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Avalanche Plans!

Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:27 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Hi all! I wanna give Himeko a place at Avalanche!

Things I am looking for, but am not limited to!

- A fellow big girl

- Creative match type

- Could be minimal or detailed build up

- For it to be fun!

Message me if you are interested! I will be a bit picky about this though because I've struggled with most of my PPV appearances and I want to change that!

Comments: 1

Open invite Friction/Tension hardcore promo

Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:49 am by Lotuswarrior

Samantha Fox is looking for a match where she can cut loose a bit. So I decided for her to throw an open invite match to both Tension and Friction roster members. So the match will be a first to 3 tables match. There are a few special rules though.
1. No repeat moves through tables. Basically a different move must be used to score a point through a table. If Samantha is choke slammed through a table, then a second chokeslam through a table won't score you a point.

2. 30 second break between …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 2

Matches for two of my characters

Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:24 am by kiranar

Looking for matches for Celeste doing hardcore or regular matches and they can be spooky themed due to the time of the year. I also have Emerald Moons who will do single or tag matches.

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The Valkyries

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The Valkyries

Post by acuya on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:14 pm

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Post by acuya on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:15 pm

Name: Makoto 'Mako' Takeda
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5”2’
Weight: 131 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Team Music: Thieves by Ministry
Solo Music: Ghost Rider by Suicide

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Makoto is small, and because of this, most of her opponents assume that she’s going to fight in a defensive style. This is a mistake. She hits fast, she’s vicious, and she just keeps coming. She uses a rough brawling style, preferring to bash enemies around, and when she gets them down she employs rough but effective submissions.
Style: Street Fighting
Type: Brawling Submission-User

Preferred Attacks:


Knee Bomb
Shin Kick
Jumping Clothesline
Ground and Pound


Single-Leg Boston Crab
Dragon Sleeperhold
Scissored Armbar
Straight Ankle Lock

Preferred Matches: Street fights, hardcore, pit fights,  the less rules, the better.

Endurance:★★★★★ - The key to her victory. She’s a small thing, but she’s tough and relentless.
Strength:★★★ - Fairly strong for her size. Hits harder than you would guess.
Speed:★★★★ - Can come off quick, overwhelming opponents with a frenetic assault.
Defense:★★★ - Is good at defending and wading through assaults.
Technique:★ - A brawler, through and through. No real class or style.

Strikes:★★★★ - Hits incredibly hard and fast for someone her size.
Submissions:★★★★ - Has a strong ground game.
Powerhouse:★★ - Can overpower enemies about her size, but not anyone else.
Aerial:★★ - Doesn’t spend much time in the air, aside from simple attacks.
Counters:★ - Doesn’t have much in the way of finesse.

Favored Weapons: Chain, will bash people with her helmet on occasion

Favored Moves:

Skull Breaker: Coming from behind a stunned opponent, Mako reaches up, grabs them by the head - or the hair, if the ref isn’t looking - and pulls them down, slamming the back of their skull into her knee.

Face Breaker: When opponent is starting to get up from the face-down position, Mako runs over them from their back to the head, giving them a particular vicious stomp on to the skull to smash their face into the mat.

Finishing Move:

No Tapping: When the opponent is facedown, Mako crosses their arms around their neck and keeps them in place with her legs, then applies a Crippler Crossface. Because the hands are immobilized, it’s near impossible to escape from, and verbal submission is the only way out.


Visual Appearance:


In her full biker gear.


Suiting up.


A rare moment of shyness. Don’t get used to that look.


Preparing to kick all sorts of ass.


Physical Appearance:

Mako would actually be cute if she put her mind to it - she’s a tiny little thing, and doesn’t look like much of a threat at first glance. Her body is taut, however - there’s very little fat on her, almost totally muscle. Small, but solid, and people generally don’t figure this out until it’s too late.

When she’s in her biker outfit and she has the helmet on, she looks very much like a man. This has helped her out on a few occasions - for instance, she can do something illegal in her biker outfit, change in private, and the police will overlook her when they come looking for a guy.

Personality: Mako is unquestionably the drive of the team - the leader, the planner, the heart. She might not have the brains for complex schemes, or the muscle to bulldoze her way through, but when she sees something she wants, Mako is relentless, and every bit as fierce as the animal she gets her nickname from.

