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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:19 pm

Jiayi had more physical strength than one would typically expect from a femme fatale but she didn't show it so openly. If anything, the hugging position, with Chiyo's breasts and head above those of Jiayi, was more suited for a slam. In A.P. a bearhug was rarely done without belly and breasts docking - it was very ritualized there, as a way to show off one's superiority in the most direct way and a way of getting an opponent very aroused. The more conventional variant was often met with mockery and taunts that one was afraid to meet their opponent head on.

"My my, how sloppy of you! I would think four years of being my squeeze-toy would teach you a thing or two~" She sang, spinning around with the pink-hair secured. "But I digress. Off you go."

And with that she lurched forward, ready to slam her into the ground... only for her to stop suddenly, leaving her friend hanging awkwardly. Slowly loosening her grip to let her get out on her own, Jiayi would walk back and then around her, raising her nose and watching the onlookers. "You must react faster, Chichi. After all, I could have squeezed or actually slammed you much harder."

Offering her hand, she'd pull her back to her feet and prepare herself again.

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by kaz on Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:49 am

"Uhh... Would have been different if there's a bell..." Chiyo groaned, although inside herself she knew that she should have seen it coming with Jiayi.

While trying to push her old colleague to loosen the embrace, she braced herself for a slam as Jiayi lurched forward, only to find out that it wasn't the woman's intention. The pink haired girl gasped at the sudden stop, although she didn't need an invitation to slip out from Jiayi's hug and land herself on the mat. This part wasn't foreign either for her. Jiayi had toyed around with her more often that she could remembered, especially back in the days when she's still a newcomer in the Aphrodite.

"Heh, thanks," she replied with a rather sarcastic tone while accepting the hand of her old colleague to get up on her feet. "Like... this, maybe...?"

Using the momentum, she would attempt to slip around Jiayi, grab the woman arm, and twist it into a hammer lock.


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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:36 am

"Nnnnnn..." So she too had a few tricks in the trade. Through the joint-twisting pain she smiled, admitting she was captured with a sheepish smile. "Ah, you've been waiting to do this for a while haven't you?"

It was a simple hold and one that wasn't native to wrestling. Incredibly easy to perform, it could inflict considerable pain as Jiayi was now being reminded of at first hand. She struggled and jerked, unbecoming of her sultry persona. Sometimes, she thought to herself, the greatest enemy of the enemy was confidence. There was a species of bird she suddenly thought of in the midst of this that would pretend to have a broken wing to lead away predators. This blue chinese bird was going to bite however.

"I do hope you've had some practice during your long down time..." she spoke, attempting to walk around in a circle, pivoting around Chiyo. "The most basic of skills can slip one's grasp if left unattended."

Stepping forward with the foot on the same side of her body as the gripped arm, stepping out and turning to put pressure onto Chiyo's thumb and break out of the hold. Her other arm would come up to grab her by the side of the head and attempt to pull her to the side and topple her over. If this was successful, she would transition into a dragon sleeper hold. However, it wouldn't be a submission as much as her simply getting into position, resting her biceps against the pink hair's throat without pressing.

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by kaz on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:11 am

"Hehe~" Chiyo giggled as it's her turn to put Jiayi in a hold. "I wasn't away from the wrestling world for too long," she said. "Took some time to get back in shape again, but I think I already did more than just catching up."

She wasn't really wrenching her old colleague's caught arm hard as it was, just like how Jiayi didn't slam her earlier. With the woman being bigger and physically stronger, though, Chiyo couldn't really prevent Jiayi from moving around, although she tried to keep her friend in check with the held arm. She didn't need to be told that her old colleague was planning more than just an escape. Her first match with Jiayi alone had taught her that.

Then it happened. With a swift maneuver, the woman managed to slip out from her not so firm grasps. Chiyo didn't really try to catch Jiayi again, preparing herself for what's coming her way instead. The problem was, that she couldn't really guess where would her old colleague attack from. When Jiayi's arm caught and pulled her to the side, Chiyo yelped, rather taken off by the speed of her friend's movement, and ended up having the woman's arm placed on her throat. She was caught in the dragon sleeper position in no time, although Jiayi, like before, seemed content just to taunt her above anything else.

"Ah... It always amazes me when you do that, Jiayi-sama~" the pink haired girl said calmly.

