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Hi I'm back...I don't know where to begin...

Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:43 pm by Silentcoins

Hello everyone. I'm not too sure if anyone still remembers me, but if you do thanks.

I haven't been around for a long time for reasons I guess. If there's still anyone out there who wishes to play with me or to continue whatever we left off, please don't hesitate to reply.

It's kind of awkward just saying this.

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I'm Back

Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:57 am by RadiantKarna332

Alright, after a few days of hiatus, I'm back. I'm sorry for my absence, for those who have threads with me here. Razz

Comments: 4

Looking for a match.

Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:27 am by Silentcoins

As the title says, I'm looking for a match up.

I can do just about any kind of match up, though I prefer one with some hentai elements mixed into it. Wonder if there's anyone interested in a match of any kind?

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Nana Momoko - The Demon

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Nana Momoko - The Demon

Post by Clyton on Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:03 pm


General Information


Name: Nana Momoko
Alias: The Demon, The Devil of Lust
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: May 5th
Eyes: Red
Hair: Purple
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 154 lbs
Bust: 98
Waist: 61
Hips: 89
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Music: Lose Your Way - Round Table feat. Dan


Combat Information


Strategy: Going all out offensively to overwhelm her opponent's defenses at the right time (or when she feels like it).
Style: Pro Wrestling
Type: Aggressive Submissionist Powerhouse
Preferred Attacks: Power moves
Preferred Matches: Standard, hardcore and iron girl

Endurance: ★★★★★
Stamina: ★★★★★
Strength: ★★★★
Speed: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★★
Technique: ★★★★

Strikes: ★★★
Submissions: ★★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★★★
Aerial: ★★★★
Counters: ★★★
Hentai ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★½ - Very Hard

Usual Attacks:

Nana usually opts to any power-based moves, such as slams and throws. She also leans towards using the more strength-based submissions. In order to get her opponent open for the execution of these moves, Nana would use some speedy or high-flying moves to break through her opponent's defenses and create an opening. Even the slightest opening will make Nana attempt to overpower her opponent to create a dominating, continuous offense.


Attack Information


Favorite Attacks:

Bearhug, Cradle DDT, German Suplex, Inverted Belly to Mat Slam, Snap Neckbreaker, Widow's Peak


Susanoo - Inverted Full Nelson Slam

Tsukiyomi - Rocking Chair Submission Move

Izanagi - Guillotine Drop w/ Hammerlock

Izanami - Reverse Canadian Backbreaker Rack Attack

Amateratsu - Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker/Ushigoroshi

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Nana has great endurance and stamina, and they are arguably her main strength, more so than her power moves or submissions. In terms of defense, she has trained herself in defending against a variety of moves, such as strikes from all angles and transition/set-up moves for a submission, slam or throw. This defensive skill set is not to undermine her offensive capabilities. With her more agile body compared to other submission powerhouses, Nana can perform submissions, slams and throws with more emphasis due to her athleticism, such as jumping to make the move more impactful for some moves, while most larger submission powerhouses lack the athleticism and instead need to make up for it with pure strength and power.

However, because of her attitude to being on the defense, Nana will forsake her defensive capabilities for a purely offensive all-out attack on her opponent when the time is ripe. Although she doesn't create many openings in her barrage of attacks, there are still a few openings her opponent can take advantage of as she is prone to not defending at all. And while she does have a seemingly limitless amount of stamina, energy and endurance to keep wrestling, it is obviously not infinite. Having the opponent either trying to make use of the few openings in her barrage or pulling out their own all-out offense can catch Nana off guard and make her reconsider actually being cautious in her attacks by adding in some defensive techniques, although that may be too late by then against the more skilled and stronger wrestlers.


Personal Information



Ring Attire:




Nana was gifted with physical talent in not only ability, but also in her appearance. Her family and relatives are all performers in sports and physical activities, and many, if not all of them boast top-class performance in their field. But for Nana in particular, she was a once-in-a-century prodigy in physicalities, even among her family and relatives. Out of all the sports and physical activities laid out to her, wrestling captivated her the most. Being able to dominate her opponent up close and personal really made her excited and thirsty for her cravings for competition and combat. During her streak of domination, Nana became synonymous with the word "Demon".

However, she was far too talented for her competition. And after a while, Nana became bored with wrestling. Turning away from her destined career, she started traveling around the world as a famous model, learning much about the world instead of being confined to her country of Japan. During this time, she developed a lot of passions and learned a lot of new things that really interested her and made her look at many subjects in a different perspective. And naturally, this included her own physical capabilities and wrestling.

Hearing about AFW, Nana decided to return to her roots and become a wrestler once again, but this time, with a much greater variety of high-level competitors that her former competitors couldn't compare to. Now, she wrestles not to conquer others, but to have fun and fulfill her own selfish desires as she pleases. That is not to say that she has no determination to win whatever matches come in front of her. It is just that she has something more than that goal that any competitor would have, and this would make her stand out not as a wrestler who wrestles, but as a vibrant character who wrestles.


Although Nana hates to lose, it doesn't mean she always try to win from the very beginning of a wrestling match. From past experience, she finds it too easy to win against her opponents, and therefore, finds the match too boring overall. To relief the possibility of a boring match, Nana resorts to playing and talking with her opponent; she would always defend and never attack, even when there is an opening. This is to give her opponent a fighting chance, as well as an opportunity for her to interact with her opponent through seductive suggestions and teasing. When she is starting to feel that her opponent is either actually someone strong or doesn't have much to offer, or when she is starting to get bored of defending, she would decide to go all out and finish her opponent off to ensure her victory.

Nana has a curious mind about the world, wanting to travel and explore everywhere so she can further her knowledge about this world. But of course, the knowledge she wants to learn needs to be genuine. She hates it when people are using twisted or false logic to prove something that isn't true, especially since it interferes in her pursuit of the world's knowledge. Because of this weary mistrust, Nana would rather explore about the curious subjects herself than depend on other people (primarily strangers) for information and knowledge, lest people who use twisted logic would be taking advantage of her ignorance.

While everyone knows Nana as a competitive, battle-hungry wrestling warrior, she does have a side not seen by many people: collecting goods from cute people. She loves the accessories that makes a person cute, and would try them on in her own personal time so she can also be seen as a cute person rather than the more renowned wrestling warrior. However, Nana is not yet confident enough to wear these cute accessories in public because it may give people the wrong impression that she has gotten soft in combat, especially from her relatives, something that she would want to avoid at all costs. Nana is also known to be into BDSM in her spare time. She exhibits traits of a dominatrix when she is aroused during a wrestling match, and can be even more aggressive and ruthless with a mix of sadistic tendencies and a lack of remorse and mercy to those that she hurts. However, she can also tend to be masochistic in the face of truly strong foes that can easily overpower her.


Additional Information


- Traveling and exploring
- Collecting goods from cute people
- Practicing BDSM
- Teasing, flirting and seducing other people

- Losing (especially losing in a one-sided match)
- Twisted logic
- Her pursuit of knowledge being hindered

Record Information





General Status:



Rivals: Cecilia Northman



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