Above all, Mako is ambitious - she liked winning. She likes owning people. She likes taking things. She likes being on top. It's not even so much the rewards she gets from such things that she enjoys, it's the game itself. Scratching her way to victory has become something she's become very good at over the years.

For all her faults, Mako is actually a good leader, at least when the Valkyries are fighting. She’s good at rallying them like a team and ordering them around - she knows how to employ their strengths and weaknesses for maximum effect. Though she comes across as bossy, she does seem to genuinely care about her team. She just sucks at expressing it.

History: Mako’s childhood had all the textbook signs of trouble, right from the start. The youngest of three children in a single-parent household, her mother was rarely around, and Mako was pretty much left to her own devices. Mako spent most of her time in the street, getting into trouble. Her mother was only able to provide the barest of necessities, and Mako often found herself quite hungry. She took to stealing her food, then took to stealing things she didn’t just need, but wanted.

She became addicted to getting what she wanted, either by stealing things or taking them by force. Being so short, she was a prime target for other kids with similar dispositions, and she was often targeted - but after a few beatings, she started training and learned how to fight. She developed a skill and a taste for violence.

It was this taste that drew her towards the Valkyries, an all-girl small-time motorcycle gang that operated in her neck of the woods, and ran pit fights to get some cash. The leader was an American who went by the  name ‘Stone’, who’d taken over after she beat the previous leader in a fight. The prospect of having her own gang, of not just being on her own but actually being in control of others, intrigued her. So she accepted the challenge

When it stated, the crowd laughed at the idea of this little shit of a girl taking on a woman almost twice her size. After thirty minutes and a lot of spilled blood, the Valkyries had a new leader, and they stopped laughing.

Despite having such a brutal fight, Mako let Stone stay in the gang and serve under her, figuring she could use the help and valuing the older woman's experience.

Wrestling Attire:


Typically fights in her biker outfit - very sturdy and durable, and it allows herself good movement. The helmet makes a good weapon in a pinch, too.

As the fight wears on, she'll take the jacket off.

Fun Facts:

-Huge Ghost Rider fan, and not the least bit ashamed of it. She’s typically pretty dismissive about such things, and comic books in particular, but when it comes to Ghost Rider she gets quite geeky in a hurry.

+ Is oddly finicky about her bike, even for a motorcyclist. She treats it like it’s a part of her body - she doesn’t like people touching it, tunes it constantly, and will only let certain people ride with her. And she never lets anyone ride it for her. Ever.

+ Does not like being called a dwarf or anything like that, and it’s the quickest way to draw her ire. She’s not even short enough to qualify.

+ Makoto's bike:

Suzuki GSX1300R

AFW Information



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Post by acuya on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:16 pm

Name: Devine
Real Name: Rosilita Fernandez
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black wiith blue highlights
Height: 5”9’
Weight: 134 lbs
Nationality: Brazil
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Team Music: Thieves by Ministry
Solo Music:  Only You by Ashanti

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Likes to use seduction and distraction to mess with her enemies, throwing them off before she starts moving. Her style has grace and poise - she flows around attacks with her flexibility, trips them up, attacks at blind spots.
Style: Erotic Fighting
Type: Seductive Wrestler

Preferred Attacks:


Face Sit
Breast Smother


Standing Scissor
Body Scissors
Reverse Headscissors
Grapevine Pin

Preferred Matches: Hentai Matches

Endurance:★★ - Not terribly sturdy.
Strength:★★ - Not terribly strong, either.
Speed:★★★ - Very nimble and agile.
Defense:★★ - Would rather evade than take attacks head on.
Technique:★★★★ - Despite being physically weak, she gets by with guile and wiles.

Strikes:★★★ - Good leg strength for kicks.
Submissions:★★★★ - Employs effective scissorholds.
Powerhouse:★ - Even weaker than the smaller Mako.
Aerial:★ - Has no aerial expertise to speak of..
Counters:★★★★★ - Is very good at worming her way around attacks and slipping out of them.

Favored Weapon: Steel-Toed Boot

Favored Moves:

Head Banger:  When an opponent is on their knees, Devine rushes in and hits them with a headscissors takedown, driving their head into the mat. She typically keeps her leg locked from there and applies the headscissors, made more effective by their dazed state.