She didn't intend to stay too long in the hold, though, apart from giving Jiayi a couple seconds to do what she wanted while her hands would cling onto the woman's body. Chiyo had to make sure that her body was steady for her planned move, while wondering what kind of reaction her old colleague would have should she pull this one successfully. Taking advantage of her lighter form, Chiyo would attempt to lift herself off the mat, both her legs aiming to trap Jiayi's neck while she folded herself into two.

While she could probably try squeezing her old colleague's neck with that awkward scissor position, Chiyo would opt on pressing her weight on Jiayi instead, aiming to send her old colleague tumbling backwards, and maybe falling onto her back if possible.


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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:22 pm

Chiyo gyrating her hips as if she was humping someone's invisible crotch was a very amusing image for Jiayi. However most humps did not carry someone's waist forward that far and she had mistakenly the unintentionally sexy struggling wasn't leading into anything more. When her lovely crotch flew and crashed into her face, trapping her head between Chiyo's delightful thighs, The force of the movement was enough to topple her backwards, letting Chiyo's head escape her grip and putting her on top.

"Impressive!" She coughed out, muffled by her well developed legs. "Your hip gyrating skills have improved considerably."

Gripping each of her training partner's legs, sliding her hands between them, she would attempt to pry them apart, putting most of her focus there. At the same time she would quietly brace her legs to spring.

"You always did have promising legs, not too much flab but good muscle just waiting to honed~" She nuzzled her face in there, letting her tongue have a taste.

Immediately afterwards, she would hump up and try to shoot her legs over Chiyo's head, trapping her into a 69 scissor position!

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by kaz on Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:30 pm

"Glad that you approve," Chiyo giggled, as she tried to keep her legs around Jiayi's head even if she knew she probably couldn't hold out for too long. "Mmm..." the pink haired girl purred softly as she felt the tongue of her old colleague brushing her thigh. "Seems like that habit hasn't changed~"

It's her turn to be surprised, however, when Jiayi's legs launched the counterattack, trapping Chiyo's head with a scissor. She yelped, and her hands would immediately reached onto her training partner's thighs, trying to pry them apart. That loosen her own scissor as the result, but she can't deal with Jiayi's strength if she only used half her own in separate places.



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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:56 pm

LunarOcean wrote:"Now this is a very familiar position for me and for you." Cooed Jiayi, unconcerned with how lewd things had gotten in a mere minute. A small crowd of unfamiliar faces was now rather interested in whatever going on between these two very friendly ladies. Jiayi flexed her thighs and drew a few interested glances as she forced Chiyo's face further into her crotch. "A race to push the other to the finish line. Or is it?"

Grabbing Chiyo's rump with one hand and pushing against the ground with the other, the older woman attempted to roll them over and pull out her head. If she was successful, she would slide her butt over Chiyo's breasts and place it formly on her face before rubbing it to and fro. She knew the younger woman would love to worship her plump, plushy butt.

Kaz' wrote:"Uhuhh..." Chiyo groaned as her hands trying their best to pry apart Jiayi's legs.

She felt her head getting pulled further between her sparring partner's legs and the sight of her old colleague's crotch made her gulped. Being too focused with the scissor, however, she failed to realize Jiayi's plan, as the woman turned over, reversing their position and planted her plump rear on her face!

"Mmmm!" the pink haired girl's moan was muffled by her old colleague derriere, while the rest of her body squirmed under Jiayi's.

This wasn't an unfamiliar position to her either. Then again, no part of Jiayi's body was unfamiliar to her. Her blush was well covered by her sparring partner's butt cheeks, and her legs would kick out in an attempt to disrupt Jiayi's balance. It'd take a huge effort to topple the bigger figure of the older woman on top of her, but Chiyo's options were pretty limited as it was...

LunarOcean wrote:Jiayi was showy and arrogant but she wasn't always cruel. Soon her thighs began to separate from Chiyo's head, letting a sense of relief and fresh air return. However she wasn't above sliding her crotch all the way down and over her body, giving a quick twitch when their pussies connected, giggling and rolling away before Chiyo could retaliate.

"You still need to work when you're put in such positions. I gave you a nice and juicy opportunity." She leaned against the ropes, letting her shoulders fall over and her breasts wobble tantalizingly. "Not very hungry now are we? You must have been well fed."

