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Summer Splash interest in Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm by daemongirl

Well my girl hasn't missed a summer splash yet, would anyone be interested in a match with her? Open to just about anything match wise, just pm me!

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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Sasha vs Kei - First Blood

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Sasha vs Kei - First Blood

Post by Maxy on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:17 am

First Blood match
Sasha vs Kei

It's been a while, but finally Kei makes her in ring return. She technically made her return in another match as a guest referee, but she was excited to be competing again. Part of her wondered about it being signed as a first blood match as oppose to anything else, but she didn't mind since it was against Sasha.

Sasha made her way to the ring with a serious expression, her heart racing inside her flat chest. She was there for one reason: regain her honour! She could remember all the pain, cuts, bruises and honour lost in
her defeat against the legend. She clenched her small hands into fists this tightly that her knuckles were whitening. She reached the ring and slid into it, standing up and turning toward Kei in her black mma outfit.

When it came time for Kei to come out she took a few extra seconds before she went through the curtain, but when she did she looked excited and fired up. When she got in the ring she looked back towards Sasha
she wondered if Sasha was serious with what she wanted. She's told Sasha that she shouldn't feel ashamed of their last meeting. Regardless though of what she thought of Sasha she was prepared to bust her open.

Sasha turned a bit and her eyes narrowed. She rested her left hand on the top rope and took a deep breath. She pumped her left fist into the air once and finally stepped toward the middle of the ring, tugging her lycra
shorts into place before she waited for the other wrestler.

Kei motions to the referee that she's ready to begin. She knew Sasha was angry and could very well pounce on her the second the bell sounds but she looks like she's ready for whatever Sasha may do.

Sasha stood there, standing and offering her right fist to Kei for a greeting tap, asking her self if that tension in her guts was anger only. She tried to calm her inner fire...some.

Kei looks on as Sasha puts her first out. Kei hesitates, thinking it might be trap, but eventually she does respond to it and taps it with hers.

The swat is hard but no mean trick or anything. Though the kid gives a growl as she looks into Kei's eyes and finally she steps away. As the bell rings she dashes toward Kei, but she does not attack her directly, instead
Sasha dashed on toward the ropes back first, trying to rebound from the ropes like a rubber band. She gasps as the ropes press into her back and with some extra momentum she charged back toward Kei and jumped up.
She tossed back her arms in the air and leaned back, kicking forth both feet as she aimed an all out drop kick at her opponent's chest with a yell.

Kei was surprised to see Sasha take off the like. She turns around to keep up with Sasha's speed. Kei tries to back up a bit as the dropkick comes her way. She gets enough distance that it still connects, but it just takes her back a few feet instead of down. "whoa"

Sasha tumbles toward the mat, curling up some to brace for her own impact on the mat and tries to jump up, her left knee skinned on the mat. She turned toward Kei and tried to swing her left knee upward as hard as she
could, aiming for Kei's guts.

Kei wasn't having a good opening minute back as she groaned upon the impact of Sasha's knee to her stomach. She knew she couldn't let this go on.

Sasha felt her knee hit but it was not enough to let Kei double over. So Sasha tried something else. She ducked lower with a small gasp and jumped forth in a low spear, trying to brace her self for some impact as she tried to
slam her shoulder into the tummy of her opponent

The impact of the spear sent Kei back against the ropes and down on her butt and her back leading against them.

Sasha caught her self, stumbling toward Kei. She tried to grab the top ropes with her hands, swinging up her left leg as she tried to press her knee to the throat of Kei in a vicious choke by the ropes, trying to bar her leg to
the neck of the famous wrestler

While it might be difficult to make out clearly while she's being choked, she tries to yell out to Sasha something along the lines of 'this isn't how you win with honour' though if any word did come out clearly it was the last one
as she tries to get her off of her.

Sasha growled again as she suddenly stopped. She sighed, rolling her eyes in frustration as she moved the leg away, with Kei's resistance it had become impossible to hold up the choke. She knew she had to put more fight
and life out of her opponent

Kei coughed pretty rough when Sasha let go. Kei knew it was no holds barred, but even so she questioned what the word honour meant to Sasha.

Sasha still felt so much anger. She vented it in a short roar, shouting "I WILL..KILL YOU!!!". She waited for Kei to rise up again, fists clenched still

Kei takes a bit to get back to her feet, still wanting to get her wind back after Sasha did a number on her throat. She stays close to the ropes as she pulls herself back up.

Sasha stepped in, trying to reach upward to place her left hand on Kei's shoulder while her right hand went off to the side, trying to grab the wrist of Kei of that arm. She tried to twist that arm around some, maybe
underestimating her adult opponent badly in her rage.

Kei held on to the upper rope with her arm wrapped around it when she felt Sasha grab hold of her. Even though her one arm got twisted she still went to hit her with her one shoulder.

