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Takeichi looking to prove himself [Or get squashed]

Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:40 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So yeah, with Takeshi and Imai having matches I figured I'd give my first guy on here some love. So I'm looking to set up a match with Takeichi Mori and here is his profile if curious If interested feel free to hit me up in private messages.

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looking again

Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:35 pm by anime_hentaifighter

So looking for a few more matches.Plus may upload some new characters this weekend

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Sorry for the inconvenience..

Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:31 pm by TomboyTsuka

Sorry if I'm being inactive lately... I was applying for a job around a few weeks ago, and had to go through several interviews. I'm kinda tired and had no time to reply here...

But the good news is that I finally got my new laptop. It's an ASUS Vivobook i5. It should be able to run Honey Select and finally give some life to my empty Pixiv gallery. Maybe I'll make your OCs soon? Stay tuned!!

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No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:45 am

Match Type: Locked Room No DQ Special Submission
Winning Condition: The winner will make the opponent say "I'm yours." The winner is given the key to the room and its various equipment. The winner is not required to unlock the room until the winner feels like it.

-Each player has three time-outs. If a player shouts, "stop," the match is immediately put on hold. They return to their positions at the corners of the central ring without any weapons or equipment and resume the fight. If a player shouts "stop" or "no" after all lives has been used, the ref will join the fight against the offending player. She will remain in combat until she has secured a gag on the offending player--and she is neither careful nor gentle. At no point will the match be paused during this application. If the player can remove the gag after that point, (s)he may, but it will be reapplied if (s)he shouts an offending word again.

-Bondage equipment--including ropes and handcuffs--may only be used on players who have been made to cum at least once.

-The above stipulation notwithstanding, players may use anything in the battleroom however they like. However they like. They are not required to remain in the ring at the room's center. They may not bring anything into the room except for their basic clothing and clothing-like gear (boxing gloves etc)


All was as had been foreseen in the BDSM ring. And that was really something remarkable.

Everything was dim and everything was pink, then the light shifted to red like a lighthouse coming around--then it shifted back. The room smelled of lube and leather and something just a little bit fruity…it was strawberry. Yup. Karam was sure. Strawberry.

As the door clicked shut behind her, Karam couldn't make out more than the shape of what the admins had planted for eventual appropriate use.

Four posts with three ropes stood in silhouette at the center of the room, and each post sported a gothic heart that wore batwings like a bow tie.

On the floor and hanging on the walls…Well. All kinds of titillating shapes made dangerous suggestions. Whips, ropes, handcuffs, sure. But was that a bat-a-rang lasso? And that lump over there--did she spy a straitjacket...or some even-more-than-usually perverted plug suit from that one anime? As with everything at the AFW, the admins had designed this space for a niche. A niche that liked cartoon girls who piloted robots and killed demons with magical katanas. Nobody but nobody can top the teenage weaboo's imaginative capacity for not-of-our-earth kink.

Oh, but to make a man cum by shoving a heart-tipped scepter through his g-spot. It was enough to give a girl the cold shivers.

But of course, even the AFW couldn't dispense with the classics. As Karam let her mostly bare feet enjoy the shea carpeting, she heard the clink of chains. Overhead, handcuffs hung from the ceiling in front of ladders that looked down at Karam in the manner of vultures.

But the coup de gras, the essential aesthetic piece, rested as firmly on the ground as the seal-stone of a mausoleum. A black X stood at the end of the room. In former days, pagans had used this X-device to crucify their least favorite saints. Today, Karam would use it to hogtie her man.

Karam stood in the middle of the ring. She let all the swirling, moaning, sweaty possibilities… sink in.

"Eheh… Ehehehe...hmhmhmmmm."

It took real effort not to be taken by convulsive laughter.


She straightened her tie.

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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:51 am

acuya wrote:As Army made his way down the hall, checking out an instruction sheet with the rules for his next match on it, he couldn't help but miss the boxing days. Just a little.

Okay, it was a little bitchy of him to complain, he could admit that. How long had it been since his last match? Months. It was a great match, the one where he'd met Ro, the girl he was now kinda/sorta/not really dating. A nice, long, hard, incredibly arousing match that had them tearing up the backstage area and having some private fun afterwards. But ever since then, management had been pretty slow to get him back into action. His sister got fights. She didn't seem to have any trouble raking them in, getting a new one every other week. But him? Nope. They liked to look over the other Rodriguez sibling.

So you would think he'd be happy to have a match, but damn, someone in the back had gone a little overboard with the rules, and he couldn't help but chuckle  a bit as he walked. "Locked Room...No DQ...Special Submission." He just had to say it out loud to believe it was a real thing, getting a few weird looks from a guy with the backstage crew as he made a turn in the hallway. It was a creative match, Army couldn't lie there, but whatever happened to straight up wrestling on the wrestling show? He had 'lives'. He had to fight the ref if he yelled 'stop' too much. And bondage equipment...

...actually, Army kind of like that last rule. But still, way too damn complicated.

He shoved the  instructions in his pocket as he finally found the room for the match and went inside, only to be greeted by a blast of warm, fruity air over his bare chest as he stepped in. Aside from not having a shirt, he was wearing his usual street clothes - light brown pants, his jacket wrapped around his waist, the dark blue sandals. Good summertime wear back in Puerto Rico. Looking at the decorations in this room, though, Army couldn't help but feel like he should have worn a gimp suit.

Whips, chains, handcuffs, and whatever the hell that X-shaped thing was in the corner. Plush carpeting, too, the sort of of floor that was designed for comfort when wrestlers got thrown on it. A ring that looked like it had been designed by someone with a serious Batman fetish. Army wasn't exactly an angel, he'd seen stuff like this before, even used a few of the items. But never all in the same place like this, and never in a match.

And why did everything smell like strawberry?

"Wow. Just wow." He shook his head as he headed towards the ring, muttering under his breath and stifling laughter the whole way". "Who designs all this stuff? Shit."

He grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up to the ring, joining the referee and his opponent. His very...unique opponent. The purple hair caught his attention first. That would have bothered him a little bit before he came to Japan, but now he was more than used to that sort of thing. The rest of her, though, was pretty striking.She was dressed like the world's kinkiest cop, a strange little uniform that came over a solid looking body. Shorter than him, but not quite as short as most of the girls he fought. And that look on her face, in her eyes....something was a bit off. Made him shiver. He couldn't quite put a finger on it, but...