More than a few onlookers giggled and she winked their way. Chiyo could likely deal with the rather interesting questions they would send her way. Walking back to the centre, she gave her an appraising look. It wasn't hard training as much as exchanging tactics, with Jiayi having done most of the heavy hitting so far. Raising a palm to her to see how she'd take it, Jiayi decided to see how she'd open up.

kaz wrote:Chiyo let out a gasp as Jiayi slided off her, followed by a soft moan as their crotches were rubbed against each other briefly. She adjusted her breath a bit and rolled over to get up on her hands and knees, before eventually picking herself up again. The pink haired girl rubbed her face with her non bandaged hand, and blushed slightly at her colleague's teasing.

"Maybe your taste is getting old," she replied dryly to give a return jab.

Ignoring the giggles of other girls in the gym, Chiyo would start circling Jiayi again, swaying from left to right to keep the woman guessing where she'd attack from. Once she made her choice, the pink haired girl would rush forward and go low, pretending like she's going to tackle Jiayi only to raise her bandaged arm, aiming to hit the woman in her chest. She put some force behind the strike, hoping to send her colleague tumbling to the ropes where she could try following it up with something else.

LunarOcean wrote:"I prefer to say refined~" She giggled. Seeing Chiyo moving in she hopped back but Chiyo was fast. Dropping low, Jiayi braced for an imminent impact. It did come, but not as a charging human missile. Faster than she could backstep, her bandaged hand flew upwards and smacked her right in the tits. The impact was a flash of sensation followed by nanosecond quick explosion of pain, lighting her chest up in agony. She moaned and stumbled back, feet kicking around to regain her balance. It hadn't sent much force into her centre of balance but the very confused feelings made her feel unstable. Her stumbling brought her to the ropes but she wasn't going to be caught so easily.

If Chiyo rushed closer, Jiayi would push herself up and spread her legs. They'd slam shut if Chiyo closed in, squeezing her with a standing body-scissor.

Kaz wrote:Chiyo rushed in after her successful strike, aiming to take advantage of Jiayi's stumbling. With the ropes behind her old colleague, she might not be able to move around too much. Chiyo might not be the fastest fighter around, but she could cover that kind of distance without too much problem. The pink haired girl was about to deliver another blow to her sparring partner's core, only to find out that Jiayi pushed herself up... and clamped her legs back to trap her in a standing body scissor!

"Aahh...! W-what...?" she was surprised, not expecting such maneuver from her old colleague. "Nngghh..." Chiyo grunted as she squirm around between the legs of Jiayi.

Reaching for the ropes wouldn't change her predicament as it was since there was no referee in this spar. What she could do instead was to reach for the pants of her old colleague so she could pull it up and make things a bit uncomfortable for the woman.


LunarOcean wrote:"You love walking into my arms like any obedient wife should..." Her thighs flexed, softness replaced by steely muscle and Chiyo's sides started to disdappear under their force. "Legs, I mean. You missed these, I know~"

Jiayi's legs weren't as strong as Radmilla's or nimble as Linh's but they were crushingly powerful in their own right. Before Aphrodite Production, she'd put a few girls to sleep between them. Men too had fallen to them for the right price. Feeling self-indulgent, she leaned her upper torso over the ropes and pulled the woman closer to herself. She was in control save for the arms. Regardless she gave the audience a lick of her lips and her confident expression didn't break, not even when Chiyo went for her shorts.

This was a fairly uncommon case of the Chinese beauty wearing something that wasn't very scandalous but Chiyo pulled quite tight. Her buttcheeks were outlined quite well by the now very tight pants and her crotch tensed in protest. Chiyo was playing dirty.

"Oooohhhhh, going straight for the prize. A good move... or a poor one?"

Jiayi's legs crossed over her back like a clasp and she started to slide her back over the top rope, dragging Chiyo along for what could be a pretty nasty fall! However, she'd grab the middle one on the way down, still squeezing her tight to make sure she didn't go crashing down to the ground. She figured this could be a fun scare.

kaz wrote:"I... learned from the best...!" Chiyo retorted before she felt Jiayi leaning backwards, dragging her trapped body along. "Waaa...?!"