Split Choke: When her opponent is in the corner, Devine does a split and presses her foot into their neck

Finishing Move:

Lap Dance:  When her opponent is down, Devine gets on top and traps them in a grapevine pin, using her powerful legs to stretch them out. She grabs the opponent’s arms, crosses them over their chest and starts a slow grind, giving them pain with her legs and pleasure with her hips.


Visual Appearance:

Her typical biking outfit.

Her most innocent look.

Physical Appearance:

Devine is a very voluptuous woman - her figure’s gotten her to some very exclusive places, and it shows. She has a lithe, dancer’s body.and tanned chocolate skin, all held up by a set of powerful legs. She keeps her hair nice and long, and typically exposes as much skin as she can get away with - people aren’t surprised to learn that she was once a stripper. Her past in business tends to get a few raised eyebrows.

Personality: If Mako is the soul of the Valkyries, then Devine is the brains. She's quite intelligent and is usually the one who adds a level of subtlety to Mako's plans - if not for her, Mako's plans would involve a lot less manipulation and finesse. She's handles anything and everything that invokes real business with the gang, having good sense for money and math.

She could probably outsmart Mako and take the gang over if she were so inclined, but fortunately for all involved, she's lazy as hell. Makoto is in for the conquest, Lightning is in for the honor, shes just in it for the fun.


A long time ago (five years) in a land far, far away (Brazil) there was a little girl that loved to sing and dance. She was quite good at it, and people loved to watch her sing and dance quite a bit, so much so that her parents started pushing her towards doing that for a living. She wanted to be a star. He parents assured her this would happen. He friends assured her. Her instructors assured her.

She joined up with three other girls like her, all of whom could sing and dance - maybe not quite as well as her, but they could do it. They formed a group, the Angels, and went on tour, turning quite a few heads with their melodic voices and gaining some national fame.

As with most good things, it didn’t last.

As the years rolled on, the group found themselves bickering more and more over the spotlight. Devine was the leader, of course, but the other two girls wanted more and more time, tried to take greater control of the group. Fights broke out, Words were said that couldn’t be taken back. And before long, the group split.

The girl  tried her hand at a solo career, but she needed the other two girls more than she was willing to admit - her solo album flopped, and the more she tried to bounce back, the further she found herself in debt. Soon she found herself cashing checks that she knew would bounce, and that’s when she decided it was time to hit the road.

She traveled around Europe, deciding she needed to get as far away from the Brazil as the little money she had could take her. With nothing much more than her motorcycyle, she made her way from place to place, and learned a lot about herself along the way. She had a brief stint in an S&M club that was quite enlightening, got into some scrapes and learned how to fight in a way that utitlized her body and dancing skills, and got to a point where she could take life a lot easier.

At the end of the line, she found her way to Japan, where an up-and-coming gang of biker girls was breaking in with their new leader. The little girl was young and feisty, but lacked real direction or managing skills. From her time as a star, Devine had acquired fairly good business sense, and saw an opportunity to get a litle purpose back in her life and do something with her day. She offered her services.

Wrestling Attire:

Is the most fashion oriented of the three, and wears a variety of revealing outfits to the ring, showing off her best features. For hentai matches, she usually goes with some sort of theme - naughty nurse, schoolgirl, stuff like that.

Fun Facts:

+ Is a serious chain smoker. Every once in a while, she’ll try to quit, but it never lasts - her longest time off was about three months. She does realize it’s a bad habit, and flirts with the idea of seeking some professional help to get off.

+ Is a very spiritual person - she describes herself as a pantheist, believing the universe is a living being in and of itself. She doesn’t talk about it much, but she can get pretty philosophical if pressed.

+Devine’s custom chopper.


AFW Information



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Post by acuya on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:17 pm

Name: Stone
Real Name: Alicia Poundstone
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6”0’
Weight: 189 lbs
Nationality: USA (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music: Thieves by Ministry
Solo Music: Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Stone is a blunt instrument, plain and simple. She slams her opponents around, and if that doesn’t works, she slams them around again, and if that doesn’t work she has some high-flying moves to work with.
Style: Brute Force
Type: Aerial Powerhouse

Preferred Attacks:


Flying Double Stomp
Flying Knee
Flying Clothesline
Tiger Feint Kick
Drop kick


Atomic Drop
Choke Slam
Belly to back suplex

Preferred Matches: Traditional matches.

