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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Daisuke Kamiya

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:24 am

Singles match
Yamato Takeuchi vs Daisuke Kamiya w/ Lina

Yamato was backstage, heading out towards the wrestling arena having already been changed into his wrestling gear. He was wearing a pair of black short shorts, knee pads and black calf length
leather wrestling boots, he was doing some neck exercises and loosening up his shoulders as he waited for his entrance music to cue, once it started he brushed past the curtains and headed outside towards the wrestling
arena, quickly sprinting inside the ring to get ready to wrestle "Mmmmm YEAH! Ive missed this feeling- feels great to be back in action" he smiled as he got ready to wrestle.

As he headed out there, Daisuke was getting some final words from Lina. Dai saw his last two matches with Lita and knew that even though he was rising in age he could still go. When 'Whatever'
cued up she went out there and Lina followed. She knew this would be an important match as a win against him would surely increase her stock value. After she got in the ring she was about to do the usually
last second stretching on the ropes when she noticed something was missing. She looked around and said "Where's the referee?" she looks at Yamato with a shrug. On the outside of the ring however,
Lina has a smirk on her face as she calls for the mic from the ring announcer.

Yamato was puzzled at this as well, he thought the damn referee was probably late or something....but that never happens does it, there had to be a catch. " Yeah...I was wondering the same thing" he said
while raising an eyebrow as he continued his stretches and warmups before seeing Lina asking for the mic. "Oh we go" he murmured to himself

"I bet you two are wondering where the ref's at. Well a few minutes ago I was informed that referee that was originally assigned to this match isn't feeling to good the moment. I don't know if it was bad food
or what, but no need to worry, I did manage to find a suitable replacement." She grins as Chase by Giorgio Moroder staying playing. Daisuke looks like she isn't too sure of what to think about this as Kei comes
out in a the typical black and white stripe shirt with long black pants, your standard referee attire.

"W-wait? is this a joke? why is she the referee? your telling me we have no other referees than her- she wont call it down to the wire! Kei and Dai are on good terms! What the F man?" Yamato complains as he shakes
his head, looking around to Daisuke,Kei and Lina as he gets a bit pissed off

Kei remembered how things in Yamato's last match against Lita ended, though she was all about current business as she checks out Daisuke first then going to Yamato. Lina is on the apron and saying stuff to Yamato along
the lines of that if he's so great why doe she care who the ref is, and other things like that. Though Kei yells at Lina to get down and to stay in the corner. Daisuke didn't need to see that to know that she would be fair.

"Oh shut up you vixen" Yamato barked at her as they exchange a bit of verbal abuse at each other, Kei was quick to step in and take control of the situation and calm things down. " Hmph, fine...I'll just have to win
against all the odds" he smirked as moved out of his corner in a wrestlers crouch stance, his hands up in front as he began to circle his opponent, looking for a opening to lock up with her.

After she finishes checking both wrestlers she calls for the bell. Daisuke looks like she'll go for the lock up too but then stops. "What's that?" she tells him while pointing up.

His eyes are locked in at her position as they both circle each other around, edging closer slowly before Yamato was just about to lunge in for the lock up before Dai distracted him " Huh-look whe-?"

She slaps him across the face before pulling him into a side headlock.

: "Owwwwww h-heh Gah-Urghhhh shhhitttt" he hissed out as he was slapped hard across the cheek before put in a side headlock, his face pressed against the side of her chest as they walked around the ring.
His hands on her waist as he tried to push her forward and send her into the ropes while trying to slip his head free

Daisuke goes off the ropes with not much resistance, almost expecting him to do that.

As Daisuke would go into the ropes and bounce back towards him, Yamato would try to barge his shoulder into her body for a shoulder block
As she comes off the ropes she dodges the shoulder barge and goes off the other set of ropes. When she comes off she leaps in his direction with a shoulder block of her own, but a high one.