"Uh, hey." He rubbed his neck with one hand and extended his arm for a shake with the other. "Name's Army, what up? You new around here?" He was pretty sure she was. There weren't too many Tension girls, and he would have remembered her with a look like that.

Fieuline wrote:Some men clung to a woman's ankles, breathing with a noise like a leaky faucet, and begged in mewling terms for her to 'please, please just finish it.' Other men seethed with danger; no one could doubt that men like this had left behind a trail of bleeding women.

Karam angled her head at Army like a puppy and smiled. She took his hand and felt the power of a man as large and muscled as a bulldozer.

"So, this is the truck who hospitalizes girls for fun."

Karam's gaze handled Army like a squeeze-toy, from the masculine arch of his well-tanned shoulders, to the unashamed swell of his chest, down to the playfully narrowing arrow of his navel…

Would he be as well-hung as a bull, too? Karam bit her tongue, grinning with involuntary glee as she shot her look back at Army's face.

Did he have similar thoughts about her? She had dressed for the occasion--a blouse, short-short bluejeans, suspenders and a tie, not to mention the Cap of Authority, all of which had been coordinated with her whiskey-colored skin.

And of course--You mustn't forget the stockings. These long, blue-and-black, lithe and nigh indestructible stockings that left bare mere half-moon slivers of her thighs were essential weapons. A girl without stockings was like a rose without any thorns--pointless.

acuya wrote:...yeah. Army was starting to get legitimately creeped out, now.

He was used to women looking at him, that was nothing new. Back home he'd always get a few roving eyes when he stopped by the gym. It helped that he lived in a small town where just about everybody knew everybody else. Always girls he went to school with or saw in church at one of the football games. Everything was warm and friendly.

This woman's look was distinctly not like that at all. It was that smile. That sweet, innocent smile, mixed with her weird, random-looking outfit. It just made everything about her off-kilter, and the words she spoke didn't help things.

"" He cocked an eyebrow and stepped back, shoving his hands into his pocket. "Never hospitalized a girl, promise. Happened with a couple of guys back home, but that was a different sport. Boxing, big differences. No worries here, you're good. I'm gentle, promise."

He took out a hand waved the peace sign at her, managing a smirk along with. Might as well keep it friendly. "So, what's your name?" Army prayed it wasn't creepy and weird. Already too much of that. Maybe something simple, like Jefinnifer or Stacy.
Fieuline wrote:"Hehe! 'Gentle.' "

Maybe Karam was wrong about this one. Maybe she settled over a mewler in a big boy's body. That would really be something delicious--to have command of that much meat, to make this minotaur shiver and howl and studder like a dog, all in a shared fevrile sweat...

Karam blinked--she was zoning at his boxer shorts again. Goddammit, when was this match going to start?!

"Well, miss?"


The referee was an essentially naked woman, save for a black and white armband and a purple headband, with hair like obsidian down to her shoulders, with skin like dark wood polish, and with a face that had taken just about enough of your shit.

"You gonna tell him your name before he fucks you?"

Karam considered for a moment. Then she rested her hands on the back of her head and stretched back with a yawn until the dew on her breasts clung to the thin fabric of her blouse.

"Mmmm. Nah." She winked at her boy of a play thing. "I'll give Army my name when he makes me give him my name. If he can in fact do that."
acuya wrote:Army was so used to not paying much attention to referees that he hadn't really give this one a second thought when he came in the ring. Instead, he focused on who he was fighting. His opponent was more than distracting enough all by herself.  So when the ref spoke, he couldn't help but jump a little before he turned her way and stared. And stared. And stared.

She wasn't wearing regulation referee clothing. Hell, she wasn't wearing anything all. She was start naked like the day she was born, unless you counted the straps on her arm and head, and her hair shined like silver. Army had no problem with naked women, but now that he'd seen her, he couldn't help but look and appreciate the awesome body. That would  be weirding him the fuck out for the entire match. Maybe that was the point...

He shook it  off as he turned back her way, just in time to see her proud breasts on display, and he was starting to wonder if there wasn't a single inch of this room that wasn't devoted to confusing the shit out of him. Whoever this was, she didn't seem all that keen on sharing names, wanting to make him earn it. He didn't mind, but he had to call her something, so...

"Violeta." He stared to step back and move into position. "That's what I'll call you until I get the real thing. Which I am gonna get, believe that." He brought his fists up and started to move his body getting into orthodox stance. Hentai match or not, he'd have to start with his usual skills before they could get to the real fun. Business before pleasure.

"Ready or not." He inches towards her as the bell rang. "Here. I. Co-"

He broke away in the middle of the word and lunged at her, throwing out  a quick jab to the face. Nothing too serious for now, he just wanted to establish the offense and get an idea of how fast she was on her feet.
Fieuline wrote:Army's fist sailed over Karam's head. Her hair bloomed outwards like a parachute, and she sank to her knees. That was the number two thing to remember about boxers: they almost always go for the face.

The girl pivoted on her butt, set her legs against the ring-post like a spring, and hooked her fingers around the lip of Army's trousers. If she succeeded, then she would push off from the post, she would slide behind her oh-so-muscular opponent--and before he had time to say cheese, his pants would be around his knees.

That was the number one thing to remember about boxers: if you can ruin their foot work, the rest of their technique will go to Hell.
acuya wrote:Army got the answer to his question right away - Violeta was fast on her feet, and her knees, and probably a lot of other places, too.

The punch sailed over her head before he even knew what was going on, but she clued in him quickly enough when she went into action. She was smooth. Graceful. She seemed to flow around him like it was dance they'd be practicing for years, only she was the one who looked elegant, here. Not him. He looked like an idiot who was caught with his pants down, literally.

His Gundam boxers were exposed to the whole world as he staggered forward, glad he'd had the foresight to wear an extra layer instead of going commando. Oh, true, it was probably all going to come off one way or the other before this was all over. But he didn't have to make it easy for her, that was for damn sure.

"Freaky, little-" As much as he wanted to give chase, his pants were  a problem he had to deal with, fast. He reached down and tried to pull them back up before Violeta could do whatever it was she was trying to do.
Fieuline wrote:And off came the necktie.