Physical Statistics

Endurance:★★★★- Takes hits like a tank...
Strength:★★★★★-...and dishes them out.
Speed:★★★- Faster than you’d think. One of the ways she gets opponents off-guard is by pretending to be very slow, then speeding up at the right time.
Defense:★★- Has a hard time dealing with onslaughts and heavy offensive barrages.
Technique:★★★ - Her military experience makes her an above-average combatant.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★- Can throw a powerful punch, but generally doesn't hit fast enough to win a straight up brawl.
Submissions:★★ - Can do simple submissions. Not her preference.
Powerhouse:★★★★★- Uses her brute strength to crush enemies.
Aerial:★★★★ - Spends a lot more time in the air that you might expect from such a big girl.
Counters:★★★ - Is fairly skilled when it comes to escaping holds, has trouble with quick barrages of blows.

Favorite Weapon: Aluminum Baseball Bat

Favored Moves:

Crazy Train: When the opponent is dizzy and getting up, Stone moves in a corner. As soon as they turn her way, she runs towards them, grabs them by the neck, and basically gives them a running chokeslam into the turnbuckle at full speed.

Piggyback Smash: Stone comes at an opponent from behind and ducks, getting her head between her and standing up to put them in a piggyback position. She then either falls back, preferably smashing her opponent into something like the turnbuckle.

Finishing Move:

Third Impact: Basically a repeating powerbomb, but instead of doing the same bomb three times, she mixed it up - the first two are regular power bombs, but she ends with a special variation. Maybe a jackknife, maybe a throwaway, maybe a sitout.


Visual Appearance:

Her typical biking outfit. What passes for ‘casual attire’ with her.

After her fight with Mako. To be fair, Mako didn’t look much better.

I have no context for this picture, I just thought it looked cool.

Physical Appearance:

While she isn’t the tallest woman in the AFW, Stone is up there - not counting her hair, she’s an easy six feet, and every bit of that is packed with lean muscle.

Personality: People immediately think Stone is the dumb muscle of the group, but they’re only half right - she’s the muscle, but she’s hardly an idiot. She’s actually the most grounded of the three Valkyries, and the only one that seems to have any real compunction about their more questionable actions. She’s the one that stops Mako from going too far, though that’s not to say she’s incapable of some violence herself. She’s just more aware of her limits.

The image of her as dumb muscle isn’t helped by her quietness - she rarely says things unless she feel she needs to, preferring to listen and pick her words carefully. She’s the most patient of the trio.

History: Stone came from a family of fine military men and women - for the past century, every generation of the Poundstones participated heavily in the wars and conflicts of their time. Many served, and more than a few died in combat. From early on, Stone was made aware of the history and encouraged to continue their legacy. She gladly signed up, eager to join, but her country didn’t share the sentiment.

These were the days before the repeal of DADT, and when Stone’s sexuality was found out, she knew her time was up. She accepted it - didn’t like it, but she took it with as much stride as she could. What she had a harder time accepting was her family’s attitude towards it - her parents were less than supporting, to put it in a nice way.

Just tired and fed up with her country on the whole, Stone went to Europe and just roamed for few years. She sold herself as a mercenary for a little while, but the job didn’t suit her tastes and she never did it for more than a few months at a time, rolling with various companies.

Most of her time was spent with pit figths, and she eventually made her way to the Japanese underground scene. She did well there until she was asked by the leader of an up-and-coming biker gang, the Vipers, to take a fall in one of her matches.

Naturally, she refused, and to get the gang off her back, she challenged the leader to a fight. She won after a harsh match and took control of the gang, finally finding a group that respected her strength with no complications, renaming them after her own motorcycle, the Valkyrie.

After a year, however, she was presented with a challenge of her own, in the form of a little girl named Mako. Stone made the mistake of underestimating her, and by the time it became obvious how strong she really was, She was already overwhelmed. It was a feirce fight, but Mako came out with the win in the end.  

In the aftermath, the two became friends, with Stone hanging around to provide advice and muscle.

