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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Under Pressure

Go down

Under Pressure

Post by Tatyina on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:22 am

by Bluemouse on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:13 pm

Hey nik its Taylor
I'm in Tokyo, 2pm workout in friction gym?
I wanna do some boxing n stuff, hope to see u there!

Taylor took an easy jog from her mother-in-law's house to the Friction building, turning heads in just a red sports bra and a daringly short pair of tight red running shorts, with white stripes down each side and a notch at the hip. On the front of her sports bra was The Flash's lightning bolt emblem in white. Her blonde hair was back in a ponytail, and her slim and enticingly sculpted body was mostly on display. Her shoulders, her arms, her midsection, and her legs, all the way to her flashy red sneakers, all dared Tokyo to look.

She wasn't thinking about that, though. She wasn't worried about attracting attention, and she wasn't the least bit inhibited pushing her way into the Friction building like that. She wore a sheen of sweat while she got her breath, and found her way to her locker to collect some training gear, then it was off to the gym to look for Nikolette. The two had some things to talk about, and what better time to talk things over than when punching each other in the face?

While she waited, she found some open space on the mats and began bouncing and stepping and pivoting and slipping and shadowboxing to warm up.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:03 pm
Nikolette was stretching int he Friction gym. Ever since Summer Splash she'd been increasing her workouts even more. She had to get better so that even some kind of interference couldn't make her lose. She had to make sure that she was prepared. Ever since Taylor had called Nikolette to spar for her Summer Splash match, Nikolette had ramped up her own training. She loved the way boxing made her feel and she thought she had even improved a bit. If the wrestling thing didn't work out and she went brain dead, maybe she could even do something with it.

So when she received a text from Taylor asking for a spar, she was eager. She quickly responded, went back tot he locker and grabbed her mitts before heading out to the sparring area.

as she entered, she found Taylor shadowboxing and hopped over to her. Nikolette was wearing a white sports bra and baggy sweats that were cut off at the knee. She didn't have the ensemble that Taylor did but she looked good as well. Her own body was well defined and her well endowed chest was compressed tightly against her body.

"Oi, Heya, Taylor. How are ya doin?" She said with a friendly smile and a pair of maroon boxing gloves slung over her shoulder. She hadn't seen Taylor since the match but she'd left messages when the girl was int he hospital. Nikolette had gotten a concussion from Angel as well and it had been the most horrible thing she'd had to experience. Taylor and her shared a lot, especially when it came to Angel even if Nikolette and her weren't the best pals in the world.

"Sorry we couldn't meet up sooner, been real busy lately, ya know. How's everythin holdin up? Yer lookin good!" She said with a bright smile, hoping to energize Taylor with a bit of her own good cheer. "Real excited to go a few rounds. It's no fun just mashin up a heavy bag all the time!" She said with a grin.
Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:50 pm

"Hey!" Taylor grinned, and skipped over to her friend to give her a quick hug. "I'm good, man. Good to see you."

She resumed her footwork, flitting back and forth around Nikolette, in and out, flicking out little jabs to the head and ducking for the body. "Thanks! You too. But yeah, I'm totally good. I... had a kind of a rough patch," she said, nodding until she laughed her way through any awkwardness. "But I'm allowed, right? Now it's just back to the gym, time to get better and better. Speaking of..."

She ran to her gym bag and pulled out a pair of red hand wraps and a pair of thick, open thumb sparring gloves. She dropped the gloves at her feet and stood with her weight mostly on one leg, one knee bent, her hips cocked, while she began to wind a long wrap around her hand and wrist.

"So..." She said, to seque into something more serious. "I owe you an apology."

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:05 pm

Nikolette hugged Taylor back and smiled. She nodded at Taylor's words. "Ahh, yeah. It happens to the best of us. Sorta tryin ta get over one myself, I guess." She said with a sheepish smile. "yah, I'm psyched. I've been hittin it pretty hard. This should be real fun too!"

Nikolette began to wrap her own hands up when Taylor spoke again. She thought everything was ready to rock when Taylor suddenly said she needed to apologize. Nikolette stopped. "Eh? What'd you ever do ta me?" She said. "You've been nothin but decent ta me as far as I can remember." Nikolette said, furrowing her brow. "That time you wanted me ta step off Morrigan? I knew she was yer girl. That's no hard feelins." Nikolette was genuinely confused.

by Bluemouse on Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:22 pm

Taylor velcroed the first handwrap in place on her wrist and gave an uncomfortable smile. "Well... I mean, like..." She paused before starting the second one while she searched for the right words.

