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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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The formation of a new team!

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The formation of a new team!

Post by Deus001 on Sat May 03, 2014 9:54 pm

As the crowd in the tension area wondered what would occur next they heard the [url=]theme song[/url:2l6x8y9w] of Ryan Knight, and sure enough he appeared at the entrance ramp. He smiled and waved to his fans, dressed in a stylish black suit with a red tie.

Shortly after him his adopted Sister Lucy Grange appeared, dressed in a cream white sweater with blue jeans and black nikes. She looked like a right good contrast to the formal attire of her Brother. The pair of them made their way to the ring, a microphone was held in the hands of Ryan. Mr Knight was one of the larger names in the division, Lucy herself was no stranger to it despite being in friction.

He tapped the microphone once to check if it worked, once he got the conformation he said "Hello one and all! I trust you're enjoying the evening?" the crowd all made various noises.

Lucy then stepped to the microphone and said "You might not know it but recently our Father and maid retired from the tension roster. So the question on your minds must be, what will be next then hm?" the team they belonged to had mixed responses, some disliked them while others thought they were lovable rouges.

"That's a good question Sis, but fear not. For quite recently I have a made a new friend on the tension roster. And quite frankly I wish we met him sooner." Ryan said.

"Yeah, him and you certainly get along. So we talked with him and he's agreed to join with us in a team."

"So without further ado, please let me welcome our new friend. Hailing from the United Kingdom, we welcome John Carnaby!" Mr Knight pointed at the entrance ramp.

Shortly thereafter [url=]Promenade[/url:2l6x8y9w] began to play. Appearing near the entrance ramp was a car, it was a 1959 Chevrolet bel air. It was cherry red and polished to a sheen, once it parked near the ramp the young man exited it. He wore his usual attire of a blue trenchcoat and white shirt, complete with blue jeans and white sneakers. He cracked a merry smile and made his way to the ring.

Once he entered Ryan shook hands with the man and offered the mic to him, Mr Carnaby took it and said "Cheers pal, anyway for those who don't know it. I'm actually a college student doing an art course, I took this job as a part time thing. Something to keep me active and make money on the side for my studying. Then one day I happened to be at the same café️ as my friend here. We talked and parleyed and learned that we both wrestled in the tension arena, so we talked further. And here we are now."

He then handed the mic back to Ryan, he walked to the ropes and looked dead on at the camera.
"So here's how it's going down, team mental is over. But in it's wake a new team has been made, playtime is over now."

Lucy then stepped in to talk and said "We are now the United Kingdom Elite, the best of Britain has come together. And we shall take tension by storm, one part at a time." the microphone was then dropped and all three members of the new team smiled and then left the ring, eager to begin their new plans...

(BTW if anyone wants to have a wrestler of theirs comment or meet them backstage I'm fine with that, please PM first though. <img src=" title="Smile" />)

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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Re: The formation of a new team!

Post by Maxy on Sat May 17, 2014 9:16 pm

Before they could get very far an instrumental version of All The Days by Mammoth cuts of the new group's exit theme and Sion appears on the stage, along with his manager Lina. They take a look at the group that is at the end of the runway, looking a little bit impressed with their recent announcement.

Lina's about to say something but then looks at the car that was still on the ramp. "That's not a bad set of wheels you got there. Anyway, Both my client and myself originally came out here
wanting to be first to congratulate you on your coming together. Britain has a strong and rich wrestling history, and I want to wish you guys the best of success but there's one problem, the UK isn't the only superpower of the squared circle. Depending who you ask some people here are devaluing the sport's legacy but Japan is a major player in wrestling and Japan's contributions are respected all over the world. But make no mistake about it, if you look at the history books a lot of the very best wrestlers in the world have either come from, or have some kind of connection to Canada. With that being said United Kingdom Elite, allow me to introduce you to the next generation of wrestlers that will continue the legacy that the greats that came before them have set."

She looks like she's about to make some introductions as she turns back for a moment, signaling something to the curtain. "First, standing beside me, a second generation wrestler, I present to you chaps, Sion."Someone else comes from behind the curtain, a blonde haired girl. "Trained by Canadian wrestling superstar Kei, pound for pound one of the best all-rounders in the sport, Daisuke Kamiya."Yet someone else comes out, someone a little taller than Daisuke and with brown hair with a ponytail. "Coming fresh off her cage match victory over one of Britain’️s current top ranked wrestlers in Yamato Takeuchi, the former co-leader of White Gale, Lita Kino." she don't go beyond that for the three, keeping things simple for right now.

They look like they don’️t want to start anything and Lina tells them not to get physical right now, though deep down Lita is hoping one of them provokes her, as out of the group she was currently the hungriest for some competition.
Lina then looks back at UKE, waiting for them to respond to her announcing that she has a group of her own.

Quick roster info:
Want more detailed information and maybe unlock hidden characters?:

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Re: The formation of a new team!

Post by Deus001 on Sun May 18, 2014 10:08 pm

When the music turned on Ryan didn't even bother looking at the entrance ramp, as opposed to John and Lucy who looked at the two people. Mr Knight muttered "goddammit." and he looked at the titantron instead

When Lina said something about John's car he said "It belonged to my Grandfather."

And then as Lina began her speech Ryan would merely roll his eyes and then turn and walk towards the ropes, a hand on his chin as he did so. While the other wrestlers were being introduced Mr Knight pretended to check his fingernails for dirt.

Lucy had a mic and would say "Oh what a coincidence eh bro?" No sooner do we announce our formation these guys show up. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Ryan looked at his adopted Sister and back to the people who introduced themselves, rather abruptly too.
"You know....all that stuff you just said there....From where we're from that's fighting talk."

Mr Carnaby would then lean into the mic and say "Yep he's right."

Mr Knight would then continue with "However! This suit I'm wearing is 20 grand, and I'm not in the mood for getting covered in blood and sweat with it on. I'm guessing you didn't come here for a scrap anyway, more to respond to us I'm guessing."

"But if you want to throw down sometime, we'll be fine with it." Lucy said with a grin.

"Yeah! I might be an art student but I can throw down just as good as you lot." John said as he stuck his hands in his pockets.

We're done here, if you want a piece we do it with a time and date. Ta ta for now." Mr Knight said while motioning for John and Lucy to enter the car.

Lucy would wink at the people on the ramp and then joined the two guys in the car, as the engine would be revved John would say "So what do you think? Worth it?"

Mr Knight nodded and said "Oh yes, yes certainly." looking at Lina's group as the car disappeared backstage.

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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Re: The formation of a new team!

Post by Sponsored content

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