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Posting delays

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:14 pm by Harrier

Dear posting partners and people who are waiting for an reply from me by PM,

I am terribly sorry that you have to wait for my replies for so long.

Maybe the one or another from you knows the situation, you were flying high for some weeks posting wise and then you hit rock bottom again because of some RL BS and then you barely manage to churn out enough creative output for a meager 100 words post in a week and you ask yourself how you could have seriously overextend your supply lines so much. …

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Daisuke Takeuchi v Galaxy-Chan." Prince vs Cosmic heroin" IM

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Daisuke Takeuchi v Galaxy-Chan." Prince vs Cosmic heroin" IM

Post by Teenwrestler on Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:09 am

Standard Pro-wrestling match, one fall pin/submission.



Teenwrestler(Bilal Channah): Daisuke the wrestling prince, was scheduled for one on one pro wrestling action against.....Ermm someone named Galaxy-chan?. With an upcoming Tension PPV, he needed as many matches as he could get.

The wrestling prince was busy getting ready back in his private VIP locker room. He stripped out of his street clothes and headed into the showers for a quick shower before slipping into his wrestling gear, he began to put on his black Nike wrestling boxers, made of latex material and perfect fit around his waist. He sat down on the wooden bench, put on his black leather boots and laced them up. Finally, after putting on his elbow and knee pads he began to exit the locker room and head outside to the wrestling arena.

His music cued "King of Kings" and he slowly brushed past the curtains and stepped inside the arena, a princely robe covering his body as he slowly made his way down onto the ring. As he came close to the ring, he slowly slipped out of his princely red robe, with a smirk he jumped up on the ring apron and entered the ring through the middle ropes.

Daisuke had a sly grin on his face, he was overconfident. He began to move towards the corner turnbuckle and started to do some stretches and jumped up on the balls of his toes, loosening up his shoulders. "*Yaawwnnn* Galaxy-chan? Whats that even supposed to mean hahaha- this should be easy" he smirked, his back resting against the turnbuckle while his hands were draped around the ropes to the side.

Tectonic Robot: The lights dimmed, one spotlight shining on the stage... and then, suddenly, the stadium burst into light, Galaxy-Chan's theme blaring over the speakers! ( )

The short, small looking girl jumped down the stage, wearing a cocky grin on her lips, waving to the crowd and strutting! "Galaxy-Chan! Universe's greatest champion! No evil shall escape my sight!" She yelled, rolling under the ropes and popping up, hands on her hips. "Surrender, ne'erdowell, or face my cosmic... juuuustiiiice!" She lifted one hand and pointed at him, her lips curled in a confident grin!

As soon as the lights dimmer and that spotlight shinned on the stage, Daisuke's eyebrows were raised out of curiosity. When that funky music started, he started to feel even more curious on just who this wrestler was.

Bilal Channah: His curiosity was ended when a small looking girl jumped out down on the stage and soon entered the ring. Giving him a good Ol fashion super hero taunt. He almost burst out in laughter but held it in, "Ha-Haha, Y-you? your that mysterious Galaxy-chan? You look like some super hero reject! This is gotta be a joke, Im wrestling this little squirt?" he said with an annoyed expression as he moved towards the middle of the ring.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan's grin didn't waver! She good give as good as she got... "And who are you? Some no name, scraggly punk who forgot to shave? I'll toss you in the trash can like the spash trash you are, punk!" She walked out into the ring to meet him, lifting her thin (but amazingly toned, if the prince noticed) arm's for a test of strength!

Bilal Channah: The wrestling prince's eyes twitched in anger, his teeth gritted and fists clenched. "H-How dare you, you freak! IM DAISUKE, the wrestling price. For your information, Im clean shaved all over" he said. The two met in the middle of the ring, face to face and belly to belly. Her 5,6 145 pounds stature against his 5,9 150 pound stature. They both glared at each other, neither getting intimidated.

"Heh, test of strength? you wanna go against me in a test of strength? Heh...fine" he smirked as he mimicked her movements and brought his arms up, locking it up with hers. Feeling her surprisingly toned muscles

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan grins... and tries to grab his wrists, not his hands! Instead of pushing against him, she goes up on her tip toes, trying to tug him off his feat and into the air, and then fall over backwards, knocking him off his center of gravity! If that all worked, she'd curl up, pushing her legs into his stomach as he went over her, and kick her past her and towards the edge of the ring, rolling and standing up to pounce on her downed opponent!

Bilal Channah: The girl was toned and had a fit body, because of that Daisuke genuinely thought Galaxy-chan would want to test her strength against the wrestling price. However, he was suckered in, the girl went to grab his wrists and fell backwards on her back, "What the? UHHHHH NOOOO" Her legs pressed against his abs as he was flung over in a monkey flip. Daisuke slammed down onto this back towards the edge of the ring, he grunted in pain and clutched his back. "Damnit..." he hissed feeling a bit frustrated, as he tried to get back on his feet,before his opponent could launch a follow up.