Wrestling Attire:


Her typical wrestling attire, taken from her brief stint as a mercenary.

Fun Facts:

+ Very big baseball fan, keeps up with both American and Japanese leagues and watches their games religiously. Unapologetic Yankee fan.

+ Gives absolutely not a single fuck what people think about her hair. She likes it that way. Enough said.

+ Absolutely hates being called 'Alice'. Got called that a lot in elementary school, sticks in her craw.

+ Stone’s motorcyle:


AFW Information



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Re: The Valkyries

Post by acuya on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:36 am

|The Valkyries' Timeline|

Record: 0-0-0
1. Road Rage
The Valkyries pay a visit to the reigning Tension Champion, John Mitchell, and declare war.
2.  An alliance of convenience...and hate.
Still working in the shadows, the Valkyries look into getting a job.
3. Sic Semper Tyrannis
The Valkyries make their Tension debut by taking on the biggest dog in the yard - King!
4. Mako vs Ryan Knight - LOSS
Mako starts on the contract she worked up with Damus - first order of business? Sending a message to Ryan Knight.
5. Freaks Comes Out At Knight
The Valkyries close in on Ro...

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Re: The Valkyries

Post by Yori on Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:08 am

Name: Reiko Ishida (Goes by Rei)
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Pale Green
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel
Stable: The Valkyries
Entrance music:
Electric Eel Shock - Scream for Me Baby:

Biker Duds:
Biker Duds:
Casual/Alt Ring Gear:
Casual/Alt Ring Gear:
Casual/Alt Ring Gear:
Feeling Colorful:

Wrestling Information

Type: Brawling Grappler

Strategy: Rei swings her fists. It's what she does. If she isn't doing that, she is grabbing on to someone, to drive her fists into them again. She is a cocky pugilist more boxer than wrestler with no real training. She is not above taking cheap shots, in many cases she prefers it. While not the most impressive wrestler, she is incredibly efficient when armed with a foreign object. She shines in hardcore matches where her lack of natural strength or talent is made up for in her ability to effectively wield weapons.

She likes to feel stronger and come off as more dominating than she really is. She is actively berates or seek to humiliate her foes if she is able to seize a position of power. She'll talk down to her opponents a lot, making it seem likes she is a big deal with where she came from and her current membership with the Valkyries despite not being a fully fledged member.

Preferred Matches: No DQ, Hardcore, Cage

Physical Stats:
Endurance: ★★★★☆
For better or worse she is proficient at taking a beating.
Strength: ★★☆☆☆
Average strength for someone her size, she doesn't really do anything to improve herself.
Speed: ★★★☆☆
Above average speed, though it comes natural. If she can get up speed, she is incredibly fast... She's use to running.
Defense: ★★★☆☆
Standing her ground, she can go blow for blow with other pugilists
Technique: ★☆☆☆☆
Fully self taught, mostly from brawling in the school yard and on the streets

Wrestling Technique Stats:
Striking: ★★★☆☆
She can throw some mean punches, the bulk of her body is in her upper body.
Submissions: ★★☆☆☆
She knows a decent amount of headlocks and chokes.
Powerhouse: ★★☆☆☆
She knows a few basic wrestling mainstays, but most of her grappling is for pummeling purposes only.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
No thanks.
Countering: ★☆☆☆☆
She lacks the grace to reverse most attacks, preferring to block or avoid.

Favored moves:

- Weapon use
- Punches
- Clotheslines/Lariats
- Throws/whips into objects.
- Ground and pound
- Stomps
- Restrain/pummel combos

Signature Moves:

Pileup: Rei will intercept a running opponent by throwing herself into them to send them both to the ground. She will straddle and proceed to pummel her foes.

Body Work: Pinning her foe to the middle ropes, she proceeds to knee her opponent until they escape or the referee interferes. In tag matches, she will try to grab her opponents from behind while on the apron and bend them backwards into this.
Body Work:

Finishing moves:

Skid Mark: Rei will put her opponent in a vulnerable position, either bent over or on their hands and knees. She will then jump up into the air, sometimes after hitting the ropes, and bring down her boot to drive her foe's head directly into the canvas.
Skid Mark:

T-Bone: In the corner, Rei will make use of the ropes to hold herself upright whole gripping her foe's head with her legs. She will then yank them forward into the middle turnbuckle, smashing their faces against it. She will often times remove the turnbuckle padding in anticipation for setting this move up, which is incredibly easy in tag matches from the apron.


