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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

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Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:46 am

[This is reposted from the old forum. Original poster and date of each post has been kept for convenience]

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Re: Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:51 am

by Tatyina on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:45 pm

Match Type: Standard
Winning Conditions: Pinfall, Submission or Knockout
Special Stipulations: The winner will receive the "Winner's Contract" from PLUMP Magazine.

Continued from here

Tally was beaming as the fight started up. When the clang of the bell resounded, she was finally going to get to take on another girl like her. A BIGGER one even! They were going to tussle and Tally was going to show off her wrestling skills and then the two would go off and model in a sexy photo shoot that would get published all over the globe and Tally's career would skyrocket to new heights!

She took a step forward and held out her arms in a ready stance, sizing up Kameyo to see how she should approach the larger girl when suddenly she heard a rather loud and especially rude fan cut through the background noise of the cheering crowd. "COME ON KAMEYO! YOU CAN DO IT, BEAT HER FAT ASS!"

Tally paused. Kameyo already had a fan? But that wasn't the important part. She turned fully around and grabbed the ropes, leaning forward. "WHO CALLED ME FAT!?" She said. "I'M BIG AND BEAUTIFUL AND I'LL SQUASH YOU!" She barked as her cheeks reddened, fulling turning her back to Kameyo as she searched the audience for the dead woman.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:02 am
Kameyo felt like her stomach was doing summersaults, and given its size it was leaving her feeling slightly nauseous, but the bell had rang and there was nothing left to do but give her best and hope it was enough. She edged closer, remembering what Kandi had told her; never be goaded into acting first, let the opponent come to you. Unfortunately, Kandi had failed to explain what to do if your opponent turned away from you entirely and began screaming at the crowd. Kameyo blinked as Tally leant over the ropes, her plump, bared midriff sinking into the top set slightly as she angrily scanned the crowd, and as she realised who her opponent was seeking, Kameyo's eyes widened.

"S-Suzu!" she tried to stage whisper, not wanting to draw Tally's attention as she waved her arms furiously to try and signal her sister to stop, "Stop it!"

From the crowd, Suzu grinned as she saw her words hit a chord with the skimpily-attired plump woman, proudly grasping her banner and waving it high as she planted a foot on the backrest of the seat in the row in front of her, startling its occupant, "YOU HEARD ME CHUBS, MY SISTER IS TWICE THE WOMAN YOU ARE! GO ON KAMEYO, SHOW HER WHAT YA GOT!" Suzu laughed as she shrugged off the evil glares and calls to hush from the surrounding onlookers.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:40 am
tally turned when Kameyo balked and betrayed her sister with timid words to try and get her to stop. Tally snapped her head back and caught Suzu's eye and furrowed her brow. Of course it was a family member and a girl who was also quite beautifully plump.

"CHUBS!?" Tally said. Actually she liked being called chubby but Suzu's words were incensing. She wasn't going to sit there and be called fat by ANYONE, let alone one of her supposed PEERS! This girl was betraying the code of all the plump girls! They were supposed to stick together! Well, sort of.

Tally pulled up her chubby leg and slid it through the ropes. She didn't even CARE that she was in a match, she found someone who needed a knuckle sandwich out in the audience. "COME DOWN HERE AND I'LL SHOW YOU!" Tally screamed as she began to slide through the ropes, stretching them out like Kameyo though not nearly as much.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:54 am
Kameyo was dumbstruck; Suzu's taunting had incensed the well-attired Tally, who began squeezing her chubby figure between the ropes in a bid to reach her cackling sister. Unsure of what to do or how to act, she found herself reaching out to try and grab a hold of Tally before you could slip fully through the ropes, preventing her from pursuing her sister, "Tally-Sama, please, Suzu is just being a loud-mouth, she's very sorry!" She blurted as she struggled to get a firm grip.

Up in the crowd meanwhile, Suzu cackled as the furious Tally made a bid to escape the ring to come at her, only to have Kameyo go for a grapple on her, "GO ON SIS, SHOW HER WHO THE REAL BIG GAL OF THE RING IS!" She cackled, when suddenly she noticed something out the corner of her eye. To either side of her, making their way through the crowd as quickly as they could, a pair of security staff were approaching, their expressions grim as their eyes focused on her own plump frame.

"Um...crap!" She hissed, ditching the scratch-made banner as she started to scramble up the rows of seating, causing cries of alarm from the occupants as she struggled to drag her heavyset figure onto a different row from the security staff.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:42 am
Tally was really intent to go chase down Suzu when she felt Kameyo grab onto her. Tally's eyes widened when she felt Kameyo grab onto her. She blushed and then furrowed her brow.


Tally swung her beefy elbow backwards as hard as she could, intent on driving it into Kameyo's plump breast so she could creates sseparation and squeeze back into the ring.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:03 am
Kameyo struggled as Tally bucked and writhed in her grasp; with the woman half out of the ropes, the larger girl couldn't bring her formidable bulk to bear on her, and she was driven by fury that made her almost impossible to keep a tight grip on. With a growl of anger, Tally's elbow spiked back hard, sinking into the soft mass of Kameyo's breasts with a fleshy slap.