Tectonic Robot: "Hah! A blowhard with no backbone!" Galaxy-Chan called, running to Daisuke from behind! She wrapped her arms around his waist, trying to catch him before he collected himself... and then went for a belly-to-back suplex, wanting to send him straight into the mat!

Bilal Channah: "S-shut up! Huh? L-leme go" He said, he was feeling quite embarassed by getting tossed around like that. He felt her rather strong grip around his waists and he squirmed around, trying to send an elbow to her sides but before he could do any real damage he has lifted, hauled up and behind her in a belly to back suplex. *THUD* his upper back slammed the mat hard, the back of his head bounced off a bit from the impact as he clutched his head and began to roll away from her. stronger than she looks!

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan sat on her butt for a second--those moves were always so disconcerting! She shook her head, before starting to get up, slow enough that the prince of wrestling had time to regain some of his own wind!

Bilal Channah: Daisuke was down on his side, still massaging the back of his head as he rolled near the bottom ropes. He grabbed them and used them to get slowly back up to his feet, "D-damnit...did she just put me through that German suplex" he whispered as he shook his head, looking to get back into this match.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan, now standing herself, turned to look at the prince, grinning like a shark! "Low-class street scum like yourself have no business fighting a cosmic hero! You're out of your league, punk!" She lowered trotted towards him, arms up, wanting to grab him and toss him round some more!

Bilal Channah: "Im wrestling royalty you bitch" he hissed back at her, He was still close near the ropes. Daisuke started to act a bit groggy and dizzy, wanting the cosmic heroin to come to him. Once she would strut close to him, he would quickly lunge in and nip behind her to wrap his arm around her waist from behind. " This is how its really done kid" he smirked as he flung her over her, returning the favour of the german suplex. He wasn't done there, he had hung onto her waist and as soon as she was dropped down onto her back, he lifted her back up once more and went for it again. "Double or nothing" he smirked

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan's eyes widened as her supposed prey slipped behind her in a flash! "What the--" She hissed before he picked the not-too-heavy girl up by the waist, sending her crashing into the mat below with a powerful suplex! She groaned, the world going spinny, before she felt him trying to pick her up and do it again... instead of letting that happen, she tried to scissor his neck between her muscular thighs, hoping to stop him in his tracks!

Bilal Channah: Daisuke was growing in confidence as he slammed the cosmic hero down onto her back. He was going to follow up and build his momentum by trying to land another suplex but Galaxy-chan wasnt going to have none of that, As he was going to pick her up for round 2 she curled her legs around his neck and locked in a headscissors. "Gack-*Cough* Damn" Daisuke hissed, slapping and punching at her thighs.

Tectonic Robot: She grunted--he was hurting her, but she was hardly going to let go so quickly! She squeezed her thighs tight, then violently twisted her body, looking to throw him away from her with her leg strength, needing some time to get up!

Bilal Channah: Daisuke moaned out in pain, her vice like grip around his neck was killing him but he was doing some damage to her thighs as well ,as he slapped and punched away. "L-let go *cough" he struggled to breathe in air, he got what he wanted as he was tossed around to the sided as Galaxy-chan flung him forward using her grip around his neck. He fell onto his side, massaging his neck. His body glistening in sweat now as he huffed and coughed.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan slowly got up, looking just as sweaty and worn out as he did! She rubbed her back, grimacing, panting in the bright light--the suplex and leg punching had done a number on her, to be sure. She had to finish him sooner rather than later! "You ready to get... finished?" She managed, her grin starting to return.

Bilal Channah: Daisuke slowly got back upto his feet as well, soon after Galaxy chan got up that is. "You look a little tired, is it ok for a girl to be sweating like that" he huffed at her, trying to unnerve her a bit. The both stood up on their feets now, standing across each other as Daisuke brought his hands up and took up a wrestlers crouch position.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan mirrored his crouch, starting to circle her opponent, grin widening! "Is it normal for a boy to be such a pushover?" She said, wanting to make her opponent nice and mad!

Bilal Channah: They both circled each other at a good distance, Daisuke slowly closed in the distance as they continued to circle each other. "Ngh- Shut it!Im no push over, and you'll see after I beat you" he hissed at her, before suddenly lunging in at her for a collar and elbow lock up.

Tectonic Robot: "Oh yeah? What are you going to do when you lose, punk?" She asked, shoving against him hard, her powerful body straining against his, looking to drive him down onto his back!

Bilal Channah: Their bodies slap into each other as they lock up collar and elbow, their elbows grinding against each others as their hands are around each others collars. Foreheads pressed as both shove hard into each other. His biceps bulging and arms shaking as Daisuke tries to shove her down onto her back. "Ngh- not going to happen, I could ask you the same question you spacegirl wannabe".

Tectonic Robot: "D-doesn't matter... because..." With that, the former circus strongwoman overpowered Daisuke's straining muscles, pushing him down onto his back, the girl forcing him down! She quickly tried to pin his hands above his head, breasts down to his chin as she glared at him, looking to pin him right to the mat!