She had tried to convince the folks at the door that handcuffs were a "clothing-like item." Well--the answer hadn't been no. The answer was a guy bigger than Army in a black suit and tie wringing the special edition silver-cuffs out of her however-determined grasp. He didn't listen to a word of protest, and now she wasn't even sure she would get them back when this was over. Which cheesed her off a bit. Handcuffs cost a fair chunk, especially if you cared about the difference between the good stuff and the cheap paperclips that flooded the market.

Oh well. At least Army's pants were down. Karam span on the small of her foot in a little mock-pirouhette, winked at the CCTV camera overhead, and then made like a panther and pounced.

She wanted to land on his back. Like a ninja. She'd lock her stocking'd legs around his waist…take a breath of whatever musk his shoulders offered. And all the time, she'd wrap that silky pink necktie around his throat and pull…and pull…until blue-face over there went limp and offered her the use of his body.

Was it perhaps a little fast? A little low on foreplay? She had her suspicions--and style was important as a component of the ultimate humiliation. Real victory of that kind had to be like the progress of cancer, not some gunshot to the head. But when the enemy can pack a punch like the second division of the German motorized infantry, a girl can't take any chances.
acuya wrote:So, Army, what have we learned?

Violeta was fast, way faster than he was. A nimble, agile little minx that could dance around the ring with ease. Even from that simple move, he could tell that getting a good hit on her was going to be a giant pain in the ass, in more ways than one. His sister was fast, she could dodge his punches, but even Carmen wasn't slick enough to just pull down his pants before he could even blink. Not that she'd want to, but still...

Oh, and she was experienced, too. She dodged that punch like a professional. She looked to be about his age, give or take a year, and he seriously doubted she'd ever got any pro training, but this was not her first time tearing guys apart. Not by a longshot. Confidence like that takes too long to grow.

Also, she's a bit crazy. Case in point: she was trying to choke him out with a neck tie. And succeeding.

Army gagged and croaked as she wrapped it tight around his windpipe and squeezed, crushing him around the middle just to add onto the pain. He tried to pull it off, but she had a grip that was almost as crazy as she was. He tried to unhook her legs, but they just seemed to clamp down tighter all the time.

He struggled and thrashed around the ring like a failing bull at the rodeo, unable to toss his rider off no matter how hard he tried. "!" He managed to squeeze out a few words, as he bounced against the ropes and kept up the fight.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:01 am

Fieuline wrote:You new around here?

Well, cunt, this is what you get when you underestimate a girl like that. I've wrestled with Brother, and he would make your mind into an omelette and feed it to his Dragon. Bitch.

Not that Karam wasn't enjoying her untamed and unchecked bronco ride.

As Army roared and flexed in the deep red light, Karam wrapped both ends of her tie around one hand. With her freed hand, she reached under his arm and tweaked his nipple. It felt cute, this nip all squishy and puckered up on his otherwise leathery body. She pressed her face against his back and felt his struggle--the heat and the damp exhaustion that smelled so salty and… well. Manly.

She wondered if her man was erect yet. That should make footwork even more awkward.

If he didn't hurry up and pass out, she might just find out for herself. Then he'd find out what it's like to be choked out by the the little bitch applying the claw to your ball sack.
acuya wrote:Army's tongue shot out as she pulled back even tighter, so tight that his throat was completely shut off. No breath. Nothing. The world was getting spotty and dark, his body was weakening, and the worst part of it all was that the match had barely started and he was already on the ropes. He needed to get out. Now.

He shuddered as she played with his nipple - that felt good. Better than he wanted to admit. Everything about her body did, really, and Army would have been a lot more interested if she didn't scare him half to death. He couldn't explain it, but he had the distinct feeling that the exact last thing he wanted in all the world was to be knocked out with this girl on top of him. He needed an out, he needed...

The 'lives'.

He'd almost forgot about them, but the match did allow for him to call for a reset. This would be a good time, he was damned close to going to sleep, but he didn't want to waste something like that so soon. With Violeta, he might need them later. Quite likely.

Army decided to try one last thing before he just gave in and used his lifeline - he was weak now, but he figured he might have enough energy to fall back into the turnbuckle and knock her off, at least get a few breaths of fresh air. At this point,  he'd settle for any reprieve he could get. If that didn't work, screw it, he'd signal for a break.
Fieuline wrote:Karam's fingers had brushed the nape of his boxers when she realized what he was aiming to do.

Some maneuvers are just obvious. Usually this indicates an easy-to-counter cliché that appeals to unwashed amateurs and idiots.  Other times, the obvious maneuver is obvious because it crushes the opposition with well-known and un-obstructible impunity.

Karam did not did not did not did not want to be the poor sack of flesh between Army's meat at full-speed and a cast-iron post. Well but alright, you boyish cunt, let's play that way! He'd launch himself at the post and she'd clamber up his back, and by the time he broke his backside against the ring, she'd be around his--

But army could charge. Full-grown bears might have taken longer to cover the same space--with less power. The impact came when Karam had clambered maybe half-way to his neck. Her tail-bone hit the iron like the nub of a golf-club. His shoulders splaid her legs like a wishbone, and she felt the stitches of her more-than-a-little tight shorts tear as the force of the impact tried to split her pelvis in two.

Emergency mode went on full alert in the wrestler's mind and she looked for an immediate escape. Her instinct was to roll off his shoulders and out of the ring--leaving her tie loose around his neck.
acuya wrote:It worked. Thank fucking God.

Well, that wasn't completely true, it only sort of worked. In a perfect world, that blow would have connected in full and smashed her against the ringpost, putting her flat on her back and giving Army time to show his appreciation for nearly having his head popped off. Instead, she managed crawl up his body, and he wound' up just hitting her lower back, it felt like. Not satisfying. He'd take it, but he wanted more.

In a moment. Before he could even think about that,  he had to catch up on all the precious breathing he missed out on, falling to his knees and taking big gulps. He was pretty sure Violeta had rolled out of the ring, but he wasn't sure exactly where. He was sure to find out soon, though, and it would probably be a good idea to do that before she started going for the toys.

"All right, Violeta." He tossed the tie away and dropped down, quickly rolling out of the ring. "You want to play rough and call down the thunder? Fine, you got it. Coming for you."

