin[/n]

Well.,I think the dust has settled, any other skateboarders around here? - Sparkplug71

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