She wasn't sure what the woman was planning, but letting go of her old colleague's pants was never her intention. Until she was let go, of course. For now, all she could do was to try making thing unbearable to Jiayi so the woman would stop whatever she was doing and release her. It seemed like a dangerous gamble, but Chiyo was quite willing to take the risk. As evil as Jiayi could be, she rarely go too far in a spar, or so her memory served her.

LunarOcean wrote:Jiayi didn't drop her, straining her muscles as she suspended her a bit over a foot above the ground. The top ropes strained from their combined weight but Jiayi surprised the gasping crowd again, forcing herself over and dragging Chiyo back. She'd let go when she was over, letting her fall back to the mat before taking a moment to lay down.

"... That was awfully vain of me wasn't it?" She spoke to no one in particular. She was a very flashy wrestler often but that was a little ridiculous even by her own standards.

kaz wrote:Chiyo huffed as she was let go without having to crash outside the ring. That was quite thrilling, even if it's a bit ridiculous considering that they're not amateurs. It's all good fun, though, and Chiyo would got up to her feet again once she adjusted her breath. The pink haired girl simply smirked at her old colleague.

"Trying to impress someone?" she stuck her tongue out to tease. "Or perhaps... you just want to feel young for a few seconds~"

LunarOcean wrote:"Maybe I just want to feel the awe and wonder of the audience." She replied, slowly arching up her stomach, rising like a puppet pulled by strings. "The real battles are won in the eyes of the average viewer after all."

She'd dash forth and lick Chiyo's tongue with her own, always content to get the last word or rather contact. She imagined Chiyo wanted more though than just to play verbal fencing and be manhandled by her idol.

"I hope your ringside performance is better than what you're showing me here. You're still rusty... but I suppose I'm holding you up to some questionable standards." While she wouldn't mind the idea of fighting alongside Chiyo, she was quite particular with her partners. They had to be able to keep up with her and hold their own. Much as she liked the spunky girl, she didn't feel she had it in her.

kaz wrote:Chiyo was amused by that little lick on her tongue. Jiayi's antics never got old on her, despite how silly the woman could be at times. It's part of the reasons why she admired the blue haired beauty after all. People who couldn't be predicted too easily was always interesting.

"Pfft~ I'm not even trying," she dismissed her old colleague's comment. "As if you don't know me better," the pink haired girl, scoffed playfully, showing a false disappointed expression.

She was never the type who'd get serious over a spar, even if Jiayi was her opponent. While that wasn't true around the time they first met, Chiyo gradually took things easier, especially after she finally managed to beat her old colleague in the ring. It wasn't a sign of disrespect, just part of her nature that didn't want to get too worked up over something. It would be nice to get back in shape again, though. She might not worry too much about results as long as the fights were fun, but she did want to get recognized by her old colleague, of all people.

LunarOcean wrote:"That's a bad habit Chiyo." She waved a finger and shook her head. "After all, they're much rougher here than in Europe. We are strangers in a savage and heathen land now. We must be prepared for whatever barbaric habits they have surely prepared for our arrival."

Half of the girls she'd seen here didn't even start with a docking and they weren't above hairpulling and wild gropes. That didn't make it bad though, simply a new battleground. She'd have to show the ladies here how the noblesse did things back in Europe. Petting Chiyo, she turned around to stretch her lower body, holding herself up against a corner.

"Aniek, Radmilla, Linh, Kaneko, and Bertriz are have also arrived. But that won't stop you from tagging along hmmm? I guess I wouldn't mind seeng how you'd do in a real match~"

kaz wrote:"Really now... calling my homeland savage and heathen land doesn't sound fit," Chiyo rolled her eyes. "But point taken, Jiayi-samaa~ I've seen some of the matches myself after all."

Sometimes she felt that she hadn't really found the drive to get all serious again after all this time. Chiyo had a goal back then, which was none other than Jiayi herself. She could always aim for her old colleague again, but it wouldn't give the same feeling like a few years ago. Motivation was always a tricky thing for the pink haired girl. For now, she just felt like looking around her new league for a bit, hoping that she'd be able to set her mind on something, eventually.