He hit the floor and gazed around, trying to lock in on her within the dark room and see what she was up to. Maybe even stop it, if he was fast enough.
Fieuline wrote:So there she was, rolling off his shoulders and out of the ring.

She hit the ground arching like a fish out of water, clutching her tailbone. The ground was soft, though, and Army had only grazed her nethers in the overall crush. It was just enough to inject a pink tint to her cheeks.

Focus. Army collapsed back in the ring--she heard him gasping. Opportunity. She rolled under the net that surrounded the ring--into the space under the stage.

And she lay there, in the dark, brooding. She was so. Fucking. Close. His face had flushed purple. His lips must have by then crisped into numb, cold, icy, dead-man's lips. He should be naked and comatose right now, damn it, like a fucking blow-up doll.  But she'd only lost control of her favorite off-pink tie.

She was a stung hellcat when his man's feet pressed into the rug in front of her.

"You want to play rough and call down the thunder? Fine, you got it. Coming for you."

Hmph. I'll make you worship my fucking toes.

She leapt out like Freddy Krueger and locked her arms around his ankles. She wanted to sweep his legs out and make him eat the carpet until he tasted strawberry.
[quote=acuya]Army just had to get it together and reign this fight in, that was all. There wasn't anything special about Violeta - aside from the way she looked and talked and moved and acted and smelled and fought and probably even tasted. But aside from all that crap, there wasn't anything special about her. She wasn't some dark, freaky goddess from the underworld coming up to claim him, she wasn't some invincible kinky fighter from the far corners of the word. She was a crazy chick in kneesocks with purple hair. He could handle this.

If he could find her first, anyway. That was turning into a big 'if'.

Seriously, she wasn't anywhere. This room wasn't nearly that big, and it wasn't like there was anything to hide behind. Left. Right. Up. Down. He looked everywhere there was to look. Nothing.  "Que Dios me ayuda, if there are fucking hidden compartments in this damn room-"

He started to mutter under his breath when a pair of arms shot out from under the ring - of course, shit - and grabbed him, yanking his legs and making drop on the carpet and filing his nose with the scent of strawberries, a food that was probably going to be ruined for him by the time this match was over. "Fuck, fuck-" He kicked his legs out behind him and tried to scramble to his feet, knowing already that having her behind him was the worst possible thing.[/quote]
Fieuline wrote:Karam grabbed the bottom rope and swung out with both her feet towards the small of Army's back.

One hundred and fifty eight pounds was going to split this swaggering Spanish-speaking smear of man-flesh if Karam got her way. Then she was going sit on him, turn around, and grab his underwear. Again. Then she'd give him a wedgie, the deepest wedgie a girl of her strength could give a man of his underwear predilections, which was pretty fucking deep if she could so say herself.
acuya wrote:Army kicked out, hit nothing, and turned around to see where Violeta was and what she doing, only to find she was gone. Disappeared, again. And he knew, he just knew that could only mean something extremely bad.

That prediction was confirmed when she came down hard on his back and flattened him, her socked heels digging deep into spine. Army's body went into involuntary spasms, but they weren't enough to keep her from sitting down on him, and they sure as hell weren't enough to keep her from grabbing his underwear.

"No, wait, don't-" Army knew what she was about to, and he had a small sliver of hope that the begging might get her to stop. It didn't. She just pulled hard and gave him the bitchy mother of all wedgies, digging his boxers in deep, deeper than he even knew they could go.

"Fuck, fuck-" He tried to crawl forward, digging his fingers into the plush carpet and getting a little burn as he moved.
Fieuline wrote:Here we go--Karam had found the loop of the leg of his boxers.

She began to intuit… tantalizing hints about the kind of ass she was riding. His trousers still covered most of his treasures--but there were slip-ups. While he struggled and she put in her lumber-jill best to tear his underwear in two, she got glimpses of a pert, tight gluteus maximus.

Click, zip! Off came Karam's suspenders. Of course, Karam went in for the simple, reliable setup. A strip of thick elastic material and two leather ribbons met at a steel ring. Each of these sported a hook that gleamed like blood agates in the room's lighting.

"So tell me, Fabio. What is the kinkiest thing your uh, favorite lover? Best friend? Prostitute?…Your squeeze has done to your body?"

Assuming all went according to plan, the elastic strap would slip down the back of Army's pants and through the pant-leg. She'd form a loop back up, hook the strap into the steel ring, and boom--she'd have him hooked like a trout.
acuya wrote:Violeta was either heavier than she looked, or she had a lot of experience riding down the struggles of bigger men - probably both, with his luck. He heard noises coming from above, like she was unfastening something, and glanced over his shoulder to sneak a look. All he could see was her back. Her sexy back. That long hair, that slim waist, the bare hints of those luscious thighs - it was easy to forget just how batshit insane she was proving to be..

When she spoke, though, it all came flooding back. He managed a little laugh, as the answer to her question popped in. "I got the FWB thing going on with Ro Laren.Take this, multiply it by ten, and you still ain't even coming close. I'm out of your league, little gir."

Army wasn't sure how familiar this girl was with Tension, but if she kept up, she'd probably know Ro. Everyone knew Ro. The craziest, kinkiest girl Army ever met, strong and sexy and crazy in all the right ways, and boy, oh boy, did she love having sex. In all its forms, too. It would be much easier to just name the few things Ro wasn't into.

Thinking about her always made him smile, and he started to have that happy moment, but Violeta cut right into it as he felt something running through his pants, long and elastic, pulling him up - probably a bad thing. "Hey, hand's off!" He tried to push up and unseat her, ending whatever it was she had in mind.
Fieuline wrote:"Hmph! Ro, huh?"

For the first time in the whole length of the match, Army had said something that settled somewhere a little deeper than the normal fluff. Out of my league. This bitch has no idea who he's talking to. I'll tie his… and crush his… I mean...


Karam bounced off her man's back and onto her feet when he bucked. This little fucker. She had been going to toy with him--to tease him. But obviously this so-called stallion called for a larger dose of mortification than that. He needed to be domesticated.

Who the fuck was Ro, anyway?

While Army tried to get to his feet, Karam turned towards the ring. She looped her suspenders over the top rope, made like Quasimodo, and yanked.
acuya wrote:Huh. For the first time, Violeta sounded really, genuinely pissed. He must have struck a nerve with that last one and actually broke through the facade a bit.