"UGHN!" Kameyo winced as the blow forced her back a few steps, breaking her grasp on the plump woman, who took the opportunity to slide back into the ring. By the time she was fully upright again, Kameyo had recovered, still reeling from the last few moments, but falling back on her training as she made to come in close for a grapple with Tally, seeking a neck-and-collar lockup as she'd been taught. If she managed to establish the lock, her larger mass would be able to herd even the rotund mass of Tally towards a corner where she could work on getting a submission hold on the furious least, that was Kameyo's hope

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:01 am
Tally spun back into the ring, and glared at Kameyo. "Your sister needs to learn some respect!" She growled as Kameyo brought her beefy arms up for the collar-elbow. "Ngh!" Tally pushed with all her strength, bending her knees as their plump bodies mashed together. She fought against Her more rotund foe but slowly felt herself being forced back.

Tally narrowed her eyes and turned her head just enough to see the turnbuckles nearing. Tally bent knees, trying to hold her ground. Before she could be pinned against the corner, she heaved her other leg up to try and bury it into Kameyo's blubbery thigh.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:13 am
The whole ring seemed to shudder as the two immense women came together in the lockup, the trembling of their substantial bodies making the ring ropes shudder slightly as they strained against one another. Despite Tally's best effort, Kameyo's superior girth was proving too great a factor to overcome, and although she made the bigger girl fight for every backwards step Tally was forced to concede, the smaller woman was being slowly driven towards the corner. Kameyo panted as she kept up the pressure, feeling a surge of confidence as she saw the principles of her training being bourn out in an actual match; she actually had the advantage over her more experienced opponent!

The moment wasn't long to last however; as Tally was nearing the turnbuckle, she dug her heels in and threw her all into a last-ditch counter-push that managed to halt the slow-but-steady advance Kameyo had been making. It was only a temporary stall, but it was long enough for Tally to slam a heavy knee strike into the thick mass of her thigh. The blow shook Kameyo substantially, upsetting her stance as she yelped out load, her control of the grapple faltering as she struggled to readjust herself and correct her balance. Expecting Tally to try and capitalise with a push of her own, Kameyo attempted to do as her opponent had, rooting herself as best she could and turning her girth into a massive burden, leaning a little into the smaller woman to make the effort of pushing her back all the more difficult.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:29 am
Tally could feel Kameyo's body against her like the creaking wall of a abandoned building about to fall down. The knee had done the job but the weight was more than Tally could handle if Kameyo simply wanted to lay against her. Tally was big but proportionally speaking she wasn't strong. She just used her weight to bully people around and having it don to her wasn't very exciting.

Still, she did have SOME wrestling experience and while their bodies mashed together, curled one arm inward to press her forearm into Kameyo's breasts, breaking the lock up while Kameyo was fidgeting. She tried to grab Kameyo's wrist with her free hand and let herself stumble backwards with Kameyo's weight on top of her so that she could turn the momentum of Kameyo's big body against them and reverse positions to fling Kameyo into the turnbuckle.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:57 am
Kameyo tried not to feel disheartened as her opponent broke the grapple she'd been struggling to maintain, consoling herself with the fact that the pressure of her sheer mass still had Tally on the defensive. Her face a set mask of concentration, Kameyo continued to pile the pressure on, hoping to overwhelm the other woman's still considerable girth and bring her into the corner.

The action proved to be poorly timed, as when Kameyo began to increase the pressure, her smaller rival retreated, grabbing a hold of her plump wrist and using it to turn the larger girl around as the pair of them staggered. With an almighty crash that set the ring shaking like a quake had just hit, Kameyo's back slammed into the turnbuckles, the impact setting the softer parts of her anatomy quivering alarmingly as her fleshy arms draped across the top set of ropes. The breath left her lungs in a pained "UNF!" and she grimaced as the collision sent painful spikes shooting along her back. While the crash into the corner wasn't as bad as if she'd had some momentum behind her, her own mass and momentum still made even the short reversal a weighty impact, coupled with Tally's not-inconsiderable size adding to it. The crowd gave a short pop at the reversal, possibly the loudest since the match had started, watching with increasingly levels of interest as the two extreme heavyweights started to build up some momentum against one another.

Kameyo's mind raced to figure out a solution to regain the initiative, knowing that to remain trapped in the corner was as dangerous for her as it would have been for Tally. Raising one of her plump arms from the ropes, using the other to drag her bulk forward a little, she raised and open palm and lanced her arm out, striking as her body lumbered forward, aiming for Tally's upper shoulder. The blow lacked for speed, but it did have Kameyo's girth rolling in behind it, hopefully enough to drive even the more senior plump girl back to give her some breathing room.