Sasha gasped, testing her abs as the shoulder hammered into the kid guts and knocked a good deal of air out of her lungs. She stumbled away from Kei and her hands slipped away. She had to confess, this had been a
perfect shot.

Kei lets go of the ropes and goes to grab hold of her, going for a hip toss to end her up and over the ropes. She was going to let Sasha know that you don't spend over two decades in the sport and not learn a thing or two.

Sasha felt the hands of Kei on her wrist and skin and suddenly the world went upside down on some hard pull. Sasha's feet left the ground and with a shocked gasp she got flung over the ropes head first. She pulled her arms up
to cover her face, knowing that a busted head would mean another defeat at the hands of this woman. Sasha curled up some, doing her best to brace for the impact. She felt as if the toss would send her right trough the thin mats
and the ground beneath them as she lay there, groaning and a bit dazed, her arms throbbing with dull pain

Kei moves back after sending Sasha up and over and motions that she's dropping the gloves as the saying goes and steps out of the ring to go after her. She then picks up Sasha off the ground and lifts her up for a suplex on
the floor.

Sasha, feeling the arms of Kei go around her, bends her left knee and presses her chin to the chest, flexing her arm and pushing up her shoulder, trying to make it hard work for her opponent

Kei feels Sasha resisting, and in response clubs her with a forearm against her back before attempting to lift her up again.

Sasha gasped as that arm clobbered her back. She felt pain crawling up her spine as she dropped forth halfway. She hissed " will see" as she got picked up for this scooping suplex.
Kei lifts her up and suplexes her down against the floor. After connecting and bringing herself back up she goes over to where the timekeeper is and asks for his chair. She gets it without much resistance and goes back to
where Sasha is. She waits for her to get back to her feet as she winds up the chair, readying to give Sasha's rear a good spanking.

Sasha gave a puzzled gasp of shock and pain AND humiliation as the chair smacked hard against her butt. She stumbled forth, pressing her left hand to her butt as she spun around, glaring at Kei

Kei smirked after getting Sasha's butt a good whacking. When Sasha turned around and glared at her she lightly tossed the chair at her.

Sasha jumped sideways, trying to dodge the chair . Catching her self she jumped right toward Kei, jumping up as she tried to get toward Kei again

Kei was hoping she'd catch it as she had something in mind, but was caught off guard as Sasha dodged it.

Sasha pushed her left foot to the mat and did her best to step into Kei's back. She slung her arms around the waist of Kei from behind, trying to grab her own left wrist with her left hand, pressing her cheek to the back of
Kei, giving a short roar as she arched her back and buckled her knees. She tried to lift out Kei to suplex her backward into the mat skull first in a German Suplex.

It took Sasha a good amount of effort as Kei had a weight advantage over her but she did get her up off her feet and took her over and back down again. Kei tucked her head in as she was coming back down so she wouldn't
break her neck, but she still felt a lot of something as Sasha got a good move on her on the outside.

Sasha finished the suplex, rolling sideways on the thin mat outside the ring as she blinked some sweat out of her eyes. She jumped to her feet, grabbing the metal fence parting the ring from the crowd. She walked back to get
the chair Kei had tossed at her.

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Re: Sasha vs Kei - First Blood

Post by Maxy on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:20 am

There was nothing that the referee could do about the chair coming into play again as Sasha went for it and with Kei down. The impact made Kei a bit on a slow side when she went to to pull her self up, but stopped in a sitting up position.

Sasha bowed down and grabbed the chair, taking a deep breath as she spun around and dashed toward Kei. She came to a hard stop with a grunt and with a short yell the kid kicked up her left foot , aiming for the chest of her opponent
as hard as she could

Kei groaned and bit over a bit after taking the kick. She didn't see Sasha holding the chair though.

Sasha bowed down while opening the two lids of the folding chair a bit, moving her left hand down, trying to trap the knee of Kei in that chair . She turned her left hand with a flick of the wrist, trying to wedge that limb deep between
the metal parts

: Something didn't feel right and even though Sasha did get the knee in there Kei could feel it and had a feeling what Sasha was trying to do. She tries to time it right that if Sasha tries to follow up with anything she would attempt
to hold of her to prevent her from messing up the knee.

Sasha stood up, clenching her fists this firmly that her small knuckles were whitening again and with a wordless roar the kid tried to stomp down on the chair as hard as she could to mess some with her opponent's knee

At the last possible moment Kei grabs the bottom of Sasha's foot, though the stomp did connect it wasn't has hard as she wanted it to be as Kei has a hold of it and tries to push it back.

