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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

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Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:49 pm by xalex

So i tried to say to as many people as i could per pm.... but i will put it up here as well just to get sure that i get all....

my finalls are around the corner.... and this means something... my free time will be cut shrot... really short...

and unluckily my afw time will be cut down extremly...

so i say sorry to everyone i have a match with right now but in the next time i will be slow as fuck

i try to get back as fast as i can^^ i still will be online on trillian or here so if …

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Looking for Friction matches!

Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:07 am by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

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Je suis desja d'amour tanné Ma tres doulce Valentinée

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Je suis desja d'amour tanné Ma tres doulce Valentinée

Post by Kelsea on Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:26 pm

"Anka Reinhardt," The camera had been solely fixed upon Andrew Bennit, one of the backstage interviewer for AFW Friction.. He had not been seen for quite some time, his career booming previously a few years back in AFW. But now he was ready for a come and was keen to make a big impression with this interview.

But digressing from the point...  The camera had been solely fixed on him but as he uttered the name Anka Reinhardt, the camera panned back a little to display the buxom 5"9 grey haired woman standing beside him..


She was dressed in a lush looking white fur coat and a set of oval shaped glasses resting on the bridge of her nose. The audience had never seen her perform in the ring but they had been treated to a couple of rather provocative advertisement clips that had eluded to the forthcoming appearance of this woman soon..

"or would you prefer I refereed to you by your ring name, Velvet Valentine..." The Valentine stood there, almost stoically looking at a point that was off camera as Andrew Bennit spoke, this was to be her moment.. finally.
"All of the noises coming from AFW's social media online suggests that you want to enter the AFW roster straight up against some of the greats  of the hentai division.. What exactly makes you think that you can keep up pace with the veteran's right off the bat?"  Andrew Bennit turned the microphone to point at Anka's lips but the German/French babe barely responded to him... she turned her head slightly, the lights reflecting off of her glasses so as to cover up her eyes for a moment. After the glare from her lens had unmasked, her eyes could be seen fixed upon Andrew Bennit.. A knowing smile coming to her lips, as her gaze upon him became somewhat seductive and undressing.

There was a lengthy pause.. Long enough for Andrew to become uncomfortable and bashful enough that under her gaze he inched back just a bit, worrying about a blush possibly appearing on his cheeks.

"Uhm.. ahem.." Andrew stumbled over his words as he pulled the microphone back, it was apparent that he would not be getting an answer. "Perhaps I should répétez das questionez.." He said in a poor attempt at the way he knew Anka spoke "You have been trained by Belinda The Blonde Bombshell... or so your little promo advertistment would have us believe.." Anka silently brought her index finger up to her lips and licked along the length of it as he spoke, her gaze still upon him.. Andrew acted as if he had not seen what she was doing so as not to be distracted from his line of questioning "But being trained by one of the best doesn't mean that you are one of the best, how do you plan t-" But before Andrew could say any more, Anka swiftly brought the recently licked finger up to his mouth, gently allowing the tip of the finger to slide down the tip of his nose as the rest of the digit crossed his lips, signaling for silence

"chut..." Valentine hushed him in a soft silky voice "You vish to ask Velvet Valentine zis.. av all ze things you can think of?" she spoke in a silky smooth voice, some how taking on the fluid flowing French accent along with the firm strong German accent.

"Your job is to think of und ask ze appropriate questions at ze right time... non? But perhaps in the presence of ze Valetine, you vere not straining this muscle-a.." She said as she gently stroked back a couple of strands of Andrew hair out of his face to trace her index and middle finger against the side of his head.. "As much as you vere straining this muscle-a..." She said as she drew her hand away from his head, instead going down between the two of them and disappearing off camera... However, from the way Andrew suddenly flinched and became slightly flushed in the cheek as stood face to face looking into one another eyes, the crowd could quite easily guess just what "muscle" the Valentine was clutch down there and responded with an amused cheer. Velvet Valentine chuckled faintly with a slight smile playing on her lips

"...Perhaps being in ze presence of Velvet Valentine has left you aroused und confused...? zen I can understand ze poor choice in question.." Velvet Valentine moved in closer up against Andrew, her generous chest portion pressing up against his body as she invaded his personal zone with her face and lips achingly close to his. Andrew shuffled uncomfortably his back up against the wall as he concentrated not to let the natural reaction to such a situation occur

"Hmmmmmm~♥ Vould you like ze assistance of ze Valentine? ... ... ..In reaching ze right questions of course...?"

"ahem.. uhm.. I-I think I can manage.." He said, struggling to keep composure and not allow Anka the mental victory.

"Ja." Valentine scoffed lightly "vell versed in managing yourself?" This got a few laughs and cheers from the audience that, to Andrew's distates, they could hear even backstage where they stood.

"Lets just say I feel much more comfortable conducting an interview when I'm not receiving a sluts version of a handshake.." He said, a bit of venom perhaps.. He was the one that was usually making the wrestlers squirm and he did not appreciate the role reversal.. Perhaps the indication of Anka being a slut would shake her.

"Mmmh...? Is zat so?" she said sounding a little disappointed "But zis is nothing-a, like a handshake... It is such a.. how you say...  small thing." she said, making a gesture with the index finger and thumb of her free hand to make it clear the teasing pun was intentional

"Velvet Valentine finds this very comfortable... But alas, for your sake.."  At this point Anka released Andrew from her "hold"... He slumped down a bit and was able to slip away from being caught between Anka and the wall. As well as relieving him from her grip, The Valentine also decided to relieve him of his microphone.. Bring it to her lips

"Now zen... Ze question to be asked is not 'Can Velvet Valentine hold own against the greats...'  Nien, nien..." she said shaking her head and then turning to face the camera "It is 'who vill ah make ma first valentine?"

"Vill ze Dream be left with vet dreams... Or vill Velvet Valentine drag ze bombshell herself back to AFW, so that she can deliver her a cupid's heart bomb-a? ...Perhaps it vill be Belinda's old dance partner Marisa, Velvet Valentine iz sure to show her some new dance moves... Or, seems ze Valentine is so set on tantalizing und exhilarating the whole of Japan, vill it be Ms. Japan... Ms. Nippon..." she said moving her arms out wide with the palms facing upwards in a teasing impression of Akashi, twisting her hips a little so that her breasts very gently rocked back and forth under her coat. She smiled confidently as she slowly brought the microphone back up to her lips..

"Zat is ze question..." She said and then turned her attention off the camera back onto Andrew Bennit as she moved in closer, uncomfortably so.. "Zat is ze only question you need vorry your süß petit head about..." She looked back at the camera.

"But ze answer-a.. le sigh.. may infact be irrelevant... As ah have more zen enough time to make you all ma valentine..."

"Je suis desja d'amour tanné Ma tres doulce Valentinée" And with more than a sultry smile, Anka then pushed the microphone back into the hands of Andrew Bennet and walked off camera.

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