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Re: Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:55 am

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:25 pm
Tally felt her belly press up against Kameto's once the roles were reversed. However, she wasn't just planning to stay there. Trying to grind Kamyo was a futile effort even from the better position, Tally knew that much, at least. So when Kameyo's beefy arm came forward, Tally was already backpedaling to create separation.

The slow moving arm was easily telegraphed and Kameyo's hasty attempt at offense made her fall right into Tally's scheme. She continued to back away from the arm and reached out with both her hands to grab hold of it. Maybe she couldn't go body to body and maybe she couldn't just attack Kameyo the way she could a normal wrestler but she knew what weaknesses plump girls had and she could at least exploit them!

Now she would try and Irish whip Kameyo again, this time out of the corner and across the entire length of the ring, back into the turnbuckles across the other side. Getting Kameyo moving, getting her active was a good way to try and sap the energy from her. Tally believed she had much more than the bigger Kameyo.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:49 pm
Kameyo's bulk rumbled forward as she put her mass behind the attempted shove, but her hand met nothing but empty air as Tally once again retreated. Feeling her opponent grasp her wrist and heave, Kameyo yelped as her own momentum was used to drag her further forward, her pace increasing from a short lunge to a lumbering run, or at least as close to her max speed as she was likely to get. The canvas thundered like an angry stampede was running across it, and Kameyo found herself in an out-of-control charge straight to the opposite corner. Her mass far too large to have a hope of stopping herself before she hit, all she could do was brace herself for what was to come next.

When her body hit the turnbuckle, it was with decidedly more force than the short reversal had had behind it. Her belly hit first, swallowing the middle set of padding beneath the blubber as her body drove the rest of her against the corner post, the ring seeming to physically jerk slightly at the weight of the impact. Kameyo gave a pained wail as the ring slowly settled back into stillness, her thick legs wobbling, her breath coming in ragged gasps, left with no wind in her sails from the combination of the run and the second big impact in as many minutes. Groaning, her arms flopping over the top ropes for support, her thick legs shivered and then buckled slightly, her knees thudding into the canvas as she rested her forehead against the cool metal of the corner post, chest and belly heaving as she gulped down another lungful of air. The crowd were watching intently now; if they'd not been expecting to see such big bumps from the two heavyweights, they certainly were now.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:07 pm
Tally watched as Kameyo thundered across the ring. She could feel the vibrations in the ring and, despite it being a match, Tally appreciated the way Kameyo's body rippled as it stomped to the destination. The crashw as like a meteorite and the ring groaned and shook fromt he impact. She seriously thought it might collapse for a moment but Tally didn't want to just rest on her laurels either.

The not quite as plump model bent her knees and charged across the ring, her own scantily covered breasts and jiggling belly rumbling as she gathered speed of her own. When she was close, she leaped off the ground and frog splashed against the bigger blonde, trying to knock more wind out of her sails as belly collided with back and blubber splashed together. Tally hoped this impact would be even more devastating to the more rotund blonde.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:17 pm
On her knees and facing the corner, Kameyo was nevertheless aware of Tally's approach; it was hard not to notice the tremors as her hefty opponent came for her, and then the sudden moment's pause as she hurled her girth right into Kameyo's back. The ring erupted into a wave of shuddering ring ropes once again, and the heavier woman's eyes bulged as the little air she'd been able to recover was vented from her in a pained gasp. She could feel the soft yet weighty pressure of Tally's stomach pressing against her back, preventing her from toppling backwards, which was probably the only reason Kameyo could maintain her kneeling position. Her arms hung limp from the ropes, her eyes slightly glassy as she struggled to breath, sweat starting to drop down her as she weakly squirmed beneath Tally's girth.

It would have been easy to just give in and lay there, but Kameyo thought of her sister Suzu, and her friend and mentor Kandi. They wanted her to feel proud in herself, and her size, and she knew that if she just quit here and now, they'd be disappointed in her. Still reeling from the blow, and unable to see much with her head pressed against the corner post, Kameyo's hands began to paw around weakly, groping blindly for anything; a firm handhold to try and pull herself up, a wrist or ankle that she could use to maybe pull Tally off of her, anything.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:25 pm
Tally huffed when she crashed against Kameyo and took a moment to rest herself against the big body of the big blonde. Her own breath was also a little haggard as she panted against Kameyo's neck and for a moment the pulsating mound of the two big girls seemed eerie.

"This is wrestling." She said against Kameyo as the girl began to paw at her. "It's for real. it's not a joke..." One hand wrapped around Kameyo's throat and Tally tried to wedge her beefy arm into the folds of Kameyo's neck, still laying against the partially downed girl as she tried to apply the semblance of a choke hold. A tall order considering the girth of both Kameyo's neck and Tally's fat arm as well as Tally's own relative lack of wrestling experience. Sure, compared to Kameyo she was practically a veteran but compared to most of the other girls who dedicated themselves to it, she was woefully under skilled, having essentially fought them the same way Kameyo was trying to fight Kameyo.