That was a good thing...right?

Okay, most likely no. Most likely, pissing her off was a supremely bad thing, but it made him smile again, and that worth something. Though, just like last time, that smile didn't last.

Army yelped as she pulled him upside down by the top rope, even lifting him enough off the floor so his head could come down and hit the carpet for a painful bounce. He wriggled around, flailed about, kicked his free leg, but it was all pointless. She had him hoisted and helpless. The prize catch of the day.
Fieuline wrote:Karam stretched the elastic and hooked herself back into the suspenders. Immediately, Army's superior weight stretched her already fraying shorts along her navel. The pressure chafed against her panties and the hard contours of her thighs. She cracked a toothy crescent of a smile and bit her tongue while her sensitives shifted in response to the touch.

Someone with sensitives as large and…  external as Armando's would be getting a lot more than a touch.

"This Ro… she would not like what I'm going to do to you today, Army. When I'm done, you won't want to fuck. Your whole shivering body will be like it is now, depleted. Done."

Karam charged at Army. With the suspenders between them, each leap felt like a step on the moon. She aimed a knee at his head, looking forward with pleasure to the thunk her blow would make against his brain-meat.
acuya wrote:Army could safely say this was the uncomfortable position of his entire life. Easily.

He couldn't do much besides flop around in the air, helpless before her. On camera and everything, embarrassed for the whole world to see. On top of that, his balls felt like they were in an ever-tightening vise, squeezing from both sides, torturing him. "Not gonna happen, you crazy bi-"

And then she kneed him in the head.

His body jerked around at the blow as pure pain filled his brain, bringing on a raging headache. He knew what he had to do, embarrassing as it was. No way around it, she had him dead to rights.


He said it loud, made sure the referee heard. Not his proudest moment, but it was the smart move.
Fieuline wrote:"Hehe. Well Army, it would seem I get the first point."

Karam unhooked herself from Armando, then she freed him. Her shorts, by now, had absolutely no desire to stay up on their own, so she started slipping back into her restraints.

"Hey!" The ref was standing cross-legged in the ring, leaning over the ropes with a pair of handcuffs dangling from her hand. "You leave the equipment on the floor where you were fighting, girl."

Karam stopped midway through slipping a strap over her shoulder. Excuse me? Karam was wearing clothes, thank you, that was the whole clever point (you cunt), she got to sneak items in early like that.

But the ref just stared her down. Bored. Nope, motherfucker, after that little stunt, those suspenders counted as equipment. So drop them--and don't use them again until Army's creamed himself.

"Or do I have to get funky with your face?"


Karam's panties were white.

Oh well, she thought as she stalked her end of the ring. She still had a life up on him--and clearly her style had his by the balls. Hell, she should be nice--maybe even let him have the first move. No reason to be cruel to her puppy.

"So tell me more about Ro, Army. With all these supermodel girls to choose from, your romantic heart settled on her and her alone--touching. Really. Why her? What entranced you?"
acuya wrote:"Aw." Even with all the humiliation and the pain and the general fucked-upness of this fight so far, Army had to laugh at the little exchange with the referee. At least she wasn't picking sides. "Wanted to see her get funky with your face. Sounded fun."

He grabbed the middle rope and pulled his way back, giving some glances at her panties as she went. White. Why did that surprise him? They looked so normal, so ordinary, so out of place on such a weird woman. He couldn't help but wonder if there was a story behind that.

Those thoughts were pushed aside he took the corner and she threw another question at him. Kind of annoying, yeah, but he was the one who brought it up, so...

"Because she's the craziest, funniest, sexiest, strongest girl I've ever met. There. Happy?" Every word was gospel truth, too. "Now, if you're out of questions...

Army burst into a run and charged at her full speed, stomping hard and fast along the way until he leaped at her and tried to hit Violeta with a feirce sppear. Guaranteed to knock some of crazy out of her.
Fieuline wrote:In came the hispanic minotaur to what she imagined was the sound of trumpets. He came charging, fist streaking through the rose-tinted mist, and Karam smirked. She ducked, aimed a fist at his gut--

And then his blow glanced off her forehead.

Strawberries turned to blood. Stars exploded into and out of being. Nausea crept up to the back of her throat and set up a campsite.  Oh, sweet Mary mother of the good Lord Jesus Christ, he did that with one punch, one fucking punch.

"…Nice hit. You should…try out for the yankees."

She concentrated the intense black beam of her will on her senses. They would clear up and prepare to bend over their opposition. No excuses, soldiers! A conquest was on the horizon, and her nether parts would accept nothing short of unmitigated success.

"…OK. My bad, Romeo. Try that again." See what happens when you miss.
acuya wrote:God, that was satisfying. Some other time, Army might worry about what enjoying this sort of violence said about his mental state, what it meant for him to get such satisfaction from pummeling a beautiful, if cray, girl. But at the moment, he was just too busy enjoying the sight of her getting knocked from her pedestal. All too easy.

And she was crazy enough to ask for a second helping, too. Funny.

Violeta wasn't the only who could do a trick, though. Army moved in and reared his fists back for another punch, but instead he reached out with open arms and tried to give her a hug. A bear hug to be more specific. He wasn't a submission sort of guy, but even he knew how to execute this, and his body was practically perfect for squeezing soft, little things like her against it. "Sorry, don't take requests."
Fieuline wrote:Army wound up tight--a broadcast, a fucking billboard announcement for his next move. Karam jumped and landed on the ropes behind her. She wound up the sinew in her legs and her arms and imagined springing out like an unfurling whip, unwinding all this pent-up energy in his face with a crack and the smell of smoke blossoming from the leathery friction…

Instead, she dove into his arms.

Oh Rose. Look what you gave him. You lose your suspenders for five minutes, and suddenly the Lady is whimpering play-doh in some wolf's jaws.

Oh goddamit. You can shut up. She had work to do before his grip got too steely and forced her into something really unfortunate.

Without hesitation, the girl with hair down to her knees kissed Armando. If she caught his mouth open, her tongue would lead the front lines deep into his territory. The pads of her hands interlocked gently around his neck, and she knew the cinnamon of her perfume would fill the bowl formed by her breasts and shoulders. Of course, she would enjoy the touch of his tongue, which she imagined to be delicate like a kitten's. And of course she would be positively titillated by the surprised (trembling? she hoped it was trembling) caress of his lips.