"I'm just... I dragged out the Angel stuff in front of everyone, and I didn't even talk to you about it or anything. When I was all like "look how bad you beat her up and humiliated her!' I wasn't really thinking that maybe you'd feel, you know... embarrassed... or whatever. It was really selfish, so like, I'm really sorry for being a total dickhole about it."

She began to wrap up her other hand, but frowned as she stared off into space. Something still seemed off about it. She really didn't want her apology to seem as fake and as disingenuous as Angel's, like she was only doing it because at this point everyone else was doing it. She gave Nikolette another uncomfortable, apologetic smile.
by Tatyina on Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:39 am

"Ah... uhh..." Nikolette turned her head and blushed as Taylor explained. She smiled after a moment. 'Course I ain't a fan of havin everyone thinkin about it again but, you were just stickin up fer me and I definitely appreciate that. If I thought you'd done it just ta make a stab at Angel then maybe we'd have an issue but I think yer a pretty classy gal. Seems that way ta me. Maybe I'm too naive, but ya ain't done anythin ta make me think otherwise."

Nikolette rested her untaped hand on Taylor's shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You were thinkin about how I felt though. Maybe not that I might be embarrassed or somethin like that but that it wasn't real decent fer Angel ta get after me like that just cause we had some choice words fer each other. I never thought I'd come ta not like a gal but I guess I need ta learnt hat not everyone just wants to put their nose to the grindstone and take care of their business like me."

Nikolette laughed and began to tape up her other fist. "Though lately the list of gals I don't quite fancy is startin ta pile up." She shrugged. "Guess it's good the other list has gotten checked off too." She said, blushing a bit.

by Bluemouse on Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:07 pm

"Classy?" Taylor grinned and raised an eyebrow. That didn't sound like her at all.

"Well..." She looked down at the floor and then back into Nikolette's eyes. "Thanks, man. I mean, I still kind of feel like a dick, but like... I dunno. That shit drove me crazy, because I had met Angel a couple times before and she seemed cool. Like we got along and stuff, and then I saw that... It was all I could think about before the match. I just wanted to kick that fucking smirk right off her face."

She velcroed her second hand wrap in place and the picked up her gloves and tucked them between her thighs. She stuck her mouth guard in the waist and of her shorts, and then began to wriggle one hand into a glove.

"I know!" She exclaimed. It didn't even stop at Angel. "Fucking Kelly Conway, man! That bitch is gonna get it, and soon. Like, what the fuck was that shit? So creepy! And you beat her, man, and she lost that match, and fucking Lukretia... Man, I don't wanna seem like im trying to fight your battles, but that shit drives me nuts! But its not like it isn't personal between me and Angel and me and Kelly, anyway..."

by Tatyina on Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:09 pm

Nikolette shrugged and laughed as she began to fit her own gloves on. "I don't think of it like that at all, really. Some of these gals just wanna make sure they stir up every hornet's nest they come across. Besides, her a better wrassler than I am. You deserve the shot at Angel and Kelly's been pickin on ya real personal like too. I just like ta think of it as y'all softenin them up!" She grinned wider.

"An don't take this the wrong way, but if you were havin trouble with Angel then I gotta put even more work in myself. Gotta train harder and put in more matches. Gotta refine my technique an push myself even more!" Nikolette's face had melted into a serious one by them time she was finished and when she had her gloves on, she slapped them together.

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:05 pm

Taylor drew back the corner of her mouth in a lopsided frown and nodded at Nikolette. She wasn't going to patronize her about who was or wasn't the better wrestler. She knew she would kill her in a fight, but that didn't mean she didn't respect her.

"Well... We've both got a loss to Angel. But look on the bright side! At least you look really good naked." She strapped on her second glove and gave a sly grin. "And now eeeeeeveryone knows it!"