"Make a pretty face for the camera." Tally said, being truthful about getting shots of Kameyo's struggle but not realizing that it came out sounding a bit cruel.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:36 pm
Kameyo's blinding questing fingers found the warm softness of her opponent's body, but failed to find any sort of purchase, her fingers sinking into the doughy, yielding fat. She felt Tally's arm struggling to encircle her throat, having to wrestle past her ample chins and the limbs own fleshiness to apply a vice, and the woman's cruel words almost seemed to hiss with glee as she was angled around to face one of the PLUMP photographers full-on. The man snapped a shot, sending bright spots bursting through her vision as she blinked back half-tears, but she realised that Tally might have suffered similarly from the sudden bright flash. If she was going to have a chance to break her opponent's advantage, it would be now.

Kameyo steeled herself; her limbs already felt leaden and she was a breathless, sweating wreck, but she refused to disgrace herself by not even attempting a fight! She dug deep, body trembling and quivering as Tally's weight threatened to bear her down onto her stomach, and with a desperate "HAAAAH!" She plunged an elbow backward, hoping to plant it into her opponent's fleshy side.

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:42 pm
Tally's eyes closed momentarily when the flash went off. Well, at least they were doing their job! Still, it was hard enough trying to squeeze the tube of cookie dough that was Kameyo's neck without having to fight off blindness too.

She was expecting Kameyo to struggle but it was hard to distinguish flesh from flesh as their sweaty bodies slipped together, exposing part of Tally's bare flesh while she wriggled with the chokehold.

The elbow came slowly but it was heavy and thudded into Tally's stomach. "Guuuuh!" The grip was loosened on the chokehold and Tally was now bend over with her face pushed against Kameyo's shoulder as she tried to quickly regroup and reapply the hold.

by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:54 pm
Kameyo felt her elbow sink into Tally's plush midriff, and the pressure of her rival's weight suddenly grew more intense as her bulk rested more fully on her back. Unable to take the weight on her knees alone, Kameyo went onto all fours, Tally's plump figure almost resting fully on her back and across her dome of an ass shelf, but despite Kameyo's belly bumping against the canvas as she felt her body continuing to sag under the weight, she refused to buckle, shaking her head wildly as her face grew crimson and sweat flew from her. Gritting her teeth, putting her all into her next move as she felt Tally's arms slithering back around her neck, she gave a mighty cry of "HIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and bucked her girth sharply to the side closest to the ring ropes, where the photographer had snapped the picture. Her body started to tumble, and although she had no idea how well the desperate gambit would pay off, she could only hope that it would be worse for Tally who still rested on her back without a handhold

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:16 pm
Tally had barely even realized that through all the shifting she had actually ended up almost on TOP of Kameyo. She struggled still to reapply the chokehold when suddenly a guttural rumbling preceded Kameyo's heavy bucking.

Tally's grip slipped off the sweaty folds and she rolled down the sudden incline. She hit the mat with a thud and then continued out of the ring as her big body slid. She hit the ground outside with even more of a hard slam than she did the canvas and moaned as she laid on her back, huffing and turning her body so she oozed onto her side and curled one chubby arm around he to try and rub at her back.


by ThunderinSilence on Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:37 pm
Slumped on her side, Kameyo wasn't aware of just how big a tumble Tally had taken; she was exhausted, her heavy panting leaving her feeling light headed, her ears buzzing as sounds came to her muffled as though underwater. With glacial slowness, she slowly rolled fully over onto her back, arms and legs spread-eagled, her vast belly rising like a dome that partly eclipsed her vision as she tried to blearily look around herself. Laid there like a beached whale, she waited until the spinning and the white-noise in her head receded a little, and realised that she was hearing claps and cheers. Not many, probably less than a quarter of the crowd even, but there were distinct voices that had taken up a cry her sister Suzu had started.


Kameyo blinked. People were cheering her on; even the idea of it was crazy to her. She'd barely managed to shake Tally off, and even that had taken her all to manage! Why were people cheering for her when she was doing so poorly? Ponderously, she started to lift her bulk up, rolling over until she could get her knees beneath her, and stared out dumfounded at the crowd. Even those that hadn't taken up the chant were looking on with a mixture of excitement and enjoyment, clearly caught up in the match, and Kameyo felt tears prick at the corners of her eyes as she realised that they were cheering her on not for how good she was doing, but because she was doing her best despite her lack of skill. Touched by the sudden realization, she bowed her head down to the crowd.

"A-ARIGATO!" She yelled, as loud as her aching lungs could manage. As she lifted her head from the canvas, she felt calmer, more relaxed; she didn't know if she had enough left in her to win, her huge body still ached from the heavy blows, but she knew at least if she gave it her all, she could walk away content.