"I heard about it," she grinned. "I guess I'll have to greet them too sooner or later, hee~"

Some of those names were among the people she's quite close with aside from Jiayi, even if the blue haired woman was the main reason she agreed to move to AFW. Chiyo's easy going attitude had earned her quite a lot of friends within her relatively short times in Aphrodite, despite her habit to throw a few verbal jabs every now and then.

LunarOcean wrote:"I was talking about the League." She replied rather curtly with a smile. "But they seem like fun, competitive folk. You've made some friends, hmm?"

She saw the new league as a new challenge. In truth she had little love for belts. They meant little to her beyond ceremonial garnishes. The knowledge of dominating another though remained unchanged and there were more than a few women here she'd love to get down with. Perhaps she could use them as demonstration pieces for Chiyo. She laughed at the mental image of her lecturing a class of newbies while making some musclebound heavyweight moist.

"You should work on your transitions between throws and submissions. I'm sure you could put a few of these ladies out cold otherwise. Of course, I'm not most ladies~"

kaz wrote:"Not quite yet," I haven't been here for too long after all."

Chiyo just smiled at Jiayi's advice, being already aware of things she's not too good at. More than anything, she just glad to be able to chat and tussle around a bit with her old colleague. She missed her times in Aphrodite to be honest, as well as Jiayi and some others. Now that they're here, life could be exciting once again.

"So? Would you like to continue? Or perhaps your body has starting to tire?" the pink haired girl teased.

LunarOcean wrote:"Tire? That's a strong word Chiyo." She raised and waved her finger as if talking to a child. "I prefer to say 'my body has been jaded on the taste of yours'~"

She smirked and swirled over to the ropes but stopped for a few moments. Her pink-haired opponent would be able to feel the smile creeping across her lips.

"I imagine however, there are other things on your mind rather than attempting to one-up a wicked recluse, isn't there~?"

In truth it was a shot in the dark but with her deliberately careful posing, none would be able to tell. Jiayi's mystique and honeyed, thick voice always made her seem to know something the crowd did not.

kaz wrote:"Pfft, whatever~" Chiyo scoffed playfully at Jiayi's reply. "Maybe... maybe not..." she played coy with her old colleague. "Tussling around with you like this is quite fun already after all."

She swayed around from a bit, circling the blue haired woman without any real intention to do anything. As relaxed as her old colleague looked like, Chiyo knew better than to jump in recklessly. She had fallen into that trap numerous times in the past. Once she felt she had a real opening, the pink haired girl would try to grab the arm of Jiayi and whipped the woman across to the other side of the ring.

LunarOcean wrote:"I always needed a reliable squeeze toy~" She succeeded before Chiyo grasped at her.

It actually succeeded and Jiayi flew towards the ropes. It was not an unfamiliar scenario and neither was the feel of the rough material on her back, now catapulting her forwards like a slingshot. Charging right at Chiyo, she put her impressive strength to bear, going low and swerving her body around to bring around her feet for a slicing kick, aimed at her legs.

kaz wrote:Chiyo had time to prepare herself as Jiayi bounced back off the ropes towards her. The pink haired girl turned around and plant her feet on the middle ropes before jumping backwards, flipping herself behind her old colleague to avoid the strike in an unnecessarily spectacular way. It wasn't a match and there's only a handful of audience, after all, not to mention that acrobatic moves weren't exactly her area of expertise. Chiyo had done it a few times, of course, and just felt like messing around since this was just a spar.

After she landed, the pink haired girl would rush over towards Jiayi, although she would time herself and wait for the woman to get up halfway. Her intention was to jump on her old colleague's back, while grabbing the woman's arms and wrap her legs around her waist to turn Jiayi into some sort of a ride.

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:00 pm

LunarOcean wrote:"Nnnnn, am I your steed now?" Chiyo had pulled a fast one on her, dodging past her wild charge and landing onto her back. She fought a wince as her arms were cranked like levers for some clockwork machinery. It was a difficult hold to escape, mostly because she only had her legs available while Chiyo controlled the rest of her body. Falling forwards wasn't an option unless she wanted to give the pink hair the ground control game. She attempted to shake herself free but the hold was locked in tight.

"Bold, I like that. Perhaps you're not as sloppy as I thought." She joked with an apparent lack of concern for her precarious position.

Kaz wrote:"I told you I wasn't really trying~" Chiyo giggled, a hint of smugness oozed from her words as she, for once, was in control. "Why don't you start moving, horsey?"