But really, he could amount to a complete failure about kissing so long as he let her do one thing--slide upwards, just a bit, a few inches, in his grip.
acuya wrote:Army had her dead to rights, 100% in the bag.

He almost expected VIoleta to do some crazy dodge or flip away or something crazy like that. That would be his luck. But no - he got her. Wrapped her up tight and caught him in his powerful arms, crushed her body against his and even added some flexing to increase the pressure. It felt good. Better than he would ever like to admit. But hey, she would have been enjoying this if the positions were switched, why couldn't he?

"Wrapped up nice and tight." He smirked and wrung her around in the hold."Feel free to say the magic word anytime you want, I'll...just..."

His words came to a grinding halt as she embraced him and pressed those lips against his. He'd been kissed before. More times than he could ever count. But never like this, never by her.Something about the way her tongue danced along his mouth and her lips flitted about, the way she seemed to devour him and suckle at his lips. Her tongue went deep. So deep. Impossibly deep.

His hold on her weakened a little, but he managed to keep it secure enough. This was a hentai match. He knew this was a bad idea. But damn, she tasted so good...and he was trembling...

He returned the kiss just as eagerly, letting his tongue roam around her mouth, run all along the roof and the side, slide along the base. Lewd, wet noises came from between their mouths as their lips crossed and pressed, moving in and out,   drinking each other in full.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:06 am

Fieuline wrote:She fought him at first, but little by little Karam went limp and pliant as Army met her advances with his own bronzed Hispanic mettle. Her eyes met his across the battlefield; hers were soft (scared?) eyes. Her captor plunged on mercilessly, thrusting in with his tongue.

Then Karam laughed at him with a smirk and sank her teeth into his over-ambitious, hard but soon-to-be quite soft muscle. If it worked, she'd give him a little jerk like a dog playing tug-of-war--Could I rip your tongue from your head sir? Oh, I think I could! Yes, I think that's a definite possibility!

He'd better be pretty fucking delicate if it came to that. She'd stand at the cusp of making him bleed something terrible, and then she'd tap-tap the arms he was using to keep her in a vice.

Loosen up a bit, sir? This is just a tad uncomfortable.
acuya wrote:This girl was out of her mind, but that apparently did not make her a poor kisser, much to Army's delight. She was so soft, so soft as he held her body against his, rolling his tongue around her pleasing mouth and exploring every side. His eyes closed. His muscles relaxed. His nose breathed the scent of strawberries in deep. Things got quiet for a moment, save for the gentle moans as Army let one of his hands start to roam around her back, getting lower and lower until...

...until, all of the sudden, it was pleasant anymore. The laugh should have been a clue, really

Army bellowed out with a hoarse screech into her mouth as she chomped down. It was a hard, feral roar, like a lion caught in a snare, and it seemed to echo throughout their skulls. She wanted to be let go and he'd happily oblige, releasing the bear hug, pushing her away and hoping to God she didn't take half his tongue along with her. "Fuck! You psycho bitch!"
Fieuline wrote:Armando's steel-cable grip turned to spaghetti, but Karam held on to his tongue--just for a moment. Her feet touched the ground, but her pale bare knees buckled girlishly together. His shoulders had gone slack, but he was still a giant in the tender cradle of her arms, and she knew she was blushing in his overpowering musk.

As she released him, she'd beam up at him. Her eyes would sparkle, her cheeks would flush. She knew just the look she'd have, like the kitty-cat look she'd given her first middle school boyfriend after that first kiss. Oh, but Army was a kisser.

At the same moment, she'd aim the V of her knee at the Y of his groin. And it wouldn't be a teasing blow. She wanted the impact to break him like a KO uppercut to the chin. She wanted to make bricks crumble. She wanted him to fucking kneel and pay reverence.
acuya wrote:It happened. Oh, it took long enough, longer than Army thought it would, but it happened.

He should have seen it coming. A girl like her, so slippery and sexy, it was only a matter of time before she went for the low blow. He should have been focusing on that area, making sure he protected it. Hell, he should have remembered to wear his cup, especially in a No DQ match. He should have never even let a girl like Violeta get that close to his favorite organ. But she did. And sure enough, she made him hurt.

Army let out a long howl as the blow took the life out of him. He'd been lucky with the low blows, never taken one all that hard in all his time with Tension, but this one made up for loss time. For a moment, Army's world became pure agony - he couldn't think about anything else, couldn't feel anything else. And then he collapsed, falling with his hands around his battered ball, rubbing them through his pants.

He fell to his knees, flopped forward, face down. Right at her feet. No accident, probably. "Fu...fuck...bitc..."
Fieuline wrote:Karam straddled him like a pony and sat her white-pantied ass on his back. Once again, she slipped her thumb under his jeans. Beads of perspiration on his navel turned into rivulets and ran down the trembling spoons of his thighs.

"Do you eat Ro's pussy?"

The Dom ran two of her fingers down her tongue. She wiped across his cheek--before digging in with her nails. For such a lean man, she could grab a fistful of what amounted to baby-fat when the mood struck her.

"No shame by the way--Lots of guys need some way to compensate."

Karam kept steady downward pressure on his trousers, waiting for the moment when he released his hold on his own cock. Five thousand live audience members were clamoring somewhere for some God damn domination play; it was time to show them his so-called manhood, in all its blue-balled glory.

"Just admit it, my baby, my bitch. You don't have the virility to offer your whore anything but a long, thirsty suckling."
acuya wrote:Army could safely say that, when he woke up this morning, he had no idea the day would end with a psychotic seductress in kneesocks riding him like a horse and trying to denude him. That thought never occurred to him.

He wanted to buck her off, slap her away and finally get her down so he could be the one on top. He wanted to get a solid punch in and knock some sense into her. He even wanted to grab her panties and show her what a real wedgie felt like. He wanted a great many things, but what he got instead was the viciously violent digging of her nails in his cheek like she could rip the skin clean from his flesh.

He didn't want to let his balls go, but he knew he didn't have much of a choice in the matter - he either let the dog out of its kennel, or she would rip him to shreds from behind.