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Re: Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:58 am

by Tatyina on Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:50 pm
Tally rolled onto her stomach, leaving a big sweaty stain where her bulk had dropped. She winced as she pushed up to her hands and knees and slowly began the process of getting back to her feet. And a process it was for such a large girl. She panted and huffed as she got to one knee, peeking her head over the apron to see what had become of Kameyo.

The larger girl was on her knees and the loud, obnoxious voice of her sister was now a multitude of voices that had the beginnings of an actual cheer. "What...?" Tally said, heaving her big body against the apron as she slid to the chrome steps and began the ascent to get back into the ring.

She plopped a heavy foot on the stairs and grabbed the corner post and glared at Kameyo. "I don't really understand why they would cheer for that. All you did was wiggle. What's impressive about that!? I was the one who had got you chugging along in the ring! I'm the one with the great wrestling experience!"

Tally furrowed her brow and slid into the ring. Aside from catching her breath, she wouldn't go straight to Kameyo and would instead, raise her arms up. "Come on! Get up! We're not even close to done! or, are you exhausted already!?" Tally said while her own big chest struggled for oxygen with big, heavy pants.

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:01 am
Kameyo bore the angry taunts Tally hurled at her as her opponent climbed back into the ring, taking her time as she performed the awkward and ungraceful act of heaving her girth off of her knees, her vast round ass and belly jiggling wildly as she steadied herself before straightening up fully upright again, turning ponderously to face Tally once more. Sweat dripped down her plump cheeks and stained the shiny blue fabric of her one-piece, and her legs and arms still trembled slightly, but the reprieve had given her at least a partial second-wind, buoyed by the showing of support. Holding her own arms up in an clear offer for a test-of-strength, Kameyo gave a respectful nod to her fierce opponent.

"Hai, I'm ready Tally-senpai," she said politely, breathing heavily as she approached, ready to brace herself if her rival accepted to match her body-to-body.

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:15 am
Tally backed up when Kameyo offered the test of strength. considering how the collar-elbow tie up went, she doubted that the test of strength would go any better. Even if it WOULD, she was done messing around.

Tally took another step back and wiped the sweat off of her glistening breasts and then leaned forward. She needed to show these people that being able to fall over wasn't worthy of cheering. She shot forward as fast as her chubby legs would jiggle, hoping to clear the distance between her and Kameyo with a turn of her body that was as graceful as a two hundred pound woman could get. She then bent over and shoved her butt as hard as she could, hoping to drive it into Kameyo's big stomach. Most normal attacks might not do a lot to Kameyo's big belly but maybe this one could have some effect!

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:32 am
Kameyo watched as Tally backed off, refusing the lock-up, but evidently planning something else instead. The plump rival composed herself for a moment, before lumbering into a charge that, while far from graceful, was likely better than what Kameyo could accomplish. She felt the canvas tremble as Tally gained momentum, if little speed, before the hefty woman twisted around to bring her wide, chubby ass to bear, using it almost like a battering ram as she closed in on the vast, wide target of Kameyo's belly. Unable to dodge even such a slow-moving attack, Kameyo set her feet wide, her arms spread to the sides slightly for balance, and braced herself.

The collision sent a shower of sweat droplets cascading into the air, as the well-rounded rear of Tally sank deep into the pudgy mass of Kameyo's blubbery belly. The larger woman's vast girth wobbled alarming as she gave a pained grunt, even her massive form unable to take such a heavy collision without concern, and Kameyo staggered back first one step, then another....and then she righted herself, her balance stabilizing as she set herself once more into a formidable steady stance. She was panting still, and the blow had clearly pained her greatly, but her vast bulk had taken a full-weight charge from Tally and kept upright. Lifting on hand, she gave her sizeable stomach a light pat, even that slight touch setting it into a fit of jiggling, and a clear sign of challenge; You might have taken down a smaller woman with a move like that, but I'm still standing, her eyes seemed to say.

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:38 am
Tally felt her big butt slap against the soft padding of Kameyo's belly and stumbled forward, leaning over and panting and looking back at Kameyo to see her taunting by patting her much larger and more rotund belly. This was beginning to infuriate the larger plump and she tried to keep from looking like she was visibly seething. Her cheeks were quite bright red though.

Tally clenched her fist and turned her body. She raised up her beefy arm and with a loud, frustrated scream, sent the mightiest forearm chop she could muster at Kameyo's big breasts, hoping she could just continue to batter through Kameyo or maybe hit her in a spot where it would surprise the blonde.

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:02 am
Tally stormed towards her vast rival, fury etched onto her features as she drew back a thick arm and hammered it into Kameyo's chest in a heavy chop that sent a fleshy SLAP echoing around the ring. The heavyweight blonde's upper body arched back, and another clumsy step was taken as the weight of Tally's blow rocked even her sizable girth, but again Kameyo quickly regained her balance. This time however, rather than simply taking the blow, she shifted her bulk as she brought her foot back into the spot it had occupied before Tally's blow, squaring off with the fuming chubby face-to-face and belly-to-belly. The crowd watched on as Kameyo's arms raised, still shaking from her exertions early in the match, and thrust them both out at Tally with a cry of "HAAAAAAAAAAH!!", both aimed for the shoulders with enough force to not only knock her back, but perhaps topple her clean off her feet.