Yamato is surprised as Daisuke doges his shoulder barge and bounces off the opposite set of ropes and sprints back towards him "Ouuuffffff" hes caught off guard as her shoulder drives into his upper body
as he goes down on his backhe goes down she pounces on him, grabbing hold of his arm and trying to lock him into an armbar early.

"Gah! My arm sshhiiittt- geez whats with all these sporty girls, when did they starting taking over the wrestling business? OWWWW Owwww shit" he moaned out, still taking it easy a bit early in the match,
he wiggled on his butt as he tried to squirm near the ropes, trying to hook his leg on the bottom rope for a break

Daisuke wanted to attempt to pull him off but didn't as she heard Kei tell him he was in the ropes and she backed off.

Yamato got back up on his feet as he shook out his arm to get the numbness sensation out of his arm, he started to slowly circle her again and lunged in at her, seeming to go for another lock up and if she
took the bait he would at the last moment try to spin around her to get behind her and lock in a sleeper hold

She went for it this time and for herself in front of her and his arms around her. Like him she too was able to get to the ropes and Kei tells him to let her go.

Yamato didn't let go at first, he kept the sleeper hold on longer to annoy kei and enough to make her start counting but as she was half way in the count he let her go and backed off raising his hands up " ok ok I let go"

:She reminds him "I'm the law here, when I say break the hold you break it!"

"Yeah yeah sure sure" he said pushing her to the side before moving onto the offence again, he tried to step in and try to smash his forearm into the small of her back and then try to give her a swift kick to the
back of her knee.

Daisuke went to go lock up again though instead caught the forearm but to the front with how he was facing him, as well as the kick as well, that got where Yamato attended.

Yamato nailed her with the forearm smash and the kick in hopes she would limp down a bit, he would try to wrap his arms around her waist before attempting to nail her with a trio of german suplexes.

She was still close to the ropes and grabbed hold as she was being lifted. She went up but pulled her self back down, but fell to a knee when she landed. Kei barks at Yamatao to let go.

"Urgh Kei not so loud in the ear- geez" he said as Daisuke held up onto the ropes and avoided being slammed onto her back, she was down on her knee next to him as he tried to soccer kick her back

Lina watched on as Daisuke got kicked in the back. She didn't like what she said but does admit that Kei is being pretty much even towards both of them so far.

Yamato began to grab a fist full of his opponents hair as he yanked her backwards to get her back towards the middle of the ring while dragging her their with her hair as she was still down on her knees,
once in the middle he would get down on his knees as well, wrapping his arms around her neck and snacking his legs around her waist for a sleeper and body scissor combo

Kei was on Yamatao pretty quickly about the hair, warning him about it. Daisuke tried to resist it but found herself in the hold. She tried to get out if it and after a bit she squirmed and squirmed some more
until she was able to adjust her position so while she was in the hold still he was in such a way that his shoulders were down and Kei started to count a pin.

"Ngh-nice try kid" he whispered her ear as he shifted his position so that now they were down on their sides, his biceps bulging and his thigh muscles bulging as well as he squeezes both holds as tight has he could as now
they were down on their sides, shaking up her body up a bit as well " Give up- Hey Kei, ask her " he ordered Kei as he looked to drain the life out of Dai

Kei goes to ask her and Dai has no intention of giving in. She tries to push off his stomach out of desperation, though she ends up pressing against his balls and grabs a handful. Kei sees this and while it technically would
be grounds for a DQ she felt it wasn't intentional and tells her to break it, having to count between two and three, which she let go. Though since she knew where his no-no area was she tried to fire away just about that.

"Hey kid? you ok? wanna submit just give-GACK! Oww what the hell Owww fuck fuckk owwwww REF REF DQ DQ" Yamato began to yell and moan out as he let go of her and began to roll away from her as he rubbs his crotch to
ease the pain.

Lina knew they dodged a bullet there as she sees Yamato backing off from Daisuke, who rolled out of the ring herself to regroup and Lina goes to her. As she does that, Kei checks with Yamato to see if he's alright.