She fired off a few frenetic combinations at the air, jab cross lead hook, slip, slip. Lead upper cross lead hook, duck, uppercut, circle, circle, circle. She stuck her mouth guard in and looked at the brunette boxer. "Ready?"

by Tatyina on Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:59 pm

"Awww, c'mon! Ya ain't gotta say it like that! I work hard ta get my body lookin good but that don't mean I wanna parade it around!" Nikolette waved the blush off her face and popped her mouth guard in. She began to hop on her feet and shadowbox as well, dipping back and forth and getting loose before she stepped forward.

She nodded, held out her glove and waited. Her heart was already starting to beat a little faster and her green eyes focused on smaller blonde.

by Bluemouse on Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:05 pm

Taylor bounced in place and shook her arms loose before reaching out and touching gloves with Nikolette. She hopped back into a shallow boxing stance, light on her feet with her right hand at her cheek and her left hand low, and began to move around Nikolette.

She paused for a moment, and straightened up. "Ha! And when I saw it, I was like, Angel, you dirty motherfucker!" She said, her voice somewhat muffled and lispy from the mouthguard. "And then there was one second where like the camera just showed you, and I was like... 'damn'." She laughed, bright and infectious. "Then back to 'fuck you, Angel!' and stuff."

She settled back into her stance and stayed loose. She was only moving at about half speed as she threw out a couple feeler jabs. She was mostly concerned with her feet. Taylor was not very technical as a boxer, and she relied on her superior footwork and explosiveness to cover distances and deliver rapid barrages of stiff punches. Nik wasn't the most technical either, but she still didn't want to stand still and let her find her range.

by Tatyina on Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:12 pm

Nikolette circled too, being careful of Taylor's speed. Her own footwork was good and she had the advantage in reach but it was still better to not get hit if she had the ability not too. Still, her body was relaxed and she was focused.

Or she was until Taylor's comment. She paused only for a moment. "Don't think you'll distract me with those compliments!" She said an equally muffled tone as she dipped away from Taylor's jabs andthrew out some of her own, keeping her eyes focused and her body moving. The engineer kept backing away from Taylor but circled to try abdand keep the blonde at jab's length but still away from the ropes.

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:23 pm

Taylor batted one jab away with her right hand and dipped her head to the side as she circled away from the series of jabs. She skipped one way, then the other, her lead left hand held invitingly low, and then stopped. She planted her feet and faked to one side and the other to keep the girl guessing about where and when she would unleash her speed in an attempt to freeze her in place. She pulled her lead foot back, and then lunged in like a fencer, ducking low and throwing her right hand straight at Nikolette's body before ducking under her arms and stepping through to come up almost behind her.

"Oh, hey," she said, without letting her guard down. "This is a weird question, but whatever. You're gay, right? Um... Are you seeing anybody?"

Postby Tatyina on Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:53 am

Nikolette bobbed on her feet as the two of them danced. She could see Taylor's feints and always threw out a cautious jab whenever it looked like she was coming in, just to make sure that Taylor didn't think she had a clear opening.

When Taylor came in, she came in fast and Nikolette turned her body just enough when Taylor's mitt hissed into her side. She winded but kept pivoting, following Taylor and pushing to keep the girl on the run as she threw her own combination aimed at Taylor's stomach to push the blonde backwards and keep her from planting her feet.

"Yeah, since just before Summer Splash, I found a partner." The question was odd, especially int he middle of a boxing spar. "Why'reya askin?" She was definitely curious.

by Bluemouse on Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:11 am

"Heh, well..." A flash of her brilliant white teeth as Taylor skipped back a step. She decided to take the direct approach. "Akashi's dating Angel. I don't think it'll last. It'd be cool if she found an actually cool girl, ya know?"

Before Nikolette had a chance to respond, Taylor threw a hard feint straight in at her to try to bait out her jab, and then slipped to the inside of the girl's lead hand and came in low, hands high. She reached up with one hand to grab the back of Nikolette's neck, and began to throw light, half speed uppercuts into her body, her head, and finished with a slow hook to the jaw before circling off and leaning her head away.
by Tatyina on Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:28 am

Nikoellte's eye raised visibly as Taylor mentioned Akashi. Well, she definitely didn't expect it to work, but she really didn't even THINK about it. She didn't even really KNOW. Nor had the thought ever crossed her mind about Akashi. Nikolette wasn't the sort of girl to just lust after other girls the way Akashi did. She liked a more traditional approach. Gwendolyn had been a little different, but it had sort of been the same way.