Meanwhile, peering around one of the exit tunnels around the stadium, Suzu pressed her back against the wall (a difficult task considering her ample rear) and sighed with relief. She'd finally shaken the guards and doubled-back to get a look at how Kameyo was doing. Her view was pretty bad from here, the angle obscured a lot, but she was pretty sure she could hear the familiar sound of her half-sister's voice giving a surprisingly loud cry. Suzu clenched her hand tightly, wishing she'd recused her banner in the chaos of her escape.

"Go on sis, you can do it," she said quietly, willing her words to be true.

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:14 pm
Tally wasn't sure what she should expect when she chopped Kameyo but she liked to think that something better than making her step one foot back was what she was going for.

She wouldn't have time to think, however, when Kameyo's beefy arms shot out and slammed into Tally. The smaller big girl stumbled and flailed her arms wildly before she finally lost balance and flopped on her ample butt.


She furrowed her brow and looked up at Kameyo's girth. She was starting to get really frustrated as she tried to start the slow process of standing up.

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:32 pm
Kameyo felt her hands shove into the weight mass of Tally, landing her first truly offensive strike of the match. The smaller woman staggered, teetering on the verge of going over, before gravity finally dragged her down to land on her well cushioned behind. A small swell of cheers rippled through the crowd at the act, and Kameyo wished she could have followed it up with more, but her legs were feeling leaden already, and while Tally's heavy blows hadn't felled her, they had still left an impact. Kameyo reached a hand over to clutch at her chest, wincing as she felt a stinging mark left where Tally's heavy chop had sunk into her plush flesh, and knew she was going to have a few bruises on her pale skin once the match was done.

From her hiding spot, Suzu's fist punched into the air as she saw the distance figure of Tally wobble back and then topple, giving an exuberant cheer, until she remembered she was trying to avoid attention and quickly ducked back into the tunnel, hoping one of the security staff hadn't caught sight of her distinct figure.

Tally meanwhile was beginning the slow and laborious process of hauling her considerable girth upright again, and act Kameyo could readily sympathise as a larger woman herself as being extremely tiring. Knowing she simply couldn't let an opportunity like this pass by without some attempt to try and maintain what precious little momentum she'd managed to acquire, Kameyo knew that she had to put what little was left in her tank into her effort. Taking a few steps back, she felt the ring ropes sink into her back and round butt, making them creak and groan in protest as she settled her weight against them and forced them to stretch back, before with a loud cry she let them snap her forward. One heavy foot came down, then another, her speed still comically slow given that a smaller wrestler could have lapped her twice around the ring before she'd reached the opposite set of ropes, but for all her ponderous speed she moved with such thunderous momentum, her vast body aimed squarely at Tally.

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:43 pm
Tally was on her hands and knees when she saw Kameyo wobble backwards and lean into the ropes. Was she really going to try for something like THAT!? Tally's eyes widened as she watched the ropes strain to hold Kameyo's girth and then as she was propelled every so slightly faster until she was waddling towards Tally once more.

Even if she had been blind, she could have felt and heard Kameyo coming from a long way away. She surely couldn't get up in time to do anything but get knocked back down but as Kameyo stomped towards her, she realized, she didn't have to. She barely needed to be agile to move out of the direction of the human barge coming at her.

Tally pushed herself so she flopped out of the way and then threw her beefy legs out to try and trip Kameyo up so that the mass of human would come crashing down onto nothing but canvas.

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:57 pm
Kameyo could see Tally as she angled herself for the charge, her quaking steps drawing her slowly but surely closer. She saw the shocked expression on the plump woman's face as each step sent fresh waves wobbling over Kameyo's massive girth, her thighs slapping against the underhang of her belly as they rose and fell. However, as she neared Tally, the sheer vastness of her own stomach blocked Kameyo's view of her, unable to see past the wide blue swell. So when Kameyo not only failed to feel the solid connection of her bulk crashing against Tally's, but felt her legs met an unseen obstruction that caused them to falter and stumble, she had no time left in which to react, although it was doubtful whether she would have been able to do anything about it from the moment she'd came off the ropes.

With a wail of surprise and dread realization of what was about to happen, Kameyo's body lurched forward, her feet kicking wildly as they left the canvas, and for a still, silent moment there was an awed hush as the vast round mass of the young woman seemed to almost serenely drift towards the ground. Then sound and motion snapped back in one thunderous moment, and the ring gave a cacophonous BOOM as Kameyo landed belly first, her stomach spilling out beneath her as the rest of her bodyweight squashed it down. Her head bounced on the floor, with enough force to snap it back up for a moment, before it again slumped down, face down and groaning as the ring settled from yet another heavyweight impact. Perhaps it was idle imagination, but to the closer observers it almost looked like the canvas sagged a little lower down where Kameyo had landed, as if the boards beneath were dented and bowed beneath the impact. Bright lights flashed as the PLUMP photographers seized on the moment to capture a potentially iconic image for the set.