Yamato slowly massages his balls, sitting on the mats while crossing his legs and still rubbing his crotch area he whines about being hit in the balls " She hit me in the balls- that's a low blow DQ, dont do favours to your student
Kei, what the hell?" he said as he slowly starts to get up on his feet.

She tells him that she didn't feel it wasn't intentional as Lina is helped Dai regroup on the outside.

"Un-intentional low blow? she felt it-groped it and then struck it'
he argued before finally turning her attention to the fact that Dai is outside " ok ok at least count her out or tell her to get back in the ring" he says as he feels agitated a bit as he waits for his opponent to get back in the ring.

Kei puts a count on Dai as she's on the outside with Lina, which she gets back in with time to spare.

Yamato waited for her to get back in the ring, as she did he went right at her! lunging in at her to go into a collar and elbow grapple with her in the middle of the ring

She had a feeling given how he was so far that he would be fast on her when she got back, though it took her a moment to prevent herself from being over powered. Lina yells at Yamato from the outside, accusing him of not fighting
fair. Dai lets go and goes to smack him in the upper part of the chest with a forearm shot before going for a bodyslam.

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Re: Yamato Takeuchi vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:26 am

"Cheating? Me? He tried to play his innocence as he forced Dai into the corner but Was stopped dead in his tracks as she got him with a forearm to chest followed by a body slam! He went down on his back moaning out loud.

Daisuke followed up with a couple of elbow drops to the chest before she went to pull him back up, grabbing hold of him from behind.

Yamato groaned out as he was struck against his chest with a couple of elbow shots, he rolled over onto his side and then onto his belly to avoid getting hit on his chest. He was hauled up as Dai held him from behind,
he tried to wiggle and squirm and trying to break free from her

Daisuke pulled on her grip a little bit tighter before lifting him up of the group, going for a german suplex.

He tried resisting it but couldn't quite get away as he was brought down hard onto his back on the ring canvas via german suplex

After the impact she goes for another one but before she goes for it she roars out and as she lifts him up instead of bringing him back down behind her she throws him back over her with a release version of a german suplex

tries to brace for impact when she goes for another german suplex but this time when she hauls him backwards she releases her grip from around his waist and he flies over her and comes crashing down on his back with
greater force and the impact is much louder when he comes back down on his back'

Lina was pleased with what she just saw. Even though it took Daisuke some effort she did get Yamato up and over. Dai then went to cover Yamato and Kei went down to make a count at what would be deemed to be an
average counting speed..

Yamatos back was hurting like hell from those german suplexes but he wasn't too winded out yet and as Kei began to count he kicked out forcefully at 2

After the two count Dai set Yamato up into a sitting position and quickly goes off the rope and jumps over him, grabbing his head and snaps it forward.

Yamato neck is jerked over foward as Dai flips over him and snaps his neck forward, he quickly goes down on his back holding the back of his neck while moaning out in pain, rolling around the ring

"Stay on 'em! Stay on 'em!" Lina yells out to Daisuke, not wanting Yamato to get any time to recover. Daisuke hears what her manager is saying and grabs hold of his head again, but this time she also grabs his legs and
goes to lock him in a bow and arrow submission hold.

Yamato was surprised at how well this girl can wrestle! She wrestled just like,........KEI! She didn't let him ease up as she quickly followed up by applying a bow and arrow submission hold! His body being bent over awkwardly
as he was hoisted up agaisnt her knees, her knees were pressing against his back as his arms being pulled down, all he could do was wiggle and squirm wildly trying to slip free

Daisuke remembered Kei telling her how to do it a different way than normal so she isn't having her own shoulders down, though she could still be moved in a way where that could happen, but she holds it in where she is.
Lina yells at Yamato to give it up. Kei looks back at Lina for a second warning her to stay back then turns back to Yamato to check on him.