She didn't have too much time to think about it as her brain was also processing Taylor's feints. She'd still been taking them for now but she was studying Taylor's movements and looking for the patterns. She was starting to formulate a plan but for now she was caught with  he swift uppercuts to the belly.

"ngh! mgh!"

Nikolette grunted when Taylor came at and landed the belly shots but she was able to get her glove up to block the shot to the chin. As Taylor dipped away, Nikolette adjusted her stance and tried to cut off the ring, throwing long jabs and keeping a good posture.

"I'm pretty stuck on my gal." She said. "I guess I could look around fer Akashi but I ain't exactly hip to the scene." She said with a bright grin.

Nikolette made her own feint and went in. She was heavier than Taylor but she was willing to take a shot or two if she could get at the blonde. She protected her chin and tried to muscle a hook into Taylor's side and lock in follow up punches that tapped Taylor's chest and cheek.

by Bluemouse on Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:53 pm

Taylor measured Nikolettes advance, and countered with a lead hook that only thudded against Nikolette's guard. The brunette's hook dug into her sharply defined midsection and made her grunt. The punches that followed found their mark until Taylor got moving, putting her fleet feet to work as she stayed just inches off of the ends of Nikolette's gloves. When she found her chance, she planted her feet and ducked in to stuff Nikolette's advance with a right overhand to the face.

by d_ultsch on Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:47 pm

Brittany had been in a restless mood as of late. So much had happened lately that Brittany needed to let off some steam. Brittany stepped into the gym wearing a tight white tank top and a pair of jeans. Brittany had come to get a nice work out at the gym but as she stepped in and looked around she noticed that Taylor was here with some other girl Brittany didn't care about.

Brittany scowled before letting out a sigh. Brittany wanted to go over and start some trouble but she had promised Morrigan not to pick a fight with Taylor. Brittany was going to have to try and play nice for once and the easiest way for Brittany to do that was to walk right past the boxing ladies and to a nearby treadmill. Brittany was going to start slow and hopefully Taylor would just leave her be.

Postby Tatyina on Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:59 pm

Nikolette felt good as she pushed Taylor back but the flash of leather that popped against her cheek made her reconsider.


However, she didn't outright retreat but stood her ground and pulled up her guard. Nikolette bobbed on her feet and inched forward, looking for a spot where she could hit Taylor's face. For the moment she was content to paw away at jabs.

However, while she was trying to create an opening, she got a little chatty. "How're things goin otherwise?" She asked. "Outside a the ring."

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:38 pm

Taylor never stopped moving, sliding side to side to never give Nikolette a clean shot, and rolling her upper body away from each jab that came. She dropped her hands, her right only at her shoulder and her left at her waist, and let herself drift into the empty-minded trance that let her react without thinking. Nikolette's question called her attention back somewhat, and she smiled.

"Well, I remember when apologizing was like yanking out my own teeth every time, so I'm pretty proud of myself now," she said. She remembered vividly how hard it was to swallow her pride and say she was sorry, but so much had changed since those days. She felt like a different person. "I dunno, I feel good. I'm happy right now. I'm just trying to keep everything balanced, and when I'm working all I can think about is getting back in there with Angel and Kelly and kicking some wholesale ass."

Taylor took a sudden, long step in at full speed and faked a jab, but followed immediately with a real one, to break Nikolette's rhythm before she hopped back out of range.

by Tatyina on Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:11 pm

Nikolette was getting better at handling the feints and batted away Taylor's jab. She was good at correcting mistakes and adjusting. However, as Taylor took a moment to answer, Nikolette's eyes scanned the rest of the gym.

She spotted someone familiar and while she stared down Taylor, she spoke again.

"Did y'all finally pry Morrigan away from Brittany fer good?" She asked and nodded past Taylor, taking a few steps back so Taylor could look without getting harassed.

by Bluemouse on Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:59 pm

"Huh?" Taylor straightened up and looked behind her. Brittany Luvve, no matter what color her hair, was always unmistakable, at least to Taylor. Their history alone was enough to make her stand out in a crowd.