Sasha felt the resistance to her stomp and gave a short growl of frustration. She growled on, eyes narrowing as she felt her balance ruined. "Stop that!" She hissed and tried to get her foot free with a turn of her square, boyish hip

Kei went to push back on Sasha's foot so she'd fall down on her butt, or at the very least in a way to get some distance between them though she saw her turning as she was wanting to launch the foot and let's go after lifting it a bit.

Sasha stumbled backward, dropping to her butt hard her self. She shot a glare at Kei and tried to get up again , the chair slipping off

Kei pulls the chair off of her with that opening. As she starts to rise up she stops on one knee and rams the chair into Sasha's gut.

Sasha doubled over, her arms going around her tummy as she gasped, air pressed from her lungs and dark dots dancing across her view. She felt only some deep burning as she tried to force new air into her lungs.

:Kei got back to a vertical base, though she limps a tiny bit as Sasha did put her knee into that chair pretty good. She puts down the chair as she pulls up Sasha by her hair, holds her into position before planting her head first
on the chair. The referee checks on Sasha to see if that drew blood or not.

Sasha swung forth her left arm to bring it between her head and the chair, jarring pain shooting trough the arm and her cheek as she dropped back dazed and angry, giving a short groan as she blinked sweat out of her eyes.
She tried to keep Kei away with a blind kick of her left foot

Kei leaped back as she barely saw the kick coming with the angle she was at. After moving away from her for a moment she lifted her up by one of her arms and went for a simple bodyslam.

Sasha, getting yanked up, kicked up both legs and tried to sling them around the neck and shoulder of Kei to turn the bodyslam into a brutal counter move, a pedigree

Kei's knee made her hesitate a little when she went to lift her up and because of it she found herself between sasha's legs, trying to squirm out of it.

Sasha moved her hands forth, trying to press her forearms to the back of Kei's neck and with a feral grin she tried to use Kei's own motion and her weight to slam the neck and face of the legend into the hard ground.
Kei gets faces planted from the move. The ref checks Kei's face in case if she broke her nose from that one. Luckily for her she didn't.

Sasha rolled away, her legs opening as she starred at Kei, hissing: "I will see you blood!"

Kei started to stir a few moments after Sasha yelled out what she did. Kei had a lot of fight in her, though with it being a first blood match it was making her be a bit more cautious than normal.

:Sasha jumped to her feet, trying to circle Kei to the left. Her fists went up again and she waited for Kei to act this time around

When Kei got back up she notices Sasha with her fists up. She looks like she's going to humour Sasha and punch it out with her, but instead she fires off a kick to one of her knees.

Sasha pranced backward and tensed her knee some, gasping as the low kick hit her. She shifted some weight, aiming a fast cross toward the left breast of Kei

Given the height difference that was a good place to aim for. She groaned out with that shot. She responded with a bionic elbow to the top of Sasha's head.

Sasha ducked beneath the elbow swing and turned her hip again as she slipped forth with her foot, trying to plant a vicious low left in the kidneys of Kei, trying to use the offered opening

Kei was getting angry when Sasha avoided and connected with what she wanted.

Sasha pranced to the left and tried to plant her hands firmly on Kei's shoulders Sh roared an jumped up as high as possible, She tilted back her head and tried to smash her forehead to the face of Kei with full force, closing her
eyes as she tried to hammer in that face.

Kei was taken back by the sudden leap from Sasha, stumbling back to the corner.

Sasha, still flying, hammered her skull forth, trying to hurt Kei at least a bit

After it connected Kei held on to her face for a moment, she was really getting angry with how things were going.

Sasha stood there, trying to find her balance again as she circled the taller girl to the left, fists up again.

Kei knew she couldn't let things go on like this for much longer. "I will!" Sasha really had Kei going now.

Sasha smirked and hissed:"Shut up oldie!" She dashed forth, faking a left swing with a slip of her shoulder as she suddenly turned her hip to attack with her right actually, aiming for the left breast of Kei

This time Kei dodged Sasha's attack and went for a quick spear like tackle.

Sasha felt the weight of Kei slamming into her and so the kid's back did hit the apron hard, making her legs flop upward, sharp pain shooting up her spine as she hung in Kei's arms.

After taking Sasha down she drops a couple of quick knee drops towards her stomach. Kei realizes she better get on the offensive more as she then picks Sasha back up and runs with her towards the corner, wanting to ram her
shoulder into one of the ring posts.

Sasha twisted a bit, swinging her left foot backward to plant her foot on the padding of the corner, trying to break this smashing move of Kei and turn it is force against the adult if possible, growling.

While Sasha was able to prevent from coming into contact with the ring post as Kei wanted, the veteran wasn't phased by her counter much and when she was growled that she winds up and slaps Sasha across the face before grabbing
her by her neck and the waist and goes to send her into the post again.