Bilal Channah: Try as he might, push and shove as much as he did, Daisuke could not overpower Galaxy-chan. After a few minutes of stalemate positioning, It was Galaxy-chan who finally broke the deadlock. She began to push him back, his back beginning to bend backwards until he finally fell flat on his back with Galaxy-chan on top. He felt embarrassed, his cheeks flustered red in embarrassment as Galaxy-chan hovered over him, her breasts over to his chin. Her body slides completely ontop of him as his hands were pinned over his head. He looked up to her eyes "N-no way....w-what? Ngghh get off!" he wiggled under her, as their bodies were awkwardly stuck tight to each other in this pin.

Tectonic Robot: "I'm not going anyway!" She hissed, one hand keeping his wrists squished tight to the mask, shoving her weight down on him to try and force him still, her toned pressed grinding against his in the process! Her breasts pressed down on him, thighs looking to slip under his and spread them apart, while the ref ran up to count Daisuke out! "One..."

Bilal Channah: Galaxy-chan was strong! She managed to pin Daisukes wristswith one hand, her sweaty body grinds against his sweaty body, as they wriggle and grind against each other. Her breasts awkwardly covering his face while she grapevines his legs with hers, spreading them apart. I guess these awkward moments cant be avoided during intergender matches. "Urghhh Grrrrrrrrrrr NO WAY- get your sweaty disgusting body off me" he mummbled from under her breasts, trying to buck his hips up into her trying to turn them over and kick out

Tectonic Robot:"Sweaty, disgusting? Taste failure!" She yipped, planting those sweaty bosoms directly on his face, mashing him into the mat, riding his bucks with determination! The ref counted two... then... three!

Bilal Channah: Daisuke wasnt able to cope up with Galaxy-chans strength, her sweat slickened body had him pinned well, to make matters worse she deliberately smothered his face with her breasts "OOooffmmmmmmm" he wiggled madly under her, struggling for breath and trying to kick out but he couldnt and the referee counted till 3.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan pulled herself off of Daisuke, the ref raising her arm into the air! "Justice prevails! Gooooo Galaxy-Chan~!" She cried to the crowd, exulting in their cheers, leaving the prince of wrestling on the mat!

Bilal Channah: Daisuke felt relieved as the strong girl pulled herself up. The wrestling prince laid down on his back, trickles of sweat dropped down on the mat from his exhausted body, his light brown skin showing patches of red bruises as well, he sat up on his butt and took deep heavy breathes. "*Huff*Huff* w-what the hell was that? she smothered me for the pin ref" Daisuke felt a bit annoyed as she used her breasts as weapons.

Tectonic Robot: "So? You were pinned already, criminal!" Galaxy-Chan retorted, hands on her hips!

Bilal Channah: His cheeks still red and feeling flustered, he slowly got back up on his feet turning towards Galaxy-chan. "Urgh, I didnt know justice resorted to using breasts smothers! she sexually assaulted me" he whined, moving towards Galaxy. The ref tried to separate the two, signalling the match was over. Clearly, Daisuke isn't happy about the loss and the way she won.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan lightly pushed the ref away--well, lightly but firmly. Girl was strong. She raised an eyebrow at him, looking unimpressed, even if she had to stare up at him. "Are you excusing the galatic champion Galaxy-Chan of cheating? What do you want, exactly?"

Bilal Channah: Galaxy-Chan beat Daisuke in shoving the referee, he was about to do it himself. The two squared each other once more, Daisuke moved forward as they bumped foreheads and bodies into each other once more. "Grrrrr Yeah im accusing you of cheating- if you wanted to resort to such cheap,disgusting tactics.....why have a pro match? we could have settle for something else.....Infact, I challenge you to a rematch on your turf, whatever rules,setting you want. You cheating bitch" he hissed, his ego hurt and he wanted some revenge.

Tectonic Robot: Galaxy-Chan met him forehead to forehead scowling just as badly--until he made his challenge. She pulled away from him, then, putting a finger to her chin, thinking. "Mm... an... unofficial rematch?"

Bilal Channah: The two seemed to calm down after a bit of a heated exchange, then after issuing that challenge Galaxy-chan seemed to relax a bit and pulled away. "Yeah....unofficial rematch, you and on one. Your rules...." he said , he was desperate to get her in a rematch, Daisuke was willing to accept any rules, any kind of match and any stipulations.

Tectonic Robot: "Hm. Galaxy-Chan would discuss this with Daisuke in the backstage!"

Bilal Channah: Daisuke rolled his eyes at her, shaking his head. "Fine, lets..." he said while passing his fingers through the waistbands of his boxers and *SNAPPING* them back into place, to adjust them a bit. He began to exit the ring and head backstage, eager to see what G-chan had in mind.

Winner by pinfall: Galaxy-Chan

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