She turned back to Nikolette with a look that begged sympathy. "Ah... no." She pawed at the back of her neck with a boxing glove to scratch an itch. "Nah, they're still together. I dunno, man, Morgan's my girl, but I didn't ask for Brittany. Kind of like how Akashi's with Angel, but..." She shrugged. "Morg's been great, though, so who knows. Maybe Brittany's next in line to like, turn over a new leaf or something."

She planted her hands on her hips and huffed, her eyes stared blankly into the distance while her brain whirred with activity. "So I always feel predictable when I spar you. I think that if I was going all out, I'd have the speed and the power to still beat your defense, but I don't want to just rely on that all the time. It's like I actually need to learn to box!" She laughed.

Postby d_ultsch on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:09 am

Brittany jogged leisurely on the treadmill as she tried to not look over at Taylor. However, as Brittany's eyes shifted over to where Taylor was boxing she noticed that Taylor was looking her way. Brittany clenched her fists as she tried her best to just ignore the two boxing women and it took all of Brittany's restraint just to resist the urge to go over there and taunt Taylor and give her a quick punch in the face. Brittany shot Taylor a glare before turning her head away as Brittany wanted to keep her promise to Morrigan.

by Tatyina on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:14 am

Nikolette looked over Taylor "Speed fer sure but I don't think ya got me beat in power. Most I'd be willin ta give ya is even, I'd say." She said as she assessed the situation as objectively as she could." Nikolette tilted her head. "Ya like ta rely on instincts but that can also bite ya in somethin like box in." She said. "And I'm pretty good at adaptin if I'm anythin."

She paused and focused past Taylor. "I was askin cause she got beat pretty badly after the bell at Summer Splash and.. Morrigan wasn't anywhere ta be found. Usually them gals are attached at the hip." Nikolette shrugged. "Guess you'd know better than me."

by Bluemouse on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:41 am

A surge of competitive fire in Taylor made her stand up straight and tilt her head at Nikolette while she gave her a lopsided grin. "Think that if you want to, but you've never felt it. I hit hard, man. Just ask Iron Maiden's face!" She laughed again, and bounced on the balls of her feet. She was cooling down, but she didn't want to get cold.

"Oh, yeah, welllll... I dunno. Morgan and I had some stuff to talk about, and I guess maybe that was during Brittany's match. I was pretty banged up after my match, and I was just hanging out in my hotel room, and Morg came up, sooo... Maybe that was kinda my fault." She shook her head, and glanced back at Brittany again. She couldn't help but feel like they were being watched.

"I really don't ask about that stuff, I just take it a day at a time and hope for the best, ya know? C'mon, I don't wanna cool off. Let's go a little harder." She was quick to dismiss the subject. It wasn't something she liked to think about, especially not with Brittany standing right there. It was troubling to her, and sometimes she just wanted to beat the crap out of Brittany and ship her back to Detroit or wherever she came from. She was probably from somewhere dirty like Detroit.

She put her guard up, this time with her lead left hand not quite so low, and got into her stance. She stood lower than Nikolette, her feet wider, her stance deeper, her chin tucked lower. She wanted to protect herself from Nikolette's rangey jab while being ready to generate as much power as possible, either for her hands of for her footwork.

by Tatyina on Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:25 am

Nikolette grinned as well and lifted up her gloved fist when Taylor suggested they get back to business. "I've won a few matches with a good sock." She added as her green eyes flickered and stared into Taylor's, her own body shifting with the same kind of anticipation.

Nikolette took a stance to compliment her size. She had done pretty well with keeping Taylor int he position she wanted to with the jab but she knew she couldn't rely on it. He knees were bent and she was ready to try and get the most out of her own explosive fists.

She kept her own guard up tight and bobbed towards Taylor, making sure her own feet were matching the pace that Taylor was trying to set for herself. When she felt like she had the right moment, she leaned forward and launched a hook at Taylor's head to test the strength of the blonde's guard while keeping her other hand up close so she didn't leave an opening near her face.

by Bluemouse on Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:53 pm

Taylor floated on the outside until Nikolette came in, and then darted in low under her hook. She was close, her body crouched low as she loosed a tight right and left hook to the brunette's body, followed immediately by a hard two-handed shove. She stuck a jab in Nikolette's face to keep her backing up as she darted in again, sticking to her like glue to throw more fast, close-range punches.