Sasha was flung forth, hitting the ring corner quite hard with her shoulder, hands closing around the ropes tightly as she tried to clear her mind, doing her best to ignore the throbbing in her shoulder.

Kei grabs her by her short hair, pulling her out of the corner shorter after the impact, putting Sasha's head between her legs and lifts her upside down. She locks her wrists around one of Sasha's legs and drops her on her head with
a cradle piledriver.

Sasha's world went upside down as Kei plugged her upward. Sasha tried to roll free but Kei was too quick. Pain shot trough the kid's skull as she was planted on her head but she had been lucky, no open cut. Sasha laid there, though
she could still feel the rest of her body and she moved one of her legs a bit.

If this wasn't a first blood match Kei would have went for a pin here. But since it was a first blood match she knew that even a piledriver wouldn't be enough. She decided to go for something big and leaves the ring. She looks under
the ring for something and pulls out a table. She sets it up then goes back looking for something else. After a short search she pulls out a small container of gasonline. She opens it up and poors it on the table, forgetting that this
would most likely give Sasha a lot of recovery time. She then asks anyone in the front row if they got a light. She is handed a book of matches and she stand next to the table and lights the match, dropping it on the table and lighting
it on fire. She stands back to avoid the flames hitting her face as she then goes to grab Sasha, with the intent of finishing her off.

Sasha could feel the heat of the burning table from where she was, trying to get back to her feet. She clenched her left hand into a fists this tightly that her knuckles were whitening and as Kei came at her she tried to aim a nasty
uppercut to her opponent's crotch

As Kei goes to grab hold of Sasha she groans as Sasha connected with an on target shot downstairs, doubling over.

Sasha jumped to her feet and tried to burry both her hands in the hair of Kei, trying to drag her opponent toward the burning table while Kei was still in pain, trying to prolong the pain with a fast left elbow backward at the chest of the legend

Kei groans as she is moved closer to the table.

Suddenly Sasha tried to sling her left arm around the neck of Kei from below while her right hand shot up to pinch Kei's nose. Sucking in some air Sasha jumped forth, trying to deliver a neck breaker on Kei trough the table with a
wordless roar

Kei took a wild swing, as she too felt the heat of the table, which is has been burning for a bit longer than expected. Though she hits nothing but air and a few seconds later finds herself getting some hang time as she goes crashing
through the burning table. She doesn't feel it yet as she at the moment felt the impact of hitting the fire in addition to the table, but she caught part of the table that sliced par tof her back open and was bleeding from it.

Sasha rolled her self sideways, trying to jump wide enough to avoid the shattering table her self as best as she could. She felt the impact and it jarred her shoulder even more but there was a feral grin on the kid's face

The referee checks on both of them and notices that Kei is bleeding from the impact she took. The ref looks at Sasha to make sure she isn't bleeding anywhere in case of any of her blood getting on Kei or in case she got a mild cut and
it wasn't visible to anyone else. From what can be seen Sasha appears to be clean and the ref calls for the bell and declares Sasha the winner.

Sasha sat there on her butt, slowly standing up, sucking in some air, and pumping her fists into the air , roaring in triumph. She felt her heart skip a beat and excitement and pride grabbed her

As for Kei, she laid there for a bit longer, the burning being the main cause of it. She knows what happened and why she lost. If things weren't the way they were things would have been different. She does hear one of
the medical staffers coming close to her and she tells whoever is there to back off for now. Even though the referee already raised Sasha's arm up by now the ref remained, just in case if something else where to happen.
Kei manages to pull herself up and looks in Sasha's direction.

Sasha stopped celebrating and looked back at her nemesis

Even though she felt that Sasha was lucky with how she got the win, Kei didn't want to make any public excuses. She looks at her a bit longer before reaching her arm out.

Sasha turned toward her, quite sure that this was a trick so the boyish kid hesitated

Even though she stayed silent Kei gave Sasha a look as if to tell her she isn't plotting anything, as well as it also saying if Sasha was sincere with what she said before that match starter. Kei knew that Sasha claimed to
want to recall so-called lost honor from their previous match up. Kei wanted to tell her that if Sasha did not shake her hand that she would lose all honour that Sasha would have reclaimed here, though she had faith in the kid.

Sasha finally not wanted to look like a coward so she moved out her right hand and would shake the hand of Kei, carefully, still in deep pain her self.

Kei shook back and was as firm as she could despite all that just happened. As she turn to leave she goes to quickly pat Sasha on the back, more up on the back part of Sasha's shoulder, not intentionally but ended up
patting a red spot on her as she left the ring and slowly made her way backstage. When she got behind the curtain she let all the feeling that she was temporarily suppressing and yells out a storm as she lets medical staff now attend to her.

Sasha took a while longer to leave the ring though she felt pain too when the adrenaline of battle faded.

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