And in her hiding place, Suzu's smile fell.

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Re: Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:00 am

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:04 pm
tally gleefully watched as her bigger opponent tumbled. The sheer size making it look like she was falling in slow motion. Tally's big body jiggled when Kameyo hit the ring with a crash and rattled the mats and strained the whole ring to its limitations.

Tally slowly got up and looked over Kameyo. The woman was down and there wasn't anywhere for her to go now. She was at Tally's mercy and the scorned big girl wasn't feeling very merciful at all.

Now tally just had to figure out what to do as she slowly paced around the mound of human flesh. She could end it at her leisure but she wanted to really make sure that Kameyo knew her place. When she stopped at the girl's head, she had an idea. First it would start by making sure all hopes of Kameyo getting up were thoroughly dashed. Tally bent her sausage like knees and then lifted herself off the ground. Barely a half an inch but it was enough to do what she wanted as she tucked her legs up and sent her full weight crashing down on Kameyo's head.

by ThunderinSilence on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:22 pm
The photographers clustered around the ring flashed away as Tally strutted around the downed Kameyo, each shot capturing the almost predatory prowl as the plump woman considered her next option. Clearly opting to ensure that the fight was truly out of the bigger girl, Tally positioned herself at Kameyo's head, and in a simply but brutal display of her own sizeable weight, she tucked her legs up and came crashing down onto the back of her skull. A wave of spasms rocked through Kameyo's body, her arms and legs shuddering as the fingers twitched, before finally flopping down still. The huge woman's head was almost entirely hidden beneath Tally's rounded ass and thick thighs, only a few stray strands of blonde hair poking out from beneath her any sign that it was still there. If Kameyo gave any cry, the sound was entirely lost beneath the walls of soft, jiggling flesh.

Watching from above, Suzu balled her hands into fists. She couldn't see Tally's expression from this far away, but she could perfectly picture the smug, self-assured smirk that was playing across her lips right now. She wanted to keep cheering for her sister despite the odds, but it was hard to imagine her coming back after a blow like that. She wasn't even willing to bet her big sister was even still conscious.

by Tatyina on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:46 pm
tally laughed once she settled onto Kameyo's head, her haughty chortling , causing her big belly to jiggle. In hindsight, she wasn't' sure what she was afraid of. it had been easy to take down Kameyo. Now all she had to do was finish the bigger girl off.

Tally slid backwards so that she slipped off of Kameyo's head and looked at the mess of sweaty blonde locks in front of her. She reached out, straining her big belly as she grabbed hold of Kameyo's hair and roughly lifted the girl up to see if she was unconscious. Whether she was or wasn't didn't matter for what Tally have in mind, she just wanted to catch the bigger girl's eye before she put her in the last hold of the match.

"I am the queen of the plumps." She would say cruelly as she leaned back and spread her thick thighs widely and forced Kameyo's face into her thinly covered crotch. Tally's cheeks blushed brightly but she knew what she was doing as she closed her beefy thighs around Kameyo's head to lock the girl in a tight head scissors. A brutal move considering Tally's beefy legs as well as a humiliating one considering Kameyo's face's position. Tally even made sure to pull on Kameyo's hair so that the bigger girl was forced as deeply into Tally's crotch as possible.

by ThunderinSilence on Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:03 am
Kameyo's world had dissolved into a dark, throbbing cave, the constant pressure weighing on her skull making her feel trapped and claustrophobic, buried alive beneath a mountain of womanhood. It felt like an eternity before the pressure finally relented, and by then Kameyo didn't even have the strength to raise her own head. It hardly mattered though, as she felt Tally seize her hair and hoist her head up, her expression slack, mouth hanging open with a thin trail of drool running from the corner of her mouth, and her eyes glassy and listless. In the back of her mind, Kameyo was pretty sure her expression was being photographed by the PLUMP team, and she felt her eyes sting as tears began to form at the corners of her eyes. Tally, smug and superior in her victory, made a last taunt before Kameyo's world returned to darkness, this time with the fleshy squeeze of her opponent's thighs in a tight vice against her fat cheeks, the little air she could manage to suck in moist with sweat. Her features hidden by those fleshy thighs, Kameyo began to cry to herself, feeling that she had let her sister, her friend and mentor, and the small number of fans who had cheered for her down.