This hold was quite tricky apparently. The pink haired girl still had to balance herself on top of Jiayi if she didn't want to fall awkwardly. The shaking from her old colleague didn't really help her case, although it didn't seem threatening enough for now. The blue haired woman looked awfully calm, but Chiyo had used to it now. It was frustrating during her early days when she tried to defeat Jiayi, but now it didn't really bother her anymore. Most of the times, anyways.

"Let's see how long you can keep that attitude, heh~"

LunarOcean wrote:"It appears you've found a stubborn mule. How unfortunate." Jiayi's legs began to shake and slowly her ride began to lower. "It appears motivation is not your strong suit. I must congratulate you however... this is a first~"

It was a wild gamble and likely one that would hurt her in turn but she figured it was worth a shot. With her legs already bent, Jiayi tensed and coile, kicking up and throwing herselfbackwards. She was purposefully trying to fall onto her back, smacking Chiyo against the mat and stunning her long enough to escape.

kaz wrote:"Unfortunate indeed," Chiyo agreed. "I might have to start beating it...aahhh?!" her taunt was cut short as Jiayi threw herself backwards. "Ouaghh!"

The pink haired girl was thrown onto her back roughly as she didn't manage to react apart from releasing her grip on her old colleague's arms. Her legs were untangled from Jiayi's waists and formed a V in the air for a few seconds before they flopped down. Chiyo groaned, realizing it too late that she shouldn't have stayed too long. Not if her ride was Jiayi, definitely.


LunarOcean wrote:The impact had jarred her own arms and she couldn't help but to let out a cry. Yet in the process, she'd stunned Chiyo, leaving her helpless on the mat. She was feeling quite tired and the adorable girl looked like the perfect bed. The first thing the younger one would see was a a familiar face silhouetted by the neon lights above. The first thing she'd then feel was the older, heavier body pressing onto her, followed with a content intoning as the bigger woman put her into a full body pin. Smooth crests of muscle and toned skin drove her her belly while the molding shape of voluptuous breasts swallowed her own, all while powerful thighs stopped her from kicking out.

"I feel so tired Chiyo~" she complained, shaking her chest left and forth, trapping Chiyo's in a sensory paradise. "I must lay down and take a breather..."

kaz wrote:"Nnngghh...!" Chiyo could only groan as Jiayi took advantage of the fall by moving on top of her for a full body pin.

Now her old colleague had her good. Crushed under the bigger body of the blue haired woman, her squirming was only succeeding in rubbing her smaller form against Jiayi's. This was one of the positions she often tried to avoid among others whenever she faced her former colleague, although the percentage of success was pretty low to be honest. The older woman shaking her chest left and right obviously didn't help her struggle, as the feeling of her breasts being mashed against Jiayi's bigger orbs was more than enough to melt a good portion of her resistance. And they're still covered by clothes.

"Mmwaaahh... g-get off me, you big oaf!" she protested, trying to push Jiayi off. "You fit more as the mattress!"

LunarOcean wrote:"It's so comfortable though," She mumbled dreamily, rubbing cheek to cheek. Some of the audience members were giggling and blushing now. "I have fallen and now lack the strength to get up. Truly we are doomed."

She shifted about to get more comfortable, subtly flexing her abdominals and rubbing them deep into Chiyo's. Like little speedbumps of muscle, they grinded into her friend's with great friction and warmth, presumably causing her to stiffen and tense as they pushed in deep. They would then subtly drive up and down, catching and and rubbing over her toned body and covering her in a sensual, welcoming warmth. All the while she kept on nuzzling face to face like a big and friendly cat.

"Your tummy still fits against mine just the way I remember~" She giggled, slightly flattening Chiyo's stomach.

kaz wrote:"Yeah, as if..." Chiyo rolled her eyes at Jiayi's words. "Uhhh... I'm sure that's not the only part that fit..."

Now this was a scene that brought back her memories from their very first match. Back then, Chiyo didn't act as calm as now, of course. Eventually she learned that an overzealous struggling only drained her quicker, although she learned that the hard way. More often than not, she turned into a puddle under the woman before she was even half done.

That brought a slight blush to her cheeks.