Postby Tatyina on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:12 am

Nikolette watched as Taylor came in underneath her. She snapped her glove forward to smack Taylor in the cheek while she was taking the shot to the body. "Gnnh!" She grunted and was ready for a follow up when she was shoved. THAT she wasn't expecting.

However, this time when Taylor came in, Nikolette didn't fool around. Taylor was low, trying to dance around and Nikolette went high, slipping her own punches at Taylor's face while she took the shots tot he body. Hard rights and lefts herself, sacrificing some defense to get in some offense. If Taylor was going low, and aiming for the body, then Nikolette could take the abuse for now to hit Taylor in the head with combinations of her own and cut down on Taylor's dancing. Taylor was fast but Nikolette could keep up if Taylor was close, especially if she had a good shot at Taylor's head while the blonde was busy firing off rounds into her body.

Nikolette circled away when Taylor did and looked at the blonde. She could feel the spots on her chest where Taylor hit. She just hoped that Taylor had felt her own shots too.

Nikolette pulled her guard up after clearing her head and decided to go back in, putting her guard up and hissing long jabs at Taylor with her left, harassing Taylor's guard so she could clear the distance with one quick stride and slap a mitt into Taylor's chest, bringing herself up close so she could fire off her own salvo of punches, working slower but heavier and trying to smack Taylor with hook aimed for the cheek and an uppercut at the midsection.

by d_ultsch on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:35 am

As Brittany jogged on the treadmill she couldn't help but over hear some of Taylor's conversation with Nikolette. Brittany clenched her fists as she heard that Morrigan was out with Taylor during her big match at Summer Splash. It was because of Taylor that no one was there to back up Brittany when she was jumped. Brittany calmly turned off the treadmill before briskly walking over to the ring where Taylor and Nikolette were boxing.  

Brittany would slide into the ring and move up behind Nikolette before shoving the girl out of the way before taking a step towards Taylor. Without saying a word Brittany would fire Taylor a look with with as much hatred and venom she could muster. Brittany would then pull her fist back before aiming it right at Taylor's face. "You fucking bitch."

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:07 am

Taylor kept her gloves up in front as Nikolette's jabs smacked against them. Behind her, she could see Brittany finally approaching. It was only a matter of time. Probably that talk about Morrigan had riled her up, and now everyone had the privilege of having to listen to-

Whack! Nikolette's punch hit Taylor squarely in the chest and knocked her back several steps. "Mmmmmmmotherfucker!" Taylor put a glove over her left breast and danced in pain. "Are you fucking aiming for my-"

Whack! This time, distracted by Nikolette, Taylor was caught off guard by Brittany's punch. It slammed into her jaw, sent her sprawling on the mat, and left her seeing stars. She shook her head and pushed up on her hands while laying on her hip.

"Hey, Sunshine," she said, but with her mouthguard the words came with a slight lisp. She leapt quickly back to her feet before Brittany could follow up, or something.

Postby Tatyina on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:15 am

Nikolette had no idea that Brittany was on her way in. When she smacked Taylor in the chest, she winced. She certainly wasn't TRYING to hit there but she had been trying to get her gloves wherever she could. She was about to apologize to Taylor when she was shoved off of her feet. She had not seen Brittany and thumped to the ground.

She turned instantly and looked up at Brittany and saw Taylor getting up. She did the same and spit out her mouth guard.

"Not even gonna have the decency to yell obscenities from the sideline?" Nikolette growled and eyed Taylor, ready to pounce if she needed to.

Postby d_ultsch on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:18 am

Brittany clenched her fist at her side as she heard Nikolette's words and without even looking at Nikolette she said. "Shit the fuck up bitch. This has nothing to do with you." Brittany would say as she took a step towards Taylor. "You just find new ways to piss me the fuck off don't you." Brittany said as she would toss another punch at Taylor's face. "Fuck what Morrigan wants. I am going to fucking beat you into the ground here and now." Brittany said as she put a lot of power into her punch.

by Bluemouse on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:28 am

Taylor kept the mouthguard in for now.

She jerked her head to the side and out of the way of Brittany's second volley, and circled away. Her hands were stuck securely in her boxing gloves, which limited her options somewhat if Brittany wanted to push things.