Personality: Rei is a loudmouth upstart with a chip on her shoulder. If something can in anyway be misconstrued, she will likely find a way to twist it to be personally offended. Always poised to fight, it doesn't take much to get her to start throwing punches. She is blunt and unapologetic, openly mocking her opponents to throw them off their game.

The only thing that grounds her is her overwhelming want to impress her Valkyrie sisters. When alone with her fellow bikers, she might as well be a completely different woman. Bright, cheerful, always looking to lend a hand. She might come off as a bit of a brownnose or a coattail rider, using her place with the sisters as a means to flex her muscle against other people. She takes any task assigned to her personally incredibly serious, wanting to make a name for herself no matter the cost.

Past/History: Rei can't remember much of her actual family. She knew she had a mother and a father, even and older sister. If she things hard on it she can sometimes recall what their faces looked like. She was far too young when both her and her sister were taken from their home and plaster into foster care, never to be seen again.

Rei was a troubled child from the onset. Whiny, destructive, a terror wherever she was place. Be it scrawling swears over the walls in marker, pawning items from her foster homes, or starting fist fights with the children on her block. Her bad behavior and outright defiance in any authority figures in her life saw her on a downward spiral.

At the age of fifteen she finally ran away, leaving behind what little she had and dropped out of school. Living on the streets proved to be more difficult than she had thought. For all her tough talk and rebellious attitude she didn't really have the hard nature to go along with it.

Stealing became a means to survive. A bad of chips from a store. A dine and dash at a noodle stand. When she couldn't secure a spot in a shelter or half way house she would sleep in parks or abandoned buildings. She grew accustomed to living her life in the moment because she had to, and most of that time was spent running away and hiding.

One evening she broke into what she thought was an abandoned garage. She had seen it from afar a few times. Always chained up and rusted. She climbed in through one of the upper windows that had been broken. She found the place to be surprisingly cared for, the interior seemed to still see use. Upon closer inspection she found not only a a plethora of tools and equipment, but a few covered items which she assumed were cars and motorcycles. When she tried to get a look, the lights came on and she was confronted by a woman claiming to be the owner.

The older woman threatened to beat her to high heavens if she didn't say who sent her and how she got in. So she explained her story... And the woman fed her and let her sleep the night on a futon in the office. The next morning she was thrown out and warned if she ever came back, the owner would put her in the ground.

That night she returned again, but found the window she had snuck in to was repaired, so she knocked on the front door. The owner opened up, and asked her if she had a death wish. She lamented that she might. Then the owner took her in, permanently.

Reiko became an unofficial hired hand. Training under the owner, learning the ropes, just for food and board. She grew to love mechanic work, and finally had fallen into something she was good with.

It was with her time at the garage she first came in contact with the Valkyries through was of "mutual business ventures." She took a shine to the tough as nails biker babes almost instantaneously, as they represented everything she wanted to be. While she still works at the garage today, she has actively sought out the biker gang to mint herself as one of their newest members.

Fun Facts:

Dream Ride: Despite joining the biker gang, she doesn't actually have a motorcycle of her own, yet. She spends most of her free time and all of her money building her own motorcycle in hopes she'll have the sickest ride in the whole gang... Until then she is forced to ride bitch with one of the other girls.

Switched Blades: Rei owns both an actual switchblade knife, and a replica switchblade which has a comb inside rather than a blade. She had a long scar on her scalp when when she mistakenly used the wrong one to try a different style her hair. These days she marks the knife with a small frown face charm with Xs for eyes.

Dye Another Day: Rei constantly adds strips of color to her hair if not dying it completely. She almost always styles it to look more intimidating, and sometimes to add a bit of height to her appearance.

Tag, You're It: Reiko fills a lot of her free time not at the shop working on rides out about town tagging walls with graffiti. Normally this consists of murals dedicated to The Valkyries.

AFW Information

-Wins: 0
-Losses: 0
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: N/A
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Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

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Re: The Valkyries

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