He let go off the hold and his manhood flopped out, fully erect and jutting out as the camera's zoomed in. The room's warm air made it comfortable, at least, but now that it was out, he could use his arms for more productive things. Like pushing off the ground and trying to knock her off.

He had a bad idea of what she was trying to, and if she pulled it off, this whole match would get a lot more difficult.
Fieuline wrote:Karam liked to fight a man who wore a cup. She liked the way he looked when she unbuckled the armor and left it crumpled on the floor. When he shrunk inwards and instinctively covered his 'gift to womankind' with his knees, she would heave a groan. He knew he was about see his masculinity bleed under her black-and-blue stocking'd heel, and there was nothing he could do but try to shut down and let the horror pass while he was comatose. That kind of look could give her the stamina to cum two, three times. Usually in his mouth.

Karam bared Army's ass and got a nice long look at his body's most interesting parts. Karam had destroyed more than her share of men--but none of those cunts had olive thighs that flexed like Army's. Honest to the Lord Jesus Christ, some deep-down rebellious part of Karam would have grinned something wicked if those hunks of man-meat settled over her shoulders and thrust something else against her face…

Maybe when this was over she'd pay Ro a visit. She could persuade women to give her what she wanted, the same as men, on the rare occasion that the need so arose. She wondered how Army would react if he saw what she imagined herself doing to this faceless woman.

For now, she stood up, jumped a few feet out of immediate range, and charged from an oblique angle to knee him in the ribs, ideally putting him on his back. Was it dangerous pulling the he-can't-chase-me-with-his-pants-down trick twice? Damn straight, bitch. But she'd start respecting him as a threat when he started reacting to her kisses with something other than surrender.
acuya wrote:Army wasn't a prude. He knew Tension what was about, what the AFW was like, and he was well aware that, at some point, he was going to get exposed to the world like this. All well and good. He accepted that. Maybe he even liked the idea - sex was always good, and spicing it up was always better.

But like this? No. Not this way, not with a girl like her. This was the sort of thing a male Tension wrestler never wanted - a sexy girl who didn't just use sex, but used it to tear you apart. She was like some dark goddess from the pits of hell, rising up to drag him back in the deep with her.

Army had just started to stand and pull his pants up when she came at him from the side, shooting a hard knee into his ribs that knocked him over on his back. She was small, thin, not too much muscle to her that he could see, but she knew how to get some power into her blows and be dangerous, regardless. He respected that. Hated it, loathed it, but respected it.

He made a split-second decision and kicked his pants and shoes off to the far side of the room, letting them clatter off some of the equipment. He'd stay naked. It left him exposed, but with a fight like this, that was happening anyway, sooner or later. Might as well get ahead of the curve and take away things she could use against him. "There, happy?"

He tried to roll away from her and get to his feet, grasping his aching side as he went. "And yeah, I eat Ro out, but that's not all I do. Stand still for a second and I'll give you the demo."
Fieuline wrote:She'd made him nekky.

"Ehehehe…" Karam covered her mouth with two fingers while she giggled at her enemy. Look at him blow steam out of his ears, all because lil ol' Karra bared his bodkins. Was he really such a silly little boy?

"And yeah, I eat Ro out, but that's not all I do. Stand still for a second…" You know why he's mad, you fucking bitch. "...and I'll give you the demo."

Karam's skin tightened, and goosebumps bristled on her neck like she was a goddam hedgehog. This prick. As if he could get past her--like he had a prayer of piercing her barriers, through her wet, engorged hunger. Her hard black core--(brittle like his eggshell testicles, Kara dear)--had nothing to fear from him…

"Bring it, boy! Get over here and make it fucking fast, I wanna see the color of your motherfucking unborn children, fucker!"

Not that she was going to give him a chance to run. She charged this punk head-on, and at the last minute she was going to pivot on one foot and crack his oversized sternum with a mule kick.
acuya wrote:Shit. And people told Army his mouth was dirty. He wasn't even sure what that meant, but wow, did she sound pissed.

This girl was set off again. Good. Great. Perfect. Army was done being her little chew toy. Naked or not, he was going to bring the fight to her, just like she wanted, make her feel some of the same pain she'd been dishing out. He couldn't help but grin, wide and proud, as she moved back inside, making this a straight up fight once again. He could hang with that. Army brought his fists up, balled, tensed up like he was back in the gym once again. Wearing less clothes, but otherwise dead on.

Her mighty kick hit his chest and sent him sliding back a few, even drove the wind out of his gut, but he still had plenty of hate left for her. He bounced backed, moving into a tight orthodox stance as he made his way over to her. Feet tapping, head bobbing, body weaving, dick wagging. "Just keep talking, bitch. I'll shut that mouth up soon enough."

Two jabs shot out, left and right, both going for her chest. Quick moves, that was the trick, wear away on with the light hammers.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:34 pm

Karam snuffled on a whimper when his fist crumpled her breast--One-two, like a pair of bullets sleuced from a tommy-gun into her chest. He'd hear her whine and think it was pain--and it did burn, and she did stagger back, fangs bared, the sinew in her back wound like a spring-toy.

But her tits preened at the sting. She got perky.

Her Brother's voice came trickling out of the Black again: "Delicious. That was delicious Ms. Rose, Ms. Kara. Lay down and let him do it again."


(Curious thing about the human brain: big pitfalls in life, the huge tragedies? Loss of a loved one, an amputated limb, taking some tension wrestler shite's dick down the prone ass? The brain had ways to deal with that--cognitive defenses.  It was the little frustrations that drew out rage. The tit-punch humiliation. Karam knew that. And she knew giving into that rage was a one-way ticket to ringside failure.)

But her body was electric and her cunt was wide, steamy, drooling. Hungry for its food, and every sting made her ache that much more intense. That much more writhing, angry, and sharp--ready bite down on his sausage.

She charged him, eyes honed on his hanging wobbling dick while he did his boxer dance. Eyes were on the prize. But her arm was for his throat. She was going to twist around and clothes-line him while he tried to counter a low-blow. And then she was going to go down on him, plain and simple.

Because if he came, her Brother would shut up. And if he came, she could use the toys. And if there was one thing she could do well, it was put toys to good fucking use.