"Oh, cool, want me to break some ribs again so you have a chance?" Taylor taunted back. She waved dismissively at Nikolette, who looked tense and ready to fight. It was cool, nothing to worry about.

"But you mean like..." Taylor cautiously approached Brittany, and extended a glove out, palm up, to tickle the underside of the snake-girl's chin with her fingers. "Tickletickletickle..." She hopped back to safety and laughed. "Why you so angry all the time? I thought you were all happy now that you've got a partner in crime for all of your illegal lesbian sex acts?"

Postby d_ultsch on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:33 am

Brittany never took her eyes off of Taylor as the girl danced around the ring. Brittany wanted nothing more to rip Taylor limb from limb especially after she tried to tickle her chin. Brittany almost lunged at Taylor but she held herself in check. "Oh, i would be fine but apparently Morrigan cares more about you than she does about me." Brittany said as she glared at Taylor. "And once i break you again. I won't have to worry about that anymore." Brittany yelled out as she would lunge at Taylor to try and tackle her to the ground.

by Bluemouse on Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:09 am

Taylor put out a glove to keep Brittany at bay as she again flitted away from her advance, like a fly you can never seem to swat. "Whoa, hey killer," she said. "Morg cares enough about you to keep you around despite what I think. If it were up to me, she'd forget all about you. She's too good for you."

Taylor stood a few feet from Brittany and settled down, wiggling her hips in an idle little dance. "Why do you have to go after her, anyway. There are tons of trashy, half-retarded girls in AFW just like you, why don't you just hook up with one of them instead of having to try to bring Morgan down?"

by d_ultsch on Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:26 pm

Brittany couldn't believe the words that were flying out of Taylor's mouth. "Watch your tongue bitch or you might fucking lose it." Brittany said as Taylor continued on. "It sounds to me like you are a bit jealous bitch. You must find it pretty hard to deal with your constant failures." Brittany said as she decided to fight back against Taylor's words. "I mean not only did you lose to Angel. You lost on the night you chose to dedicate your poor dead father." Brittany said with a smile on her face.

"Oh, and let us not forget what Kelly did to you." Brittany took a step towards Taylor so she could look Taylor in the eyes. "It is a good thing your father died as he wasn't able to see how pathetic you were in the ring that night."

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:58 am

Taylor recoiled in surprise. The vitriol that came out of Brittany's mouth was more surprising than any kind of violence she could attempt. As much as the girl was just obviously trying to say the most hurtful things possible, and Taylor knew it, the words still cut her in a way that she couldn't resist.

"Wow," she blinked. "And you're the one telling ME to watch my mouth? Yeah, okay Trailer Park. Are you happy now? Do you feel good that you're talking shit about my dad?"

She glanced at Nikolette. She suddenly had an urge to pull off her boxing gloves and go after the hateful blonde. Or at least to be ready if something did happen. After a moment, she let the scowl on her face evaporate, and deliberately replaced it with another grin.

"Well, thanks for stopping by, bro, now if you don't actually want anything how about you take a walk? This is where big girls train."

by d_ultsch on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:23 pm

Brittany smiled as she seemed to have ruffled Taylor's feathers. "I am not going anywhere. Why doesn't Taylor the failure make me leave." Brittany said as she was not going to let Taylor walk away from this one. Brittany was still pissed "Oh, and you shouldn't talk about big girls. You see some of us have actually accomplished something in this league. We don't get our ass kicked everytime we step into the ring. WE don't retire after every injury we suffer because it hurt to bad." Brittany said as she pressed in on Taylor. "Some of us have found something good in this league and yet goodie twoshoes Taylor thinks that she can dp better for one of them and tries to break it apart." Brittany said as she would smile one more time before turning her back on Taylor "I guess you were right. I should take a walk. I don't have time to waste on a failure like you."

Postby Tatyina on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:05 am

Nikolette figured that Taylor could handle her business with the blonde. She didn't want to step on Taylor's toes but Brittany seemed eager to make sure Nikolette had no choice but to step in. By the end of her diatribe, the Serbian was already pulling her gloves off with her teeth. She shook her gloves off and began tearing at the tape while she scowled at Brittany.