Back to present, while Jiayi continued to toy around with her flattened features and nuzzling her face, Chiyo would flex herself to endure the pressing better, no matter how futile it might look in the eyes of Jiayi. Meanwhile, the pink haired girl tried to slip her legs free from under the woman, so she could wrap them around Jiayi's and spread her old colleague's wide.

"Our legs seem to tangle well together too!"

LunarOcean wrote:"Oh I remember these legs so well!" She squealed, speeding up the nuzzles. "The way they shuddered and sweat when I wrapped them up real tight. Ah, they were little twigs back then."

She had to give her credit, even after being stunned she'd taken control quicky. Rather than going for a scissor, she was attempting to grapevine her from the bottom. Yet that was a dangerous game to play with one such as Jiayi and her strong, well-maintained legs. Raising one of her own to try to avoid the entaling heel, she'd push out her chest hard enough that Chiyo's upper body would feel like it was being flattened. Her breasts would certainly start to mushroom out, pancaking and spreading from the raw force of her breast pressing.

"All of the bigger girls wanted you as their personal squeeze toy, but I saved you just for myself~" She'd try to move her other leg to the side of Chiyo's, forcing it back and attempting to stay balanced as her docking would distract her hopefully.

kaz wrote:"What happened to... uunnghh... sharing is caring?" Chiyo retorted between her groaning as Jiayi pushed harder on her chest, making it harder to breathe.

Even her grapevine attempt didn't go as well as intended, although that was sort of expected. She had to come up with something else, and the pink haired girl would try to free her arms next. The squeezing didn't make it any easier, but Chiyo doubted that Jiayi would just let her go easily like before this time. The lazy old woman just loved her mattress so much.

If she could free at least one hand, Chiyo would try to grab Jiayi's head and went for a surprising kiss, before attempting to establish her grapevine again, and spread wider this time.

Jiayi closed her eyes as Chiyo's kiss took her head on. Warm and moist, she intoned lightly into her receptive lips, trailing her tongue along its inside whilst suckling lightly. Wrapping her arms around her upper body, she'd recipocrate the grabbing motion and begin squeezing Chiyo against herself. On top and with more strength, she'd crush down with her kiss, aiming to dominate her with pure passion.

Yet Chiyo had a contingency plan, one that was spreading Jiayi's legs. She sucked in air in a hiss as Chiyo attempted to test her lower body's flexibility. It meant she'd lost control of the leg game and momentarily jarred her momentum. Attempting to counter, she'd rub her crotch up and down, hoping to stun her with pure arousal.

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by kaz on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:25 pm

Jiayi dominated the kiss, but Chiyo was regaining control in the lower half area. That wasn't too bad of a trade, apart from the fact that it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain control with the blue haired woman squeezing, crushing, and kissing her like this. She moaned into her old colleague's lips, her body feeling hot and aroused to say the last as she writhed under the bigger woman. Chiyo wasn't a stranger to the sensation produced by Jiayi's features on her own, but it's been so long that she had been distracted more than she normally would.

As if that wasn't enough, the older woman then rubbed her crotch up and down, causing Chiyo to moan and squirmed harder from this new assault. Her legs was starting to loosen, and her gym spats had gotten more than just a little wet. It seemed that her plan to use sensuality to distract her old colleague had just failed spectacularly...

"Mwaahh...!" the pink haired girl would force to break the kiss. "Ahnn... n-not fair...!"


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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

Post by LunarOcean on Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:48 pm

"You have only yourself to blame for not taking precautions." Jiayi lectured, nuzzling her face into the side of Chiyo's neck. As her legs turned to jelly, she'd move her own back over them and squeeze them together, restraining her wrists and catching her in a full body press. Rubbing her belly over Chiyo's, her breasts would lightly batter her face in the process. She wouldn't flex and harden however, preferring the soft textures and plush of her skin to grace the aroused body of Chiyo. As her body pressed closer, she'd let her muscles rise like warming bread but did not go for a full dominating grind, lightly brushign her own against the outer layers of Chiyo's toned counterparts, teasing them in her typical cloying way.

After one long squish, she'd slowly push herself off of her, rising to a standing position. She was already wet and while she'd love to rub her clean, this wasn't the time or place. She'd offer a hand to help her get up.

"Perhaps you should hit the showers dear."

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Re: Old Frenemies (for Kaz)

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