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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:52 pm

There was a time in Army's life, briefly, when he'd had a problem hitting pretty girls. It was a culture thing. Army was raised to be a gentleman - sort of - and gentlemen didn't punch girls. Girls were weak, girls were fragile. You treated them with care.

That all changed when a girl kicked his ass. Specifically his sister, who he outweighed by thirty pounds at the time. That was the moment Army realized that anybody could kick your ass in the right circumstances. And the circumstances he was in right now were not good.

Army moved back, readying a hook to throw Violeta's way and lay her out, wanting to get her down before she had the chance to pull anything even crazier. But that was the thing about crazy women - he could never get a read on them. No one with a sane mind could. So, when he saw her throw caution to the wind and charge straight at him with her eyes on manhood like a dog going for a bone, his arms immediately went low, expecting her to go for the cheap shot. That made sense, after all.

Well, silly him for thinking like a normal person. He realized that in the split second where he saw Violeta's forearm, right before it plunged into his throat.

Army fell hard on his back from the hit, turning into a gasping and gagging mess on the floor. His throat was a tortured mess of spittle and trapped air, and he tried to force it clear with harsh coughs. Even through the pain, though, he realized that being on his back was not an ideal position with this woman, and getting away from her would be a good idea, preferably in the next half second. He tried to roll over to his chest as soon as he could, hoping to crawl away from her and get to the ropes.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:41 pm

Army's ass gleamed like dew-sprayed marble as he crawled away in the pulsing light. He dragged his musk-ensconced penis along the floor like a dog dragging its taint to spread scent in the carpet.

Helpless thighs, helpless ass. I'd like to get my dick into that, her Brother crowed, off-hand.

But Karam was still radiating fury, panting, pink all over with effort and adrenaline and half-buried lust. He dared to turn his dick away from her.

She'd aim to bring her foot down hard on the hollow behind his knee. Done properly, it would crush his knee-cap into the ground, grinding the hinges of his joint together in an excruciating clamp.

And her heel would be ground, all pink and blue and stocking-covered, into his bones. "Turn the fuck over."


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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:07 am

She didn't need to tell Army to roll over, though it did help the decision. When he felt that heel of hers dig into his knee, when his leg exploded with pain right down to the bone, his reflexes took the choice away from her. His body knew what his brain was still having trouble processing - this woman was about 150 pounds of man-eatinge evil incarnate.

You could tell it from her voice - as silky and smooth as a velvet scarf wrapped too tight around your neck. The way she moved, like a predator that hadn't quite decided whether she'd play with her prey or go in for the kill. She didn't even seem human. More like something that was pretending to be one, but couldn't get it right. Not all the way. Close, but

It was disturbing in a way Army had never been disturbed, and when he turned over on his back and saw her looming over him, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear. This woman was crossing the border from creepy to genuinely scary, and he reflexively started to back up on the floor. Partly because he knew what sort of match this was and how bad his position could turn out to be, but also because almost every instinct he had was telling him to put some serious distance from her.

The only instinct that wanted to be closer was the same one causing his manhood to stand at attention, rising higher and higher as he backed away further and further.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:53 pm

Karam pivoted around one heel, straddling Army as he inched away. Then she thrust her hips--backwards. It was to set her white panties on a trajectory with Army's face.

If she landed well, this is what she would do:

She'd lean forward and give his little man a kiss. Her tongue would lead the excursion, twisting down his shaft like an ice skater cutting vines in the ice. Her lips would follow, warm, writhing sheets to spread that first delicate sensation all around the quivering lever.

Her teeth would press down early and lightly. But he'd only feel them occasionally, like they were a man walking on the moon, touching down just long enough to glide again into the ballerina space above.

Still. He'd best not make a move for her bones, or club into her flesh in a way she didn't like. If the sheer pleasure of her up-and-down movement over him was not enough to paralyze him, then the idea of immediate razor-wise castration had better be.

She'd mewl and stretch while she did her work, careful and expert, ass at his throat. Pretty much as soon as she was comfortable, she'd scoot her rump up towards his navel, roll her shoulders, and shove her foot--pulsing with heat from this workout--in his face. Just to remind him this oral massage was no where near for his benefit.

(And if this came to pass, Brother would sink easily, comfortably back into the darkness, as pleasure tinkled once more around the delicate organs of her mood).


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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

Post by acuya on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:27 am

She descended on him like it was the most natural thing in the world, like his chest was made for the specific purpose of seating her lush and plush behind. Knowing her and the way she talked, she might actually believe that was the case, but he was more than capable of showing her different. And willing.  

His hands came up and started to push against her shapely hips. It wouldn't take much effort to hurl her off. This girl - this woman - wasn't exactly the lightest one in Tension, but he'd thrown heavier with much less effort than he intended to put into tossing her.

That was the plan, anyway. That plan was quickly forgotten when he felt her tongue circling around his manhood and her lips took him inside. He forgot quite a lot of things, actually - the room, the cameras, the naked referee. For the moment, the two of them were the only things in the universe. Everything else melted.

Actually, that wasn't quite true: Army still remembered the rules. He still had two stops left, to his count. He wasn't sure if this counted as a hold or not, but he could've at least tried.

But then he felt her teeth slide over his hardening member, and he became acutely aware of the fact that an insane woman had one of the most valuable, sensitive parts of his anatomy between his teeth. Testing her wasn't the best idea. Not when she was seemed more than willing to give him pain, and not when she was doing such an excellent job of giving him pleasure.

He didn't mind that she was sitting on his throat. He didn't even mind when she slid forward and pushed her soft feet against his face, lounging on him like he was a talking piece of furniture. He was too wrapped up in the euphoria of the moment, swept away as she dragged him closer and closer to a climax. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice told him to resist, but he couldn't see the sense in it. It wasn't like getting him off would give her the win. If anything, it would help clear his mind and make it all the easier, right? Sure, she'd be able to use the toys, but so what? They were sex toys. How bad could they be? Why resist? Why fight it?

Army couldn't think of a good reason. So he slumped back on the floor and accepted it, letting her work him and take the reigns for the moment. She was getting him close to the edge, too. Just a little more. Almost. "God...yes, this is..." His words were lost in lustful moans, as his toes started to curl and the waves came rollign in.



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Re: No DQ Submit: Armando "Army" Rodriguez vs Karam del Rosario

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