Suzu watched on, unable or unwilling to think about what she was seeing. The distance made the details hard to make out, but from the reactions of the crowd, it certainly wasn't a good thing Tally was doing to her sister. Deciding to risk drawing attention, she slid from cover and along the row, trying to get a look at the display screen that had a closer view of the action. When it came into view, her worst fears were confirmed, as she saw her sister's head buried while the plump bitch Tally chortled to herself with an expression of cruel satisfaction clear on her features.

by Tatyina on Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:35 am
Tally held the position, squeezing with all her might. Part of her wanted to use the straining of her legs to hide the blush on her cheeks from Kameyo's soft breath against her scant covered crotch. She leaned back and furrowed her brow, trying not to enjoy the sensation too much as the referee came over to Kameyo's side and lifted up one beefy arm and let it drop tot eh mat with a thud.

"One!" She called out.

Tally nodded along as the referee lifted the arm again. Only two more seconds and Tally would have her contract and those fans who thought they might root for Kameyo would be hers again too.


by ThunderinSilence on Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:51 am
Kameyo felt light-headed, the trauma from Tally's brain-scrambling butt-drop onto the skull of her head coupled with the squeezing cave of her chubby opponent's crotch robbing her of air leaving her thoughts feeling thick and fuzzy. Her body felt distant from her, only dimly aware of one arm being lifted up and dropped once...twice...and a final third time. Somewhere far away she could heard noises, muffled as her ears were smothered by the wall of jiggling thighs, but she couldn't process what any of it meant. All she knew was that she was tired, and her vast body ached horribly.

Suzu saw the ref on the monitor lift the limp mass of Kameyo's arm, releasing it to let it flop down, and each time she hoped against hope that her sister would dig deep and find some inner reserve to break free. As the arm fell for the third time and the ref signalled for the bell to ring, Suzu was lost in a wave of anger, regret and concern. Instead of being there to support her sister, she'd spent her time dodging security staff and mouthing off, and she gave a hiss of frustrated rage, smacking her fist against the metal rail. The blow stung her hand, but she ignored it, her eyes focused on one thing; the smug, grinning face of Tally displayed on the screen.

by Tatyina on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:00 am
Once the hand dropped and the bell rang, Tally released Kameyo and rolled off of her. She stood up and raised her hand in triumphant victory proving to be the undisputed queen of the AFW big girls! In the end the victory was hardly hard fought and after the referee lifted her hand, she pranced around smugly, ignoring the small spot of drool that had developed from Kameyo's time between her legs.

She made her way over to the PLUMP photographers and posed as they flashed cameras at her. "Thank you, thank you." She said, flipping her hair and batting her eyelashes. "I can't wait to see you at the photo shoot boys.' She said and blew them a kiss before giving one last look at Kameyo and squeezing out of the ring, leaving the photographers and cameramen to take pictures of her hulking, defeated form.

by ThunderinSilence on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:17 am
Kameyo felt a wave of cold air hit her face as the thighs were unclamped from her skull, her cheeks glowing hot red and shiny with sweat as she lay on the canvas. She waited for the sounds and sensations to return to her gradually, feeling the numbness in her limbs ebb as her hands weakly pawed on the canvas. It took at least a minute after Tally had exited the ring before she had found it in her to raise herself up onto her knees, her belly engulfing her lap as she eased herself slowly up, the canvas damp in a vast round patch where her body had lain. The PLUMP crew were still busy taking pictures and talking amongst themselves excitedly, and Kameyo felt her stomach lurch as she remembered the stipulation that Tally had set before the match had begun. Her bottom lip trembled at the thought of being subjected to further torment at the hands of her cruel opponent, but she had a contract that she had signed, and she had to uphold it.

Almost lost in a little private world of misery, Kameyo suddenly picked out another sound amongst the general background noise of the arena, like someone clapping. Her eyes bleary, she blinked and squinted around to try and discover the source, until her eyes fell on a face she knew very well. Up in one of the rows, Suzu stood tall, her hands coming together over and over in a fierce clap, and though the distance made it hard to make out many details, Kameyo thought she could see the gleam of tears in her sister's eyes. Several of the people close to Suzu, perhaps moved by the gesture or just as a response to the sound of clapping, took to clapping themselves, and while it failed to ripple out across the arena in a wild applause, it did become a polite acknowledgment to her efforts.

"Suzu..." Kameyo said, feeling more tears sting at her eyes, but this time she didn't feel ashamed of them. Ponderously bringing herself upright, she turned to each side of the ring in turn and gave a respectful bow.

"ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU! I'M SORRY I DID NOT DO WELL, BUT I PROMISE I WILL GIVE MY ALL FOR YOU!" She yelled out with each bow, before giving a sad but hopeful smile up to her sister. Kameyo wasn't looking forward to whatever Tally had in mind for her, nor the resulting pictures that would be published world-wide, but she was certain that so long as she had her sister and her friends, she could hold her head up high and keep moving forward, as a wrestler and as a person. Squeezing through the ropes, she headed towards backstage, keen to get a shower and a change of clothes.

by Tatyina on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:21 am

Winner by Knockout - Tally

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Re: Mia Tally Bryant Vs. Oshiro "Castle" Kameyo: PLUMP Battle!

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