"Oi!" She barked. "Yer crossin the line a decency!" She growled. "I don't care how much ya dislike a gal, ya don't go bringin in someone's pops! It just ain't right! Y'all better back off! If ya gotta beef, then settle it like a woman and square off with her in the ring! Or maybe talk ta her about it without a mouth fulla vulgarities! There's cleaner septic tanks than what comes outta yer mouth, Brittany." She growled as she stepped in front of Brittany.

"Taylor's a stand up gal and she's makin yer gal one too! Y'all should be thankin her! If Morrigan's happy, then won't you be happier too? Or do ya only care about hurtin people? Ya ain't even thinkin about yer gal? Are ya?" She asked. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. She hoped Taylor wouldn't be upset with the intervention but Nikolette was mad. Everyone seemed to like to take shots at everyone without acting decent. Nikolette didn't like it at all.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:20 am

Taylor's jaw clenched. She felt her fists tighten and she instinctively took a deep breath to calm herself but it caught in her chest. Brittany was talking some serious shit.

"Out of the way, Nik," Taylor said in a low voice while she gently pushed Nikolette to one side so that she had a clear path to Brittany. She put a hand on her hip and wagged her finger in the air.

"Okay, Brit. I'm trying really hard here to be cool. Okay? But you are really just begging me to beat your ass right here. Nik's right, if you want a piece of me, we can do it legit, in the ring, in front of evvverrrybody. But if you're just gonna show up and run your mouth and be an asshole," she leaned forward and enunciated each consonant with deliberate clarity, "You can lick my fucking clit."

by d_ultsch on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:30 am

Brittany gritted her teeth as Taylor stepped in and challenged her, Brittany just wanted to punch Taylor right in her face. However, Brittany's rational mind won over that moment as she looked at Nikolette. Brittany did not want to fight a two on one "Fine, I will take you on in the ring. I just hope that you are ready to fucking lose bitch." Brittany then spit at Taylor's feet before turning around and jumping out of the ring. "Just name the time and place and i will be ready to kick your over entitled ass."

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Re: Under Pressure

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:24 am

"Probably in the Friction ring, dumbass!" Taylor barked angrily as Brittany made her exit. She didn't flinch at all with the spitting. She expected no less from Brittany.

With Brittany on her way out, Taylor let her true feelings show. She seethed. She was angry enough that it was difficult to control her breath. Her muscles were tense and she looked as if she was just looking for something to smash.

"I'm getting real fucking sick of this, Nik," she growled and shook her head. "I'm getting real fucking sick of every rancid bitch in Japan thinking they can just walk all over me. This shit's gonna stop."

Her jaw clenched and her eyes blazed, and she looked Nikolette up and down. "What happened to your gloves? Are you done?"

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Re: Under Pressure

Post by Tatyina on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:32 am

Nikolette nodded at Taylor once Brittany walked off. "I agree." She said. "I know yer a big target but it ain't just you. There's lots of nasty girls out there just lookin a hurt an abuse gals." She said.

She then looked down at her fists as Taylor nodded. She blushed deeply. "Ah, um..." She said and turned her head. 'I guess I got a lil too excited. I figured Brittany might just be willin ta have a go at the both of us. Sorry." She said and turned her head in embarrassment.

"I can go some more." She said as she knelt down and picked up her gloves. "Ya ssure yer fit ta be sparrin?" She said. "Ya look a bit worked up. I'm sure ya's go at me hard, an that's great but if all yer doin is seein those other gals while we're dukin it out, it doesn't seem like that's the best way ta learn."

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Re: Under Pressure

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:53 pm

Taylor put up her guard and began to dance and flit around Nikolette, shadowboxing and firing off combinations at a dramatically faster pace. Her face was set in a grim expression, and her body was tense, like a tightly wound ball of murder.

"I don't just take time off because I'm upset," she grumbled. "But don't worry. I'm a professional. I'll be gentle." She said, ceaselessly moving and punching while she impatiently waited for Nikolette to catch up. She was sure she wouldn't hurt her, even as keyed up as she was. Nikolette wasn't the one she wanted to hurt.

The thought of her upcoming match drove her through the rest of her training until she had to force herself to quit. She had to talk to Junko. She couldn't wait to get her hands on Brittany. She was going to use that match to send a message. "Do not fuck with me."

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Re: Under Pressure

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