Yamato was in trouble and he knew it! his back was being bent down and his arms being stretched as well, he tried to lean back onto her as he tried to pin her shoulders down to get her for the
pin, "Ngh-damn....Kei has taught you well Gah" he moaned, sweat dripping down from his body

"BREAK HIS NECK!" For some reason Lina wanted Yamato to suffer more than his previous match with Lita, though Dai didn't show signs of letting up.

Daisuke tried to wiggle and squirm, trying to use his legs to somehow bring his boots down onto the ring canvas as he leans back his weight into his opponent, once he plants his boots down onto the ring mats he tries to turn
them over.

Daisuke tries to hold on as Yamato attempts move is way out of it, or at the least move their positions. She can tell Yamato is getting close to something but she doesn't let up.

Once Yamato is down on his side, he uses to squirm towards the rope as hes not hanging in mid air in that bow and arrow submission, he tries to get his legs close to the ropes and hook it on top of the bottom rope

Daisuke lets go win Kei calls for the rope break after seeing Yamato getting his leg into contact with the rope. Daisuke looks a little unsure of what to do as she was trying hard to end it there. Though she remembered if
she can't think of something right away to keep it simple so she goes to get him off the ropes with the intent of bodyslamming him.

Yamato hung onto the ropes as Daisuke finally broke her submission hold, he let out a huge sigh of relief but it was short lived as Dai was going to lift him for a bodyslam- as soon as she grabbed his hands he would try to
duck down low, diving at her legs to roll her up for a pin , as Kei slid down to count the pin he pulled up dais tights and leaned onto her body

Daisuke was caught off guard by the sudden counter Yamato pulled and Kei came down to count the pin, not seeing Yamato grabbing a handful. Lina looks shocked as Yamato seemed to pull it out of nowhere and almost has a
heart attack as Daisuke barely kicks out of it in time.

"Shit!" he cursed out as his opponent kicked out just in the nick of time, he got back up on his feet as he stomped down on Daisuke's thigh before grabbing her arm and pulling her up to her feet.

Daisuke shoulder thrusts herself into Yamato's stomach as he pulls her back up, hitting him into the direction of one of the ring corners.

Yamato gets the wind knocked outta him from that shoulder charge as he was backed up into the corner, doubling over at his waist his arms wrapped around his body

When she gets him back to the corner. She sets him up and climbs the middle rope and loads up her fist and starts to wail away on her. Kei does start to warn Daisuke about the fists and being in the corner with him and starts a count
of her own.

As she starts to hammer her fists down onto him after reaching 3-4-5, his hands go up to around the waistband of her shorts and he begins to walk forward, trying to set her up on his shoulders and look to land his signature
powerbomb, lifting her up high then dropping her forward down on her upper back and head.
Daisuke had ten punches with his name on it, though she could only get half way as Yamato grabbed hold of her. On the outside of the ring Lina grabbed hold of her head as Yamato bombed Daisuke down from the corner.

Yamato quickly rolled her legs backwards over her shoulders as he leaned onto her legs, at the same time grabbing her shorts and wedging them up for an illegal pin.

Kei made the pin count and the way Yamato was positioned she couldn't see him grabbing a handful and it may or may not have made a difference as she did make a three count and called for the bell. Lina almost flipped her shit,
yelling at Kei that he had a handful of tights, a huge handful.

Yamato grinned and almost chuckled a bit as he got the 3 count- he wasn't sure the illegal pin helped him get the 3 or not but still was glad to take the win in any case, he quickly rolled outside the ring with a huge smile on his back as
he begin to walk backyards, looking inside the ring to see what drama unfolds as he continues to walk backwards and stops half way at the ramp

Kei was busy getting an ear full from Lina that she didn't get a chance to raise Yamatao's arm up, but she didn't seem to mind as he's already left the ring. Lina helped Daisuke from the ring, who looked like she was about to get up on
her own. Lina was very disappointed with the result of the match but for once she didn't take it out on her client.

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